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This game will be amazing.

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ND has teased Savage Starlight seemingly forever. I'd be shocked if SS never came to fruition.

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Savage Starlight! E3 2017

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Title is misleading. Old reference to the original TLOU. This really is a non-story.

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Lol good one. And you have a valid point. There's a lot of great games out there, but TLOU overshadows.

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I get what you're saying about physical stature and real world parallels...but come on, enjoy the fantasy or move on.

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This is a standalone story involving two female characters from the series and you think there's a hidden agenda....Please.
Forced?! Propaganda?! You haven't a clue. UC has a track record of NOTHING you have eluded to.

So you're not a fan of Tomb Raider and the incoming Horizon?

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Take my money and run!

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So stoked! Part of me wants very little info about this game. Minimal please. It would make the first go around an even greater experience!

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Day one. Most definitely day one. Incredibly wicked. Looks to be a Kojima masterpiece once again.

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Tell you what, Bulletstorm was one of those hidden gem games. I was impressed overall. I'd buy in at the $20-30 mark for sure.

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Not a huge fan of the strategy types that is Invisible, but Stories has a good look to it. We shall see.

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I agree. This game was ambitious from the get go, and all Hello Games needed to do is say they will continually support the game with incoming content until the game is fully realized.
Obviously NMS was not ready upon release as far as their vision was concerned. I have a feeling Sony was getting antsy with their delay syndrome.
Perhaps a remedy could have been two price points? Starter pack and complete edition?

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Complain as you will for the "same ol same ol" MP. Many didn't buy it for the rudimentary MP.
As far as the campaign goes, they've taken a new turn to space, broadening the possibilities. Like. This new avenue provides a freshness (for COD) for the SP experience.

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I do not own a Vita, however I own a bunch of Vita games because of Plus. It'd be nice if Sony came out with an app or emulator for the PS4 that would allow users to play those Vita games via the PS4.

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Bad, bad timing. You'd think that would be obvious from the get go. No real hope of recouping for Respawn unless they release a SP expansion that would extend the current SP an additional 10 hours or so?!

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The Witness is awesome. I'm hoping for a Hitman deal myself.

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The game is fun indeed. The problem is that there are established games out there that have become a staple to the gaming community. That's not bad in it of itself, however it makes it really hard for newer IPs to enter the arena and complete successfully as wanted.

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No kidding. This type of mindset continues to poison society. I fear for 10 years from now. A child picks up the wrong colored crayon and....

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I agree, PCness is detrimental to any society. Freedom to speak your mind is a luxury, but at the same time, it has its responsibilities. Some people just need to keep their mouth shut because essentially nonsense spills from their lips. And because there are too many sheeple, that nonsense can initiate and/or facilitate real problems.

What are you, like 9 or something?

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