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Wicked! Now I can allocate accordingly. Wonder if there will be a deluxe edition of sorts? #4
Yes this seems unusual that they're waiting like this. I was thinking maybe they'll kick out something extra special? #1.3
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smh...nice try. PSN already had this as soon as titles for the PS4 were live. #6.2
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Yes. I just used my PC and "purchased" the games.
As far as retro, highly unlikely. #5.1.2
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Been doing this since MS started the GWG for the Xbone. Don't have one yet, but I have a library for it already. #5
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This game will be epic. Not sure if they'll kill off anyone, but I think Drake will hang his hat or pass on the trade to his son.
Hate for ND to end the series however. Hopefully that's not the case. #15
Hey Dyldo...er dog... let it go. Find another outlet. #12.2
Those who aid and abet these click bait articles. It's not about quality anymore...controversy=$$$.
Actually this is true in the real world too! #7.1
Quit reading all the articles because nothing really new has been disclosed (I could be in error)...Hoping that you'll be able to venture through the world offline unlike Destiny. This is going to be a massive game, I think they should release it in installments, really focus on fine tuning in stages vs spilling out a "completed" game with a potentially unpolished, incompleted feel like so many others before it.
Looking forward to this game! #8
So says one who does not own a PS4?
The Order is fantastic despite the negative spin. Yes, it's not your typical run-and-gun TPS, it's its own breed.
Driveclub issues?...negligible. Loving both. #1.1.1
I understand this is not your standard definition of a game, but don't even go there with numbers please. If they would have tacked on a generic MP that 22 people would play, would it be okay then. Seen that scenario multiple times.

Lets compare for the sake of argument. Buy your latest Blu-ray movie release for $20=2.0 hours...do the math. This type of expenditure is okay, right?

Loving the Order! Hoping for DLC and sequels.
Question: I notice in... #3.3
It'll get killed by every reviewer and armchair critic. Looks really good, but it may be too cinematic...

Oh wait, this multiplat? #6
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All the haters are really manifesting... Ridiculous!
Not to sound like a complete fanboy that I am, if this was an Xbone exclusive, the situation would be reversed. Something's fishy.
Still buying day one. Going to be awesome! #1.1.16
No apology needed! Their vision has come to fruition despite what the naysayers spew. I preordered back in Feb of 2014, and have been following...never once saw anything that indicated they've strayed. RAD has done something phenomenal with a genre. Chin up and power forward! #20
Most of the time, retailers have the game days in advance. Big trouble for letting it go early. It's not worth it. Patients will result in appreciation. #2.5
Loved both MOH games. Preferred the first MP over Warfighters. Too bad, a great series laid to rest. Had much potential. #3
I'd better get all my others games out of the way because when this hits, this is all I'll be playing until UC4!
Release Date Please! #5
@gameon... Not all fanboys spit on Ryse.

I think the real reason there has been so much controversy over The Order is the fact that the Xbox fan base cannot let go of the fact that the PS has provided so many incredible gaming experiences (and more incoming), more so than the 360/Xbone has really yet to do.
You have Halo and Gears. Quantum Break looks fantastic...hope it's not full of QTEs!
A biproduct of envy is jealousy. A good cry is healthy every now... #13
I'm not downplaying GZ. It is awesome. Purely in regards to the speed run that someone did, which never counts in my playbook. #1.5.3
Well said Spotie.
Despite all the criticisms, I believe this game will surprise. When players get their hands on it, vs listening to a naysayer, it will most definitely impress. Funny how as soon as we get a game that is different than the mainstream, everyone automatically demonizes it for not having the standard SP or MP. Like I've stated before, I am suspect of all the negative press.
RAD has set themselves apart from other developers with this project. Looking forward... #9.1.1
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