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I think that would apply more to the "color meaning" article that's coming soon. Keep an eye out for it.

This was more about the concept for color schemes but the purposes of using them will be in the next article.

Might take a littler longer than a week this time since it takes more research and analysis. #1.2
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That's a good point. I haven't gotten into performance concerns and I might not for a little while

But i'll be sure to keep that in mind as I make these.

Any suggestions for improvement on the articles though? I'd love feed back where ever I can get it. #1.1
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They don't make particularly high end games so thats expected.

only HUGE games would see any major development change. #1.8
It's like Bahamut got turned into a jet.

But yeah they had a lot of amazing designs in that game, and delivered them true to their design. #1.1.2
If you have suggestions for future articles please let me know! #1
I would love it if the game generated tracks so there wouldn't be any track memory. #1.1.1
That would be more on the topic of animation than design which i will get into at some point.

But that's sort a separate beast, so i would expect that topic to take a whole month :P

But that's further down the line from the current topics. but you can expect it to come.

Thanks for the suggestion though! #3.1
Also if there's anything you'd like to see in the series please tell me! the next months articles are already written but i will be making adjustments as time goes! #2
I'd be surprised if snake made a return actually.

I can agree with that one. #5.1
Yeah that'd be a while Lotta game.

I would like to think there wouldn't be a bunch of clones #1.1
I'm still a huge fan of SSX 2012, the it turn SSX in to a bad ass platformer instead of just a racing game with tricks in it. #1.2
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Fortunately i got my fix less than a month ago. #1.2
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Apparently this has been in development for some time so I imagine it's fair content wise. #2.1
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Fine for racing fans who don't have time to race for cash. #1
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It will be fun to add missing tracks though if there are any :p

Like mgs4 stuff or "love deterrence" from peace walker which I loved for boss battles. #1.1
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i still haven't even seen gameplay of it yet :P #1.1
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the article has nothing in it about sexism. #15.1
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*commenting on here is weird?*

I see what you mean, its just like the whole thing with Quiet in MGSV going around.

I'm honestly sick of it too, the nature of the discussion that is. But i can't deny the urge to have more female characters in games, Also being a person that prefers it.

But i'm aware the games that come out are kind of a rule of numbers with the developers. Its simply expected. #1.3
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i'd say the reasoning is different here, its more about simply wanting more female leads. nothing about sexualization and junk. to quote the article.

"One of the main reasons I play video games is to have unique experiences. It’s the reason Suda51 games appeal to me. It’s also the reason I don’t play The Sims. And contrary to my user icon, I’m in fact not a cute little pink haired Chinese girl or female at all. When I have the chance to play as a female in a game, I... #1.2
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for me that seems to be the case a lot of the time :D

especially in a game like battlefield #1.1
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