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All you MGS "fans" didn't even finish the game and still talking about this... sigh... #13
I'm already dying for the next Halloween when horror games will be on PSVR (hopefully). #9
A lot of MMO games on PC ends up being like this anyway, w/o the school girls and guys part but there's always mods. #11.1
He did and it was recognized as the worst video game ever made because he basically just trolls the players with many designs that are impossible for the players to know or do to advance in the game.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wi... #9.1
I second Wipeout on PSVR.
Screw the weak people who try to drag down the advancing of video games.

Also you are in a cockpit view which you have reference of motion like driving a car, those are the best type of games to not get motion sick.

People now are trying to replicate what we can experience in real life; sims are cool but I'm ready to experience what we can't possibly do in real life already.

If you are weak just don&#... #3.1.3
Well Vita support never stopped in Japan, just that the games Japanese make are very niche for the Vita and those kind of games with heavy text takes a lot of time to translate and port.

Sony went out of their way to make PS4 a "western" system first w/ western gamers in mind first hence the success here.

Not enough translation and localization companies is what hurts Sony games in general imo. PS4 being the first exception that d... #1.2.5
Back touch penal works amazingly as L2/R2 for me. I can never understand how people could have such bad control over their own fingers that they can't use the back touch pad properly. #1.2.2
Only if Sony would've came out w/ a Vita phone from the begining, it could've had way more success.
If they make a next gen Vita w/ phone capabilities and Vita backwards compatibility, I would totally buy it. #1.5
VR is like when the right analog stick was introduced, when 2D jumped into 3D, having an option of extra means to control the camera is of course a good thing. How they utilize it is to each of his own.

But of course Xbox side don't want VR to be the future cuz they don't have one. #1.1.14

Here's an article in English:

Also I don't know why you are so dense in the head and trying to argue about portability. Do you even own a PS4 and know how small and light it is?

I'm not talking about some wir... #1.5.3
Hopefully there's going to be a price drop for PS4 down to $349 and PSVR matching that would have a Camera and a PS Move. and $299 for those who already have the Camera.

From the reviews the quality is much higher than $299 but hopefully Sony can make the price low to appeal to the mass market.

PSVR is basically a big screen monitor that you can take to any room you want because of how portable PS4 is, that alone is a big plus over other PC based VR heads... #1.5.1
People figured out PT in a day even though Kojima intended for it to unfold throughout months, so of course Kojima is going to hide his easter eggs better and make it harder to find than PT this time. The whole game was designed so it would last. MGO didn't even drop yet, and fools are jumping to bash this game because of the Konami situation and forgot Kojima is a true genius.
In Kojima I trust. #6
I wish PSVR is out now and there's PSVR support for this game. #8
Online Multiplayer!!!!
I hope they make the game somewhat hard and not just another musou where you are like superman.
If they can make it so the game actually requires team work that'd be even more amazing. #3
Playstationlifestyle has really became an anti Playstation site for quite some years now with retarded stealth bad reviews and articles w/ over-blown claim articles like this. Maybe they have a grudge from being black-listed like Kotaku did or something for leaking Last Guardian.

All these down time stories pop up right away when it's down for like 10 minutes is ridiculous. PS Store and each game also run on different servers.
Probably better to check with your ow... #1.1.2
This guy is going to complain because the booth babes don't speak English in JAPAN!? The headset probably wasn't properly adjusted and seems like he was too dumb and refused to from the way he talked. Other reviews were always positive on PSVR so that's the only conclusion I can draw from when I read this article since nobody else complained about blurriness on the PSVR. #2
Can't wait for Kojima to get on VR and resume a spiritual successor of PT/SilentHills. #4
They already said this is just a motion/gameplay test built. It's just an alpha to show people that the movement will be like in the manga/anime. #1.3
Minecraft + 3D Dot Game Heroes combined =)

3D Dot Game Heroes came out before Minecraft btw so not everything is derived from Minecraft. #1.1.2
That's the same argument the terrorists can say about 911 when they attacked civilians instead of military.
If you can't see why you are being hypocritical then there's no hope I guess. #11.1.10
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