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That's BS though and an unnecessary fear, especially when it happens in the reverse often enough just cause the director needed a guy with a really deep voice and a black guy fit.

Maybe we'd have more black characters in games if people were less stupid about who gets to do what and when.

Do you have an exact idea how many black voice actors there are to white voice actors? Cause if it's anything like black actors to white actors it's about 1...

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There is a frustrating, large, and public discrimination mentality going around and it's unacceptable.

I don't care what your skin color is this whole thing is BS.

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People are talking about all this stuff when the only reason the vita failed is the memory cards, EVERY TIME.

The memory cards are proprietary and STUPIDLY EXPENSIVE.

Same with the PSP, but at least there were other devices that used those memory cards and it had a footing.


No all they need to do is stop with the proprietary memory card BS.

That's literally their only problem with EVERY portable console.

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So did the last game for multiplayer.

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Looks like advent children, so yeah very final fantasy.

It's set in more realistic settings so I guess some of the outfits are more reserved for the most part, except for people who seem like clergy of sorts.

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How about we talk about the double standard of a mans chest being male power fantasy and a womans chest being slutty? Would it be more fair if the guy next to her had no shirt?

There's no cheap ploys, no lack of maturity. Just the blatant message that a woman can't be taken seriously cause she has a rack.

Cause every big chested character in a final fantasy game was just a bimbo to people like you.

First you have people complaining t...

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Dude its a chick with her shirt open standing RIGHT NEXT to a dude with his shirt open.

Don't you see they are cleavage buds?

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Sounds deep but this comment is actually very shallow.

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You are not alone!

Seems to be a minority though, perhaps we should connect with the hips crowd?

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It's an assumption, so far that seems to be the case.

But its not a big deal to me since there has been a final fantasy game with all female :P.

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I'd love to read but please fix the link!

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Considering FFXV has some kinda gambit system i'm expecting stuff similar to XII.

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*writer here* I love the Kingdom hearts battle system, but i don't think Final Fantasy should be that way.

Its certainly fun, but not what i come to final fantasy for.

Its true a lot of battles can be won by attacking in final fantasy but its not the majority, buffs and debuffs and such are a lot more prevelant than in kingdom hearts (depending on how you grind).

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Site also posted a counter article :P

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I think that would apply more to the "color meaning" article that's coming soon. Keep an eye out for it.

This was more about the concept for color schemes but the purposes of using them will be in the next article.

Might take a littler longer than a week this time since it takes more research and analysis.

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That's a good point. I haven't gotten into performance concerns and I might not for a little while

But i'll be sure to keep that in mind as I make these.

Any suggestions for improvement on the articles though? I'd love feed back where ever I can get it.

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They don't make particularly high end games so thats expected.

only HUGE games would see any major development change.

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It's like Bahamut got turned into a jet.

But yeah they had a lot of amazing designs in that game, and delivered them true to their design.

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If you have suggestions for future articles please let me know!

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