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The reboot was fantastic and I think ROTTR will do well. Obviously, it won't do as well as it could have releasing on just one console at this time, but that will have to be a lesson learned for SE. #64
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There's two versions of the game, a regular Ultimate Edition and a Ultimate Edition Deluxe. 40 & 60 $$$ respectively. #2.3
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This would be a cool feature. I'd go with Zombie Vikings. Stick it to the Man was awesome! #14
No kidding eh? Can't he find anything better to do, like fold laundry or something? #9.5
Well crap. Never thought it would be a year. Hopefully (like so many have already stated) it'll include all the DLC. Guess I'll pick it up for the Bone for now, waiting a year is a killjoy. Sell it off and rebuy for the PS4 when the time comes. #116
Agreed. I had no issue with it...dark, cryptic, the way it should be. And not having too much info at this point makes things more anticipatory. #1.3
Goldblum's awesome! But they had him swearing way too much...that's out of character for him/his roles. #1.4
They could have easily implemented this. Everyone loves Horde mode, so why not? Unless they're going to hammer out remasters of 2 & 3. Totally expect it. #2.2
It's this entitled generation that whines and cries when they don't get what they want. No appreciation. I've been very pleased with the IGC. Sure not every game caters to me, but I've got a bunch of great games in my collection that I would have never spent the $$$ on directly thanks to the IGC. Because of this, I'll be investing in the upcoming Indie games like Zombie Vikings, Alienation, etc. AAA games are not the only good games out there.
Been tempted by Hell... #12
Zombies meets Extinction?
I don't know... Looks like a good renter for now, not sure about investing. Campaign looks to be pretty cool, but this casting for zombies needs to stop. Too over the top. #7
I've got a fatty that's still running fine. It'll kick the fans into high gear after a while simply because I've placed it in a cabinet now, so limited air movement (I have to use a mini fan for it). I've set it out before in the open...quiet as a mouse no matter what I've played. #1.2.7
Not a bad deal at all. 30$ for the year, could easily spend that in rentals. #3
Bruce stated Mini game within. Doubtful at this point, but you never know. Activision has re-embedded themselves with Sony. It'd be cool. #1.2.6
A follow up is definitely needed. Sure TLOU could easily be a standalone, but this universe needs to be explored more so. Ellie needs to be a bit older and in a position similar to that of Joel from the original. Joel grooms Ellie to be a leader using (referencing) the experiences from the (his) 20 year gap from the original. How had he become hardened? Crossed most moral boundaries? Etc. and of course we must travel from point A to point B with a new hope!
Looking forward to whateve... #10
It was one of the most creative games showcased. It may not have your standard platformer design, but none the less, you cannot deny the innovation. Isn't that what gamers what nowadays?
On my list of games to buy. #3.2.1
Preordering UC4 from PSN gets you access to the beta also. #1.1
Did you even watch the video?
Your statement reflects the idea that you read the title and moved on.... #10.1
Grant Bowler would work, and he could pull off Drake's mannerisms easily. #31
Bruce would be a good Sully! #1.3.1
I play multiple games split screen with my son. Having an option when 343 could adjust frame rate would be fine. It's been done before with MP in general. #1.4.4
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