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An 8-player co-op experience. That's something you don't see everyday. Looking forward to seeing its release date.

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Naturally. Anyone who thinks pre-rendered cutscenes would be standard this generation are completely oblivious to the current-gen development. TLOU had trouble fitting the newly encoded cutscenes on a 50GB disc. How can much more, when the game is built at 1080p/60fps from the ground up? There would be almost no room for any pre-coded files to run.

As always, ND will push the boundaries of the technical aspects of the Playstation just like the...

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"Ubisoft later clarified that the locked resolution and frame rate on both consoles weren't made "to account for any one system."

But he just said this in the next paragraph:

"And we would never do anything to intentionally diminish anything we’ve produced or developed."

Incredible. He just contradicted himself immediately. The amount of bullshit, that keeps getting out of Ubisoft never ends does it?

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Have you fought against the player-boss? I did, and it blew my fricken mind when I found out about it.

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You can't make that comparison. The PS4/X1 have the benefit of games drought that the options are severely limited for first buyers. Don't forget, Resistance 1 sold more than it's subsequent sequels, as do R&C. And that is coming from an install base smaller than when TLOU was released.

If your presumptions were to be correct than Killzone: Shadowfall (Great Graphics) would've outsold it's predecessors, right?

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So you'd rather have a game released at a state where concerns haven't been addressed? Take a gander of what happened to Final Fantasy XIV. You DON'T release the game for the sake of, especially when the FF Trilogy had put Square in such a negative light.

Now they are really testing the waters and if it is any indication, this could be the highest budgeted FF title to date. They CANNOT risk another FFXIII fiasco again because that w...

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That's all entirely subjective. You can't say whether or not a 7 is a good score for every outlet. Some reviewers may actually put 7 as the "mediocre" range as they probably give out 9's and 10's easily to the majority of the hyped titles.

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So any sort of opinion is now considered valid? You can stop with white knighting and actually access the information at hand. All I'm asking is for a little clarification and if that constitutes as blocking an opinion then you must have a different type view on how "criticisms" work. There's a difference between censoring an opinion and calling one out.

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Sounds like off hand impressions without concrete information. Can you elaborately describe in detail with the experience you've had in the game?

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@Pozzle. Impressions from NeoGAF says otherwise. Game does an excellent job in a control scheme as long as you understand the fundamental mechanics. This is NOT a game you can go Dead Space or Biohazard 4 on the enemies. Levels are laid out so you can strategize whether to fight OR run - you know, what "survival" is all about.

The author here admits he hasn't played the original series and used a offhand remark dismissing the franchise relying on "tank&q...

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"Who ever decided that frame rate is the most important element in game design now?"


Frame-rate are the wheels of the car. Doesn't matter if your car has the most pristine engine in the world but if your wheels aren't capable of supporting it, the car won't be able to run properly now would it?

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Whether or not this game runs at 60fps is a moot point. The current standard is that the more powerful hardware potentially opens for higher frame-rate by default by most games. To deliberately limit it to 30fps would also mean you're cutting out potential power to be taken advantage of.

TLOU's 30FPS option should be a standard to those who prefer to stick to that framerate. But let's not diminish options just because.

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That depends on how big the levels are. Again, NOTHING indicates that this game going to last that long, this is just speculative on the author's part.

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No, it's just an estimated calculation by the author's part. He's relying on the 10 - 15% data or scaled up but many games tend to ease around the 50% - 60% mark so I'm guessing by the very least, 12. 15 being the max, that's of course if you don't keep dying and saving wisely.

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When ND starts to target 1080p/60fps for this generation, then you know how much of a big deal this issue is. Why wouldn't they stick to 720p/30fps with those details you espouse so dearly when it clearly worked for them last generation?

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Creating strawmen and feigning neutrality are some of the worst debate tactics used in an argument. You come across as someone who overlooks outrageous consumer tactics as a means to level playing field between both consoles.

If you want to play ignorant and not see that then it's all you but don't complain when other people call out bullshit practices and then penalize them for being anti-X1.

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You misread my comment. The criticism from re-reviewing is to reevaluate scores from the previous version. Unless the mechanics fundamentally change the game, all the review needs to state whether the 1080p/60fps holds up as everything else can be pulled out of the "old" review.

THAT IS, of course the PERFORMANCE holds up. Assuming we are seeing fluctuating frame-rates in the final product, then I really do not see the point in purchasin...

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Or Digital Foundry's Tech Breakdown. Not a review but much more detailed and accurate.

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I'm sorry, we must be living in different worlds. Game this gen has no depth, no impact, no agency and pointless shopping list features from fetch quests to auto-platforming mechanics.

Almost no game last gen brought anything new to the table than pointless graphics, cutscenes and the occasional QTE's.

The last time I've played a game that had great strides in "gameplay and world building" is the original Deus Ex - a decade old game...

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So according to you, the GOTY editions are no longer the same game and should have a different score altogether? News to me.

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