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I don't support the mod either way... and when I see posts like yours-thunderbird & Relientk, you guys are just as bad as those that spewed the hate mail regarding the mod.
Think about it...unless you need someone to think for you, in which case you're lost.

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Alive and kickin on the PS4! The Force is strong with this one.

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I've got the disc. Trade it in and upgrade digitally to the gold edition for a few dollars. But like you, I'm afraid online will be few and far between. I'd be doing it for the SP experience.

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It's all BS. Someone's trying to cash in. Maybe they realized they had "something" in the past and are regretting they didn't push themselves further at that time.
Again, BS

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Hopefully this mode functions well and feels unique.

Am I the only one who thinks the helmet-less Stormtroopers aren't right? I realize by doing so provides more "characters" to play but....

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Unless you're a dolt, you really can't mistake a paintball gun for a real one. "Modified" more than likely meant non-stock. Longer barrel, full-auto trigger group, etc. His "crew" was probably going to use frozen balls. Who's the real fool?!

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And he called all those Pokemon Go players stupid...

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Love that art style. I'll keep my eye on this one.

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Oh I agree completely. I just saying ROTTR is a well rounded game and worth any type of investment.
You may not have to pay full price straight out of the shoot with incentives. For example, Best Buy. If this game falls into the gamers club unlocked category, you'll get 20 bucks off right away, which is how much it'll be on sale for in a months time anyway.

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This game is really good. If you've never played it, it's worth the $$$. You'll spend some time on it. Now, I understand if you've already played the Xbone version, you'd want a price drop. But for those who've never played it, get it. Additionally there are plenty of retailers that offer discount incentives if you purchase through them. It's been awhile since I've paid full price for my games.

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It's the nostalgia factor that will push it. The retro console with a slew of games, modified for visual appeal...perfect! Sold!

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It shouldn't be. The only correlating thing said with the Uncharted series only had to do with her process for dissecting imagery and creating a narrative around said imagery.

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This is too cool! Memories....

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I cannot find any evidence also. Which is too bad. Love that game. Guess I'll stick to the disc and my PS3.

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Lol I wouldn't say 10 but yes, I was thinking it'll be awhile before we see anything.

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Great game indeed!

@Ultra & Bimko
Okay, so WB found a YouTuber that likes their game and contracts him to promote it.
Let's say he actually enjoys the game. Is he not allowed to be subjective? Why can't a publisher promote their product via these outlets.
Propaganda exists on all fronts. This is nothing new.

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Usually at the end of every month, unless there's some sort of holiday sale.

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Did you (or Greg) even read the article? This is not a Rainbow Six Siege add on. Blister is its own game in the Rainbow vein.

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I'd consider it considering I never made it through the first time. Not at $60 though.
Will console players get some sort of deal also if you own it already?

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I'll own it eventually when I can get it for a 20 or less. I got to play it on the Xbone. It was great. If be surprised if SE ended up releasing it for the full $60 tag. I'd expect $40

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