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Do we really need this article? No

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Lol you think flood gate is the right use? Honestly don't think it will sell gangbusters like switch it will sell low volumes like Microsoft predicts.

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Lol no as most gamers are playing on the PS4.

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Man what in the world happen to this game? Looks different then what they showed before

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He flat out said he knows Sony is looking into this and is also very important to them. Hint or indirect confirmation of PSVR2?

I wouldn't be surprised but for me it would have to be the move 2.0 controller updates that would excite me more than an actual update to the psvr headset. When I played batman VR it was phenomenal just how great the visuals were from the sprawling Gotham city rooftop to the waterfalls in the batcave.
However the controls could use so...

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I get the feeling bioware went overboard with anthem reveal trailer to try to reset the negative stigma with the studio name from Andromeda regardless of the fact the two games are worked on by different teams

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Jeeze who cares which mid gen refresh is more powerful when the PS4 is the most powerful from the base model. The pro and X are novelty items that devs won't really code from them ground up to take advantage of.

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I disagree the whole download to your hard drive for a subscription is silly. I should be able to browse and sample games from a library quickly without having to wait for a 40gb download just to try a game out. That's the whole benefit of a Netflix like streaming service - I can binge on a bunch of decent but older games at the whim of my mood.

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I think if they get the subscription price right PS Now can really take off

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I agree That it's overkill. It's powerful in ways that will remain untapped this generation as a mid gen refresh. When we get a real next gen upgrade devs will be untethered by last gen restrictions like CPU bottlenecks. Games can be designed differently from the ground up.

The Xbox one X's GPU is capable of handling higher detailed textures but devs will never create those assets for consoles so all you might get are some games with higher res textures at the m...

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Games like Doom and skyrim VR will further push PlayStation VR to a wider audience

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Well difference is I'll stick to the Steam eco system forget microsofts Games for windows or whatever it's called eco system on the PC.

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I'm you can hook ur tv up to the thing you call your PC ya know. You can even sit on your sofa ya knoe

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When I saw the list of holiday PS4 exclusives I was surprised by the sheer number of them

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How is Xbox X future proof when it's struggling to display upcoming games in native 4K and resort to checkerboarding like the pro. I'm afraid tech moves so fast it usually gets outdated quickly

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Announced on PSX mark my words.

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They intend to sell very little..
I mean it's going to be a super niche market right? $500 for someone that wants hi-tech gaming but doesn't have a decent gaming rig and happens to own a 4K TV.. amrite?

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Lex I prefer to let the games and the devs do the talking. Give me silence from MS as anything they say will ultamately sound like hollow marketing.

I mean give it break don't oversell it or it will blowback. It's a 4K machine not the next gen coming of console nirvana some ppl seem to think. It will render games at 4K - it won't have exclusives and it won't have games that are designed differently for it.

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I guess he missed the part about using the hordes of freakers to his advantage to attack enemies with greater number and strength from the past two demos.

They haven't even showed off the bike customization and open world map.

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Am I the only one seeing Aaron Greenberg sweating profusely with a gold chain necklace with his shirt unbuttoned one too many trying to sell me a pinto?

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