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Even if it's just PS4, I've got all these free games from the very beginning that I still can't get around to even play them yet.

Very worth it especially if people grabbed a year of PS+ card on sale. #1.3
If people like a game they'll pay for it. If you don't like paying or think a game is not worth paying for, don't pay for it. Vote with your wallet. But at least you are going to have a chance to vote here.

Sony not interfering with business mottos is a GOOD thing. Developers and publishers have to figure out the best way to make money and that includes figuring out if the customers are willing to pay for their products or not and how they are willing to pay. #11
Rape rates in Japan is actually way lower than in US and UK despite how the media wants to portray it. 26.6 versus 1.0 in 2012 according to UK released stats. How much of that is child abuse and how much is unreported is debatable, but there is such a huge gap you gotta wonder if the "white knights" are really doing the right thing.

Most people look at anime and Japanese porn and probably think that's just everyday life in Japan.

People in US fe... #1.1.13
Besides saying that you are uneducated and have zero idea how programing works, I dunno what else to tell you.

AI is how well it's written, it's not expensive for the hardware at all. There are NO games these days where the developers say "let's make the AI dumber so we can save memory or CPU for better frame rate or resolution". Amount of NPC is purely a graphics problem and not how taxing AI would cost.

You keep wan... #1.6.2
A.I. (artificial intelligence) was never a problem of not enough CPU or GPU. Hardware was never the problem here.

Having better hardware doesn't magically make the humans smarter and write better AI.

If you want "better" AI you better define what "better" means.
Usually developers have to "dumb down" the AI instead of just telling them to "kill the player" so the players have a chance of passing the level.... #1.6
Please let the release date of Morpheus be in 2014. I so want this for X'mas. #1
Just like only in 'MuriKKKa where people like you will keep on supporting an inferior product just cause it's made by fellow 'MuriKKKans right? (when it's all made in China anyway)

How about NO, people wanting to support a better product with better quality is not a "culture", it's what sane human beings do you little racist prick. #1.1.14
Not everybody has played the games you've played, and not everybody own the systems you've owned.

I've played plenty of HD remakes that I've never played before and glad I now have a chance to play them, with updated graphics. #3.1
I wish they would add martian/alien easter eggs in that mars exploring game, it would be so awesome. #5.2
If you ever played a racing game sitting inside a cockpit, imagine how awesome this would be. This is something that head tracking can not do because traditional head tracking limits your viewing angle to when you can't see your screen anymore.
This, you can look anywhere just like driving a real car, not just rare and side mirrors but actually outside of the window and at the angle you want to whenever you want to.

And that is just one example for racing games.... #4.2
Definitely looks way more fun than Titanfall, hope the final product delivers. #1.1.16
I agree, still not interested if it's going to be an incomplete unfinished low quality game like the XBone version. #2.1.33
You do not even speak the language so stop BSing like already, seriously. YES handhelds use the counter "dai", to even argue this kinda of stuff shows you do not know even the basics of Japanese. Your other stupid net translation mistake is at 以上 which means "at least" and not "above".
ゲーム専用機 always means just that, dedicated game machines which ALWAYS included handhelds like 3DS and Vita but excludes smart phones.

Unl... #2.2.2
Those are incorrect translations.
The author clearly did not understand the language and used some internet translation tool.

I clarified the translations in an earlier post below. #1.3
How about writing an article after you actually understand your source instead of half guessing with google translate or something. You are not qualified to translate so stop spreading fake info.

Dedicated game machines means just that, machine made for gaming, so excluding PC's and Smart Phones. Basically meaning consoles and no where in the article says it excludes handhelds.

And NO the survey didn't only choose people with "more than 1" g... #2.2
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All I can hope for is the PS4 version doesn't get downgraded due to XBO in anyway or MS paying Square to downgrade PS4 version on purpose... Sounds crazy but it seems like something MS will pull in this losing situation. #1.1
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I want this right now just for the reason of watching 3D movies. $300-$400 range is so much cheaper than the 3D headset and even has 1080p which is the reason I held out on buying the older head-sets.

If there are even VR games out for it then great cuz it'll just be a bonus.

$300-$400 for a dedicated 1080p big gaming screen + 3D is a steal. #1.1.3
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Pick me #973
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So you can't tell the difference between the information you knowingly provide and knowingly will be shared ahead of time if you were suspected of criminal activity, and being unknowingly recorded and information shared even if you weren't suspected of any criminal activity.

This is why MS will always thrive, because there are always these kinds of stupid people that will blindly back their faith even disregarding logic. #1.3.1
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I wish when the next psycho killer gets caught he would say he's a fan of Fox News. #1.1.25
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