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Well, the only thing it really does is read your hands coming close together and then quickly spreading them apart. Nothing with your fingers is actually happening.

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Just curious, but are you interested in voice commands of any sort? Sorta like the way Halo: Anniversary did with "analyze" and all that?

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What about Mario Galaxy 2? Or How about Donkey Kong Country Returns? If you're going to put Gran Turismo 5 on the list before it's even out, then might as well put DK on there as well.

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I talked to an employee yesterday at my neighborhood Gamestop and told me that each store only got about 10 Kinect's. So it's no surprise that they sold out. I think MS may be holding back supply to hype up the masses, because when they hear of something that "sold out" they automatically turn their attention to it and think it's a hit.

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