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Selected users are probably at random pending you account falls within a criteria. Who knows though. Thank you Sony regardless.

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And if they don't, it'll be like the Switch launch with next to zero games... MS needs to pull a rabbit out of their hat in general.

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I got the deal. The statue is awesome!

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Yes and yes.

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(In regard to the title) Out of courtesy?!

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Could have sworn this was on the Xbox channel first...thought it was the reason Scalebound got cancelled!

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This title did look compelling, but it always struck me like a DMC meets Ninety-Nine Nights. Not the greatest merger of mediums imo. Even the protagonist acted like Dante. Didn't like that.
Haven't really followed the stories...could another publisher pick up the pieces and move forward?

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Egypt yes. But the story needs to stay within the setting. Enough with the Animus garbage.

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Agreed that MS needs to get it together with their exclusives. I can see MS kicking out the Super-Duper-Ultimate-4K-Rehash ed-Remastered versions of Halo 5, Gears 4, and Forza. No new installments, just a new coat of paint for the sake of the Scorpio.

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If it allows me play my digital Vita games, this sounds like a reasonable alternate to the Vita itself. Agreed though, not having the standard streaming apps was silly.

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BF3 has my favorite unlocking system. It is/was very challenging.

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That's funny.

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I cannot speak for the MP because to me it's more of the same. However, I thought the campaign was awesome. So 'good work' is relative.
COD has gotten the stigma of a failed game because of its MP redundancy. Maybe so. It's no longer my cup of tea. Cannot discard the SP just because everyone is sick of the MP.

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Wow! Those are incredible pics! I hope in game will be just as dynamic!

Lack of reflections? Get your eyes checked. They're there. And please keep in mind, reflections are not the same as mirrored.
Merry Christmas!

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Without Christmas it we wouldn't be having a "holiday", we would be having a winter break. So unlike you, most people (Christian or not) do "give a damn" and enjoy the holidays.

Merry Christmas! :)

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@ Vegamyster

Right on! It strikes me as funny to see that those who shout claims that the world needs to be tolerant of everyone and everything are the least tolerant of them all!

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"Undercover" nah. How about this:
Maybe Tracer in the Overwatch universe is normal in the sense that what she does behind her bedroom doors is her business and no one else's. Why advertise? Completely out of context to do so. She's a hot chick with a loaded gun in the Overwatch universe. Her in game assets that deem her important to the team have nothing to do with her scripted sexuality.
My beef with these types of articles is that the sjw extract somethi...

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This game reminds me so much of Onimusha. That is a good thing!

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