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They introduced online gaming on consoles to the mainstream gaming market.
They were the first to include HDDs in consoles.
They introduced Achievements.
They were pushing DLCs, digital distribution (for games and movies) and were the first console manufacturer to have netflix on their system.
They revolutionised FPS on consoles with Halo CE.

I think they did change the industry.

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I started my own company and will buy a Switch for our office soon. It is good to play Mario Kart with your co-workers during lunch break.

I will get the Xbox One X for myself later.

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Okay, now I am a racist. Awesome.

Guess what, I can go even further: I don't like Bollywood movies. There you have it.

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Oh great, first I was American, then I read "it doesn't matter where you are from!"

Now I am a new generation of gamer. I am 32 years old and a gamer since 1991.

Maybe, just maybe, some people have a different taste?

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I am not American. I am German.

And while there might be some exceptions, Japanese games are not my cup of tea.

I dislike JRPGs, I dislike hack n slay, I dislike anime art style, I dislike fighting games. And they are technically not in the same league as western games.

When was the last time we argued about "best looking game of the year" and we came up with a Japanese contender?

For years it was all about...

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Weak list when you don't like Japanese games like myself.

Uncharted and Zero Horizon for me. Rest is meh.

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Did Microsoft steal your lunch boxes in school or something?

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Haha 80 million PS Vitas?!?!

The Vita sold 15-16 million units. Lifetime.

That is half of what the Xbox One did so far. Just in case you want to make fun of that.

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Meanwhile the PSVita died.

And PSVR support is not coming as most of you guys expected. Just be honest and don't deny it.

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Halo 5 had the best multiplayer of all Halo games so far.

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Nobody said that.
It just hasn't taken over like most people were expecting.

Might take a while, might never happen. We will see.

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Let me point out. where you were wrong.

1st: VR is not a Sony-thing. You might have noticed that everyone and their moms tried to do something with VR for some time now (Facebook, Samsung, HTC, Valve, Google, etc.)

2nd: Microsoft is not copying Sony in any way here. Sony released there VR-device for their system, the PS4. MS wants to release devices from Lenovo, HP, Acer, Dell and the new partner Samsung for Windows. That may or ma...

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The Bad:

- No zombie, tag, League, and Forzathon modes available at launch
- Multiplayer with strangers isn't fun when you start at the back of the pack

Gaming journalism.

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Extreme G! Oh I loved that game.

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Does the option to change your drivers outfit ruin your gaming experience for the best rated racing franchise?

No, it doesn't. So calm down and enjoy an outstanding racing game.

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Who confirmed a lifespan of a console before release?

All I can think of was a "10 year plan" from Sony in 2006, which was more a vague statement than a concrete timeline.

I don't see the news here.

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And who said the Xbox One X would sell more than the iPhone?

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So, we have come from
"Xbox One is just doing TV and media stuff and not doing anything for gamers! It is not worth it"
"It only plays games! It is not worth it!"


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Halo 5 has the best multiplayer of all the Halo games.


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