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Yeah somebody please write the plugin for the logitec wheels on PS4.
Somebody please kick start his project.
I want my logitec wheel to work when GT drops. #1.1.1
The character animation looks really out-dated... #14
Could be their attempt at stealth PR to get people's hopes up and not give up on XBone so soon. #3.3
They don't hate it, they just don't care for it.
This is due to MS's bad track record for the XBox brand.

For the original XBox period, everybody had a PS2 and plenty of software kept coming for PS2 but not so much for XBox. Then MS quickly cut support even before they announced 360 in Japan.

People learned that MS doesn't really support their products til the end from the original XBox, so 360 started slow. Plus there are some niche g... #1.1.6
No you are the perv here for assuming this is sexual.

Why can't this be just a game to bring back high school memories of pure hearted dating?

Because maybe you are either a geek or a perv during YOUR high school years and assume that high school dating is nothing but sex, doesn't mean that it is the case for everybody else. #11.3
a lot of those are made up fake or purposely mis-translated just so they can make a story out of it too. #2.1
1080p is easier to market. MS does this so they can say they've got a 1080p game running at 60fps. MS is all about the marketing, and people fall for it. It's a sad thing people keep on falling for their BS marketing, but it's also why they are so big. #1.1.18
At first that lady's scream looked fake and scripted, but then people will understand it wasn't after they actually play the teaser =) #1.4
peep hole into the bathroom #1.3.1
yes there's a big difference if you've ever tried it.

you can search for those oculus riff reaction videos if you want to get a clue. #42.1.1
Anybody payed the demo?
Just imagine this w/ Morpheous support... #42
If something is not of quality, call it out.

I was just gonna say compare this to PT and look at the quality difference, then the news broke out about PT.

I'm not gonna be a blind fanboy and numb myself when I see something not as good as it should've been.

This game, needs a lot of work and maybe a new director who will demand quality. #1.2.2
After The Last of Us HD, I'm sorry but this game look like crap in comparison.

Even the PS3 version of TLoU looked better than this...

Sigh I was hoping this would be a good game, but this reminds me of the disappointment I had when I saw Amy.

After seeing a masterpiece like TLoU I dunno if I can stand these mediocre games anymore... #1.2
Hayter really needs to shut his trap when his not voice-acting before he pisses off Konami for real and end up not being used as Solid Snake in future games all together. #1.2
Maybe the Last of Us will return, with Kiefer Sutherland as Joel... #1.2
I think the aim for this is to allow PS3 arcade sticks to work on PS4. #1.2
because TV broadcasts don't run at 60 FPS? #2.2
Even if it's just PS4, I've got all these free games from the very beginning that I still can't get around to even play them yet.

Very worth it especially if people grabbed a year of PS+ card on sale. #1.3
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If people like a game they'll pay for it. If you don't like paying or think a game is not worth paying for, don't pay for it. Vote with your wallet. But at least you are going to have a chance to vote here.

Sony not interfering with business mottos is a GOOD thing. Developers and publishers have to figure out the best way to make money and that includes figuring out if the customers are willing to pay for their products or not and how they are willing to pay. #11
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Rape rates in Japan is actually way lower than in US and UK despite how the media wants to portray it. 26.6 versus 1.0 in 2012 according to UK released stats. How much of that is child abuse and how much is unreported is debatable, but there is such a huge gap you gotta wonder if the "white knights" are really doing the right thing.

Most people look at anime and Japanese porn and probably think that's just everyday life in Japan.

People in US fe... #1.1.13
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