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This is getting petty. Let's say what the elephant in room is - Microsoft screwed up with the horrendous launch of the Xbox one and we the gaming community collectively punished Microsoft (except for the idiotic blind fanboys).

The question I find myself asking has Microsoft done enough to earn my forgiveness under phil? Honestly I don't feel like they've done enough - launching a new powerful console is nice but Phil has not supported fostering games which tel...

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It's possible.. all Sony would have to do is stop selling ps4s and Microsoft sell 40 million more xboxs. Pretty simple really

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eonjays right. No new games dedicated to the X or Pro just a res bump. Looking for a next gen leap in hardware and games where devs can't support last gen hardware and not hindered by it

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I find it bit crummy Microsoft is trying to get out of the middle and put devs and consumers against each other.

Microsoft could pay extra money to have further optimization instead of passing the buck.

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Xbox x owners complaining about devs not taking advantage of the hardware - think about this, why would they spend the extra cycles and $$ on something that makes up such a tiny % of the pie?

If Microsoft pays them that's a different story.

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People need to get grounded in reality.. the X is not going to turn the tide nor will it even make a wave. Mark my word news and hype around the X will die out quickly in a matter of weeks just like it did for the Pro.

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"Yeah but what you end up with is a gimped console, a sub par network, and two mediocre games that don't even hit 4K. "
What you mean the Xbox one? XD

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Reasons simple..third party devs don't want to waste money and time to optimize for the X with its non existent base. Heck if I were running a biz I wouldn't spend extra cycles on a platform that is probably going to be a tiny franction of an already small install base.

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Disagrees for his strawman which he put up and proceeded to tear down himself.

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That's what most reviewers seem to be saying as well, not worth it if you don't have a 4K TV.

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"Most Sony exclusives are the same 3rd person action game."
wtf? Are you that deluded?

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So final verdict from article:
If you have a 4K TV get it
If not don't bother
Is it going to revolutionize gaming, No.

Basically the gist of article

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Jinger don't think you get it - there are no cutaways.. it goes from cutscenes to gameplay all in the same runtime. If you ever play uc4 you would understand what we are saying.. at times you have no idea it switched over to gameplay and your thinking why is he standing still infront a crowd of people for so long..

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It's a known bug. All you have to do is respawn at the same spawn point where the public event and you see a lot of people there. The game just reshuffles you to a server with more people.

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Any expectation that games will be developed with Xbox x and pro out of the gate should be gone. It's a net new additional development studios are not willing to commit to.

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Not to play devils advocate but isn't humble bundle usually older games sold in a packaged price i.e. Games that have already been reviewed?

If ign was the developer there is a direct conflict but the question is would ign ever be in a position to know if a game they review would eventually come to humble bundle ahead of time? Then I think you can make a case what's to stop them from giving a game a higher score to boost bundle sales down the road.

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Kirb read between the lines dude. What nin is saying is because they have a significantly smaller base they will have to pay much more to have exclusive dlcs, than Sony due to the difference in opportunity cost for the publisher.
This puts Phil and team in a situation where they have to pick and choose their investments more carefully - after all they don't have a blank checkbook and have an allotted annual budget like any other division within the company

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Stevo your response remind me of the time I told some kid "try walking in my shoes" and he responded that he likes to wear flip flops with a blank stare.

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What about the immaculate horizon zero dawn? The slew of top tier games releases on PS4 - Nioh, Nier, etc.

Cup head looks good but honestly let's not go overboard here.

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whats with the hyperbolic statements like "its going change console gaming forever.."?? Its going to change it as much as the PS Pro did - which is nil. In a year or two a PS4 Pro2 will be out and that will be the most powerful console ever and im sure you will be on here saying the same garbage "its going to change console gaming forever.." well forever must mean a different thing in your mind.

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