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This game will be Boss. Everyone should know by now Kojima is quite the mastermind. I'll admit, this year's E3 installment was not as good as previous debuts. But still, there is a lot going on in this universe. The dots will be connected eventually and we'll all be enlightened.

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It’s not about hating on MS. MS had already been working with three of them exclusively. Am I wrong? Bring on the first party AAA games please. And then not cancel them... competition is good for the industry. Give me a reason to buy an Xbone. Cuphead can't do it alone.

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PUBG going to sue them next LOL!

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MS did have a better conference this go-around compared to last year. I enjoyed Ubi’s and Bethesda’s presentations better, but still, Sony brought the content we were all really wanting.

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Everyone is speculative based on hardware specs. That factor doesn’t amount to anything if there are no genuine exclusives to benefit the Nextbox. MS needs not to worry about getting ahead of the competition...MS needs to worry about whether or not they can get gamers onboard to actually have a reason to invest their time with an Xbox.

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I totally trust CDPR with their decision. Yes it would have been great in 3rd person, but I’d guarantee they were wanting to avoid the eventual “reskinned Witcher” judgements.
This game looks awesome!

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Oh brother.... Can you link your Epic account simultaneously with PS and MS? Don't think so yet. Why are people so obsessed? It's an issue with the Switch ONLY because it's another portable platform for the game now.

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Agreed ComBatsS0uL. We should give credit where credit is due. The neo-Tomb Raider series is excellent!

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Realistically, it was probably an off-the-cuff remark. He knows better. The TR series has nothing to be ashamed of. It’s fantastic regardless of the similar genre.
And for all of the nay-sayers, TR has been around much, much longer than UC. If I had to pick between these two children, it would be UC. However, the core ideas of what makes BOTH series great is not because of the advent of UC.

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Fortnite will continue to thrive because of its unique look and campiness. It doesn’t blend in with anything else at the moment.
PUBG is the one that will suffer.

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Sony had an awesome line up but Ubi’s presentation was the most enjoyable for me. Bethesda wasn’t too bad either. Loved the Skyrim diss.
I was really hoping to hear from Sony what this new mystery studio would be working on. Rumored Uncharted related. Cassie?

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“Scripted gameplay”
Of course it was! Guarantee the individual who played that sequence did it over a thousand fold. You really think they would ‘wing’ a gameplay demo for E3?!
Hats off to ND. I’d be willing to bet the game will flow just a fluidly as presented. And no, ND will not be making a Sims game so you can slow dance with your partner.

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Nada. But I’m hoping there is a reveal with Sony tonight!

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It would be really unique and innovative if both male and female characters had different quests and outcomes.

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That was awesome! Sequel...good. Jade gone rogue!

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Wondering if that “interview” was an impromptu option if their conference was falling flat...which it was. Talk about minimizing something...
What a let down for a Star Wars plug. EA basically tossed Zampella a courtesy bone and moved on with their version of GGS.
Really hoping to see more BFV, Anthem, and Fallen Order via MS or Sony.

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Wow, “someone needs to step in”?
How about parent that child, paddle included.

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Check out Angry Joe's hour long spiel. Chalk full of BF goodness. He got to be privy to a private event. Way better than the public release snooze fest.
Semi-off-topic... I think this whole SJW impression has gotten overblown. Yes, whatshisface made that asinine statement to his daughter, but truly I think this "inclusion" will be minimal.

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It will be a Sims game: Gretchen Carlson’s Miss Amerika.

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I hope they have something up their sleave. Otherwise Phil just may have to wear a paper bag over his head the entire time.

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