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Lol at the author wanting to be controversial so he finds a country that sells games at higher prices and states it in the title..
Tell you what, next time find how much a game in Brazil costs and write about it too.. I'm sure it's more than 65 dollars

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Oh my god you are beyond retarded.. He was obviously talking about the new killzone that comes out this year..
If english is not your first language please shut up

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Even though I'm not a pc gamer and I'm gonna get the new xbox when it comes out, I totally agree with you..
Waiting 8 years for a new freaking console is too long and imo they should have released the new generation two years ago.. Games that get released now look like crap

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Haha well said. Don't know why this site is so infected with prepubescent ps fanboys.. It's been like that for years and I never quite found the reason

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Are you retarded? Tomb raider is FOLLOWING uncharted?! Tomb raider came out 10 years before they even considered making uncharted you stupid psfaggot

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No they will sell 500mil obvs

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Sadly you're right.. That's why I don't comment alot here but some things are just too stupid for me to pass

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Oh and you and all the other fanboys do right?

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LOL saying they will stay and Microsoft won't even though they lost shitload of money this generation and almost went bankrupt as opposed to microsoft only gaining strength

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Now please tell me, how am I a troll?

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Funny how the comments section here doesn't have anyone protecting the xbox.. Wanna know why?
Because the ones that are going to buy the xbox are normal, and they don't waste their time to write hate comments on Sony4G instead of doing their homework

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Nintendo did show the box, they just didn't focus on it or even mention it.. That's why people thought it was just a peripheral for the current Wii

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4-5 years at most. Been playing new games since last year on my xbox and they all look like shit. No fun to play anymore

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Oh no please don't hurt Microsoft.. I am sure they will not show their console now because DivineAssault is not interested

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2. Give exclusives besides Halo, Forza, Alan Wake, and Fable.

LOLWUT did Sony announce any new IP's besides that weird platforming game?
Why does Microsoft need to do that?

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Lol it's more than disappointment.. Sony cannot allow themselves to announce anything but the PS4.. It will destroy them

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