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I remember when my parents got me Mario 64 for my PS1... I guess it's the thought that counts. #1.1
I just stick to and

The only two trustworthy video game sites on the information super highway. #6
I was amazed that Sony wasn't able to ship with an MP3 and CD player. Hell, I could code that for them, and I'd do it cheap. #3
Lol #4
"It is believed the fight broke out after Mr Frederick became embroiled in an argument with the group of men. Realising that he was outnumbered, it is thought that Mr Frederick initiated a turn-based battle in a bid to out-strategise his drunken opponents."

:') #2
Because it's science. And science is fact! #2.1
The Daily Pixel has some fantastic articles. Sadly I think most gamers mistake the comedy for trolling. This article isn't their best or most funny, but it does capture how ridiculous the news around the xbox one has become. #31
The fact taking a game out a case is scarier than actually playing a game says something about the fate of survival horror this gen. #3
Ummm. I think this is the point this satirical opinion article is making. #7.1
I'm pretty certain it is a joke about the way everyone blames videogames for everything. #2.1
To be honest, i have always hated the cheesy and nonsensical plots in mgs. I find myself cringing a lot. #7
Ive been a fan of this site for a while, but this was one of their funniest ones yet + it makes a good point. Bravo! #3
I think it's probably referring to the first video games that used WW2 as a setting, rather than the war itself. Hence "roughly 30 years ago". #6.1
All I see is adverts when I click on the link. Also, you can't just scan magazines... it's stealing. #2
You can try and make friends with one of the developers. Or marry them :). If you're fast about it you might make it into the family and friends beta next week. #3.1
Doesn't seem like it. Unless you are PS+ or have a voucher, you will have to wait until Sep #2
The shoryuken tat is probably the best, as in perhaps the only one I might be inclined to keep if it was on me. The others are somewhat horrible. #2
If you like it, approve it :) #2.1
Not this again... #2
Who doesn't love Amy Rose? :) #1
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