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After spending 77 hours and getting 98% completion. Mass Effect Andromeda is such an amazing experience. So many side quests that are well written, combat that is addictive as hell, characters that are awesome to roll with, and best of all, choices you make effect the ending. I love this new direction and ill gladly play another as well. The Trilogy is a masterpiece from last gen. This game is going to be its own series, and I can take it for what it is. Fun, Addictive and can't wait for ...

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There is going to be a Full on Multiplayer later like Sean said back in 2014.

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The same can be said about destiny.

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This game being priced for 60 bucks is for sure worth it. Someone like myself who does there research on Indie titles. This game will be worth every single penny. I find it funny that so many people here are willing to buy games at the same price and research on these games, that are broken, missing content, and other related stuff that us as gamer's trust and put a lot of faith into these "AAA" developers when at anytime they try and screw us over time and time again but yet we...

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True, but took a long time to get there.

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Yes I am monetizing it. The last 5 Nintendo video's I've done have all been monetized. No match content ID.

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I've been doing videos on my youtube channel for awhile now. I mostly do Nintendo related content. Some of video's get matched but the last few games I've done, they haven't matched ID my stuff yet. I mean the video I put up today for Mario Kart 8 never got Matched Content ID calmed. WTF that's weird cause before I use to get all my uploaded stuff from MK8 and those game Matched content ID as soon as it went live. Weird, My captain Toad, Kirby, Tipping stars, and now Mario...

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If you refuse to buy a Nintendo console but want there games on your system of choice. You don't deserve to play Nintendo games period.

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So by your logic, I want PS4 first party games to come to the Wii U as well :)

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So you want Nintendo games but refuse to buy there system?

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Actually the Wii U version is doing perfectly fine. It's selling pretty much as well like the PS3 and 360 version did within the same time frame. So people call it a flop? Well then I guess the same can be said for PS3 and 360. Sure it took over 2 years for the PS3 version to break a million and the 360 version at a million yet. Interesting how when you look at the bigger picture and go back and research. Bayonetta 2 is selling fine.

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I have to agree here. I will still be getting a PS4 but just not until the end of this generation and only for the JRPG's. Not a fan of Sony's First party games all that much. I tend to enjoy Microsoft ip's alot more. So With Xbox One and Wii, I'm set for the entire generation.

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This is a great price honestly and you feel it isn't worth it. You need your head examined or something.

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Here's what I don't get. Many other games in the past and now have come out and score decent to good. Same thing here for the Order 1886 and now we all want to slug off reviews because of one game? Where was all the hate for Destiny? Or all the other games that score poorly? You can't have it both ways. Now if the person who bought the game likes it, then perfect for them. Look I want this game to do well so when the sequel comes out. They can correct the issues that gamer's a...

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I wouldn't judge that soon dude. Shovel Knight did well on BOTH handheld and Wii U, same goes with others as well. In fact a lot of indie dev games sell well on the Wii U. Shocking I know and Not poking fun of you but just throwing that out there.

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Ratchet And Clank, until dawn and all of the Nintendo games coming this year is more then enough to hold me off.

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I've gone digital myself and I'm not worried about it at all cause if it breaks. Ill send it back to Nintendo and get it repaired. With that said of course, YES Nintendo needs to get rid of that BS crap. I will agree there 100%. I'm sure they will in a firmware update but for now, Ill have to deal with it.

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Good list but sadly 80% are indie titles. Not dogging this article cause its nice to see Indies in the spotlight but its not bragging terms here people. All 3 systems get there fair share amount of Indie titles. When Sony and Microsoft show me more AAA titles that are not Indie titles, then ill bite.

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Bayonetta 2 isn't a AAA title. It doesn't need to sell 2 - 3 million in order to make profit. Bayonetta 2 is a AA title if you will. Since it sold 500k so far on the Wii U. Yeah, it made both Platinum and Nintendo profit.

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Says who?

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