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as much as I loved Shenmue, I don't want a third game. Who should be the developer? Sega? Other than platinum games, there is not much talent left.

I prefer a HD remake for shenmue more than a 3rd game. I don't want my experience ruined. #1.11
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Sunset Overdrive, Master chief collection and maybe a third game like Dragon Age for me. #2
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Sunset Overdrive
Forza Horizon 2
Masterchief Collection

in 2014 is pretty much what I want.

Quantum Break
Halo 5
Tomb Raider
Phantom Dust
Gears of War 4
Fable Legends

for 2015 and beyond is not too shabby. Softwarewise Xbox One is doing fantastic. Yeah the PR fiasco with Don Mattrick hurt them and only 13 countries to sell... #1.5
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LoL what Backlash?
Some Sony fans started to rage and started petitions to get this game on PS4.

That was THE Message from Gamescom.
Well played MS would be a better title.

And the simple fact that "playstationlifestyle.net " makes a story about it proves MS right. #1.5
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This is the 25th article about Tomb Raider on N4G.
MS did the right thing, eventhough some geeks are going crazy about it. #5
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Cool, I will use this for Sunset Overdrive.
Halo MCC will come as a limited edition for me though. #3
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MS securing Tomb Raider = moneyhatting, MS IS EVIL!

Nintendo securing Bayonetta = SEGA YOU EVIL *peeeep*

Sony securing Bloodborne = well done Sony!

...just another day on N4G #1.1.23
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CES. #1.18.1
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Sooo he basically said the Vita is not important.

That is a slap in the face for the gamers who bought that device. #1.21
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Masterchief collection and Sunset Overdrive for me as exclusives.

CoD AW and The Evil within and maybe Evolve as multiplats.

Pretty cool lineup. #5
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Loved Halo Wars and the CGI cutscenes were ridiculously good. #5
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Yeah MS won.

Phantom Dust
Crackdown 3
Halo Collection
Fable Legends
Sunset Overdrive
Forza Horizon 2
Dance Central: Spotlight
Quantum Break
Halo 5: Guardians

pretty impressive.

The first full year of the PS4 and they get 3 retail exclusives, one of them should have been a launch game, but was delayed. Not impressive. #22
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And I would be pissed if they just stopped supporting these franchises, because those are some quality games right there.

Just like Uncharted will see its fifth game soon. As long as the quality is given, I have no problem with that.

Especially when games like Quantum Break, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Ryse or Project Spark as new IPs spice it up.

Gamewise MS had by far the best show last year. It was their bad PR afterwards that ruined it f... #7.2
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so we have a rumor that the other rumor was fake.
Yeah, sounds like Gaming "Journalism". #4.4
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TWO exclusive retail games for the entire year and one of those was a already delayed launchgame?

Not trolling, but this is the worst lineup for a year I can remember.

Besides DriveClub there is a PS3 port and a bunch of free 2 play and indie games, which are available on PC and other last gen consoles already.

Sony need a KILLER E3 this year. Yeah the PS4 is selling well, but gamewise it is a huge disappointment so far. #1.11
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I love how the Sonys own financial report says that they lost 80 million with their Playstation business in the last 12 months and N4G users still say they are making huge profits with it.

1.3 billion loss for Sony as a whole
80 million loss for Playstation
500 million loss forecasted for Sony as a whole next year.

Hard facts. #2.1.6
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Fable 2 > Fable 1 > Fable 3.

And hardly anyone is not correct.
Fable sales figures for 2 and 3 are slightly better than God of War for example.

This is pretty big franchise.

And a well executed TV series set in this universe would be really cool IMO. #1.2
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Mods, how is this NOT trolling?
Serious question. #13.2
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Crackdown 3
Forza Horizon 2
Quantum Break
Gears of War 4
Fable Legends
Halo 2 HD
Halo 5
Ryse 2
Halo Wars 2
Phantom Dust: Sacrifice
Sunset Overdrive
Perfect Dark TPS
new Platinum Games title
new Tiwsted Pixel game
2 Lift London games
new Good Science Studios game
new Epic Game
new Frontier Development game
Fallout 4
The Divi... #1.1.6
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"If you're not using it for gaming, it's a waste, it's not recommended"

If you use the Amazon Fire TV for gaming, it is a waste, too.

I picked the Xbox One, because

a) I love Xbox Live and no matter what you guys say, it is the best online network out there and yes, I have played them all.

b) Halo will be on it. Nuff said.

c) I like Kinect. This might be a shocker for some of you, but I... #2.1
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