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You are LEARNING, and THAT is your progress.
It's why these games are so amazing. #3.2.1
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Heh the elite master race, of beggars lol #1.1.7
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Look at his submissions and review scores, pretty much on a mission to drag down scores of PS branded games and favors the Nintendo brand. #1.1.7
Yes the PS3 is indeed a wonderful machine, too bad these trolly down voters still hold a grudge. #1.2.1
I want them to pack in the multi-player from GOW4...The game already looked and ran amazingly on PS3, I want to buy it again but just a face lift is a hard sell. Really hope they add in more stuff. #1.1.1
Do u even know how this rumor got started?
No you don't you just read some headlines by some sensationalized trash game sites.
WHAT is your "evidence" that anything is pointing to Kojima leaving?? Yeah I really like to know where from you pulled that from. There is non besides these stupid click cashing stories.

Konami already came out and said "Konami Digital Entertainment, including Mr. Kojima, will continue to develop and support Metal Ge... #3.1.1
Kojima is not leaving, stupid sensationalized "game journalism" is making this spread like cancer. So dumb. #3
@Rashid Sayed "Konami Digital Entertainment (including Mr. Kojima), will continue to develop and support Metal Gear products. Please look forward to future announcements."

Your title"Metal Gear Solid 5 Will Be The Last Game By Kojima Productions" is based on NOTHING but one random tweet by a Japanese trash blogger that only guessed based on the logo removal. One random tweet does not warrant a rumor especially when Konami already said straight out this is... #1.1.5
@Dudebro90 Why are you even clicking on this garbage site? This is fake btw. http://www.videogamer.com/p... #1.1.2
Lucky Hayter got a role as Snake and it stuck so that ppl want him back even though he just sounds like he has a cramp all the time.
Lucky again that the ppl whine and he got the job again, but seriously Hayter just STFU for once and quit yapping and ruin the game.
Kojima should've never given him the job back for how much of a whiner and yapper that he is.
Please next gen have Japanese voice in it so I don't have to listen to this idiot. #1.3
It was made for multi-player, but they took that out from the HD version.
People would probably complain if multi-player was on the PSP and not the Vita, and they are making this game to sell the FFXV's demo so people don't really care it seems like. I hate it but I also want to play FFXV demo so I'm a sucker too...

Maybe Square will double dip and sell a multi-player edition for both Vita and Console version as DLC add-on who knows. I wanna play their gam... #1.3
This site is kinda like Pachter, either say the obvious or say some random BS out of it's... #1.1
Looks like Ulrath made an account 11 days ago just to troll. If you put all this dedication to getting a job, maybe you can afford one and won't be so bitter about PS4's exclusives anymore?


What number is this troll account I wonder, now that is some dedicated hate lol... #2.2
after all that trash talk against konami, it's too bad they let him crybaby his way back. #6
No, a lot of PC games are "dumbed down" or just not made very well for the lower end PC's. That is always the problem for PC gaming, you get crappy graphics so everybody can play.

Until "the master race" kept begging for the once console exclusives to be on PC you didn't even get them until recently. #1.2.6
yeah both, hence the point of cross buy =) #1.1
you can make your own and recreate characters in this game anyway. #1.3
Watched some PS4 streams of people playing the Japanese version, and the game play looks absolutely amazing. 3 on 3 co-op and PVP definitely made me decide to pick this game up. #3
retarded article written by somebody who doesn't understand how logic works.

please do some research and THINK before you write? #8
Waiting for that Morpheus bundle.
Need some games to support this damn thing anyway, come on developers!! #1
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