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If neo is priced at $399 launch price of ps4 pretty sure they will come out with a high end more costly model for the hardcore crowd that could match or surpass Scorpio. With devs treating theses iterations as scalable hardware I wouldn't be suppressed by such a move.

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Insomniac stated Sony doesn't do multiplatforms so there is that. No "might be" its absolutely not.

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Wow who would want to talk through all of that, controller man, controller.

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Pretty sure the direction is to make all games available on pc so games are available across PC and Xbox one.

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Looking foward to this game.. Open world survival action zombie "freakers" game with a crafting system and traversal via motorcycle. What more could you ask for?

I'm really interested in this concept of being able to upgrade your bike over time.. How do the other motor cycle gangs or "MCs" play into the territory dynamics and bounty system.

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Wow this is amazing to hear Andrew talk about ps2 broadband with launch titles such as twisted metal, SOCOM and more

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Are they? I thought quantum break was.. Feels like Scorpio is a bigger beast.

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Come on we all know at some point In the future Ms is going to flip the switch and it's all Scorpio only titles taking full advantage of the 6 teralflops! And 12 GDDR5 memory.

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Oneshot did u miss sonys press conf? All those vr games were demo able on the E3 floor using VR and current PS4 model. batman VR and resident evil 7 getting tons of praise with some lising them as game of the show if u watch IGNs reel video.

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You say that like its some sort of impossible feat yet MS is doing exactly that within a years timeframe.

we don't know that sonys cooking up. Pretty sure next gen playstation is in the works.

How and when they decide to push it to market will probably be dependent on how much steam or lack-thereof is for Scorpio.

The bottom like is it gives Sony a way to gauge the market without showing their full hand.

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Paytaa windows gaming has existed forever MS's renewed focus on it doesn't change anything.

What games for windows failed to achieve and was the main cause of its downfall was due to MSs inability to get third party pubs to publish their game on that platform.

I see the same challenges again. It's great u can get the handfull of Xbox one games on PC but that still doesn't mean all of the other third party devs will publish in windows store...

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Not at all, if anything I think it put ms in a weaker position.

Ms showed their hand, Sony can release neo end of year to go head to head with Xbox S and get gear up for a rival console to match or exceed Scorpio into 2017 or 2018 as they asses the situation.

Neo > Xbox S 2016
PS5? > Scorpio 2018/2017

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It's clearly evident microsoft is going to go back on its word and make Scorpio exclusives. There would be no other reason for making a 4x more powerful system.

That's why there is mixed messaging, while phil will pretty much lie to our face internal management at microsoft apparently didn't get the memo to also lie to us all.

Do you honestly think Scorpio isn't microsofts next gen in disguise as an alternative way to play Xbox one? Like...

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Yep microsoft messed up their messaging. Left gamers scratching their head as to if they should buy Xbox S or Scorpio. When u deal with the masses ur message has to be clear as crystal.

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I imagine square Enix approaching Sony and asking if they could show tomb raider on their press conference for the ps4 with packaged DLC and Sony just shooing them away. Lol

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Phils comments are quite entertaining.. Let's see if he can dig that hole even further.

He either wants u to buy Scorpio or he doesn't? Mixed message at its finest. U kinda have to be careful when addressing the mass market.

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interesting demo. Reminds me of portals with the telekinetic gun to move environmental objects around.

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"The key marketing line is "no-one left behind," a slightly perverse echo of military terminology designed to make this change seem like a team effort, which carries the unfortunate implication that Xbox One owners are horribly wounded from the experience. No comment."


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They ended it like they always do. People seem to think Sony ends with a major announcement but if u wat h the past several e3s Sony typically ends the conf similar to this one.

I think they've looked at the numbers and have realized many people drop off the stream partway through typically and have front loaded their conference for maximum exposure. Saving God of war till the end could mean u lose some folks along the way.

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Good on Opencritic, too bad they didn't copy opencritics practice of posting scores for games like Uncharted 4 when the publication didn't post one on their public site regardless of what they scored it off the record.

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