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GfK reported DR4 > TLG in UK. This is as official as it can get.

VGC reports TLG > DR4 worldwide. This is as unofficial as it can get.

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Okay, I will be honest with you... I never played RE 4!

I played RE 1, RE 2, RE: Code Veronica, RE 5 and a little bit of RE 6.

Out of those my favorite game is Code Veronica btw.

All time favorite for all games remain Zelda OoT, Halo CE and Goldeneye.

It is ridiculous how much ahead of their times these games were.

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Because it will crash the PS4Pro in specs?!

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No, I just excluded the Xbox exclusives I am looking forward to, because this is a Playstation article.

I want to get Scalebound, Halo Wars 2 and State of Decay 2 as well.

It is a shame that you guys have to make a console war out of everything

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I really couldn't care less about your games, but Halo Wars 2 will be here in 3 months.

And I bought 3 games, that I haven't even touched yet: GTA V (Yeah, I never played it so far), Dead Rising 4 and the entire Telltale Collection. That alone will keep me busy.

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They need to showcase the Scorpio the right way.

Make it obvious that every part of the console is better than the PS4 Pro.

- 4k BluRay drive

And use the right games to promote it.
Forza Motorsports 7 is a good start, maybe the next Assassin's Creed and Scale Bound or any other big 3rd party title.

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PlayStation exclusives are not my cup of tea, but I am looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2, Resident Evil 7 and Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Can't wait to play those on Scorpio.

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And every Xbox One game is a Scorpio game as well.

"Scorpio with hardly any games out at the time"

Makes zero sense.

1st This is true for every new console release ever.

2nd It is not a new generation like it used to be with cross play between Xbox One, Xbox One S, Win10 PCs and soon Scorpio and play anywhere features.

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I can't wait for it.
It will be a beast and I will be playing Red Dead Redemption 2, Scalebound and Halo Wars 2 in 4k on my brand new TV this year.

It doesn't get much better than that.

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Oh come on...

Gears of War 4 --> E3 2015, released in 2016

Scale bound --> E3 2014, releases in 2017

Quantum Break --> Mid / late 2013, released in April 2016

That's pretty average IMO.

Now tell me about The Last Guardian, agent, FF Versus XIII :-)

You we're probably one of those praising Sonys E3 2015 for Shen Mue 3, TLG and FF VII...

Double st...

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Halo Wars 2
Red Dead Redemption 2
Ghost Recon Wildlands
State of Decay 2
Resident Evil 7

For me so far in 2017.

But since MS announce their games not as early as Sony does, I can't wait to see what the launch of Scorpio ♏ brings.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 in 4k on Project Scorpio. Nuff said.

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I am actually quite excited for Ghost Recon Wildlands. It looks really good.

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$199 Xbox One S 500GB
$249 Xbox One S 1TB
$299 Xbox One S 2TB
$399 or $499 Xbox Scorpio

For the masses.

My hope: A $999 SKU bundled with the Rift.

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You just bought a GTX 1070 for $450 and want to upgrade again next year - And claim a Scorpio would be wasted money in the very same post.

Oh the irony.

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*edit* Sorry, pressed the wrong reply-button.

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Halo Wars 2
Sea of Thieves
Crackdown 3
State of Decay 2
We Happy Few

And I bet my left arm that there will be more with the launch of Xbox Scorpio.

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The sequel nobody asked for.

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so was Uncharted. And Doom was Doom 3.
You don't have to change the formula when it still works that great.

I would be pissed if my Gears isn't the Gears I love any longer.
If I play Gears, I want chainsaws. over-the-top moments and giant enemies. Gears 4 did just that.

If I play Halo, I want a deep story, great multiplayer and mini-sandbox like gunfights with an outstanding soundtrack. Halo 5 did just that.


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Doom as best action game for the same year Gears of War and Uncharted released seems odd.

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