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Savage Starlight please.

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Generally speaking, he's really not knocking it. Comparing the MP to the awesomeness UC2 had, and hoping UC4 is steadily underway towards that greatness ND provided in a MP.

Lately, these titles on N4G are very misleading...for many articles, not just UC. "Please click me".

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The author is right, this is becoming insane.
If a review provides negative feedback, then it should be tossed? Nonsense.

Imo, Doom isn't that great. Looks good but nothing special here. It's the "Doom" name that's given it a leg to stand on thus far.

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ND are masters of the action genre. While I understand the authors implication of fatigue or getting stuck in a rut, why does ND need to be like other developers? They've got their niche and it's been successful thus far. I wouldn't be opposed to mini projects types but why pull the focus away from what makes ND one of the greatest?

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As much as I love the BF series, I don't think they should waste resources remastering an entire game. Stick with the Vietnam expansion and 1943....unless BC3 is underway!

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I'm game for more, but let's wait awhile, like 3 other IPs down the road.

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You don't have to be a pro to be objective and find value in what a game provides. However I do believe one must have a basic skill set to know what is to be appreciated in the first place.
For instance, as much as I like the Souls games, I pretty much give up after hours of banging my head against the wall...for every installment thus far. But I would still rate them high because I understand the principle and thought behind the series as is.

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Business as usual. The only way to make the situation off-putting would have been making it a timed exclusive like the Tomb Raider ordeal. But that would never happen with a franchise like this.

It wouldn't surprise me if both Sony and MS came to terms and rotates on who gets what deal and when regularly, barring first party exclusives.

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Clickbait. Who approved this?!

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Reinvent old IPs... Black and The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers & Return of the King.

Three incredible games from the PS2 era.

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Planned on renting anyways just like I did Doom. Hopefully it'll be better than Doze...err, Doom.

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Remaster and add some new maps to the Vietnam expansion!

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"Recycled", thanks for the negative connotation. So ND continues to use a mechanic that works well ....and?!

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Chuck Norris is the only thing that can be beat Uncharted!

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Guarantee they've been working on an addition IP for some time now. I think it's safe to bet on TLOU2, but also I'm pulling for Savage Starlight.
SS was a series of collectable comics.

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Technically maybe, however 'universe' is meant to be specific to the TLOU's immediate world setting.


Savage Starlight please. Crossing my fingers for something at E3, in addition to the expected TLOU2!

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TLOU could be a stand alone, but why waste such an awesome universe to tell a tale?!

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Yes, we can speculate but whatever they decide will be worth having. E3 come quickly!

Protecting the baby was exactly what I thought upon first glance.

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"Not a huge deal" ?!?!

TLOU2 will be like the second coming...

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I doubt you've even picked up a Bible.

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