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Microsoft ALWAYS does misleading advertisements. It's amazing how so many people doesn't have the ability to learn or willing to lie to themselves.

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Inafune is a joke. Nothing but a hack since the beginning. And No he didn't create Mega Man.

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If a console has more and better games, despite that obvious logical choice you decide to go with one that offers nothing original and a company with a business motto to screw the consumers with nothing but commercial buzzwords and dirty lies, who is the "fanboy" here? Think about it, fanboy...

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I thought the demo sucked also...
A PT wannabe but not even close to anything great at all. Just a bunch of boring chores.
I'll get it just because I get a whole game for PSVR but I hope the actual game will be A LOT better...

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Hey where's your power of da cloud and direct x 12 improvements lol.
It's funny that people went through all these empty promises by MS in the past and still chose to brainwash themselves like nothing happened.
Look at all these replies with people showing you MS's BS, and your own lol.

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Of course money matters. Sony didn't have to pay Kojima, why would anybody with a sane mind ride on a sinking ship that is Microsoft?

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MS is selling a PC in disguise of a console ei Steam Box

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If the old formula is no fun for you to want to play it, why would you want a new one? If they change the game play the old timers are just going to whine like you are now anyway. So if not for the old game play, do you expect they just magically revolutionize platformers that nobody else did with this title?
If they revolutionize the game then the character could be a new mascot instead of Crash.
So you don't even want to play the old games meaning the ...

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LOL Brisco, you decided you would lie like MS and it blew up right in your face. Refer to showtimefolks' comment =)

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With all the XBONE games on PC now leaving it with no exclusives, Scorpio is basically just another Steam Box...

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Does Trump get money from this game? Or can the developers get away with parody?
If the company gave money to Trump so they can sell more copies, I will have to boycott everything they make from now on.

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Can't wait!!

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Even if PS4Neo comes out, the original PS4 is not gonna magically turn into an XBone and have under performing games as a standard all of a sudden.

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That's the worst list they have!?! WOW PS4 is a DAMN AMAZING system if their worst games are this damn good!!

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GT gives you the sound you hear when you sit inside the car, while other games just recorded the sound next to the engine so it just feel like you are sitting next to the engine all the time. GT sounds more natural to me since I always play in cockpit view and having the engine so loud is just out of place.

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This game deserves a disk release and revisit. Hopefully they add more stuff to it since I've played it on PS3 multiple times, but I will buy it either way

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That's like saying if you are a good student and did well on all your tests, but one of your teachers decides to give you a bad score because he just doesn't like you personally, or if he was just trying to make a statement to the school board and you just happened to be picked on. Would you say it doesn't matter because you already have the knowledge? No because in the real world everybody judges things on how it was scored, and somewhere down the line somebody's gonna forget...

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Is this a joke? Xbots are really just sad now...

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can we not down vote sites anymore? at least that gets the frustration out for idiotic articles like this one.

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I hope they reboot it with the new Ratchet & Clank like graphics. Even the old CG model in the thumbnail feels really outdated. I felt the game play of Knack was kinda Crash Bandicoot-ish but people bashed it anyway. They'll probably have to update the game play by a lot too to catch up to modern standards.

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