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You know what? This game might not be the one for you! #1.7.1
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To be honest if the next gears of war was completely different, I would be pissed. Gears of war is about shooting, taking cover, great visuals, over-the-top-omg-wtf-did-just- happen-moments and badass characters on steroids.

Maybe some minor changes, new multiplayer modes or story twists, but that's about it.
Keep Gears as Gears. #1.7
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He said it on the internet, it must be true. #2.1.2
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Damn you Microsoft for supporting your own platform and not the competition... What's next? Halo 5 won't be on Playstation? #1.9
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I really feel like some websites and fans are like "okay, we can't win this year, let's call it a draw".

Phil is doing a great job, 2015 looks stunning, but 2016 is so promising already. Scalebound, reCore, Quantum Break, Gears of War 4, Crackdown 3 already announced. #2.2
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Heavy, just be honest here... When was the last time that your internet was down for days after a heavy storm...

And even more so: was playing video games your biggest concern then? #1.2.2
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1080p / 60 fps isn't the norm on any console.
Feel free to point out all the triple A Playstation exclusives that are 1080p 60fps.

Most of them are 30 fps. Killzone, infamous, bloodborne, etc.

Heck we just learned that 66% of the so called master race can't even run their games in 1080p. I think Forza Motorsport 5 and 6 are one of the very rare games that are 1080p with 60fps. #1.8
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I really want to play crackdown to see it in action and how it works. All fanboyism aside, every gamer should be interested to see how this new technology works out for games. #1.8
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I never expected Crackdown 3 to impreess me from a technical point of view... I was wrong.

Here is the full video and from a better angle IMO.
https://www.youtube.com/wat... #1.8
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I liked Crackdown, never played Crackdown 2... And never really planned to buy Crackdown 3, maybe when I find it cheap.

But after Gamescom, I can't wait for it. #1.14
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I still think that Kickstarter for a game like shenmue is the worst thing that could have happened.

Asking for 6 million USD in front from the fans is just wrong. #3
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I loved the first two games, but so far the third game has failure written all over it. Kickstarter for a game like shenmue is beyond ridiculous.

Why didn't Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo paid for it to get it exclusively? Why didn't sega invest in it? Because it is not a profitable business and they didn't believe in it to do well.

The original developers are working for different companies now, the budget is very limited, especially compared to th... #1.1.3
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I don't want to ruin it for everybody, but am I the only one going mad, because it is on kickstarter? Shenmue- the game with the biggest budget at its time- on Kickstarter is so wrong. #1.2
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All bubbles spent. But in style. #8.2.1
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I can't even say which game is my most wanted right now.

Quantum Break looks great and I loved Alan Wake and the early Max Payne games.

Halo 5 is Halo. I managed to play the beta for 12 Hours. For those of you not having a job, wife, house and a newborn child: this is a lot for me.

Gears seems to be shaping up nicely. I loved Gears 1-3, but thought the series might need fresh air after the trilogy. Black Tusk seems to be just that. #24
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I am not arguing about RaD or anything, but am I the only one who noticed how poorly written the "article" is?

It is basically "I think Sony will buy them." and that is it. No facts, no reasoning, no well thought speculation. NOTHING. Just "I think they will buy them." #1.14
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Why should they work on something else to launch besides HoloLens?
HoloLens is probably the biggest tech innovation since the iPhone and it got ridiculously positive feedback.

They should focus on making it affordable and as mindblowing as the presentation was.

Bring this to Xbox, make me park my dreamcar from Forza in my living room, let me customize my Spartan, let me check out every sword in Skyrim. That would be all I want. #13
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For the lolz:

Read the comments when Xbox One was popular on Bing.

http://n4g.com/news/1632487... #1.4
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Sunset Overdrive is outstanding. Period. #1.14
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'“When you plug in the Kinect, and you can say ‘Xbox, go to Settings’, that’s great, I love doing that; but why can’t I do that and navigate it myself using a controller? It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Gamers have been quick to point out that Settings can be found simply by pressing the Start button anywhere on the Dashboard, or by navigating to the Apps section in Games and Apps. This was Lucy’s only recorded complaint.'

That made me lol. That is... #1.10
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