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""Looking for trouble....""


The link you sent to was mildly curious as those responding were using a different username. Oh boy did I get a laugh at the end. #1.4.7
I like how the director emphasises this as "next-gen" features but forgets that this is a cross-gen game. What of the PS3/360 versions? Are they getting "next-gen" treatment too? #1.3
ND also said their engine was "next-gen" ready. They wouldn't have planned that far ahead if they knew porting a game like this to the next system would cause a lot of issues. #5.2.1
@Sam Fisher? So, what about conviction? That was a game prior to her involvement, did you approve of that design choice? #5.4
Nonsense. Every first party studio has always used their in-house engine including the recent Uncharted: GA despite the device having support for the UE3 at that time.

Secondly, it makes no sense since they would be losing money for licence fees. EA and Ubisoft and Konami have completely ditched 3rd party engines for a reason despite having massive support of the UE3 engine in the last generation.

Another example is supermassivegames - an indie compnay tha... #11.1.1
Unreal Engine? Doubt it. Sony's FPStudios always have their in-house engine. Might be because they wanted developers with UE3-specific experiences that they can integrate with their engine.

Nevertheless, I'm always skeptical when developers work on "AI". #11
Death, the saddest thing about your post is that you believe you are entitled to every game that releases. Indie as in IN-DE-PEN-DENT developers are capable of delivering the games whomever and whatever they see fit.

You don't get to say in the matter, you do not get to make decisions that punishes them for releasing the game how they see fit, if it means depriving X1 owners because of this bullshit parity clause, then so be it. #1.14
It's more embarrassing that you're presenting fake-scenarios in your head. It's a known fact that VGChartz always downplays SONY's sales. Even if SONY's numbers does surpass the MS, it's still classified as under-tracked. #23.1
Suddenly, the Titanfall hype is further diminished to another "great" shooter. And now we have another reiterated franchise with next-gen polish giving a PS4 a higher boost than it's competitor.


What's even funnier is that some people believe that an exclusive for one system will affect the sales of another exclusive from another just because they release in the same time period. The delusions of such fanboy mentality. #1.9
Added to that, they don't have to pay for licensing fees, which, in the long-term process, saves costs. Plus, I'd rather have a developer that is more familiar with their toolset when they make their games then be heavily reliant on other 3rd party engines. #1.3
LOL Aaron Greenburg, as if he has presented anything to benefit the indie developers as this. #4.3
Dark Souls is not "hardcore". Far from it, it's just a game with a different difficulty curve, once mastered it can be tread a lot easier. Games like Titanfall have easier learning curves but it can take awhile before the mechanics are fully exploited but it doesn't make it any more casual than Dark Souls simply because it caters to a different audience.

The same logic can apply to pick-n-play games like Tetris, only the hardest of the hardcore can play th... #1.10

Even if Titanfall ends up as the more desirable exclusive, it is on a completely different system. It makes no bearing to anyone except those who are multi-system owners and seeing as the PS4 is selling 2x the amount, which is essentially "not a lot". #3.1.4

Or you can have certain missions activate at certain time periods. GTA and RDR does this sometimes as well as Shenmue. This is just another excuse of the developer who can't bring in dynamic features in a "next-gen" game. #5.1.3

Next-gen platforms or not, the fact that they can mislead consumers one way doesn't mean they can be appeased for another. #1.1.5

Are you serious? You expect me to drop down $60 for a game that may or may not live up to my expectations? I don't know about you but I'm not made out of money and even if I did, I don't have the time to play every single game to make sure to test them out. You don't need to play the game to see a "visual" difference. Maybe you should try playing that Garbage Truck Simulator, I hear it's better than 90% of the AAA market games out... #1.19.2
It's absolutely terrifying that people here are missing the point. This isn't a graphics vs gameplay argument, it's about false advertising in the form of bullplay trailers.

How can you sit here and defend actions that are designed to mislead the consumers? How many have pre-ordered or based their hype of the original E3 trailer only to have a compromised version at the end? There are people who do not follow gaming updates and they are going to by buying a g... #1.19
Is it just me, or is the animation feels like something out of a PSX CG cutscene? #1.6
It goes to show how limited the scope of awarness the author believes when it comes to game design. I thought the Arkham series' intent was to BE THE BATMAN.

The Batmobile is one of the most iconic tools for Batman and the fact that it cannot be used simply because the author makes poor assumptions backed with no evidence to support his theory.

Alternatively, it's also why I hate CG trailers. It's never representative of what the gameplay is... #15
@jonboi24: Accroding to the GI article, it's a "beefed" up version of the UE3. Map is 5x bigger than AC. #26.2
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