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Tell you what... Warner Bros is really producing some fantastic games this year. #5
ND should make a sequel with a story paralleling the original, involving different characters. Henry and Sam? Or advance the timeline with a grown Ellie. At any rate, the sequel should not maintain its focus on the same original characters but branch. This universe is vast. #14
I was playing capture the flag and half the players were invisible! Floating guns everywhere. New invisi-skins or what?! #4
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Yes you have a right to complain. But no, it's no one's fault but your own. Nobody forced anyone's hand into submission. Kick yourself if you're upset about where your $$$ went. #5.2.2
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MGSGZ an hour long demo?.... Old rant that simply reflects you cycle through games without much thought. Obviously you didn't appreciate the preview of the incoming masterpiece. #5.3
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Haven't they rerererereleased this game like 6 times already? #10
Looks intense. But with the incoming of MGSV, I'll have to rent it first and invest later. Hate to drop 60$ to sit on the shelf. Bad timing in my book...anything coming out around this date is bad timing. Lol!

This looks so good though...I'm a sucker, I'll probably cave! #20
REZ was a great installment in the series. The look was good and the puzzles were well done. I have yet to reinvest in a RE remaster, but I'd consider this one. #6
That's what came to mind when I got the 2K email for this. That series ended up dying.


Looks pretty cool. I'll keep my eye on this. #9.3
Looked good. Nice teaser. I'm interested in learning more. #8
Cracks me up! It was very commonplace in COD 3, seemingly required after a kill! Even group efforts. You would go specifically after the guy who bagged you after you'd respawn and tag him back. Those were the days! #7
No worries here. DICE products look good and play well. I have no concerns, this game will be spectacular. I just hope the battlefields will not be limiting. I haven't read up on it lately, but it'd be cool if the battles are progressive like MAG was but bigger. Take advantage of the scope of a planet, not one little area. #1.8
MS will state something that will slant the idea that this game truly belongs to the Xbone community and no one else.
This issue was cleared up a year ago by SE themselves. Aside from the time delay, perhaps MS will pine for an exclusive outfit & weapon or something.

The reboot was awesome! #2.1.1
I'm not knocking Quiet's outfit, she looks great! But in a warzone, yes I agree, you'd think one would be a bit more concerned about exposure.
However, Kojima eluded to the lack of clothing having to do with her ability to cloak, some sort of invisibility factor. Looking forward to the mystery...
My GOTY! #2.1.3
There's reference to it during some dialog at the beginning of the game. Haven't seen it yet, but sure, stuff to that end could be a bit excessive. Some things left to the imagination can be more potent. #5
I picked it up a while back when it was on sale (retail). My son is a big Star Trek fan. Yes, it's a bit on the lame side but it's fun co-oping, especially if you add your own dialog! Ha! #1.2
Once again I'm tempted to get the Alien Isolation season pass.
Any opinions on its worth? #9
Welp, I don't really know Polys history, I was curious... And when I see statements such as ndub317's, I question who is/are the sheep in this situation. So many disregard the actual articles and then make erroneous statements. I've seen this many times over on this site. #11.1.1
Did anyone read beyond the title? It actually was a well written piece. The author is not dismissing this game or its content.
Typical N4G "readers".... #11
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