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It will roll into the open beta.

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Wouldn't say better than me it's two different types of games considering the setting. I played the crap out of MW when it debuted on the PS3. Loved it. I think the MW remaster is really good and brought back the raw game play feel we've been lacking in the COD series for years--or maybe it's the nostalgia. WWII has that old school raw feel liken to COD3 and MW of yesteryear.

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I'll bite, I thought I was pretty good. Doesn't top BF, but I enjoyed the MP much more than the previous COD installments.

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Yes too soon. It's not right. If all the DLC had been released prior, then sure. And I get a type of flash sale now and then. But as a general rule? Nope. I'm thinking we have a few installments yet to come, yes? They needed to wait or do something really really special for early adopters.
So what would be the incentive for us to invest upfront if they pull this long before all the DLC is out? Wrong.

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I get what the author is attempting to say. I don't think she was knocking Sony per se. If it's going to be a free-to-play model, then it needs to be a beefy one, not something pumped out as f2p just for the sake of f2p. I understand that. I've played multiple f2p, but very few warrant my attention.

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Maybe he was referencing file sizes for the new XboxoneX games?!
(Heh heh)

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Yes omg it took forever and a day to download anything, even when you had the disc!
The PS4 is pretty quick, especially in rest mode, almost twice as fast.

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Whatever...the real deal now is that MS is attempting to do what it can to increase its player base. Scampering. They never were really concerned about crossplay prior to their now prevalent struggle for anything relevant to gaming. Truly unfortunately...and I speak without sarcasm. If they have to remedy things by getting the PS player base to sign up for Live, they will. Nefarious.
MS has had their eye OFF the ball for too long.
Honestly I hear too many Xboners speak out w...

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And how much of that 78 million do you think they'll get to keep?
I'm glad they actually did well with respect to the fact that they have been able to continue on and fix this game, a (seemingly) honest attempt to make things right.
Im not defending whether or not he lied. The fact is now, HG is regularly redeeming themselves.

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Whatever dude...that's not how making "tens of millions of dollars" works. Don't worry narsaku, they won't be retiring before you do. Sucks to see others successful eh? /s

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This game was awesome. The lore was good, RAD just needed to flesh it out more so. If it takes another installment to do so, so be it. Don't know why some many people tried to Perry Mason this game when RAD was more innovative than most at the time. For everything the Order got knocked for, we see a plethora of other mainstream games get a pass having similar performances.
Sequel please RAD, we need more Order.

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Unreal...and someone will buy it.

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Rockstar yes, pop tarts never.

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If they remastered the two original PS1 Spider-Man games to coincide with Insomniac's game, that would be mint.

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Not even a blip on the screen for me. Still thoroughly enjoying my PS4.

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They have been working on a new IP... Really crossing my fingers for a SS announcement/trailer at PSX!

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Best Buy should not have charged anything to their customers for canceling a preorder. More than likely those that did will end up buying the game anyway or simply preorder something else.
Should have preordered in store for $5 cash down... in store refund or shift of funds is pretty easy. I've never had an issue with BB. They usually have great incentives for buying through them.

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Sea of thieves totally sold me once I saw that you could explore outside your ship. I no longer have an Xbone so I'm really hoping S&B will do something besides sailing ships also. It looked awesome as it stood so far, but I hope Ubi doesn't short [sail] themselves.

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Monolith needs to make a GOT game.

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