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Also famous for MGS4 Big Boss, he is actually the dad of the Japanese Snake voice actor. #6
Was gonna get this game until I found out the PS4 version runs on unstable sub 30 frames according to preview, only 2 days of beta, and shafted of DLCs compared to XBone.

Turns out the game was made to favor the MS side which is not a good sign when I was looking to get the PS4 version. #8.1
Either jump ship or sink with the titanic. #1.2
I do wish you get a perk discount for being in PS+ already though. #1.1.2
You KEEP the games that you buy with PS+ discounts even when PS+ runs out. #2.1.3
The WHOLE Japan uses Verified by VISA for their online shopping except for Amazon, not just PSN.

Other cards has other extra steps of protection.

And people complain that the big companies are not doing enough to protect the customers, when they do, people complain. #1.1.2
All you need is to get your credit card "Verified by VISA" and then you can use your Visa card in the Japanese stores, don't even need to buy Japanese PSN card. #1.1
I wish they would support the Move again before Morphus even comes out... #1.1.1
The credit card companies covers this.

The guy did not get his information stolen due to Sony leaking his information.

Weak password, self leaking information etc., no company needs to babysit people's own carelessness or mistakes. #1.1.19
They really should just release Yakuza Isshin on PS4 instead of focusing on PS3 already. #1.1.3
give us a damn digital upgrade option, at least for those who bought the last gen versions digitally and can can't resell a hard copy. #2
Yeah somebody please write the plugin for the logitec wheels on PS4.
Somebody please kick start his project.
I want my logitec wheel to work when GT drops. #1.1.1
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The character animation looks really out-dated... #14
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Could be their attempt at stealth PR to get people's hopes up and not give up on XBone so soon. #3.3
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They don't hate it, they just don't care for it.
This is due to MS's bad track record for the XBox brand.

For the original XBox period, everybody had a PS2 and plenty of software kept coming for PS2 but not so much for XBox. Then MS quickly cut support even before they announced 360 in Japan.

People learned that MS doesn't really support their products til the end from the original XBox, so 360 started slow. Plus there are some niche g... #1.1.6
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No you are the perv here for assuming this is sexual.

Why can't this be just a game to bring back high school memories of pure hearted dating?

Because maybe you are either a geek or a perv during YOUR high school years and assume that high school dating is nothing but sex, doesn't mean that it is the case for everybody else. #11.3
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a lot of those are made up fake or purposely mis-translated just so they can make a story out of it too. #2.1
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1080p is easier to market. MS does this so they can say they've got a 1080p game running at 60fps. MS is all about the marketing, and people fall for it. It's a sad thing people keep on falling for their BS marketing, but it's also why they are so big. #1.1.18
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At first that lady's scream looked fake and scripted, but then people will understand it wasn't after they actually play the teaser =) #1.4
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peep hole into the bathroom #1.3.1
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