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The game proved itself to be good with the alpha and beta. Bungie literally let their game speak for itself. If the game sucked it would have been dead on arrival upon release.

That's what I'm saying no more middleman needed with games press. Just let gamers play it and let then decide for themselves. These review outlets giving destiny a 6 is ridiculous, they are sore alright. #8.1.1
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The fact this game was largely successful without the support of media publications and their reviews signal a new age where developers can interact directly with their customers through betas to sell them on their game.

Of course gaming "journalists" will want to make an example of destiny after all if reviews are not needed then their livelihood could be at stake. Gaming news outlets are on the decline with recent massive layoffs at both gametrailers and gamepot.... #1.1
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Journos mad bungie bypassed them #8
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If you listen to a lot of podcasts you know many game reviewers gave GTA V a high score on release but by the end of 2013 many felt it was overrated When getting around for goty discussions came around. hence all the outlets gave TLOU goty even after a good amont of time passed. One held up in high regards while the other wasn't. #1.2.5
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Well you and your friends are in the far minority then. #9.4
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Chances are most people's friends also have ps4s unless you are in the small minority that decided to get the Xbox one for some unknown forsaken reason. #7.4.3
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How is TLOU a little less focused on gameplay than the avg game? In addition to its third person shooter and cover mechanic it has a deep real time weapons crafting system and inventory management. I would say that is much more gameplay than the avg third person shooter. #3.2
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Well I think like the person below said they just don't care for it. To an extent that's the same case in Europe and even here in the states where it's been selling lower than the Xbox 360 month over month. #1.1.2
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I think article failed to mention Xbox one selling also selling at slowe rate month over month than 360 in US. #1.1
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From an aggregated review standpoint only one franchise has earned the most number of awards out of the three listed there and that's uncharted.

Game with most number of goty of course goes to The Last of Us with 200+. #2.3
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Lol.. You expect that sort of stupid logic will convince people to flock to buying the Xbox one? No one is buying it got a darn good reason.

Here let me negate your sales pitch by 150% - everyone buy the superior ps4 version of Destiny with better frame rate and exclusive strike missions and timed exclusive map packs and expansions.
Btw - Xbox live is getting hacked and DDos attacked

Threw in the last bit for full disclosure lol #1.2.3
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Msft can take the kinect and shove it..! Lol

Seriously, who would by a dead peripherial. Might as well sell it at a bargain price to try to drive adoption by removing that price barrier. #1.2.1
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Well your Misinformed here. Sony has taken content curation to the next level by courting several indie publishers Like devolver digital who does the indie content curation for Sony weeding out the crap. On top of that Sony has their own curation process which Adam Boyes calls trade secret as Sony is know for selecting and pushing cream of the crop indies such as journey, unfinished swan etc... It's next level sh@t. #7.4
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You mean gamestation4 considering ps4 has most number of AAA retail, AAA independent and smaller indie titles. #4.2
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Microsoft should go in a different direction like chase casuals. I don't see the Xbox one competing with ps4 on even ground as it will only reinforce what has been happening in the last 7 months where Xbox one sales have constantly dipped lower than any year of the Xbox 360 month over month. #1.3.2
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No worries Nate Wells came back to ND after leaving. Corrianne Yu left 343 industries to join ND and also recently gained a few industry vets as well.

Although kind of worried about 343 industires and halo 5. Teams already a "B" team still, but with top talent leaving wondering if it can reach ND level "A" talent status. #2.5
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What people forget Indie just means independent. Indie games can be AAA with publisher funding. #2.2.1
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Yes tomb raider and Souls franchise are different, but from an industry aggregated quality stand point Souls games are top tier while tomb raider games have not been. #1.3.4
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Sony blew it out of the water in their presser with first party/second party AAA games plus a few AAA independent game such as hell blade by ninja theory (the new middle tier in my opinion). And a slew of smaller indie games.

Plus PC game moves to ps4 such as DayZ.
Gameplay footage of bloodborne a AAA title that blows tombraider out of the water (think dark souls IP going Sony exclusive with Sony owning the IP with original creator at helm. #1.3
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Yep Bitby Is correct all those ps4 exclusives are Sony published AAA game. Hellblade by ninja theory is AAA independent (per the studio). #2.1.5
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