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If the PS4 pro is a reference to go by I doubt it will sell in high volumes. Pro has boost mode as well it's no system selling feature the ROI is just not there if you don't have 4K.

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What a silly argument. Ps pro didn't end console generation nor will Scorpio.

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Agree! I'm 150hrs in to witcher 3 loving it and milking every quest in sight and 30% through wildlands bbbut I decided to give Horizon a few mins and I'm now hoooked! Something about tackling each encounter differently stealthily, arrows blazing it's got that something that just hooks you.

Did anyone try to stealth complete the mother chief quest where you have to slide down on the rope to the enemy encampment? Pretty fun. Chief was like blow up the gas caniste...

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Hate to say it I agree with him to a degree. Historically Microsoft have had difficulty securing third party Japanese dev support. I know they've done Blue dragon and lost odyssey deals in the past - but not so much these days.

Ultimately we are what appears to entering into a lengthy console war with mid-yr refreshes. I wouldn't be shocked if Sony starts leaking intel alluding to a more powerful hardware refresh that will linger on till 2019.


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See this is why I shut anyone down bringing witcher 3 combat as comparison to HoriZon. The action in this game is head and shoulder above any open world RPG out there.

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I think your right in a sense but honestly in a unpercievable way from an aggregated view.

Platforms don't talk to each other there is no cross play and the fact content doesn't come to one platform vs another won't deter single console owners from buying the game. It will irritate them though.

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I can't believe Microsoft didn't go the XCOM route.. that's how you build a RTS in this day in age.

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Its going to be interesting to see what Microsoft reveals this Thursday. On IGN unlocked Phil said he liked how Sony revealed the hardware seperatly ahead of E3 so they could focus on games at E3 so I anticipate this will be mostly a hardware showcase.

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Sonys E3 is gonna be bonkers!

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Gangsta, u say that but if you could produce just a list of just a few of these so-called missing features and a direct quote where Sean Murray stated this we would probably take you more seriously instead of as a troll.

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Wow polygon caving..
seriously the onslaught of great AAA games are mind boggling this year already.

Kudos to the devs but the real story here is how Sony is playing the long game. Series like Yakuza or persona were always decently reviewed but sales have been low. You have to give it to Sony for keeping their partnership intact to see the latest iterations of these franchises reach this pinnacle and exposure.

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I love both games I think they each have pros and cons. I agree with others above while witcher 3 combat has significantly improved from the almost turn based like style of the first game it still doesn't feel as action-orientated as Horizon.

Love the witchers loot/weapon/armor build aspect which I felt horizon somewhat lacking - yea it's nice to know armor strength by color - green/blue/purple, but I want more stats than the attack, mods, etc.


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I agree. While Spencer is a good manager and salesman, he is no visionary. Unfortunately folks with grand visions can often times go down the wrong rabbit hole like don matrick.
In this competitive landscape it doesn't pay to be a follower, you have to set the pace of the race or you will just end up reacting.

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There is a factor of economies of scale in play here - Microsoft need a lot of subs to make his plan worthwhile to the publishers. However if they can't get it then they lose steam and those that paid for the service won't ultimately reap the full benefit of the service.

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Division is more of a persistent mmorpg, wildlands is a co-op open world shooter.

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Don't forget Wipeout is coming too!

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Honestly don't see what the big deal is. I tried ps now worked pretty great and like the fact I could try games without having to deal with 30gb downloads but ultimately I really don't have the time to play old games let alone my back catalog of newer titles.

I can't imagine a lot of people sitting around hours to download a game to try it to only delete and download something else. I think in reality this isn't that ideal for most gamers.

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Until devs use power of the pro and Scorpio to make higher fidelidity texture and higher frame rate exclusive games instead of trying to push 4K you honestly won't see much of a difference in anything.

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I mean what the heck were you expecting, Scorpio will basically do what ps pro is doing basically upscalling games to 4K. It's not like devs can develop Scorpio exclusive titles.

Kinda makes you wonder the purpose of the hardware.

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No you can't really turn around while on the horse in witcher unless you turn the entire horse around.

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