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Chroma Squad looks fun. Thought it was just a spoof game, turns out it's XCOM with Power Rangers. Yes please. #4
"Console Hardware Considerably Less Powerful Than High-End PCs"

Grass confirmed green. Sky rumoured to be blue? #2
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Be nice if they'd knock out a story expansion before moving on. Titanfall's "campaign multiplayer" is a bit too short and sweet. #1.1
Some companies make it work. Ubisoft Montreal has Far Cry, Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed running back to back, among other IPs, and while there have been misfires, I've been pleased by the results for the most part. #1.1
You appear to be correct sir. #7.1.1
I hate to be That Guy, but it's not clear whether this means 1080p native or upscaled. #7
In b4 WatchDogs reference. #2
Feels like they could haven't done the premise justice. Heists are all about casinos and gold bars and loud shirts, shirley? #3.1.1
Hope it gets a different map, though it would be useful to compare how each version performs on the same map. #1
I think the E3 message was pretty straightforward, personally.

"The price has been cut, Kinect is still important but we're letting you decide how important, our online support is unparalleled and look, here are a bunch of games we're making."

The whole "MS in PR confusion" thing is a self-sustaining narrative at this point. But that doesn't make it true. #3
Looks like an internal demo for The Fighter Within. #1
Opinion piece? It's based on hands-on time. #1
As long as the learning process is equal parts what to do and what not to do... all fine with me. #1
..."claims report" #2
Dat headline, lol.

The mag isn't closing. It's just being run out of the UK now, rather than the US. #1.8
It would be a shame if all that work on Dimitri went to waste. Xbox could do with another serious story-driven franchise, IMO. #1.1.1
The bots are a resource, SN. You can shoot them to speed up the arrival of a Titan (which may expose you to other players in the process) or to bag quick Attrition points. You can also use them as a distraction, or as bait for players that are cruising for quick XP, or as recon (they'll shout about/open fire on players you haven't seen). They're an organic part of the game.

This whole "dysfunctional bots" argument is born of misplaced comparisons with ol... #1.2.6
Article also discusses Watch Dogs and Evolve in depth, but why let that stop you ruining any hope of a discussion by immediately playing the fanboy card?

EDIT - @below

The article isn't trying to credit Titanfall solely and exclusively with anything. And the AI in Evolve IS deliberately designed to be much less challenging than a human opponent.

Did you read beyond the headline? Or did you just see that it was from an Xbox website, scroll... #1.1
Nightmarish thought: they've partnered with Spark Unlimited, Capcom's go-to guy for terrible reboots. #1
"I highly doubt they would have sat on a money maker like Gears for 10 years."

IDK. The last Unreal game came out in 2007. #1.1
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