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Congrats level 5! Loved the game. A great mix of rts/base building/RPG/action adventure/open world.. nothing like it on the market. Hoping they bring back the monster hunter/collection aspect of it for the next game.. didn't really care for the blob looking like thing collection.

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GI.biz where's the report on the record breaking stat Aaron Greenberg tweeted out about state of decay 2?

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Curious why does he say a million players and not a million units sold..?

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@jinger I mean this is the same outlet that raved about telltales game's story.. saying the game treads on well covered grounds - slavery, civil rights movement, etc is a cheap cop out in my oppinion. They review video games if the story elevates the medium they should give it the kudos that it deserves

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Just tell me if the game is good or not I don't care about your "critique" of the story.. I know the story is an allegory to slavery, oppression and the civil rights movement.. your not as smart as you think you are..
I mean for Pete sake your a video game reviewer! your used to reviewing games with brain dead bro shooter stories like Call of duty.

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The biggest knock I see from reviewers that score lower are those that have some sort of call to critique the games story like it's suppose to be written by Ernest Hemingway.

Yes, pseudo journalist that all of a sudden wants to sit on a perch and pretend to be holier than thou pointing fingers as to how the story is an allegory to Slavery, oppression and the civil rights movement - yes we get it and don't care because it's still better than the brain dead shoot...

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Yea not surprised games devisive samething happened with heavy rain and was glad I didn't listen to the naysayers as it was fantastic. You gotta give the game a chance with an open mind

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Uh but what about the base Xbox one and the PS4? .. ya know the consoles that the vast majority of gamers own.

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It really paints an amazing story - just look at how many yrs it took to make PS3 profitable and not once did they falter in doubling down on their investment to their world wide studios during that time.

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Ankit that's your opinion my opinion ds4 is the best.

Here is a comparison article:

I have to find it but I recall reading the DS4 analog sticks have a higher number of sensors making it more responsive as well..

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Let's not kid ourselves Microsoft had to do staggered sticks due to patent with Sony.

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Oh you don't know about PlayStation Share the idea list and building the list?

With nearly half a million ps user votes cross platform play with Xbox fell off the list a number of times due to lack of votes. Because Change PSN name was at the top of the list Sony/Shawn stated they are working on this feature.

Bottom line is PlayStation users don't really care for cross play with Xbox..

The problem (or more of a reality) is that most PS4 owners don't really care about crossplay with Xbox. I think this feature request was wayyyyy down on the list below change psn names. I'm sure if it was near the top Sony would more seriously consider it.

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Gamespot just put out their review 5/10 "mediocre". Man game can't seem to catch a break

I don't understand why the game is in such a state when the devs had so much time to just build on top of what they released before. In less time teams have created entire open world games.. could microsofts decision to make this free on game pass have something to do with it?

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Agree a big difference. Seems like journal entires with small texts are an age old issue...If I recall correctly, devs had an interesting way of handling the first Ni No kuni's journal entires small text by giving a magnifying glass you can move around to enlarge.

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EA subscribes to NPD reports which has retail sold sales data for consoles as they come directly from retailers.. VGChartz explained their methodology before - they simply call a few retail locations and guesstimate what it may have sold across the country.

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I think the emphasis on having RPG elements allowing for customization and upgrades on your bike personalizing etc. has real potential as a hook a la axe in god of war or pip boy in fallout, etc.

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Sonys been pretty smart on timing these releases for the most part. With red dead coming out later this yr pushing it to early next yr will give it a better chance of success.. of course release window is only one factor as it really falls on Bend to deliver a quality game.

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They are jumping the gun here a bit. If it completely falls off the npd this month then I wouldn't call it a success.

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I think microsofts typical pattern has been near the end of their console cycle they start holding their first party releases back to try to launch heavy on the next gen console vs sonys approach has been to just release games as they become ready.

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