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In reality it's a wash truthfully. I play 3-4 hrs DZ every night and I only rock a sentry 4 piece set and my gears score is around 190s and my primary is 250k DPS and i steamroll everyone.

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This is more of a response to microsofts next Xbox and Nintendo NX.

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Like special in the way you ride a short bus special.

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Thank you microsoft for achievements and system level party chat.

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One of the best games of this year. The fact I sank over 200hrs into this game is telling of how fun this game is.

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Lets see with a choice between facebook and a cellular handset manufacturer, I'll go with Sony.

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Cheese is patched!

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Let's actually see what NPD reports, feels almost like a preemptive softener to what will get revealed by NPD.

Haven't seen quantum break make it to number one on Amazon and currently sits at 24 despite the fact the game released just last week.

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U need to get 150% savaging. I actually preferred it before getting rare but valuable drops with less crafting cost.

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Well they actually attempted to fix it.. I'll leave it at that

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This is why these things get patched. Ever heard of keeping things on the dl?

There are places for this type of info on the net w/o having to publically blast it.

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I absolutely guarantee Recore will get delayed. They've shown zero actual realtime gameplay and just a CGI and bits of cut scenes - and they're going to release it this year?

I'm fairly certain microsoft is going to do what they did last yr and wait till the last min to announce the delay so the game makes it to all of the lists talking about the Xbox lineup for 2016.

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Looking at metacritic there are no negative or mixed reviews out of 52. How is this possible? Yes, yes.. It was a rhetorical question.

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There is no actual difference between a dz rank 80 vs 40. One just have played a lot more than fhe other.

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Apparently he was on conspiracy island.

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Where are these ratchet movie "reviews" you speak of? I would like to read them for myself as I couldn't find s single one.

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So let's look at this with a statistician lens, per metacritic uncharted 2, which was also worked on by Neil and Bruce holds a whopping 96 on metacritic, while whitcher 3 holds a 92 on Metacritic. The last of Us also helmed by Neil and Bruce holds a 95 while Witcher 2 held an 88 on metacritic.

From an aggregated standpoint if history proves right uncharted would have nudged out witcher for GOTY just purely from an outlet per award ratio standpoint.

But li...

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Looks like They took the broken thing to heart even goes far as calling it "quantum broke".

With the Xbox one sitting at 77 on metacritic I wonder If the Pc version will fair as well as the console version. While its getting decent scores I wonder how much better it would have done if the video episodes were separately televised like they original vision by Sam lake before microsoft decided to shutter their TV studio.

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"QB has alternate ending..."

Woah hold on to your horses there partner, now you wouldn't want to start spreading misinformation do ya?

Let's here from Sam Lake the man himself state there is only one ending:

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Okay my mistake if you add the 2 hours of cutscenes (4 22+min) episodes to the 5-6 hours gameplay (5 acts with 1hr each) you could round up to 8 hrs total. But don't take my word for it - Here are some play through stats:

Making choices that ultimately results in no change to the ending is as meaningless as the mass effect's botched e...

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