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It's already annoying reading people type "I've wanted this for forever". I mean, if you wanted it that bad, why not bloody buy it and support the developer in the first place. Now we get people moaning that they want free stuff on top of the free stuff. Sony (And MS) can't ever win. Some people are never happy.

Seriously, instead of moaning about it, do yourself (and all of us) a favour and stop being a PS+ member.

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The Japanese are falling behind in everything. If the board went along with Stringers plans years ago Sony might not be in this mess. But they didn't want to take risks. Its also why Harrison had to leave SCE because the Japanese didn't think online and social products would be important.

Hopefully Kaz can turn it around but they need to adopt new philosophies and quick.

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Nobody wants to play another resistance or uncharted when they can play the superior versions on a ps3 which may I point out is cheaper than the vita.

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One patch per game? Definitely not true. But it costs 30,000 dollars at least on the 360 which sure seems a bit steep to me. Maybe devs should finish their games before releasing though!

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Yeah Sony should just let Ubisoft handle this trash

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The 360 had loads of exclusives though in its first few years

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Rockstar North are obviously busy with GTAV right now and if that doesn't release until April then it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that this game is unlikely to see the light of day this gen.

And tbh, even after GTA their main focus will be dlc or the next GTA so unless they move it to another studio its never gonna have the chance to enter full production.

As long as Rockstar keep the platforms for GTAV secret there is still always a...

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I hope its non move. No point trying to bother with it now. There is no reason this game cant be great with traditional controls.

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I think its more likely to be a European studio although SP did announce the Infamous expansion at gamescon last year so its not impossible.

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I don't think there's much in it but the franchise was originally ps3 exclusive and maybe that's why Ubisoft have always supported that version better (dlc and betas etc)

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Besides, the story was told. Absolutely no reason or need for a sequel.

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I can't wait for this bloody game to release so I can visit n4g without seeing crap articles about this being a rip off and characters that should be in the game every day. I'm so sick of them.

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It came about because originally it was going to be published by Sony Computer Entertainment America but after they wasted a reported 40 million dollars on Bondi with nothing to show they washed their hands of it and Rockstar picked it up. None of us have ever seen this supposed contract and technically Rockstar owe Sony nothing.

If it was going to be released say, this year, I'd be all for it still being ps3 exclusive but now I'd rather see it for next gen console(s...

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Its because that period is their financial year so they are saying it'll be during that time. We all know it'll be October or November.

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SE own fully the FF ip. Sony do have 9.6% of the company though.

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The 360 can do 3d it was enabled in a firmware update last fall

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I don't know why but I doubt that bioshock vita game will ever get made.

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It really should have had ps1 and ps2 at launch.

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Largest first day in terms of revenue yes but then a video game is four times more expensive than a ticket to see the latest movie.

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But.. the XV rumour was supposedly directed by the guy who did 9 and 12 and whose name I forget. Nomura relegated once again to character designer.

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