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The bots are a resource, SN. You can shoot them to speed up the arrival of a Titan (which may expose you to other players in the process) or to bag quick Attrition points. You can also use them as a distraction, or as bait for players that are cruising for quick XP, or as recon (they'll shout about/open fire on players you haven't seen). They're an organic part of the game.

This whole "dysfunctional bots" argument is born of misplaced comparisons with ol... #1.2.6
Article also discusses Watch Dogs and Evolve in depth, but why let that stop you ruining any hope of a discussion by immediately playing the fanboy card?

EDIT - @below

The article isn't trying to credit Titanfall solely and exclusively with anything. And the AI in Evolve IS deliberately designed to be much less challenging than a human opponent.

Did you read beyond the headline? Or did you just see that it was from an Xbox website, scroll... #1.1
Nightmarish thought: they've partnered with Spark Unlimited, Capcom's go-to guy for terrible reboots. #1
"I highly doubt they would have sat on a money maker like Gears for 10 years."

IDK. The last Unreal game came out in 2007. #1.1
I hope so. I do like Titanfall's universe - reminds me of Colony Wars, sort of - but the narrative doesn't really do anything with it. #1.1.1
I wonder if the next game will have an offline campaign, given that (a) "campaign multiplayer" doesn't work that well, and (b) Respawn presumably has more cash to blow right now. #1
C-c-c-combo breaker! #1.1.1
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The same is true of PS4, obviously. I look forward to launch day vs currently available game comparisons, a few years from now...

EDIT - Challenge for the thread. Let's make it all the way to the last comment without anybody telling anybody else that they suck/lack intelligence/deserve to die because they bought one console rather than another.

Go! #1
SCE Liverpool has been shut, hasn't it? Bit of a tragedy :( #1.1.5
The only way the original Titanfall will show up on PS4 is if EA breaks the law. It's contractually locked down for the Xbone. The (hypothetical) sequel is fair game, though. #1.1
Can't wait for this, or Super Time Force. Everything Capybara touches seems to turn to gold. #1
Apologies if I'm getting things wrong - do you have a link to the stuff about Unity on PS4? Still, if what you're saying is true the tools have yet to become widely available on either console, so the article's decision to single out the Xbox One on this count seems a bit questionable (AFAIK, there's a beta underway right now on Xbone too). Mind you, I'm not quite sure what the article means by "the unity engine hasn't been ported to xbox one". Did you write... #1.1.1
"many developers build games in the "unity engine", which as yet hasn't been ported to the Xbox One."

I think what you mean is: developers can't currently export games directly to Xbox One OR PS4. Unity engine games can still run on the console, though. Oh yeah - and Nuclear Throne IS coming to Xbox One, just not at the same time as the PS4 version.

Reported for factual inaccuracies. #1
"Microsoft marketing director"

I hear they bleed dust. #1.1.3
Lol, imagine being able to shut down (e.g.) a Total Biscuit video by yelling "Xbox, sign me out" in a British accent. #1
I'd have picked Evolve over Watch Dogs as one of this year's three hottest games, myself. Also - what about Halo? That's out this year, isn't it, Microsoft? #1
Hmm. I wonder if he's talking about user mods for consoles. Seems like an obvious extension of the whole "every Xbox One can be a devkit" thing, and DayZ is ALL about the mods... #1
He's the UK boss, so it stands to reason that he's not in the loop on decisons for the US.

It's rumoured that MS will slash the standard edition price after announcing a new model with a beefier hard drive. #1.1
There's apparently a "non-human" boss enemy in story mode. I wonder if it's one of those big dinosaur things. #1
Techdirt Traffic Lags As Writer Figures Out You Can't Tell Gamers What They're Supposed To Think #2
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