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have you played it? #3
have you played it all yet?

8 is not "ok" - its a pretty good score - ok is "so so" a 6 or at best a 7 #1.1.1
vice city was better imo #6.1
the crying was ridiculous - 8/ would think the score was saying the game was awful or something. it's the minority causing the general public to think overall gamers act like this. #1
wonder if there will be a Wii U version? #7
not true, project director casey hudson has said they want to continue the mass effect series #7.1
its just a rumour, chill out #4.1
hope so, love the series. #2.1
roll out! #1
ps3 browser freezes on me a lot, its quite outdated. #12
the cross game chat issue is more to do with the ram built into the ps3, otherwise i think PSN would of had it by now. #10
Exactly! #6.3.1
2013/2014 imo for PS4 #6.2.2
to ssy it reached its peak years ago there are still some very good looking games out for it #10.2
here come the dickheads to disagree every positive opinion #1.2
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looks great, cant wait to try the demo. #7
well if you read the article it says unavailable on other consoles #12.1
i dont get why you dont care to download games and find it strange you have lost interest in i am alive just because its a psn\xbla game. #8.1
i played the journey beta, it has been delayed till spring 2012 but after enjoying the beta so much it will be worth the wait. #7.1
loved the concept of last guy but i found it annoying. shame siren blood curse doesnt have trophies, maybe might of sold a few more copies. #4.1
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