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..and yet the price cut does not compel me to buy an Xbox one. Owned a 360 before but honestly I don't know what will convince me to pick one up.
It's like some sort of mental dissociation on a subconscious level.. Sony imbeding subliminal messages in their movies and trailers? ....must go see magnificent seven with Denzel Washington...

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No npd is always for combined platforms. I checked for May and uc4 outsold Overwatch which came out on multiple platforms.

June's npd combines digital sales for Overwatch and physical but it's noted that only physical sales were calculated for UC4.

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Still? I thought uc4 was no 1 last month.

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Regardless I think the fact the 1060 cannot do SLI limits it future potential. With the 480 my desire would be to pickup a second card down the line and crossfire those bad boys.

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Jeeze I hope people aren't naive to believe that stock market cap is all there is in determining a company's worth. Sonys asset valuation is estimated at around $180 billion when including Sony pictures movie/TV rights, which far exceeds nintendos $11billion asset valuation.

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Take a look at the e3 show floor demo footage where they go into the menu. They show a glimpse of the skill/job tree which looked Witcher level in detail.

The one screen they did not show is load out screens :( I am really hoping for armor customization.

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Their identity Is apparently the windows store.

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You have to realize the reason gamescom became so huge was due to Sony when it wasn't even a well known convention and before microsoft Even started attending these past few years.
I suspect Sony will make Paris games just as big.

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I guess that's what rise of tomb raider and quantum break have in common with Titan fall.

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These games are like comparing apples to oranges. Inside is a 3 hour experience and uncharted is a full blown traditional game.

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The specs don't make much sense 4.4 teraflop with 3 or 6gb vram and a boost of 1,700mhz and bandwidth of 192 with those benchmarks?

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Here is what you do - buy $199 AMD RX 480 card and a PS4 Neo and that should cover like 99% of the games that will be available in the whole industry with exception to nintendos titles.

When u upgrade to 4k display you just pick up another RX 480 and crossfire those bad boys and you'll be set with a setup that can trade blows with a $800 GTX 1080.

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The Xbox one is currently selling below x360 sales same point in its lifecycle.

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Clearly sammarshall is some sort of bot that posts several variations of the same phrase on every Xbox Scorpio article.

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Did you support games for window live? Cause that sure as hell was the wrong side of the line.

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Of course you don't have to pay to play online on PC via windows store/Xbox live. If started forcing pc gamers into paying a monthly fee they would shut down faster then Games for Windows Live - microsofts other failed attempt at PC gaming.

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Well tbh the update in the post does admit that the card did pass certification already and has been certified as such.

It could be that the few reviewers that are claiming that the card draws in excess from the pcie slots may have a unique setup that resulted in abnormal readings.

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Article makes a good point in that the announcement and timing of the release wasn't smartly done by microsoft.

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Think witcher 3 type of RPG.
Looking at Horizon's menu system they have a skill/job tree, crafting, customization, wide open world, quest trees for both main/side story, mounts to travel, etc.

Combined with a dynamic combat system that rivals any action game. It's a beautiful thing they are building.

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