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The developers can not fix people's stupidity and their inability to understand something so simple shown right in front of their faces.

You have a stamina bar, enemy has a stamina bar, you and the enemy pant when out of stamina. How hard is it to put the two together and understand to try to drain the enemy's stamina and not your own...

Retarded gamers wanting every little thing to be spoon fed to them are really just cancer to gaming...

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Q: "What's inside the new Xbox One?"
A: Empty promises just like the last one.

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Playstation, so many good games constantly.

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@JJShredder Souls games are more for exploration and this game is focused more on combat, and yes I can tell you suck at it and too lazy or stupid to figure out the combat, hence your complaint. Guess your Souls tactic of level up and power through doesn't work if you can't even bother to figure out the controls. No the controls are not clunky and there is so much more depth and freedom there than Souls games. You seem to not even to be able to handle how to control the camera, it'...

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@JJShredder Change the mode from Cinematic to Action Mode to optimize framerate, it still look amazing. You control the damn camera so how can it be terrible unless you are... well from the rest of what you said I'm pretty sure you are the one terrible at action games.

Cleared both the Japanese and US version, this game is perfect control-wise and difficulty-wise. Don't change a thing KoeiTecmo this game is for Souls lovers who wants a even deeper combat system, a s...

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Every time I think "what kind of BS title is this?" and come to down vote it, it's gamingbolt...

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There's always been new ideas in fighting games that makes it apart from others, and there are TONS of fighting games that keeps coming out til this day.
The casuals don't care enough to see those mechanics and they'll stay casuals no matter what if they can't see the difference between the different games.

These games are made for people who play them, and people who complain like this article basically just want to complain because he gets his butt k...

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If you keep dying the game DOES become easier, so there's already a level adjuster it's just implemented so you don't know it.
They just don't tell people that so they feel accomplished that they can finally pass an area.
Also just level up enough, even for a bad player I'm sure they can still get through.

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Samurai Souls, count me in.

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Taking everything in the final reveal scene literally would be such a juvenile response. Read some books or watch some movies please.
It was every much filled with surreal elements of sounds and images representing that fact. Kojima is not an idiot so of course he is going to use elements to back that up.

Now on to Hayter. If that big mouth didn't throw a hissy fit when he didn't get called for a job that he feels he's automatically entitle...

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So if you haven't played the game by now you probably never will, so here it goes. The main character is a complete different person you idiot. Why would a different person sound the same? Even in the story Snake went through a fire and a coma of years not using his vocal cords. A voice change is totally logical. Oh and did I mention, IT'S A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON?

Can't blame Kojima that Hayter has no acting range, and basically just sounds l...

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@Rashid Sayed
Everything YOU do is a waste of OUR time, so please stop with your stupid trash already.

Kojima is scouting possible resources that Kojima could use for his studio, either physically or tech info.

You Rashid on the other hand, even using anything MGS related for your icon is a disgrace to Kojima.

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Guess you didn't read enough.
Lionhead staff released statements of disappointment with Microsoft, while Evolution staff praised Sony.

Anybody with logical thinking skills can see the difference...

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You need to read up some more then. The statement came from both Sony and Evolution staff themselves.

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It's different. Microsoft disbands Lionhead and left them with nothing. Sony is disbanding Evolution only to move the people to other teams with actual projects going on.

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$399 for a portable theater size screen that you can move around to any room due to the portability of the PS4.

$399 to play all your current games, stream all your current video contents, and possibly watch 3D movies on a movie theater sized screen from your PS4.

The above itself is worth more than $399 and more than enough reason to get a PSVR for many people, and you even don't need a Playstation Camera for these features.

$50 more for...

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It also works with every existing game and be able view everything you can view on PS4. It's a $399 portable movie theater screen.

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Any game would be great. PSVR is basically a portable movie theater screen for $399. Totally worth it by itself. Remember PS4 it self is highly portable, so this basically means you can easily move a huge movie theater screen with you to any room you want.

People argue about including the camera, theater mode is the reason why camera is not needed for every PSVR, and also why it'll also appeal to someone who doesn't care for VR (though I say those kinda people are cr...

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PSVR is BETTER than Occulus and HTC Vive for the fact that every PSVR is a portable Gigantic Movie Screen that you can bring around with you to any room due to the machine it hooks up to is a SUPER PORTABLE PS4.

It is worth it as a monitor alone, even without any VR features. Play all the games you have and watch everything you can watch on PS4 anywhere with a power source. On your bed, on the can, bring it to shut your whiny kid up who doesn't want to be w...

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It also works for watching movies and many people are fine with just that.
The product is already finalized anyway, they are waiting for a strong software line-up.
But from the comments here many people are ready to buy it if Sony release this tomorrow anyway, I know I want one ASAP.
Anybody down talking PSVR is simply just afraid of it being the competitor of whatever other platform they play on.

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