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If you raise your kids "fine" then pedo's are a non issue.
All this fear mongering and scaring people is so over exagerated, its basicaly criminal on its own.

I got a 9 month old daughter, and i refuse to see every man/women around her as a threat, this paranoid behaviour does more harm to the child and the community then anything other.

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Nope, the PS4 does excist.

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The Xbox 720 isn't anounced people, it doesn't excist!

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Haha cheap my arse.
8 GIGABYTE OF GDDR 5 costs more then the Xbox 360 and the Wii combined.

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The effects missing aren't anything to spectacular at all.
Nothing that a bit of optimization can't change.

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How can people DISAGREE with the statement above.


Morons doesn't suit these people.

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You could be right, but you're wrong :)

The Playstation, to this day is the' gaming computer for the matured video game player.
Its a machine that gets a personal space under the TV for all to see, including the girlfriend.

Sony packs style, suport and image that resonates with 200 million gamers from the day that they bought their first console, the playstation 1.
These people are now 20/30/40 years old, and don't like to play a c...

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There's more MEN using Playstation then there are men playing on an Xbox...


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Sounds good, just hope there's room to grow as well.

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The 2 consoles are NOT similar ..

The Playstation 4 will be more powerfull, pack a cool style as Sony products always do, but most importandly be able to play the best exclusive games developed with the most production quality across the next generation.

Ubi is trying to save a possible 30 to 50% of their marketshare.

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Its such an incredible compliment for a console to be attacked by numbskull techhead "wanabies" who feel they need to protect PC's as if its a competitor platform.

I giggle at ya.

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Looks prety good for a stock engine.
Wasn't the PS4 version made in 3 +- weeks with 4Gig of GDDR5.?

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I agree, Unreal engine games have always looked mediocre mid console cycle.
And if this is what mediocrity will look like next generation, I'm holding my seat to what Naughty Dog, Geurilla and SA will do for sure.

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We already know how next gen will look, and that is an "extremely more awesomelicous!" version of the Playstation 3 with all its bells and whistles but more Turbo!!!

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Why in the world would they spend a lot of time with Microsoft and get info on anything related to a machine, they are a second hand DVD dealer.

Its like the stinky pimpel kid from school got mass email send from a slighly less stinky pimpel faced chick, and then go's on on how they got together and shared lunch and all!..

-THIS! is what Xbox fans grab onto, . yeah seriously :)

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7+ Agrees...
And every single one who did is a total tool of a person, forever.

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You can speculate all you want..
The PS4 is an already legendary system.

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Aha! another LEAK!!!..

Leak sounds more interesting then released now does it.

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Easy now.
The Playstation 3 show isn't over, nobody going anywhere.
Best is yet to come, more damage will be done.

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You're right, just woke up and had a few windows open. Haha.


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