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Power is relative, I bet you won't see any mobile devices with 8GB of GDDR5 Ram like the PS4 has for a very very long time.

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Yea exited about this as well since I saw the demo. Btw Going more wide means open world in ND term.

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Yea bet u we'll be seeing the ICO collection pt 2 on ps5.

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Isn't there an easy setting? Volia problem solved.

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Dude read between the lines.

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The fact they haven't even shipped the dev units out most likely indicate you won't see much support for titles coming out this year with exception to some first party titles.

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Polygon what petty bastards.. a bunch of pretentious no-skill morons using the gaming industry For personal gain instead of contributing to the betterment of it.

My god just thinking of that Doom gameplay footage says it all.

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Come on now, you can't call this mixed reviews. Most are positive. For an example of mixed reviews look at dead rising 4.

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Is there a list of these missing features that hello games have directly claimed would be there?

The only one I could find is the one about seeing other players, but the closest I could find were vague remarks about seeing traces or evidence of other players directly from the devs.

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What did hello games exactly lie about? Still a bit puzzled by this claim.

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Makes sense. I've always gauged Amazon best sellers As what you may see as the trend and for the most part it's been accurate. After the pro came out its been ahead of the Xbox one while it was the other way around the previous month.

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I suspect because ps4 has two times the user base there are more casuals thrown into the mix to bring the average down.

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He is actually wrong.. There will be games that are 4k native while some won't. It's all up to the devs.

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Yea pro not to compete with scorpio. Pretty sure Sony will release a third model next year pro-s or whatever to appease the hardcore crowd.

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Not following ur comparison .. So your saying Recore will mirror uncharted 4, which was within NPDs top 5 for two months straight and sold nearly 3 million units in its first week? Like the previous person said I highly doubt ppl will remember Recore after a couple weeks, nothing like uncharted bud.

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What lies? Game pretty much what I expected.

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The fact is the Xbox one is weaker than ps4 so if the devs wish to push the ps4 to the limit than Xbox version will suffer. Some devs may chose to compromise the ps4 version so it's consistent with xbox version.

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Cuz you should buy it to support the devs instead of playing it second hand.

Play it at least a little bit and if you enjoy it but your own copy.

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No thanks I think most folks could give a flying F on this concept of cross console play.

See of course microsoft wants to remove one of the barriers to buying an Xbox one, all of their friends are on the ps4. If you could suddenly play cross console then buying the same consoles as your friend is not as important.

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Yep I've been watching it for a few days and it dropped below ps4. Looks like demands been met already.

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