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How is that a steal aren't they just the publisher of those games as they are developed by other independent studios? I suppose there would be nothing to stop those devs from moving to a different publisher for their next projects.

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Dude just give it up we can all see your grasping for straws.
First you say Sony covered the hack up for months - your proved wrong just two weeks

Second, you say CC info was stolen but sony's analysis, and third party independent finding showed no evidence CC info was accessed as where the personal info was accessed. The cc info was encrypted as well regardless. Visa even issued an update they haven't found any uptick in fraudulent activities associated w...

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Perm why you gotta lie? It's pathetic..

"The attack occurred between April 17 and April 19, 2011,[1] forcing Sony to turn off the PlayStation Network on April 20. On May 4 Sony confirmed..."

That's 2 weeks not months.

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I think we all know it was Ken kuteragi and massive influence going above Kaz's head that was culprit in PS3 misstep in price. Shortly after Ken left Kaz did a fantastic job making it a success. But as the saying goes the buck stops at kaz as he was technically head of Sony Ken or not.

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Wrong no evidence of cc info was stolen as the latest analysis showed only personally identifiable info which can be found in the yellowpages were accessed. and they didn't try to cover up anything the hacking occurred around the April 19th Sony shut psn down on the 20th to investigate and informed on may 5th - two weeks later of the hacking with findings from the analysis.

It's troubling there are ppl like you spreading misinformation out there when all it takes i...

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Think your mixing up mismanaging vs performance managing studios out.

Giving a studio creative freedom doesn't mean they will be successful and doesn't guarantee that in the long run will be financially viable.
However I agree with the other posts there Microsoft has a history of stifling creative freedom no one can deny that. Yes these are businesses but you have to take a leap of faith even if it ends up putting you in the negative at tim...

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I hope Sony gave them a deal like ready at dawn where they do a number of games for PS4 and they'll fund a new IP with them.

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Is this Microsoft equivalent to Sony's Gaikai aqusition? Odd cuz I thought MS stance was to leverage in house Azure. Did they finally give up and go with an established platform that's dedicated to gaming?

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Sony needs to contract blueprint to make a new Second party PS4 IP. They seem to have a great working relationship.

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Yea doesn't PS4 version have exclusive content quests, plus horizon zero dawn alloy cross over?
Seems like no brainer more content for same $$

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Can someone explain if this is a legit problem or a non issue? From what I read you just have to wait until the other player finishes watching th cut scenes before rejoining? Seems annoying but not really a deal breaker unless I'm missing something here..?

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I think the issue from what I've experienced from the beta is that after you play for a few hours you kinda feel stalled and not much else aim for.. perhaps that's a symptom of the beta and not the full game.

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That was a brilliant marketing move. Too bad Kevin butler took it upon himself to use the same persona with another company. I remember Kevin coming out on stage at E3 acting like a real exec and the crowd went Wild for it. Good times

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Sony acquired logitechs rumble patent which apparently infringed on immersion's patent so Sony essentially got shafted by Logitech.

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I don't get what's so fun about watching g this game. It gets pretty rote..

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They were radio silent for nearly 12 months on sales and even said they won't focus on sales and look active user counts but the first thing they did when they sold a hair more than PlayStation Greenberg is the first one to spill his stuff on twitter. Pathetic.

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Devs screwing up signing with Microsoft. By the time they are ready to launch on the largest console platform this game will be old news and their sales will show. They just don't know how to strike when the irons hot.

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Eh I wouldn't assume no strings were attached with using decima engine on other platforms without sonys consent. Decima is a Sony licensed engine which I'm sure would come with stipulations preventing Kohima from submitting it to a competitor to have access to it.

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PS4 easily won across all categories.

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Messiah if there was such a huge disparity between Microsoft and PlayStation matchmaking or online services many would have gravitated to the Xbox one but instead you have this massive concentration around the PS4.

Deep down you know the truth they are very competitive and comparable in their offerings so to call one a joke is untruthful.

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