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This is probably going to work the same way that Dead Space 2 with Dead Space Extraction works where you download the remaster but it does a check with the Infinite Warfare disc to play. If it can't access the disc you can't access the remaster.

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I don't think you need to have played the other Star Oceans to understand this one. Each Star Ocean game has a separate stand alone story.

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I would welcome some kind of leveling system in Uncharted Charted 4. Leveling up the weapons by buying attachments or buying Drake equipment like ammo belts to hold more ammo and body armor would be a nice change. Have the treasure values be the currency you use to buy equipment gives you a reason to explore for treasure making Drake the treasure hunter we know him to be.

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The part about ordering your squad seems kind of like a Warhammer 40K version of Star Wars Republic Commando.

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Damn, I just imported this and it arrived Saturday.

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Toukiden is not as difficult or as complex as Monster Hunter and that is the very reason I enjoy it. I really do recommend playing the demo before picking it up. Not saying it's a bad game it's just different from Monster Hunter.

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Will this still be online only when it comes to consoles?

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I see a lot of people say that it's okay that micro-transactions are there and that you don't have to spend money on them but if we keep saying it's okay it's going to get to a point where you're going to hit a pay wall and have to pay for certain features that used to be in the game on top of the $60. This is what we said of DLC. "It's okay, it doesn't affect gameplay", now we have to pay extra for characters, colors and voices. It doesn't affect gam...

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Naughty Dog!

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What the vita needs is Monster Hunter so it call sell some systems. I love that my vita is a JRPG machine but I also want to play some other genres like third person shooters, sports and sci-fi action rpgs.

I've also pre ordered the Playstation TV so I can play the compatible titles on a big screen tv. I do agree that Sony should've bundled the DS4 controller with the playstation tv as it makes sense with the touchpad which could increase compatibility with more titl...

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I'm also hoping for offline bots as well as I'm sick of all idiots that play online. Bots are also handy for when my PS+ subscription expires and I still want to play some MP. Wonder how long the campaign is going to be? 4-6 hours?

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No one should support or defend this crap. We're already being nickeled and dimed with DLC. To get a full game now the cost is way over MSRP. Publishers don't need to raise the prices on games, they just cut chunks of it out charge you $40-$50 to make it seem cheap then price gouge you on the DLC effectively making a game that used to cost $60 cost $90 (if you purchase the season pass) or more.

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WTF happened to Capcom this generation? Most of the talent has left and they don't seem to have any projects coming out soon besides more dlc and f2p. They have some fantastic franchises and aren't doing anything with them. If it wasn't for Ono Street Fighter IV wouldn't have the light of day. Wish him luck and good fortune.

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The UK looking out for consumers, what a great idea. Wish we had that here in the US. Go EuroBros!

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These would go great with the white PS4 Destiny bundle I'll be buying.

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Waiting for the inevitable contest/giveaway where I can participate to win this.

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Hey Rock, could you provide a link to the website were I can grab the game for backer price. I tried the Escape Hatch website but didn't see where to purchase the game. I would love to play this on my vita.

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I totally agree with this article. This "game" is a testing ground for what might happen in the future. Just like DLC, when it started coming out, it was supposed to be a way to extend our game experience but in reality it was a sneaky way to get us to pay more and the general consumer has "accepted" it. This is going to happen more and more if Ground Zeroes is a success just like with Titanfall more online only multiplayer games will be $60.

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Game looks brotastic! Hope it releases on consoles and ps vita. Would love to play it on the go.

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Good luck everyone, hope I get one.

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