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Well Sony owns the bloodborne IP so they should petition Sony. #6
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Who wants to bet ps4 back on top starting January? Price cut created artificial demand temporarily and with the price back up that demand is down.

Look at how xboxone was above ps4 in nov and dec and now back below ps4 in jan. #1.2.2
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Ugh face of kinect Tsunoda always Wearing sunglasses indoors is going to create something new? How about making the kinect work like in the launch trailer where you can scan objects into the game like a skateboard. #1.4
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Reason is simple microsoft isn't indie dev friendly. Don't get me wrong Id@xbox definitely helped improve relations but devs don't easily forget and forgive. And judging by Xbox console sales gamers don't easily forgive and forget also. #4.1.2
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Next generation gameplay - using your mind to control characters. /s #1.6
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@shloob what??

Square Enix owns crystal dynamics they would publish it not msft. This isn't a small dev that needs a publisher. #2.3.3
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They said they will look into pc version after finishing ps4. So take that as you will. #1.2.3
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Nope. Not if you already own a ps4. Why buy a weaker system with 98% of the same games. #1.1.2
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Notice how butter smooth destiny was at launch? Compare that to 343 a newcomer to the industry. The talent gap is wide between bungee and 343. #1.1.2
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Also that feature doesn't work for all games on Xbox one just some. I believe msft said its still a beta version of it.

I think challenge both Sony and msft is finding is retaining certain types of large games all in memory. I'm assuming Sony is choosing not to release the feature half baked and msft taking an iterative rollout approach. #1.1.3
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You are incorrect. Size wise Sony is bigger than both msft and Nintendo. They own the most amount of assets and IPs. For example Sony's Columbia pictures and MGM arm account for hundreds of thousands of film distribution and creation rights alone. To boot the number of factories Sony owns around the world is staggering.

You have to remember Microsoft is first and foremost an OS company so it's all software for the most part.

O... #2.1.7
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War devil is no more. Scandal with studio. #1.6.1
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Yea your logic makes sense. that's why ps4 is the best selling console in us and the iPhone is the best selling phone in Japan. /s #11.1
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If it had the best rpg on it exclusive it would have sold in spades. On the 360 we saw bumps in sales whenever games like lost odyssey (a B tier game) came out. If it had final fantasy as an exclusive you can bet it would have shifted boatloads.
X1 barely has RPGs on it at the moment And it won't even have the upcoming persona 5 which is exclusive to ps4. #4.1.1
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Are you sure x1 is back on top? Looking at best seller list I don't even see X1 in top 10 list while ps4 had been all month #1.1.7
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Like remedy and enjoyed Alan Wake but the've always been a B team not only in terms of metacritic reviews and sales (gamers speak with their wallet). So sure quantum break will be good but nothing earth shattering.

Fable legends already getting some negative buzz and lionhead hasn't had the best track record after molynrux left - I guess it was deteriorating sort of even when he was there with the whole Milo thing.

Really excited for Ori.
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Actually you have it backwards most Xbox one games were delayed from Xbox 360 like Ryse, Dead Rising and Crinsom Dragon which were all supposed to come out on 360. That's why Microsoft stopped pushing exclusives during the last 3 years of 360 while Sony was pushing last of us and beyond two souls, new IPs near the end of PS3 lifecycle. They could have easily pushed off their games into ps4 but didn't play that shady game like Microsoft. #1.2.1
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Good to see you have nothing negative to say about Xbox list like Ryse, Titan fall And dead rising. Especially when you said infamous was just okay and dead rising was fun! /s #1.6.1
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What did 343 do to earn your faith? New developer with little experience, many of their key industry vets like Corrinne, Kenneth, Scott Warner and Ryan Payton to name a few all left 343 industries after the last halo game which most halo fans had mixed feelings especially around the multiplayer.

Just trying to understand where this faith is coming from. #3.3
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I don't see Sony going bankrupt anytime soon considering they have $14-18 billion in cash and short term marketable securities (see link below).

Also Sony has assets worth around $150 billion. They are loosing money but it would take many decades for Sony to truly exhaust all resources even if they were to loose $ every single quarter.

Compared to Nintendo who has $7 billion in cash and short term with $15 billion in asset for compa... #1.1.2
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