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Second video reminds me of Soul Reaver?! Looks cool!

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You guys got it all wrong... I was thinking about console version of the game.

I played BC 2 on my PS3, and was very impressed with it. But that wall I pointed out is something that could easily be found in DICE's FB engine, at least on consoles. I doubt that it will be revolutionary on PS3/360 like on PC... Just look at the Crysis 2. Killzone 3 is just better when it comes to the art style of the game.

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Next gen wall on the left:D

Don't know about PS3/360... BF: BC2 had great graphics. But I don't expect BF 3 to beat Killzone 3 in that aspect.

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Remi Gaillard disco elevator(YT)! awe!

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1. HD remakes of PS2 games are better... you get entire collection on one disc in HD with trophy support, 3D, Move... BTW you all probably have PS2 somewhere in the house. If You don't like Sony's idea of remastered games, play the ones You have at home on Your big screen TV with zero difference between PS3 up-scaler and native PS2 SD output.

2. This one is well said. No need to add anything on that.

3. Cable is the only real way to enjoy networking.....

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How about you give me the game now, and present the facts later? Me wants it badly:-(

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My future wife will be inspired my Madison... it changed the way I open the fridge... it changed everything!

Just kidding;-) Would love to see some HR in other games!:)

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Fu**ing Uncharted quality in an open world:D Loved every little bit of the first one, but thin one is just awe inspiring! Can't wait!

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This is like selling a mist... You put a game on a high-end PC, take some photos and give it to both sides... I'm a bit disappointed as a console gamer...

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I'm excited like a virgin on New Moon:D

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Looks like the next year will be in number 3... PS(3)'s lucky number! 3 games with 3 in their names:-D

Uncharted 3
Resistance 3
KillZone 3

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This looks fabulous! This game features some the best animations in FPS genre... Characters move so lifelike! I wish it was a 2010 release, but it wouldn't look, not even close to, what it does now!

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Art? It's just the decisions that artist made that made him look older... BTW he has the same amount of XP as Sean Connery by now:D

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I don't find anything overrated in the fact that a man can cry! I cried like little girl when watching some of the story in-game videos of MGS4! Hideo is a freaking alien. He knows how to make a macho man cry!? I fu**ing cried! And You know what? It was cool!

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Although I'm a huge fan of Resistance series, I'm a bit afraid to think about mixing horror like atmosphere and weapon wheel... But I guess it'll be OK, since it was partially implemented and worked in Dead Space. Can't wait for the trailer, and that day it will finally be spinning in my PS3. BTW Resistance 2 caused YLOD to my 60GB PS3, guess what I did after that? Bought 120GB slim just to play it again:D

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You do a good thing, You eat SH*T. Kill a man, you eat sh*t!

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It was... but you never know...

EDIT: A lot of EU studios were pushed back when Shuhei Yoshida took the place as head of SCE Worldwide Studios... He stopped the development of The Getaway and Eight Days if I recall it right:-(

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Uncharted 3, Jak & Daxter 4, The Getaway 3, Eight Days, Medievil 3, New Dylan Jobe game, Mass Effect 3 timed EX, Sly 4... or some crazy comeback of the long forgotten game, maybe Tim found a publisher for Psychonauts 2? Perhaps a new Kojima IP?

Zombies? hmh...

J&D 4, Sly 4, Psy 2, Med 3 - 4/10 not that big EX for extra tim...

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For a title that will be mostly played via PSN it is great news! Just like You said, KZ2 , BF: BC2 were way to short in terms of unlocks, and with that less motivating. Resistance 2 had a thing at least with a co-op...

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Everyone knows that AC is the good series to play on all formats so why bother to compare them? It's good enough for all of Us to enjoy? Then what does the graphics have to do with Me or You playing it? Only the case where You have both PS3 and 360 makes sense to compare for the better experience...

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