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Sea of thieves totally sold me once I saw that you could explore outside your ship. I no longer have an Xbone so I'm really hoping S&B will do something besides sailing ships also. It looked awesome as it stood so far, but I hope Ubi doesn't short [sail] themselves.

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Monolith needs to make a GOT game.

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Okay, I read three different articles Breitbart put out regarding FC5... this author is full of...should not be taken seriously either. He completely slanted a quote from one. I don't know anything about the podcast, but Breitbart authors were certainly impressed with FC5 prior to and at E3. And they clearly understand the differentiation between Christianity and a mirroring cult.
And the right-wingers are the ones twisting everything? Smh.
I am looking...

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Don't understand why people demonize an entire franchise because they didn't care for the MP. It's only one component of the entire KZ universe. Loved all the campaigns.

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Gamestop just happen to run two deals that increased worthy value for the benefit of the consumer. I've seen and taken part in deals like this before.
Pay attention. It's called being a smart shopper.

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That is really cool. I'm wanting to know what materials are being used for stuff like this. Would love to make something for myself.

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And then MS would push out a special incentive to those PS users in an attempt to get them to trade in their PS4 for an Xbone or X.
Future endeavors. Strategies. It's what I would do. Many cannot see the forest through the trees.

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She's got a definite skill set. Take the time and scroll through the pages...she's lookin' mighty fantastic!

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I think what Mega is implying is that the Cuphead developers have gambled quite a bit on banking on the smallest install base of the three consoles entities for their success. They would have most certainly made bank with the other two platforms added no doubt.
It looks like an incredible game. Indeed I wish it were headed to the PS platform, but oh well... if I want it that bad, I will invest in an Xbone again. For now, Xboners enjoy!
I hope MS takes care ...

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Yes please!

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Why?! Because all of the sudden MS has a slew of indie games incoming for the Xbone & X? Nice try at a false inference.
That being said, several do look really good and I'm curious how they pan out. Too bad there's no real AAA exclusives incoming as well.

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Yes. Your statement of clarity was exactly what I thought before I read the article. Kind of obvious really. People need to brush up on their reading and comprehension skills.
Activision needs to seriously reevaluate an unlock for us that bought the IW bundle. We had it at least a month prior to IW's release. Then they locked it up once IW was released. They can reverse it. No loss to them at all.

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Hate to complain about having too much of a good thing, but that's just it...I cannot complete one before another is released. I get back-logged, then my MP games get jealous, so I need to play those for a bit. Then the SP campaigns start pining again. I get pulled in too many directions to complete anything LOL! Add the PS Plus freebies, it's over!

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That was really cool! Extremely atmospheric. I hope there is plenty of map varieties and monster types.

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This is a novelty specifically geared towards the Nintendo fan base. It'd be a safe bet that there is a decent quantity that have yet to play Skyrim despite the numerous rereleases.
So, will you be passing on Skyrim VR also?

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Nioh mediocre looking?! Shame on you!
I'll admit, the prologue escaping the castle looked pretty drab, character models etc. But once you've landed in Japan and begin the adventure there...everything looks fantastic. It was as if they tacked on that prologue last miniute imo.

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A handheld version of Skyrim, with the inclusion of Link (and possible other characters?), I think it will do well. For those who have never played before, this will be like a more realistic Zelda experience. I'll buy it.

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Let us have a prologue like Ground Zeroes was to TPP so we can have a taste earlier than 2019! Pleeeeeease!

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This is simple. I don't know why it's such a problem understanding Sony's mindset. I do not want to sign in to Xbox Live via my PlayStation to play online with Xbox players. If a 'playground' can be established with no strings attached, then I'd think Sony would play along. MS wants to host apparently?
As many have already stated, Sony has attempted crossplay before and MS was the naysayer then.
Mind you, multiplayer games would be more populated and ...

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It will be. I think SE realized their huge mistake last time. TR has been awesome since the reboot and SE has seen that multiplat reaps rewards to the point of making a third installment. Looking forward to Lara's new adventure! Hopefully we see something at PSX.

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