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UC4 was my number 1 most anticipated for 2015. Still my number 1...for 2016. Can't imagine anything else being released next year toppling it from that position. #5
It looks good and plays well. I'm hoping for a Gears 2&3 remaster also. That would make for a complete Ultimate edition.
And if they're smart, the cost would be negligable similar to ODST. #6
I think it's for MP purposes really. In story, the impression I got was that the Dr. was going to surgically change your face as you designed. Obviously the Dr. never gets the opportunity. #1.1.4
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I was fortunate like that for another game upon its debut release...MGSV is an incredible game! Enjoy! #1.5
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Started it last night. Incredible! The prologue was intensely amazing! Kojima's name is plastered all over this game...just in case people were wondering. #6
I've rented it a couple of times. Enjoyed it, but never wanted to invest. Not sure I'd spend the time on it now, even for a 20. #3.3
Developers just need to stick to their guns. Use the source material and build from there. #1.2.2
So what's your real rant about? The fact that he has more money than is necessary or what? Who's business is it other than his own, concerning his wealth?
I don't think he's "woe is me" complaining. He made some valid statements about instant wealth. The fact he acknowledges his predicament as an issue is a good thing in that he needs to change something.

Anyone in these forums would gladly take a chance with "sudden wealth", you kn... #1.16
Yeah, I got the digital version also. Still want the collectors edition for the goodies though; then sell back the disc for all the pseudo protestors. #1.2
I know, right?!
Such a tired arguement... would've thought by now people would have graduated into the real world by now. Guess not. #1.3.1
Well said Thrust. Love it when people attempt to rationalize to get what they really want by convincing themselves they can beat the system...then complain of having to line someone's pockets!
I'll be enjoying Kojima's masterpiece come Tuesday. Boycotting MGSV alone to make a point will not change Konami's future either way. It'll end up biting the retailers. #3.7
Itagaki probably gave up on this game because he couldn't find a proper way to get jiggy with any of the characters. #42
Will I be able to buy the MGS PS4 controller on its own??? I want! #18
Lol. At this point, still 6 to go... Got to install which will take forever.
Looking forward to this game! #4.1
What really sucks is that there is absolutely no point in going 2night to a midnight release and picking this up.... It'll take forever to install off the disc. No way to experience this goodness until Tuesday night. Gotta work. Ridiculous. MS needs to fix this problem. #21
Shloob is just saying that because Bloodborne is not multiplat. Envy. #4.1.4
Yep. I would have invested years ago. Those costly cards were an Achilles heal. #1.7
Looks awesome! Cannot wait to delve into BF once again! #5
Why not, eh?

Any extra PM one my way please :) thanx! #35
Loved episode 1. Patiently waiting for the season pass to go on sale. #1
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