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Nintendo of America already said the DLC pass in 20 bucks. #5
I wouldn't be to sure about that. With 3rd parties itself getting worse and worse each year (not all but a lot of them) The Wii U is the only console I own at the moment. Next year Ill be getting an xbox one and PS4 near the end of this gen. Nintendo is creating its own Ecosystem which is perfectly fine. Nintendo is getting there own games. So owning a Wii U/Xbox One or PS4 is the best choice outside of Wii U/PC gamers. So the Wii U will have its value among gamers who enjoy all areas of... #1.6.1
When I see people calm that the Wii U will make about the same as what the GC did. Yeah so what if they do, they will still turn a huge damn profit by the end of this generation and that's what matters at the end of the day. So if the Wii U sells less then 30 million, there still sitting pretty. Sony on the other hand, well they have a long way to go to keep themselves a float in this industry, I hope they do end up bring out a PS5 next gen I hate to see them go with just a service. That... #8
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I own a Wii U only at the moment and I will get a Xbox One later down the road but will prob end up with a few 3rd party games worth playing for me on the xbox one system. I got burned with lack luster titles and hardly no reply value last gen. The this will prob end up the same again. Plus if Nintendo keeps this momentum going, the Wii U could end up neck in neck with Sony, if not even ahead. #16
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Which is a shame, I mean all 3 systems are getting amazing content coming between now and the end of 2015. It really hurts to see Nintendo get shoved to the side like the odd man out :( #2.1.1
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Nintendo while they haven't been doing the best so to speak but one thing stand clear for what there doing for the Wii U. That is giving you a reason to own the system. Sure there not getting the same support as what Sony and Microsoft are getting but if your a Sony or Microsoft owner. Nintendo is showing you there is a reason to want there system now. Instead of complaining about third parties, look at what Nintendo is getting and that train isn't slowing down anytime soon. All the s... #6
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Have a look at this image. Notice the connection of the fine print on this ad along with the might #9 handout one.

http://i.imgur.com/FhAoN6O.... #6
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Not really no, they survived during the N64 gen, GC gen, and they will also do the same for the Wii U. People tend to forget that console sales isn't all that Nintendo makes from as profit goes. There first party games play a huge part of thats as well, along side there hand held and now with the introduction of Amiibos. Yeah that's another heavy chunk of change going in there pocket at the end of the day. #5.1
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Its the other way around. #13.1
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They do there called Retro. #16.1
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Couldn't say it better myself. I'm a Wii U only owner for the time being and I've having a damn blast with my console. Sales don't mean nothing to me as a Gamer. It's just there for bragging rights and something to use as a leverage for a so called console war. Games are the most important aspect with a console and Nintendo is delivering that without a problem, sure we may not be getting 3rd party games from Ubisoft, EA and now Activision but we still are getting 3rd party... #14.1
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It's way to early to tell. Microsoft has a chance to come on top and so does Nintendo. While sure that 10 million is a nice lead but its not a hard lead to reach. Maybe if PS4 was at 15 million with the other consoles remaining the same that would be a better lead but 10 million. No its a small lead. All 3 systems have amazing content coming out for it but the biggest question remains is, which games are system sellers? Smash for Wii U for sure, Halo Maybe for Xbox One and Destiny maybe f... #25
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Nintendo hasn't changed at all since the NES came out. There still making the quality games they have been making since the NES days. There always thinking of new Ideas to play games just like they did with so many damn accessory back then and allowed so many other accessories that were published by Nintendo. Its you yourself who has moved on and don't care about Nintendo. They still to this day create some of the best IP's on the market. Just cause you don't like Motion contr... #5.1
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To me, I don't care who wins. Cause I'm not playing money here, I'm playing games. All 3 systems will have there great games coming in the future and through out the generation. Playing games wins a generation for me. So far Nintendo is bring me the best content as it stands right now. 2015 and beyond it will be from multiple consoles that will deliver the goods. Play games not sales. #46
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Sorry Capcom, not buying yet again. I've already owned it two now with the GC version and then the Wii version as well. HD is not enough for me to go through it again. Its nice that others can but for me. Waste of time. #88
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Actually It could easily happen. If Nintendo could find some way to get the casuals back on board. Yeah, then the story would be different. #11.1
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Not good enough reasons for me. I've already played it on the PS3, Those reasons are not a valid reason to buy the game again. At least for me anyways. Native Resolution and 60FPS is not worth that 50 dollar price tag. The online is fun but short lived just like Uncharted for me. The DLC is a great offer but again, I already own the ones that matter on the PS3. #12
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Yeah I know they have been but most of them have been gimped down to crap. Look at Warriors Orochi 3, the online was horrible in the game. Your coop partner has to have beaten that stage first in order to play it with someone else online? REALLY? also look at DW7, before the corrected the problem with Xtreme Legends, Conquest online coop was crap and annoying. There is a chance they can patch in but highly doubt it. If Koei happens to release an Xtreme legends down the road. Then perhaps but... #12.1.1
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Who the hell cares if there isn't. Its not Nintendo's fault. Koei has released games in the warriors series that didn't have Online play. Move on. #12
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While those facts are all fine and dandy and can't be debated. Yet those facts can be easily ignored. Games are what makes a console good. You can have a powerful system no doubt but have a weak set of games, bad games and of course great games. All 3 of those apply to all 3 systems Wii U included. The fact that most of us here look at it from a power perspective is the wrong way of doing it. All 3 consoles are going to have great games no matter the power. #2.4.5
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