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Paying people to promote a product has been going on since the dawn of time. Gaming is no different. I think the game is great! Funny how the rant is the same across the board with little variation to its arguement. It wouldn't surprise me if this was a smear campaign initiated by another publisher. Reminds me of politicking. #3.4
It's legit. I've purchased Live. No issues. Extra security measures involved when you use your cc for overseas purchases, FYI. #3.4.2
Not quite Christmas yet... #2.2
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The Xbox 360 for Gears of War. #33
Genji, totally forgot about that game. I liked it. Agreed, the sequel was a let down though in general. It was holding me over until a new Onimusha was created...but of course never happened. #5.2
I'm picky about which season passes I invest in. Battlefield(s) for me are a definite. The only one I regret is COD Ghosts. Totally sucked. Made me gunshy in general for that series. Patiently waiting on a deal for the Witcher 3 expansion. #20
Plus the $10 rewards!
I'm doing the same for The Division. Essentially makes the season pass free!
I'm really hoping there's a package similar for Ghost Recon Wildlands...I'm really looking forward to that one! Promising. #9.1
I would concur. Unless DICE has quite the surprise up their sleeve, the season pass as is, is too much for 16 more maps.

If there was an official SP campaign, I doubt anyone would be complaining at all. #1.7.1
Oh yes I remember those days! What made those days even better was when you would find a 10er on the floor, right!? I was always scanning!

You'll have lots of disagrees because there is no real appreciation for anything anymore. Instant this, instant that... no real concept of "putting time in" because there is so much to be had too quickly.
No real sense of costs because many have become too dependent and haven't a clue. (broad statement)
... #1.5.4

Anyone who thinks differently is a dolt and could be clearly defined as a sheep ironically enough considering they state the same for those who actually purchased and enjoy this game.

Battlefront is a great game. If you don't like the cost, pass on it or wait until it drops in price reasonable to your expectations. Not a hard concept to live by really. #1.2.7
Buying it. The beta was awesome. Everyone knows it. Closet players quit griping.
However I do agree (in general across the board) season passes are a bit high. Unless DLC comes with a substantial component to a SP experience (every rollout), the price needs to drop.
That being said, funny how the forums used to spew as to how bad SP campaigns got and "every plays the MP anyway...no one really plays the SP".
Now look at what we got. #10
Welp, that ad said absolutely nothing....everyone knows MS will be discounting games that day, and for cyber Monday. #10
Such an irrelevant technicality.

This game will be huge because it's cross-generational.
Looking forward to this gem. #1.1.2
It's so good. Thoroughly enjoying the experience with Lara.
My only issue, although petty, is that she is constantly shivering. It's a bit excessive...you'd think at some point she would acclimate to her environment. #4
It would shock me if ND didn't make Savage Starlight or some variation of a space themed IP. I think we all know it's safe to say TLOU2 is happening, so the real question is their next IP. I hope ND discloses something about the time UC4 is released. #1.1.8
It's obvious they're wanting to phase the last gen out, which I understand. I have a sneaky suspicion BKOPS3 MP only for last gen was added as an afterthought, last minute comparatively speaking.
Great game by the way! Kudos to Treyarch for making this COD round worthy again! #7
Oh God forbid if someone makes more money than you...smh. #1.1.1
I say nadda to the list.
Diablo, Destiny, and Helldivers could make for a great series. #4
Got both, prefer the DS4.
However both controllers need taller sticks! Having to buy Kontrol Freeks.
My only gripe. #1.1.7
Didn't see it here, but I'm pulling for PS Plus for $30 again this year! Kind of expecting Battlefront and a few others to be $40...maybe too new. #11
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