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I thought PSX was pretty good as well. They had a few reveals, and the interviews were interesting to say they least. Too many viewers with ADD? It would have been a nice additive if the there were specific trailers saved for PSX, but I guess you would have needed to physically attend to get the full experience.

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On the must-buy list now.

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This game is completely off the beaten path. Looks so interestingly innovative. Looking forward to this.

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This does not surprise me...

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It was pretty good, the format made things more personable. That was different and I liked that. But aren't they dishing out more info over the weekend?

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No, actually a fairly well written article. He calls out EA systematically. Like many before you, learn to read. Bottom line, instead of us gamers crying foul constantly, replace the ongoing sobbing with solutions. We all want more content to our games, but everyone is sick of the costs of the season passes. In the case of Battlefront II, they removed the season pass price tag and replaced it with MTs. Initially made sense but they screwed up the progression system with it. Finding ways to br...

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Lol, flip flops, soap on a rope, or deodorant.

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I always thought the menu was hilarious!

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Reread the article....or actually, read it before you comment. You’re way off.

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Yup. Goes to show people don’t bother to read...they take the title and run. Kind of embarrassing for these “educated”, errrr... opinionated gamers.

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Forget L4D, I’m wanting Strange Brigade! Looks awesome!

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They're going to drop the specs for the PS5. And I'm still pulling for Savage Starlight!

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The market will fluctuate. This doesn't mean EA is done for, not that I'm wishing ill-will. But they need to fix it and reboot. SWBF2 is a pretty good game. Hammering it for MT alone was not right.

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DICE will live on. They are a top tier developer imo. Any publisher with two brain cells will take them on if need be.

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Really?! When did that survey go out?

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I'd love to own that game but I can only play for about 30 mins before I feel nauseous. I had to let go of Farpoint for that very reason. All those mini game types are pretty fun though!

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They need to lift the stupid credit cap...have to wait two hours in Arcade mode. Preventing farming? Whatever...

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I agree, pay-to-win is a bad deal. That being said, You cannot fault EA for attempting to implement something they know will work. This is what being in business is about--making money. Yes a business needs to keep it's customers happy and satisfied. That should happen with the final product itself, not by how much (EA) could be continued to be made off of it. The consumer has no right to say in whether or not EA makes $5 or $2000 more than the base cost of a game. That's irrelevant. ...

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I think IGN as a gaming site has become flat in general. The atmosphere has changed. No longer a reliable source for anything.

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