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It's simple really, most hardcore Xbox 360 owners jumped over to the ps4 and bought watchdogs. That's how watchdogs sold more on ps4 than x360 as hardcore audience are the ones who would buy that game more so than casuals. I believe Andrew House said around 30% of ps4 owners never had PSN before. #1.2.4
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Company or Xbox division in this case is not run by one person alone but a committee of leaders including spencer. Know for certian that Firing mattrick and promoting spencer is a PR move.

Anyone that's worked in a corporate environment know that the ideas are brought by people like Spencer of course ultimately the buck stopped at Mattrick.
All I'm saying is don't be too quick to let Mattrick fall on the Xbox one "sword" alone. #1.1.2
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Last time EA mentioned titanfall it had yet to break a million copies sold during march. Its not a poor seller but its definitely not top tier. Killzone shadow fall surpassed 2.1 million in January. So not sure why anyone would compare titanfall to Destiny?


Every podcast that talks about titanfall these days mentions how quic... #1.1
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Xbox one sales have dipped lower than any month during the Xbox 360's lifetime... So don't think it's selling at a faster rate than 360 at all. #1.7
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There is about 40% difference in raw power from a hardware perspective. Watch Technobuffalo's in depth comparison between APUs.
http://youtu.be/0ruo84asvQo #2.5
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Not sure if sunset overdrive is big enough to warrant a bundle. Halo would make more sense.

I would temper any expectation on Sunset until reviews are out. Fuse and R&C:AFO didn't really blaze the charts ya know. #1.1.2
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If halo was a cow I'd be the largest distributor in Wisconsin. #1.1.4
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It's not Really issues with Xbox tools but more of a limitation of hardware. Tools can help optimize, but the more you optimize the loss I quality you face with textures. #2.2.2
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For the past two months NPD has show monthly sales have dipped below what the original Xbox has sold during the same month in the given life of that system and that system was considered a failure...so.... #1.6
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By good meaning over 200+ GOTY awards, have any recommendations on Xbox that matches or exceeds in caliber?
Really interested to hear other's take/perspective on this. #4.2.4
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Ninja Gaiden II - paid and published by Microsoft released for Xbox 360, one year later (same game with more content) Ninja Gaiden Sigma II released for the PS3.

developers can easily get around exclusivity contracts by changing the name of the game to Definitive version or Complete edition or whatever. #2.1.6
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Tbh with the exclusives being do limited/far and few between and nothing that's really a system seller, console of choice seems have mean less every day. #3.1.4
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I think MS picked up some momentum but hard to tell how much in quantifiable terms. I feel despite the price drop or diskinect, the same price point with ps4 still has it on unequal footing as most consumers these days hesitate to pay for a less powerful console when talking about shelling out $400.

With the ps2 vs Xbox, the ps2 bulldozed the competition with a library of over 2,000 games.. With current gen consoles libraries are much more comparable. #6
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"Microsoft and EA are hated because they are the biggest in their industry."

What? You make no sense.. Take Two is the biggest publisher in the world and they are not hated. Also if you look it up microsoft were nominated for worst company in America for their anti-consumer drm draconian policies and getting caught participating in NSA PRISM debacle.

Also if you love Steam you should hate Microsoft for trying to squeeze Steam out of Windows 8. You... #7.1.2
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I think your getting Sony mixed up with Microsoft. There is a reason why Microsoft was in the running as worst company in America with EA recently. Look it up.

Think about it Microsoft tried to single handidly control/monopolize the used game market with its BS DRM scheme and they are also trying to lock down windows 8 so everything has to be sold through its marketplace store. Reason why Gabe is backing Linux. #7.1
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Driveclub has very little to prove as information is scant at best. The game has received very little hype. #1.5
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Yep 100% agree. Not only is The Show the highest rated baseball series, it is now the only game in its genre and only available on the ps4. You can bet this game will pull big numbers in teritories where baseball is big. #8.1
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Killzone shadowfall runs on dedicated servers and you can also have private matches with your friends.
Now compare that to titanfall which uses Azure but does not support private matches. Sort of defeats the purpose of dedicated servers aside from no host advantage right? #1.1.6
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"I like the Xbox Live community, the netcode, and my friends are all on that setup for MP games"

The netcode is being developed by bungie across both platforms so you can expect them to be the same. The xb1 live community is trending lower % of 4 million units out there, so not sure what you like about the community? Less competition maybe? If you look at stats for any MP game like battlefield 4 on the stats site you can see that active user community is doubled on... #1.3.4
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Why in gods green earth would you get Destiny on xb1 when the ps4 version will not only look and run better but will also have exclusive content? o_O #1.3.2
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