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It's too bad Kojima even associates himself with this one hit wonder hack... #8
No old logitec wheel support made me not buy this game. I'll consider if PSVR is going to be supported. #2
If PSVR is affordable, people will make PSVR compatible w/ PCs anyway. #8
I think it'd be interesting if NX turned out to be a VR machine at $299 #1.2
That presentation was for developers by the tech guys to give them an idea of what could be done. #1.1.12
I'll be happy with a $399 price tag, but come on Sony $349 and hit it out of the ball park. #1.1
PS4 and then WiiU as a second system. #1.1.25
The biggest part that caught my eye in this story was Brian Crecente at Polygon. From one crap hole like Kotaku to another... #1.1.12
In Kojima I trust! #2
Holy sh!t Sony just released a video that Kojima is teaming w/ Sony!!! #1.1.28
MS is sucking up to Nintendo now in hoping to get games in exchange... #1.1.3
It's just a time saver. This is the best way to reward early adapters.

People who buy it late have the option of earning points or buying the time saver, instead of early adapters getting punished for having to buy DLC's while later people can just buy the game of the year edition.

I love this business model and hope more developers do this in the future. People who buy early and play the game basically get all the DLCs for free. #8
Good for people who can't stand turn based RPG's like me. I mean if it actually involves strategy I would like it but most have none. If people like the old boring game play of the original there's always the HD remaster PC port if people like the "old" so much. #36
All you MGS "fans" didn't even finish the game and still talking about this... sigh... #13
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I'm already dying for the next Halloween when horror games will be on PSVR (hopefully). #9
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A lot of MMO games on PC ends up being like this anyway, w/o the school girls and guys part but there's always mods. #11.1
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He did and it was recognized as the worst video game ever made because he basically just trolls the players with many designs that are impossible for the players to know or do to advance in the game. #9.1
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I second Wipeout on PSVR.
Screw the weak people who try to drag down the advancing of video games.

Also you are in a cockpit view which you have reference of motion like driving a car, those are the best type of games to not get motion sick.

People now are trying to replicate what we can experience in real life; sims are cool but I'm ready to experience what we can't possibly do in real life already.

If you are weak just don&#... #3.1.3
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Well Vita support never stopped in Japan, just that the games Japanese make are very niche for the Vita and those kind of games with heavy text takes a lot of time to translate and port.

Sony went out of their way to make PS4 a "western" system first w/ western gamers in mind first hence the success here.

Not enough translation and localization companies is what hurts Sony games in general imo. PS4 being the first exception that d... #1.2.5
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Back touch penal works amazingly as L2/R2 for me. I can never understand how people could have such bad control over their own fingers that they can't use the back touch pad properly. #1.2.2
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