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Yea Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 had mod support. It was Microsoft that didn't allow that on Xbox. Im sure Sony wants it on ps4 and will probably get it a few days after Xbox one. Mods won't be out until sometime next year anyway. #1.1.1
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This is the most silly argument ever. It literally takes 10 seconds to plop a larger HD into the ps4, no need to mess with any external for games. #1.1.7
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Just look at Amazon best selling list. Xbox one sales took a nose dive and ps4s increased shortly after E3. The 1tb Xbox is charting now, but still under ps4.

COD preorders increased on ps4 after Sony press conf.

Fallout ps4 pre orders sold out already.

Amazon is not everything but it's a darn good barometer. #1.1.2
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Tomb raider will get delayed to q1 2016 mark my words. #1.3.5
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I would think if it's anyone, it would be sony that truly understands the pitfalls of BC emulation as the PS3 2nd gen model had software emulation with the widest range of ps2 software while MS gave up on emulation efforts after getting a smaller number of games working on emulation in 360.

Remember the Game Room promised by MS? They claimed it would have thousands of titles in it by years end and they just quietly sweeper things under the rug later on. Same goes to BC em... #1.20
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Microsoft conference was not what Phil hyped it up to be. The best line up in Xbox history - please. #1.2
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What an underwhelming demo for gears 4. Is that how they really wanted to debut the game? #1.1.1
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Good ol spencer blowing more smoke up our butts. #2.3
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"MS are bigger than valve. Bigger than sony. "
Bigger than Sony in what regard? Revenue and total asset wise they are roughly the same size depending on the year as this fluctuates slightly.
Since MS is a software company their profit margin is much higher so they have more cash on hand and their stocks are worth more.

But size wise (assets, employees, revenue) it's a toss up. You could say Sony has a much more diversified por... #1.1.4
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I think we've all come to learn that Spencer is all talk and very little action.
We are not stupid, we can see through all that smoke he is blowing up our arses. #1.3
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This isnt a hack per se, if you read the description it says they are basically reimagining the customers hard drive with their hard drive with the games loaded in.

I bet you that this may work in the short term but the downloadable games do check for licenses every so often (30 days?) the games will be rendered useless. It sounds like the users will have to keep going to the store anyway. #1.1.1
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Does that mean EA is now backing playstation projects? i.e. Morpheus and playstation now #1
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PS4 has more higher rated games in both retail and downloadable -
http://www.listwar.com/ #2.1.8
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It doesn't matter who is publishing it we know what we all mean in the context of smaller indie sized downloadable games vs AAA box retail releases. #2.2.4
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What was taken on the psn hack were information that is publically available in the white pages like name phone address. No ssn or credit card info.
No psn accounts were compromised. #2.2.1
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This marks the end of f2plays ya'alls. #1.3
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Remember when Microsoft bragged when they announced star ocean last hope as Xbox 360 exclusive last gen? Yea that was a thing. #1.2.1
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For the person asking why xbone is derogatory its a play on words to "T-boned" - definition is a side impact collision where another car impacts you head on and at times flips you over.

Example use: "bro you got xboned!"

Like everyone says it's no big deal and no real negative connotation. #1.1.8
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Well if history is any indication Sony's inde side has both quality and quantity. While XBLA has been notorious for being drowned in rubbish XNA developed amateur games.

The head of playstation indies said their screening process is the best kept industry secret that others would love to know the process.

Just look at greg's comments as an example bastion dev goes to Sony as as exclusive with transistor. #6.2
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Well Sony owns the bloodborne IP so they should petition Sony. #6
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