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I suspect because ps4 has two times the user base there are more casuals thrown into the mix to bring the average down.

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He is actually wrong.. There will be games that are 4k native while some won't. It's all up to the devs.

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Yea pro not to compete with scorpio. Pretty sure Sony will release a third model next year pro-s or whatever to appease the hardcore crowd.

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Not following ur comparison .. So your saying Recore will mirror uncharted 4, which was within NPDs top 5 for two months straight and sold nearly 3 million units in its first week? Like the previous person said I highly doubt ppl will remember Recore after a couple weeks, nothing like uncharted bud.

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What lies? Game pretty much what I expected.

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The fact is the Xbox one is weaker than ps4 so if the devs wish to push the ps4 to the limit than Xbox version will suffer. Some devs may chose to compromise the ps4 version so it's consistent with xbox version.

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Cuz you should buy it to support the devs instead of playing it second hand.

Play it at least a little bit and if you enjoy it but your own copy.

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No thanks I think most folks could give a flying F on this concept of cross console play.

See of course microsoft wants to remove one of the barriers to buying an Xbox one, all of their friends are on the ps4. If you could suddenly play cross console then buying the same consoles as your friend is not as important.

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Yep I've been watching it for a few days and it dropped below ps4. Looks like demands been met already.

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No because azure would also be instance based.

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Hey look another non review from a non legit site that's not on metacritic!

I agree with first post how can u take a review seriously this early. Come back to me after reaching the core.

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Hey look another non-review from a site that's not recognized by metacritic.

Honestly how can u even respect a review out this early.

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lol.. yea..for real. when did Msft ever dominate the gaming industry? With an intro like that how do you expect any one to take you seriously.

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Of course he would say that.

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What do you do? Basically what you would do when your Xbox account is hacked. What they are talking about is the fact anyone's account can be compromised via social engineering. Just make sure you don't provide your login to anyone despite how official an email looks like.

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Top seller on ps4 also according to Amazon best sellers list.

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Welp, lets give it a couple of weeks. If it stays in the top 10 good on them, but if it plummets then oh well.
Btw a different matter - I was looking at Amazon's UK store to check the spot Xbox S was holding and noticed that Uncharted 4 is still holding a #2 spot in games after No Mans Sky. Its amazing how well that games been selling.

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I don't necessarily agree with that statement if you're implying technical advancements was needed in order to achieve the new slimed down design (i.e. look at the PS4).

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So Inside is a one month Xbox exclusive? Geeze they could have simply announced that from the beginning instead of making it seem like otherwise. Imagine all of the lost free advertisement by all the media outlets that could have occurred throughout the month for the ps4 version.

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@Magician, too bad you wont be getting it via Microsoft's distribution platform as its only available from Steam and GOG. See this is another prime example why Microsoft will struggle in the PC gaming space, no developer wants to put their game on the Windows Store.
This is exactly Xbox Games for Windows Live shutdown because they couldnt get their third party devs to distribute on GFW. but its all good, we'll at least be able to play the handful of Microsoft first party de...

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