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I watched both trailers. Color me intrigued. I'm calling it now...Somebody has a Multiple Personality Disorder. If there's two sides to the campaign, I hope it's distinctive and not a simple character swap. #35
I never bought a PS for freebies. I don't think anyone did. I just don't understand why so many people groan over what essentially is gifted to them. It's been a great line up generally speaking.
If players are so starving for AAA games, go buy them. The more we invest, the greater our outcome may be in the long run. Nothing is really free. For our investment per month in Plus, we've had a good return. #1.2.1
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Great score for a great game. Fits appropriately.

IGN really needs to revamp their review process. They need to have two opinions per (same article), one who really enjoys the genre and one who is out of their element. This way, game reviews can result with more objectivity and not get boosted or slammed unnecessarily. #19
I get what jts1891 is saying. The story's not cut and dry. Yes you need to discover it progressively.
Funny though how other games get hammered for stories that are not 100% thorough whereas you must "piece together"...just saying.
Loving Bloodborne! #9.1.3
Yeah I hate when they continue a series in number across generations. Put a twist on the name or something. Like Battlefront...I'd hate to see "SWB3". #3.1.2
"Last day of the shoot". Nice. This is how you disclose things, revealing real progress and not frivolous updates. #4
Agreed. So now there will a rush on PS4s at Christmas and in the Spring. #1.1.1
I'm torn. I can understand both sides of the arguement. They need to allow for a cheap digital upgrade if you have an original disc. #1.5
Really disliked this game. 1&3 were the best, this just flat out sucked. #1.4
PS4/Xbone only. #10
I think if that were the case, the MGS games that followed would have sucked. He puts his heart and soul into his projects. So obviously setting MGS down and walking away was not the case. Every installment has been incredible. Who knows what Konami ever said as far as dealings. Kojima would never let his baby fall into the hands of another developer.
I say he's forming his own studio. 100% in control, and then some. #5.2.2
As long as the load time is shorter than my lifespans! LOL #1.1.13
I played Ascension briefly, rented it. I'd be interested in this one. Almost bought it during a PSN sale for $10, but the 40gb was a deterrent. I can only imagine the gb size of the remaster?! #38
Trying to squeeze it out just before MGSV... Could be a bad move. Hope they're not rushing things, you'd think the obvious answer is no. We'll see. #3
Wicked! This will have to do with the absence of UC4... Heck, who am I kidding, would've gotten both! #21
Played the series thus far and loved it. But I'll be passing on this, wished it was a new installment instead. For those who have yet to experience...enjoy, you won't regret! #23
Considering storytelling in gaming in general, The Order does tell a good tale. So much potential to be had with this lore. Well done RAD. I think too many people missed the entire concept of this game. RAD will improve on what they've done thus far, no brainer there, but this game is a far cry from being a "bad" game. Solid game. It was excellent in its own right.
When reflecting on the many discussions I watched dissecting the game for all its "negatives", th... #12
The heart wants what the heart wants... #4.2
It could be this simple.
But really, no complaints here when it comes to delays. Time allotted to fine tune and make the best series (of any platform) on the market accentuate that notion....
Nothing influences ND's decision making except for ND themselves. #2.3
I'm pulling for an UC collection, but regardless, Sony will impress in lieu of UC4. Looking forward to NMS, but more than likely, I'll be investing my time in MGSV.
Tomb Raider looks incredible, loved the reboot. I will have to patiently wait. #6
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