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Not meaning to be a pedant but how could you publish a review and not bother yourself to proof read it? So many typos and a grammatical mess to boot, so lazy. #13.1.6
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Given the average income in Malaysia, that is outrageous. With that money I could eat out in Kuala Lumpur, like a king I might add, everyday for 6 months. #4
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Prepare for disappointment, this is the first high scoring review so far, some people simply don't enjoy Cage's brand of gaming. There will be hugely polarising critique for this title..not that any of it will deter me from buying. #8.1
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If Guerrilla has any sense there should be at least a couple of missions played from the Helghast perspective via Echo in Shadow Fall. But unfortunately they seem to increasingly squander the great lore of the Killzone universe with each subsequent release. The Helghast in KZ3 were reduced to squabbling pantomime villains...and Rico never got his just desserts. #3
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The camera is free this time, one of many improvements. #2.1
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Great list, I think Siren Blood Curse and El Shaddai deserve a mention too. Japanese composers rarely fail to step outside the box. #15
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It appears to play like a simple linear brawler and I've yet to see much platforming. Looks like Puppeteer got the more creative Japan Studio team. Its a shame as I was really happy to see an old school romp like this being pushed to the fore on a next gen line up but previews aren't very promising. #6.1
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Fair enough. His comment was elaborated on after, but originally read simply.."Gamespot gave it an 8 or something" Which in an celebratory thread just seemed a little on the bleak side. #3.3.2
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"Dipso...you do know how much i'm looking forward to this game right?"

No, I know next to nothing about you apart from seeing you around the comments section often in the role of a tiresome contrarian.

This article is simply stating that the game has received 24 perfect scores, nobody is claiming that its received an overall perfect score. So why did you feel the need to mention Gamespots 8? #3.3
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Keep on pissing into that wind, this is one parade you can't possibly rain on! :-D #3.1
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The review was taken down as the embargo hasn't lifted yet. KingKevo, a mere two comments above has kindly posted the entire review anyhow.

Somewhat unrelated, Empires review of Dontnod's Remember Me was also removed, it was awarded a 4/5, not bad far a debut effort that Capcom have clearly sent out to die. #38.1
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Killzone 3's writing was absolutely dire, I can't see this guy doing any worse.
The Killzone universe and back story are fantastic, but no game other than the original has come close to doing it justice. #8
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I'm sorry but as a long standing fan of the genre of music that Reznor cut his teeth on I have to disagree with with your statement in regards to his peers considering him a "genius". Reznor borrowed heavily from the Wax Trax luminaries such as Jourgensen, Front 242, FLA, Thrill Kill Kult etc. He took the aesthetic, made a pretty decent pop album with a killer of a catchy hit and took the sound to the mainstream.

I admit he's a great producer but there is n... #4.1
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"but with Reznor at the helm for BOII, the sound should be eerie and have an abstract feel to it."

From the article...

"Reznor has composed the game's theme song, an "aggressively sounding" piece of guitar, bass and drums-based rock."

So no, just typical the schmaltzy pop rock-"industrial" that Reznor built his career on. Seriously overrated artist for an overrated franc... #3
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Yeah Spiders have done an amazing job customising the Phyre Engine, hard to believe such a small team has produced such amazing results, the weather effects are particularly lovely. Lets hope their influence goes further than the stunning visuals as Cyanide have a pretty average track record so far.

I really hope they have made some considerable steps away from the Game of Thrones combat system though,which was pretty bad, because as of now they do look kind of similar. Anyhow,... #2
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"What Sony's Gaikai purchase means to PlayStation's cloud gaming future".....A deluge of speculation pieces it seems. #6
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I have to say I'm very impressed with Spiders "Silk Engine", for a tiny team of only twenty people they've really done a great job. The best part about it is that its custom built based on Sony's Phyre engine so we can expect cross platform parity. #5
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Its a French production, so its mainly been previewed by European sites so far.

Your primary character is the Orc, you can switch between him and the Goblin to allocate specific attacks, use special skills etc, which is done by pausing the combat to issue commands prior to engaging the enemy.

I'm not sure about the two human characters, they may be entirely A.I controlled. Information has been very thin on the ground but I expect this to change after the ga... #3.1
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I just hope they choose some good voice actors for the two protagonists, the goblin's character design is fantastic.

I'm still a little worried this game isn't going to receive the polish time it deserves, the release date is set for September. #2
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This doesn't bode well for "Of Orcs and Men", what Spiders co-development brings to the table remains to be seen, at least their engine is based on Sony's Phyre engine but I fear it may also be lacking the necessary polish. #6
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