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Joe is awesome, tells it like it is.

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I agree, I got the vibe that its a great action game. Has some tense moments that are probably scarier than most games out today(which isn't hard at all) but isn't very old school Resident evily.
Looks fun though, I enjoyed the demo enough to warrant a purchase.

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The writer is trying to say 5/5 and 10/10 means perfect games?
How long have you been around for?

Anyway a game that betters existing elements and blends all the best ideas from games into a single game is somewhat new and innovative in some respects.

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You convinced me to give this a try.
I thought the demo was alright, but I'm keen to see how lag free the online is.

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OR they were lazy and just reused the bike?

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Love the gameplay..

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Showed crap all but super hyped.

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Go risk $60 and prove everyone wrong.

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Yeahhh buddy!

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The girl on the front is so ugly, who would sign up to that.

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That video was so uninformative.

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That was SICK

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It gets hit hence why people make stupid crap like them.
I tend not to bother, I got BF3 and pre-ordered MW3. I can afford both, the people who argue are kids who probably can't justifying their purchase or just sad fanboys who are irrational.

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Seriously go play the SP, its the star of the show. One of the best campaign this year, best shooter SP this year.

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Resistance 3 says hi.

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More DLC, ridiculous, Games not even out.

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Pre ordered this bizznitch. Can't wait.

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P2P is NOT the best solution......

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Imported it and finished the story,fantastic game. Excellent for that jRPG drought we've been having.

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