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I'm holding judgement until E3. I mean, after all. It's all about the games.
Everything else means very little.

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Sleeping Dogs was amazing.

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Why should game developers get a dime from used games?
I don't sent GM a check when I sale off a used car.

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We've all seen products revealed months or even years before their release.
First show means very little. Especially when Sony didn't even show their console.

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Man, I'm waiting for E3 for my final judgement...
but console is really looking that fantastic right now.
So far, I'm leaning towards PS4, or upgrading my pc.
But, perhaps, E3 will remind me that these things play games.

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No one said they weren't.

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Coming from one who doesn't have cable or satellite...
They didn't really show much that interested me today.
HOWEVER, the games are coming. I look forward to picking my new console this winter,
or upgrading my pc.

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I agree. Even if you don't like the brand, there have been some good games on it.

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Perhaps he lost his penis in a karting accident?
I'd be mad too. Sorry bro. I hate that for you.

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Long stretch I know, but Perhaps...Mclaren designed the shell of the NexBox?
BMW has designed some sweet pc cases...This would be epic.

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I'm not sure what you are trying to say.
Perhaps a coherent statement is in order?

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My 3 year old PC is faster than the PS4. It's really not a big deal to be faster. I don't see any reason the 360 couldn't/wouldn't bump up the processor speed by a few hundred MHZ, and pimp out the gpu a little bit.

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If you guys don't like him, why watch the videos?
Oh, I get it. You're dissing him, without actually watching the videos...
You're idiots who watch things they don't like...

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You would think with the obviously very vocal "minority" they would have added the in car view back by now. I would even be happy with a few generic dashes, instead of having them all genuine.
If there is a demo, I'll try it. Otherwise, I'm staying away.

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The second the new consoles come out, I'm dumping this gen and not looking back.
This gen has been far, far too long and has really held back the games.

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Why can't movies be as epic as these teasers?

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According to this trailer yes, May 20th.

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To be fair, using PC architecture which most devs will be very familiar with, the next consoles will probably be utilized and optimized very quickly.
I would say within two years or so.
Although, artistic ability goes a long ways after that.

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NO, Colony Wars on the Original Playstation.
Oh man. Was I ever so infuriated. Towing dead space ships around in the endless, directionless

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I see no reason development should increase.
Pushing a higher resolution doesn't cost a dime. Higher resolution textures? Minimal.
An effect here and there...
They're just cheap [email protected]$#A&DS

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