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Hang on a second here, where is all the hate for Sony or Microsoft. I mean after all they could of easily funded the project just like Nintendo did. Yet everyone will sit there and cry and moan because Nintendo funded the project. Yet Silence from Sony and Microsoft.

I think you "fans" should be crying at Sony or Microsoft for not jumping on that before Nintendo did. #88
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Like link2Dpast just said. They don't need to change. They have been doing the same stuff since they first started out with the NES. Here is what i think as to why the Wii U isn't selling like hot cakes like the Wii did. First off, the Wii was a system that brought in a HUGE new line of gamers. The casual gamers. Remember how so many people complained and i quote "Nintendo has abandon us" over the course of the life span for the Wii. Well my theory is that Nintendo designed... #13
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Funny how the connection to the game and show is shown right at the beginning of the show. I guess that crystal that Nolan had wasn't in the game and how the Episode Mission of them leaving San Fran had nothing to do with it after stealing it off Varus (Spelled his name wrong whatever). Yet lets also not forget that episode one gives a great idea on future content. Races, New Enemies, Weapons and hell even Vehicles we will be using as well. So the connection while they were a little weak... #4
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Here's the thing with Defiance. The show plays a huge part in this game and with Added goals, rewards and content every week once a new episode is on. The game is just going to keep getting packed full of content. That's not including DLC as well. Plus give the game more time, it will start to pick up even more down the road. With the show getting 2.7 million viewers is a good start. Plus once gamer's start to understand what the game has to offer. It will slowly pick up more and... #11
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Sacred 3 is it's own game. This is just a spin off to hold people off until Sacred 3 comes out. Get use to the characters and what not. I cannot wait for both of these games to come out. #6.1
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I know it doesn't need to be saved at all. I just used the wrong word in my title and also in my blog. What i mean though is that by having 3rd party exclusives under there belt. Not many sites and gamer's out there can really bash on Nintendo from a game standpoint. Which so many people are doing now. Yet they are just games that part of the Launch Window but still. I believe this would be a huge hit for there console. #11.1
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Ahh crap ty man. #8.1
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I didn't mean saving in that context. Bad choice of a word on my part. I was just saying that it will greatly help them out in the long run. #9
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Yeah a score is based on the "Critic" opinion on the game. No one should sit there and say "Hey this game sucks, Cause this said critic gave it a low score" Yet that person can go out and rent/buy the game and see the game isn't as bad as the critic's give it. I agree that its not the best way to explain the quality of the game then again what makes a quality game? Most people will look at it as in how much investment the developers put into it, review scores and... #5.1
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That is a question that only Nintendo can answer not me. Yet if i had to speculate as to why. Well Nintendo has always been about Innovation. I mean with the NES that brought use the standard controller aspect, The N64 with gave us analog and rumble. Virtual Boy yet also proves that Nintendo is and always will be about Innovation. Trying to set a standard in the industry. Yet remember this is just my theory as to why. At the end of the day, Nintendo if they really wanted to and not go with so... #21.1.2
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That's the thing though, they didn't cut corners. Far from it to be honest. Allow me to explain.

Okay, so many people flipped out over the Wii and how it was going to fail due to its low spec's making it hard as hell for Developers to create games for it. Yet we all know how that turned out to be. Yet the question is, WHY did Nintendo take that approach. Was it because of Cutting Corners with hardware? NO, remember Nintendo is just a gaming company. They don't... #21.1
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They need to get rid of that scoring system and grade system. Just have a written review and let gamers decide that way. Numbers and letters is what is making gamers believe a game is good but this is not the case. A critic review is no different then my own opinion, yours and everyone elses but there is one glaring problem, I'm playing the games you guy's ignore cause you think its a bad game cause of what a critic opinion has stated. Yet strictly going by what they say to convince y... #9.1
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Complaining about Review scores isn't going to do the game justice. Go out and buy it. Ignore the scores. Ignore reviews and go with your gut instants. #18
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Who the F cares what EGM gave Halo 4. Play the damn game and enjoy it. #43
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If this game was made for just the Wii U Pro controller, the game would of been in full 1080p native. BUT since this is using the Wii U gamepad. There is a reason WHY this game is not in 1080p native. It has nothing to do with the system specs itself. It's the fact that the system will be rendering out on the Gamepad controller. If this game was set in 1080p native and streaming to the controller itself. The game would run into a lot of FPS issues. There are older articles that speak of t... #14
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Finally someone out there who has the same opinion as me on the RE games. About damn time. #3
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With the whole Bayonetta 2 aspect. I believe Nintendo made a damn smart choice. Think about it, Nintendo went out of there way to get this game finished and released. Sure its on there console but who cares, It's a nice move by Nintendo cause it just goes to show that Nintendo does care about the core gamers out there who have been doubting Nintendo and have for the last 3 generations. Nintendo will take that extra mile just to make sure fans are happy. Bayonetta 2 is only the start of th... #9.1
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That doesn't explain anything to me. Tell me in detail why its not well executed. I'm just wondering. #1.2
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How so? #1.1
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HAHA nice attempted at calling me a troll since you don't understand facts. So i guess when the Xbox 360 first launched it was a current gen system too right. Since all the launch titles that came out where just ports of the original Xbox. Except for me like what 3 games. Good try buddy.

Also, i am aware of LBP user content stuff. What I'm saying is if you turn your brain on. Is that i would like to see it become a main aspect for the Wii U. Next time before you go ru... #34.1.1
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