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What the vita needs is Monster Hunter so it call sell some systems. I love that my vita is a JRPG machine but I also want to play some other genres like third person shooters, sports and sci-fi action rpgs.

I've also pre ordered the Playstation TV so I can play the compatible titles on a big screen tv. I do agree that Sony should've bundled the DS4 controller with the playstation tv as it makes sense with the touchpad which could increase compatibility with more titl... #8
I'm also hoping for offline bots as well as I'm sick of all idiots that play online. Bots are also handy for when my PS+ subscription expires and I still want to play some MP. Wonder how long the campaign is going to be? 4-6 hours? #1.1
No one should support or defend this crap. We're already being nickeled and dimed with DLC. To get a full game now the cost is way over MSRP. Publishers don't need to raise the prices on games, they just cut chunks of it out charge you $40-$50 to make it seem cheap then price gouge you on the DLC effectively making a game that used to cost $60 cost $90 (if you purchase the season pass) or more. #1
WTF happened to Capcom this generation? Most of the talent has left and they don't seem to have any projects coming out soon besides more dlc and f2p. They have some fantastic franchises and aren't doing anything with them. If it wasn't for Ono Street Fighter IV wouldn't have the light of day. Wish him luck and good fortune. #9
The UK looking out for consumers, what a great idea. Wish we had that here in the US. Go EuroBros! #1
These would go great with the white PS4 Destiny bundle I'll be buying. #1
Waiting for the inevitable contest/giveaway where I can participate to win this. #2
Hey Rock, could you provide a link to the website were I can grab the game for backer price. I tried the Escape Hatch website but didn't see where to purchase the game. I would love to play this on my vita. #2.1
I totally agree with this article. This "game" is a testing ground for what might happen in the future. Just like DLC, when it started coming out, it was supposed to be a way to extend our game experience but in reality it was a sneaky way to get us to pay more and the general consumer has "accepted" it. This is going to happen more and more if Ground Zeroes is a success just like with Titanfall more online only multiplayer games will be $60. #2
Game looks brotastic! Hope it releases on consoles and ps vita. Would love to play it on the go. #1
Good luck everyone, hope I get one. #37
I'm thankful for being able to spend thanksgiving with my family for once after being away for so long. Happy thanksgiving to everyone! #105
Happy thanksgiving to everyone! #5
You're right, people only play with a select few but they usually try them all out before deciding which few to pick. You're going to be paying $40 for the first season of characters which has 16 characters then another $40 for the season 2 characters which is another 16. I just don't see the value of spending $80 for 32 characters. Another thing is if this experiment is successful what do you think is going to happen? This F2P is going to slowly start becoming the norm and games... #1.3.1
This game is trying to change the market and not in a good way. They're leaning towards games as a service and not a product. If this does well it will pave the way for more F2P from MS. This looks game looks awesome. I just don't like the way MS is trying to sell it and fear that if this model is successful this is what we'll have to look forward to.

Please people, vote with your wallets. #16
Weren't there a few articles floating aroung n4g about this very same issue? If I recall, it was suggested to download the patch before the ps4 release to avoid this very problem. #1.14
This games seriously needs to get funded. I'm definitely backing this project! #2
I'm really not surprised by this news at all. It's SEGA we're talking about after all. We should let them know how we feel about the situation through social media. #29
I do believe in reading a review to gain more information on a product but sometimes the person doing the review doesn't do a good job. Especially when it's a "bad" game they review. Most of the time the reviewer will gloss over what make the game "bad". A review is supposed to be objective to inform you on the product.

If we were to go by score alone how many people would have bought The Last of Us with the score Polygon gave it? I believe reviews... #1.5
Ugh, I hope this is not true. I want to play a videogame to unwind from the real world not having to worry about my videogame car running out of videogame gas. If I wanted the driving mechanic to be more realistic I'd just go out for a drive and waste my own gas.

If it is true then hopefully it won't deplete as fast. Seriously, this gas depletion and weapon degradation mechanic have to go. #1.5
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