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What a shady comment.. Must work for Microsoft PR, hey look at this misdirection quickly so you can forget about this other issue with Xbox live. And yes even Microsoft reports issues still even now. #1.1.6
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"Coming from an application dev background and you should know that all multiplayer games are hosted in this environment and Azure is among the fastest and biggest data warehouses in the world.

Now if you can play a multiplayer game that has a much higher requirement for frame-by-frame synchronization with incoming data, why do you think suddenly this isn't going to work?"

I don't think you grasp what I am saying...
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There is a reason no one wants to use the cloud for this type of computation.

When hardware manufactures are trying to make the pipes between cpu/gpu/RAM as fast as possible you don't offload computational work through the Internet unless it's something that is truly asyncronous where an instant reaction is required. #1.1.11
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But titanfalls AI had local AI to fall back on in case of lag issues and its unpredicted movement so u won't be able to notice the difference except for the fact that they are stupid bots.

Don't see how crackdown 3 will be able to do the same considering its physics is prediction based.

Cloud computation has nothing to do with graphical fidelity of the game btw. And titanfalls didn't look that great either with low resolu... #1.1.9
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Let's off load an entire maps physics calculation for thousands of players over the Internet through the same incoming pipes at the data center, which mind you is used for an array of Microsoft based products and think this is a good idea.

Coming from an application dev background typical syncronous transactions have SLAs of about 5 seconds to recieve a response back. When compounding multiple (hundreds of calls) and having to Marshall that data back in sequential order w... #1.1.6
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It's only the 1 and 3 month cards. The annual price remains the same #1.1
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So 1 year price remain the same? Then not as big of a deal. #3
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That is some hyperbolic statement in the title. I'm sure they said the same thing when Microsoft showed off kinect for the first time. #1.1.12
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If the intent of that graphic display of BC games was to wow us with the sheer number of games they will support then it's actually deceptive. That's the actual definition of the word. #1.1.7
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Probably because it was. Msft isn't used to doing gamescom and with both e3 and GC only a few weeks apart it can only feel like a run off rather than a standalone production. #1.2.1
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I wonder about studios developing crack down - regant games a new studio that really haven't released anything (it's good that it's helmed by jones) the team is also made of ex Real time which is good as they did the original and not ruffian that did the awful crackdown 2. And also supported by sumo that largely does game ports like Disney infinity and fora horizon for 360.

Ex realtime devs need to prove they still got it after the fiasco with All points bulletin... #1.1.3
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It was okay, nothing earth shattering. #1.1
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Wrong, it's all about opportunity cost. When 360 was more popular in America activision could be happy with $20 million (arbitrary number) to exclusive DLC for a month. However since the ps4 is 2:1 to Xbox 1 the opportunity cost is significantly higher for MS meaning the price could be now $40 million (arbitrary number) for activision to even consider going with Xbox.

With Sony proving with destiny activision sees a win-win in partnering with Sony on COD and probably off... #1.1.18
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I work at a corporate company and no decision is truly made by one guy. Typically it's guys like Phil spencer, Harrison, etc... that pitches an idea to don mattrick and a decision is made as a whole and executed with everyone's buy-in. To think don mattrick came up with the DRM idea and strong armed the leadership team at Xbox (Phil spencer) is truly a naive thing to believe.

Don mattrick, a guy who founded a game studio at age 17 and would go on to make some of most... #1.2.3
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Let's be honest here, the reason why black tusk or whatever it's call now is doing a remaster of gears is so it can get some experience as its a brand new spanking studio despite being existence for several years. Microsoft kibosshed their first game codname "Shanghai" something... And told them to become a gears of war studio.

Let's say per scoring definition 343 is a "good" studio but still not a "great" studio until it hits those t... #2.1.7
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Yep meant halo 4.

To those that disagree, let's be frank here 343 is a "B" tier team and still haven't reached top tier "A" status where everything they touch turns gold with metacritic scores in the 9s.

True or false (agree or disagree)? #2.1.4
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Halo 3 Recieved the lowest score in the numbered series and had the fast drop off in multiplayer the franchise has ever seen with criticism.
MCC a series of remasters suffers from crippling issues in the multiplayer that has persisted over 9 months after release.

343 is now turning halo 5 into a COD Pop-and-run clone and the franchise's fan base is angry..

Yea sure their batting avg is stellar /s #2.1.2
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Can't believe Microsoft is banking their halo franchise in an unproven studio like 343. #2.1
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"bloodborne" - the highest rated first party exclusive to release this year. #1.1.4
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Great news... Fan of the original. #1.1
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