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Oh yes, my thinking exactly. Shadowfall provided that vehicle.
Killzone has been a great ride and I'll gladly continue supporting the franchise. The end of Killzone 2 was one of my favorite game endings ever. Such forebodance and foreshadowing. They need to bring the air of the 2nd installment into KZ5. #1.3.1
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Yeah, Sony needs to start pumping out gameplay footage. Convince me to repurchase it! I'll re-buy only if it's a visual anomaly sitting next to the PS3 version. #1.3
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Dishonored was a fantastic game. Never a dull moment.
Emily taking over, following in the footsteps of Corvo, would be fine with me. But not 20 years later... A young female assassin (ala Leon: the Professional, Natalie Portman) with a moral compass has potential. Conflict/choices could steer the game.
Whatever becomes of this game, I'm in! #8
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Killzone was/is a great series, good trailing story, and impressive looking without question on all platforms. Sure the storylines could have been tweaked, but that could be said about most games out there...and besides, they didn't ask for our opinions or input.
Looking forward to what GG has instore for us shortly. I have faith they'll knock it out of Vekta. #6
I used to like GameStop but anymore the specials aren't so special and trade in values aren't worth it. Occasionally they'll run a good deal, few and far between.
They make their $$$ on the ill-advised not-so-smart shopper. I've see too many people pay for games at prices I knew could be beat.
They need to be more competitive nowadays to remain in business. In their case, something needs to change. #3
Ha! Probably not. I know it will sell well. But for me, if it's mind-numbingly different, I'll buy, otherwise I'll wait until the price drops. #30.1.1
TLOU is one of my favorites on the PS3 without question. Screen shots of cutscenes. This is crap. I would like to see gameplay, not cutscene comparisons. Besides, am I the only one who thinks the PS3 version looked crisper (the first comparison)?
I am just as pumped for a PS4 version, but come on people, let's be realist for now until something visually legit comes out. #30
Exclusive content within the expansion DLC packs... I think the Xbots are up-in-arms over nothing. This is really no different than the "exclusive 60 minutes of gameplay" on the PS games in general. Sony made a deal with Activsion or vice versa. This is nothing new. Move on please. #49
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Yeah, and Titanfall...lol! #2.3
Read the article people... writer states in a nutshell, gamers are becoming spoiled because of the service, which makes sense.
Sony does not have to provide freebies for Plus members. The negative attitudes remind me of a child opening up all their presents on Christmas day, and then complaining about what he/she didn't get. #13
If they do something based on an existing entity, The Walking Dead or The Edge of Tomorrow. Great potential. #11
Watch the videocast...the crux issue related to the title of this article is that people buy a game and then it is issued for free through Plus. Other than that, the videocast is simply about how good certain games are.

Typical N4G readers, nobody clicks and reads/listens. #1.1.19
I hope this is legit! WAW was a great game, online was superb. Zombies needs to be a campaign in format, similar structure to that of Extinction...that'd be sweet. #6
Simple and to the point...nice! #2.1
The latest conflict in the Middle East could relate to a game...what's your point?

No connection. I do not make $$$ on politicking, so "willful ignorance" cannot apply to the implied taking advantage of others. #7.5.1
Oh I knew by making that statement I would get disagrees incoming... at least you have a thought out, constructed response. Thanx.
You are correct, all media serves an agenda. Unfortunately, people are spoon fed crap and are perfectly willing to believe just because it's on the TV or internet. I listen and research multiple sources, and in the end, Fox seems to be more accurate and trustworthy/reliable than any other. One must think objectively despite the topics at hand.
... #7.3.1
Really now, why is this gaming news? All this does is give sheeple a place, yet again, to bash FOX News.... For shame, for shame. #7
I second that. I want to support ND and purchase the remastered edition, but in reality, if the gameplay visuals aren't vastly different enough (for me) from the PS3 version, I'll wait until the price drops. Don't mind playing my PS3 at all. #1.2
Have any of the Transformer games been good? I've only played the first one way back... They should make brawlers with transformer skins, that'd sell. #16
Thought it was the same developing team? #4.1.1
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