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Yep 100% agree. Not only is The Show the highest rated baseball series, it is now the only game in its genre and only available on the ps4. You can bet this game will pull big numbers in teritories where baseball is big. #8.1
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Killzone shadowfall runs on dedicated servers and you can also have private matches with your friends.
Now compare that to titanfall which uses Azure but does not support private matches. Sort of defeats the purpose of dedicated servers aside from no host advantage right? #1.1.6
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"I like the Xbox Live community, the netcode, and my friends are all on that setup for MP games"

The netcode is being developed by bungie across both platforms so you can expect them to be the same. The xb1 live community is trending lower % of 4 million units out there, so not sure what you like about the community? Less competition maybe? If you look at stats for any MP game like battlefield 4 on the stats site you can see that active user community is doubled on... #1.3.4
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Why in gods green earth would you get Destiny on xb1 when the ps4 version will not only look and run better but will also have exclusive content? o_O #1.3.2
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Well the 360 only received quarterly updates. Seems like Microsoft is changing their seasonal update rule with the Xb1, or I guess they are working hard to deliver all the functionality that was suppose to be there since day 1. #4.1.1
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Both consoles really don't have that AAA top notch game in the 9s at the moment with inFamous Second Son being the best on the PS4 and Titanfall on the Xb1, but both are still in the 8s score wise. The PS4 does have a constant stream of top notch indie titles such as Towerfall, Outlast, Mercenary Kings and Don't Starve to name a few and many more slated to come out this month.

Few benefits the PS4 does have is that its a much more powerful system with all multiplatfor... #1.1.12
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Who wants to bet that like every E3, Sony will be in control of the conversation around the industry. #1.2.3
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But Microsoft has less exclusives than Sony, so what's your point?

Just think back to last year when last of us was sweeping the gaming industry winning over 200+ goty awards followed by titles such as Rain, pupeteer, beyond two souls and ending the ps3 generation with GT6 all while Microsoft abandoned their user base mid cycle to push 360 games like dead rising 3 and Ryse onto the Xbox one. #1.1.27
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You are wrong. Spencer is low man on the totem pole. He reports to terry who is responsible for all windows stuff. Elop is Terry's counterpart and responsible for all hardware and devices including xbox under Julie.

Spencer would be equivalent to yoshida on sonys side, while its not apples to apples. Elop and terry would be equivalent to Andrew house. #6.2.3
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you have to realize Microsoft stopped developing Xbox 360 exclusives mid way through its life cycle and shifted some of its games over to the Xbox One such as Ryse and Dead Rising 3.

That's a middle finger to its user base. That would have been like if Sony put The Last of Us, GT6 and Beyond Two Souls onto the PS4. Sony has many of its studios working on also cranking out PS4 games in parallel without sacrificing their PS3 audience. #13.1
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How quick gamers are to forgive Microsoft with one wink and a smile... We really are all sheep. #1.6.1
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I think your failing to comprehend the analogy of the youth center. You sell you vision to the masses and by selling off what was built, you've effectively taken control of that vision out of the founders hands and over to another entity, whose motives are not clear at this time.

This is fact. No postulations about what FB might or not do, nor an argument that VR will survive by Other competitors.

If OR became successful on their own accord, which they ha... #13.1.3
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Honestly its no different than going around asking for donations to build a youth center to turn around and sell it off to a multibillion dollar shopping center developer. They may say they will continue to run the center as is now, but in the future they have the ability to repurpose that building for something else. The founder gets rich off donations provided by the community. It's not illegal but there is a grey moral line there for sure.

As soon as OR sold to FB, the... #13.1.1
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I don't think notch will make any money off Rift FB aquisition. Notch was a kick starter backer, cliff was a company investor. So cliff probably was part of the core investors making the decision to sell.

Typically venture capaitlists have to share the price of the pie with investors but OR avoided a lot of that by making the money off the backs of kick starter backers with zero strings attached. It's deffinately a shoddy move. #13
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sold less?

The PS3 sold more despite releasing 1 year later so I don't understand your comment. #1.9.2
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, if this was a brand new studio opened by any other publisher we wouldnt even be talking about them. Dont understand why we are giving so much visibility to a studio that has yet to prove itself is astonishing.

If this were a new studio opened by a publishers like EA or activision, who is in the business of fostering new studios and IPs, it wouldn't be getting this much attention. It's funny how people's minds work. #1.2
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Yea and funnily enough this highest rated ps4 exclusive that was ported from ouya is rated higher (90) than any xbone exclusive (86) to date! Imagine that! #1.5
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Titanfall now at 86 on metacritic. Still a decent score. I guess it's not what everyone hyped it up to be though .
Anytime you hype a game do much your just setting your self up for disappointment. Sometimes it's bettered to be suprised. #8
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I'm sure Adam gets asked this often my small startup indie shops. A good way to get sonys policies some visibility in a humorous way. Bravo Adam.

For Those complaining... Something buggin ya? :) #8
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Ps4 and wii u have to support more regions/languages at the moment. X1 not out in as many countries. Simple as that. #12
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