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Especially if it comes with the standard "Pride and Accomplishment" feature. Can't wait to sink my credit card into it.

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I love CDPR. But words are just words. If AAA games containing MTs continue to be very profitable as they currently are, then I have no doubt CDPR will follow suit somewhere down the line. Its how big companies work. They all want to be as profitable as can be.

But this is not the fault of the companies per se. Its mostly the fault of the majority of gamers who have more money than common sense. If they keep buying these kind of games, the companies will keep on making them...

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My rig is only entry level. And I tested the 1280x720 Standard Quality, and it got a 6687 score which is apparently pretty good for that setting. I was actually surprised that Square Enix might actually be working hard on optimizations. However, since this was the Benchmark application, I'm not going to hold my breath hoping that the actual game would run that well at that setting.

Visual-wise, it looked really good even on Standard Quality. However I did notice a fair ...

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I'd love to see something a bit like what Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 is currently doing. Start a small shop and work your way up to upgrading your base by making money off of orders, and then start building your dream rig for yourself. And yes, overclocking would be nice. Seeing realistic benchamark numbers, performance ratings and accurate changes in accordance with the change in components would be nice.

Ironically, my actual rig may not be able to play this game smo...

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Agreed. They're probably buttering us up for the exclusive delay of their next multiplat game on PC while other platforms get their release on time. Whatever the case, we'll be getting another bug-ridden, poorly-optimized crap of a console port.

Ubisoft haven't cared about PC for a very very long time. I have absolutely zero belief in this sudden change of heart. They can go fuck themselves.

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Wow. So essentially, we can benchmark a game within a game? #gameception

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Me too. However, I'd rather not mention the best weird game I've ever played. *AHEM*

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Personally I wouldn't call it an addiction per se. Just a byproduct of too much idle time. The closest game I came to being "addicted" to was World of Warcraft. But that was mostly because I was being lazy and didn't have much to do on a daily basis. Besides that, no game has been able to hold me for longer than a few days OR keep me from my real life chores, duties or obligations. And these past couple of years, I've lost so much enthusiasm for playing games. Whereas in...

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Wait a sec. I enjoyed this game as much as the next fan, but don't you think you're being a tad unreasonable? If someone doesn't like a popular game that you happen to like, then they must be stupid? You seriously can't be THAT arrogant.

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Oh goody. Its that time of the month again when hungry feminists go on the prowl among the gaming community to fill their fat hairy bellies.

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How is EA being "good" to you related in any way to their Battlefront 2 screw up? You're somebody who's on their payroll to do something else. Of course you should be happy. They're paying you money.

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Exactly. And I really don't understand this need for some people to re-buy the same damn game multiple times just because its got a new suffix in the title. Its a waste of money.

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@Psychotica - "Waste" is a relative term in this context. Spending hours and hours doing something you hate, which you didn't have to in the first place, is a waste.

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"Hey look, everyone. I have a girlfriend."

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If it was THAT easy for them to learn their lesson, they would not be the most hated publisher in the gaming industry. If its not season passes, its loot-boxes. If its not loot-boxes, it'll be something else equally slimy.

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@thorstein - Oh it will come back. That's why a lot of people are still raging. This is EA.

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This may come as a shock to someone like you who bends over willingly for anybody who asks, but other people don't like it when developers don't fulfill promises or make their games purposefully frustrating so as to push players towards gambling mechanics in order to progress.

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Keyword here is - "for the time being". I'm willing to bet(no pun intended) that they'll put it back up once the current storm has passed and people's attention move on to other things. This is EA. I expect nothing less.

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"socialist core values"?
How's that gonna work? Is that like -
- All players have to distribute ammos evenly between them even though you found the most ammo yourself?
- If your group kills one from another group, you have to give them a free kill of one of your own in return to even the odds?
- If you dominate a game, you should be ashamed of yourself because you clearly don't care about others?
- In the end, every single com...

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"Who is forcing the developers"
Publishers. And publishers are in turn forced by investors/shareholders. And investors are forced by the government. And the government is forced by politically influenced identity groups and the mainstream media. Take a look at the current loot-box controversy with Battlefront 2 and tell me again that no one is forcing developers to change things in their games. Didn't you hear news like feminists trying to blackmail CDPR about how their...

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