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I'm a PS fanboy through and through. I did invest in the Xbox brand because I enjoyed the exclusives it provided me. But after Gears4, I decided to let go. Nothing at the time indicated a move forward. Nothing now indicates anything pressing for me to reinvest. Took my spoils and invested in the incoming PS goodness.

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So...if this is a reflection of the last supper, will we be the 'Judas' character, third from the left of our villain?

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Probably going to get this... I somehow missed as to why they removed all the Nazi indicators?! That was the original premise. What this strictly a PC move?

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My thoughts exactly. There are too many ways to modify PC gameplay on their end that would ruin the experience for the console gamer.

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I'm just trying to keep up with what I've purchased so far, never mind what's incoming!

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The Order was a fantastic game. Could it have supported more content? Sure. But all the supposed cons presented then and now still do not hold any real weight. Let's be objective here... So many other games are that got praise for their mechanics and whatnot, The Order provided the same experiences, yet it gets hammered. I truly think the primary reason was that it was an exclusive.
Great story premise. Great characters. Good mechanics. Good pacing. It was a different experience...

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Sean Bean easily, or even Gerard Butler.

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I opted out with the Aim controller. Got the game solo. Figured as soon as I picked it up, an aftermarket one would pop up, much more appealing. Remember the Socom controller? That was sweet!

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Free time for me is not what it use to be...I have a pretty large library of games, excluding all the freebies. I enjoy the lengthy SP campaigns. I feel as though it was money well spent vs a game I could finish in 2-3 evening sittings.
That said, being a SP completionist is much harder with the appeal of the multiplayer games that I love. I love having a variety of game types, but the downside is having to pick, catering to my time that avails itself to me...having to streamline my ...

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Tell you what, Lara's hair in ROTTR drove me insane. It was as if her hair was alive, slinking around on its own accord with every micro-bob of the head. Not natural at all. I will say it certainly looked good, but it just didn't sit right with me.

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Rocket League is indeed a fun game. Crazy, outlandish fun that compels you to play!

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Fortunately I did not have to pay for my copy. I gave it a spin for a bit and eventually felt the overwhelming desire to better invest my gaming time in titles I actually enjoy. Deleted.
RAD needed to focus on a sequel to 1886 instead of this, uh...what ever this is...

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Why? Because now they're allowing for refunds? That in it of itself doesn't personify confidence....granted, consumers need to be more proactive and less wet-blanket when it comes to deciding what to purchase; but nonetheless, MS has miles to go before they regain face.

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The "challenge" trophy in The Witness...the only one I'm lacking! So hard. Spent much time to no avail so far.

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This is fantastic if it comes to pass. Love the first installment. Hearing what's incoming looks like DICE pulled out all the stops! Looks like EA is backing off this time?!

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I believe a refunding type of policy would become a whipped puppy, detrimental to publishers and developers in the long run. One gamer may love their purchase while another may regret, spouting nonsensical arguments. What justifies a refund then. Just because you regret a purchase doesn't mean you are entitled to a refund. Consumers need to have a sense of accountability for themselves also.
PSN provides a "free weekend" periodically for us to download and play a game. ...

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Like Horizon's production, I'm hoping it will come out that NG has been working on Savage Starlight for the past 6 years!

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Lol! Been in that same boat before! I look back and laugh now, but I was pretty mad at the time.

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Agreed. Also, if you really think about it, a boost mode for the 360 remasters wouldn't amount to much... 😈

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