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The hint? 50% of all steam users play on windows 10.

That was a 0.74% decrease. Yeah, they should panic right now.

Overall 96.12% still used windows.

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Art style is probably the most important thing for the visuals. And I like this one. It really fits the game play.

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How do they measure hype?
I can't wait to pre order mine

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Yeah, because a PC does not need some kind of screen / TV / monitor.
Only consoles need that.

Some of you guys...

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Ehm what about:

the 4K BluRay drive?
The mouse / keyboard / controller?
The OS?
The headset?

If you want to compare these two, do it the right way.

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I like how the article totally ignores the fact, that the PS2 wasn't even released in NA or Europe for the first 10 / 11 months of its lifespan. That is something you should at least mention when you compare sales for the first 48 months against a console that had a global launch.

But yeah, the PS2 won't be touched. Not this gen, not next gen.

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Enjoy it guys.

I still don't get the hype for Japanese games to be honest. I can't get into JRPGs, Anime, Fighting games, etc.
The character designs, the artstyle, the storys... not my cup of tea at all. Yet, they totally ignore western games that sell millions of copies in the EU / NA like Halo, Mass Effect or Fifa. Strange.

But as I said: Enjoy it if you like it.

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That guy founded UbiSoft, has about 10,000 employees and his company is worth more than 7 billion USD.
What are you doing with your life?

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I doubt the Switch can handle the loading screen to be honest.

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That is quite a number and a good mix of games. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

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So the X1X outputs the resolution natively what the PS4 pro version needs to be upscaled to. Yet, people try to spin that as a bad thing for the X1X...

Anyway, to be honest, this is a game that I haven't even heard before. I just read it runs on UE3, which is strange. Apparently the developer invested less than a day to get it running on X1X. All of this seems sooo far away from actually being optimized.

When games like The Witcher III, Gears of war ...

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One of the most innovative new IPs in the past years.

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To be fair, the old Banjo games got HD upgrades for the Xbox 360. So "MS may never do anything with it" is not correct.

But MS owns tons of IPs that should see some love. Crimson Skies, Jade Empire, Conker, Banjo, MechAssault, Perfect Dark... Soooo much potential.

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but... but... but... THE CPU?!

Great to hear the Xbox One X is going to be a monster.

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Yeah, too bad MS just hired these highly paid hardware architects with their master degrees instead of just listening to sadsatan on N4G. He knows better.

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Pilotwings was my vietnam. Such a terrible game! Can't believe people ask for a remake.
IF we talk about N64 games to be remade - What about Extreme G?

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I think MS saw the sales figures for VR on PS4... It is like one 1 out of 80 PS4 users bought a PSVR.

Oculus isn't doing too well either.

VR is not mainstream yet. It might break through one day or it might get stuck with a niche audience.

I think that MS is working on their own, wireless device. You will hear about it at E3 2018. But that is just my guess.

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Five of those!

I was the 999,999th visitor of their website. Five times in a row.

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How did this website come up?

Every time I click on the link, I get redirected to a semi-legitimate website, telling me I just won an iPhone.

And no, I don't have this problem with any other websites.

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Xbox One X gonna give it to ya.

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