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Agreed, no hype train please. Just blow us away a few months before its release. Maybe drips of info every now and then. #4.6
I bought both Titanfall and Watchdogs at the last minute because of the hype (and preorder discount). Both have been sold back. I liked both, but I had no real reason to play after the new wore off. Couldn't make it stick. However I am enjoying Destiny. Have yet to really progress, but I like the feel and pacing. Sure it gets repetitive, but in a way, it reminds me of the action role playing genre formula.

Looking back, the only game that truly survived the hype train was... #25
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Too bad, you're missing out on a fun unique experience. #1.1.4
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Decisions like this are not as easy as one would assume. Big money involves multiple hands and layers of red tape to wade through. Perhaps M$ continued to increase the numbers to help persuade? We'll never know...besides, it's none of our business. #17.1
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Don't know why there's so much fuss, or why people are trying to over analyze. He's a successful programmer who had a big hit. He wants to move on. Right place at the right time, and now he is in that fortunate position that M$ wants to pay him handsomely for his work.

Kudos to Notch! Enjoy the fruit of your labor and good luck with your future endeavors! #22
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Semantics... I think we know what's really going on when it comes to terminology. #3.1.1
Bungie needs to drop the price of the expansion packs. They're not going to get many takers at this rate! #3
I think this game has real potential story-wise. Bungie better start disclosing things before the fanbase jumps ship! But really, they stated from the start, the story will be progressive. So why the hate right? #2.1.2
It's easy when your screen is no bigger than your hand! #1.8
Revamped to a degree, yes. Too much stuff gets unnecessarily overwhelming and complicated. I enjoyed the UC2 MP the best, liked the modes.
Keep it simple, have one MP package combining the elements for the whole remastered package. Sweet! #1.1.11
You are 100% correct in that parents need to draw the line. I agree, it is not the responsibility of a developer to "filter" material they craft, nor is it the ESRB's job to impose a censorship stance.

"as they are brought up properly to know its a game and to not take anything portrayed to heart and have a good sense of decency to remain a moral upstanding individual and not devolve into a homicidal maniac"

I under... #2.1.3
2015 is going to be an epic year for gaming! Looks so good, hope the story has a good hook and is well fleshed out. #3
Obviously you have no children. #2.1.1
I really hope EA learned their lesson and backs off. Let DICE be the developer and not armchair it! #7.1
You need to go back and reread what the 500 million number is really about... #8.1
I bet it'll be like Watchdogs, GTA, RedDead, etc., all the little stuff tacks on the real hours. #1.6.1
Same here, I enjoy the fruits of a developers labor. Burning through a game is ridiculous. One really cannot take in everything if your sole objective is to beat it then shelve it or trade it in.
Love it when players skip all the cutscenes, whip through the levels, and then say the SP sucked....ADDites. #1.5.1
FEZ is a pretty cool game, simplistic yet refined in its own way.
I wonder if this is the real reason Fish did and acted the way he did...?
Idk, haven't followed too much of the controversy other than to know the system was scammed. #6
Wouldn't it be something if the Battlefront beta had more activity than the Hardline MP? #4.1
The SP needs to be a head turner if Hardline is going to survive. Unless they've completely revamped the MP. I hope they changed the feel. Don't want a BF mod. There again, I don't want another COD triggerfest. #10
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