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It's free so I'll try. I hope it's like Warframe, I had so many fun hours in that game w/o even having to come close to paying. When I was ready to move on to other games I willingly payed for slots I don't even need just to thank the developers for the fun times. Plus knowing there are future updates I know the money I payed will not go to waste when I come back later.

Also having co-op might make people wanting to play the game longer, because there will be... #1.2
Wait this is a free to play game? Didn't know that.
And why the XBone tag? #2
People are complaining not being able to sell digital games, which is not true, it was just people are too dumb to figure out not all media is delivered and transferred the same way.
How you want to market your goods is up to you just like anything else.
Sell your account with games in bulk or whatever.
If you are getting games w/ intention to sell them then create different accounts or however suits how you want to liquidate your property in the futur... #1.1.5
No you just sell your account.
I don't get why people are so dense in the head about this. Like they want to get money and keep the games or something. #1.1.3
You absolutely can give and sell your used digital games. Just give them your account and password. #1.1
The tech demos they show for Morpheus already have better looking graphics then all the Oculus Rift games out there running on PC. #3.4
I wonder what happens if Konami gets boo-ed at E3 throughout their whole presentation until there is positive news on Kojima. #1.5
Gamingbolt is really such a trash site with no morals, stop making sh*t up to get hits!
This site should be banned for how much made up crap they post. #1.1.10
Microsoft has always been known to have a very long nose... sometimes it's fans too. #1.1.18
Enjoyed it as it was free.
Effects were corny but the story was interesting so didn't matter.
Do not mind they bring more shows for PS+ users, I don't want to watch 1 free season and then start paying though.
I actually want to continue to watch Powers very much.

This PSLS article fails however for its click bait headline and senseless complaints.

The actors did fine it's a superhero drama based on an already existing comic... #1.1
Microsoft's cloud = endless smokes & mirrors marketing campaign.

It's sad people still buy into their marketing crap over and over again. #1.1.11
I always wonder, by middle eastern standards, western women all dress like scants anyway. So why should everything be on western standards? #1.7
@Gamer1982 this was originally a multiplayer game... #1.1.2
Then again this is gamingbolt. This site has been reporting a lot of made up BS based on their own incompetency and made up sensationalized headlines to get hits so I'd take this story with a grain of salt. #1.1
This is just a big fuss over nothing.
It clearly says "position trademark" for the button layout. Maybe hard to understand due to google translate and lack of gaming journalism research as usual, but nevertheless.
Just a trademark for button layout and nothing more.
Here's another for the PS3 controller.

https://twitter.com/tradema... #1.5
I always question why people say this, can you not feel when you've made contact with the back and at what position you've made contact with?

The only thing is there's no analog for R2L2 but not many games need it, and as a button I don't get why people can't touch it & let go just like they do with their fingers on any other button.

I can't understand why people's fingers can not function such a simple task even w/o looking, b... #3.1.1
Do people have so less control over their own middle fingers?
It sucks that this is the case cuz for somebody like me who have control over them, I'd wish more games would implement R2L2 and eve R3L3 on the bottom halves of the rare touch pad. Because they work perfectly for me.

Might not happen but I wish in future updates Vita would have a built in customized button config on the system level and not depend on every game to implement this or hard locked to type... #3
Get your racist generalization crap outta here and use some common sense. To a normal non patriotic nut like yourself, the PS4 is just so much better than your channel switcher Xbone (which the functions they boast in US doesn't even work in most other countries).

How about the rest of the world sees it pointless to spend extra money on inferior garbage plain and simple? #1.6.7
AngryJoe IS reselling content, though the medium of Youtube. Youtubers are basically freelance workers for Youtube. Provide content and we provide you w/ the ad money we earned for your content.
Youtube blew up at first because of illegal contents, they were legally forced to pay royalties, then they now make sure the royalties falls to the creator side if they chose to use somebody else's intellectual properties.

Reviews are different then let&#... #1.5.4
52d ago by Dir_en_grey | View comment | Well said
When you re-edit a movie or somebody else's music, can you resell them as your own without getting a OK or paying fee to the original creator? No.
If you want to bypass that simply just don't show their content.

People are so entitled to freeloading and crapping on other people's intellectual property rights in the gaming industry this whole thing is so messed up.
People are behind Youtubers because they like to watch free content more then anythin... #1.5
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