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is gonna be overhyped trash just like 1 & 2 stop kidding ya self people.

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are you living like 10 years ago lol. this year alone there has been so many of them damn things i became numb to them. what is lacking is high quality home console jrpgs.

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why are you just tearing the competition apart lol.

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they just so happen to mostly only be on the ps3 lol.

killzone 3 > killzone 2

lbp2 > lbp1

uncharted 2 > uncharted 1

motor storm apcolypse > motor storm pacific rift > motorstorm 1

gran turismo 5 > gran turismo 4

infamous 2 > infamous 1

as for xbox 360....

crackdown 1 > crackdown 2 wtf lol

halo reach = halo 3

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things for the better.

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ARE YOU KIDDING ME? why is it that all of a sudden when gran turismo 5 is coming right around the corner in a few months that all these downplaying tactics are arising? nothing's going to stop this game from selling millions and having critical acclaim do you hear me xbox 360 fanboys that hate ps3.keep playing cod,halo,gears,some sports game, or what ever and leave ps3 exclusives alone. we know you jealous and that you can't have it just get a ps3 already and stop that jealousy.

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and probably never will lol.

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all the lies and bullshit Microsoft keeps hyping up about kinect is coming to surface. move will stomp the shit out of this eyetoy 0.5 lol.i didn't barley hear any complaints hardware wise from people using the PlayStation move unlike kinect.

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he keeps making himself,fable,and kinect look worse and worse every time lol. i don't like all 3 so it's not gonna effect me.

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japan hates xbox 360 lol.

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so many crazy damn video games lol. super alternate endings and all that.

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jrpgs are way better than wrpgs. why are wrpgs so damn glitchy?

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give some of the exclusives to the xbox 360

/sarcasm max

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ps3 really is a stepping stone for the ps4. if the ps3 was a stepping stone, imagine the games that will come out on the ps4?i don't want next gen to start for another 3 years max. i want the ps3 to become old school so people can look back at it's exclusives and say "damn those were the times" just like people do with the ps1 and ps2 to this day.

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you probably gotta have a gold membership(i have one but don't care about youtube on xbox 360 lol).also i have a pc,ipod touch,and ps3 in which i can use to go on youtube for free(besides paying for my internet connection).

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look at kotaku being a d-rider trying to get hits lol.who in the hell wants to download like a 10+gb ps3 exclusive game seems like the whole damn world is trying to find a way to make the ps3 look bad this year wtf is going on.i support the video game industry i buy my games all brand new.i just wanna play old school video game console emulators on my ps3 that's the only reason i would want homebrew on it.

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sony even killed harry potter games lol.

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like that's gonna stop me.

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