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Price advantage probably.
But if you want the best VR experience on a console, there is no way around Scorpio ♏ and Rift.

I don't care about sales figures, Rift and Win10 will get endless support anyway.

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VR-related article; N4G comments:
PSVR will win, who has such a powerful PC to run Oculus? Almost nobody, way too niche audience to sell to.

Scorpio-related article; N4G comments:
Who needs the scorpio? Everyone can play the games in 4k and VR on PC.

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You can't criticize Scorpio and Oculus but praise Neo and PSVR.

Scorpio ♏ > Neo
Oculus > PSVR.

And by quite a margin. If you want a really good VR experience on a console it will be scorpio and Oculus.

And don't get me started with PSVR on a regular PS4. There is a reason why Sony is releasing the neo. It's because the PS4 is not powerful enough to offer a great VR experience.

And this is n...

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People act like they have never even played a multiplat or played on different devices. Scorpio will be a fucking beast with great support. End of story. Almost Every exclusive game you buy for it comes with a free version for your PC.

This is a good thing!

Yet some Sony fanboys try to spin this as a reason to not buy it.

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1) Facebook in combination with Microsoft is REALLY hard to beat. For basically every company in the world.

2) PSVR is limited to Playstation and VR goes way beyond gaming.

nuff said.

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So he recalls every word of the conversation that happened 10 years ago. And he is the good guy in his story and the boss who fired him recently is the bad guy.

I call BS on that one.

You play a white guy and yes you can customize your character. But putting a black woman on the cover would be just stupid and a bad idea. That is probably the most reasonable argument, why his idea was rejected: It was a stupid idea to begin with.

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Agree: Titanfall, The Order, (DriveClub) and Street Fighter
Disagree: Halo 5 SP, Ryse

Ryse IS underrated and from what I have heard DriveClub took some time, but it improved slowly.

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Why not wait for build first, before you write en entire article stating that it "needs and will die". Sweeneey looks stupid now.

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Ruse is probably the most underrated game this gen. People hated on it, because it was cool to hate on anything Xbox One back then.

The game was really fun AND visually stunning. IMO it is still the best looking console game.

I highly recommend everyone to pick it up. It is $5 probably.

I give it a solid 8/10.
Would have been 9/10 if there were more settings and variety. (Egypt, Stealth mission, "tank" mission, etc.)

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I go for 2018 for Xbox Next or PS5. This cycle will be shorter than the one before, because both consoles are not such a gigantic leap forwared like Xbox 360 and PS3 were.

And HoloLens / PS VR will require more hardware power than both consoles offer today.

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I crossed the 30 as well, but 13 years ago, it was so futuristic. I mean the interaction with different players. I knew this would benefit all kind of games, single AND multiplayer centric and this is exactly what happened.

Now, every game has some online elements. Leaderboards, achievements and you can talk to your friends while playing different games. Xbox really paved the way for it.

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Xbox became my main console since I played MotoGP 03 on Xbox Live. Playing online on a console, with a headset and no noticeable lag was sooo mind-blowing. After playing for one hour I really knew that this would turn the gaming industry upside down.

Those were the days.

Now Xbox [just as much as PlayStation] is basically an online-only console. Yeah, you can play it offline, but meh.

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The game is probably too old to get a bigger number of people excited, but it would be a huge fan service.

I would welcome a pimped up remaster for $29.99.

But who knows, maybe even a sequel could do well. This looks like the perfect game to bundle with the console, because of its E rating and if it turns out to be a decent game, you can go from there.

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I am still not convinced by this while VR thing.

Would be cool when you could help me out here:

- I am wearing glasses. Is this a problem?
- Do I have to stand all the time or are there games I can play on the couch?
- What exactly is making VR so special except the giant screen in front of you?
- Why is the PSEye needed?

Not hating or anything. Just some questions, I did not have the time to read into it.

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My most anticipated games on Xbox One:

1) Quantum Break
2) Gears of War4
3) Scalebound
4) Crackdown 3
5) Halo Wars

ReCore is a wildcard so far. Need to see more of it first.

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neither are Gears of War UE (Xbox360), God of War Remaster (PS3), Journey (PS3), Tearaway Unfolded (PS Vita), MLB The Show (PS3), Nathan Drake Collection (PS3), Rare Replay (dozens of consoles), State of Decay (Xbox 360)...

When you think about it, TR right now is more exclusive than those titles.

Fail list is fail.

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Reason 1: Halo 5
Reason 2: Sunset Overdrive
Reason 3: Forza Motorsport 6
Reason 4: Ori and the blind forest
Reason 5: Scalebound
Reason 6: Dead Rising 3
Reason 7: Quantum Break
Reason 8: Forza Horizon 2
Reason 9: Gears of War 4

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I am not trying to tell here, but that is the second executive, who justifies the conference.

IMO they shouldn't even have a conference without great content. I haven't seen one PlayStation fan, who said this was great show.

The only things people talk about are:

- Crash Bandicoot shirt
- Final Fantasy most likely coming to Xbox One
- Final Fantasy has a new battle system and bot everyone is feeling it.

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HoloLens is not a gaming device by nature. The everyday use will be awesome and the gaming aspect is just icing on the cake.

Imagine all the possibilities with it... This device is perfect for watching sports, gaming and of course porn. Every TV station tries to sell you the second screen stuff, here the second is just there when you want it.

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Great Lineup already. Nobody can argue against it.

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