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DA2 felt like a game some indie developer made(obviously poorly) to copy Dragon Age Origins, not a direct sequel by Bioware itself. It sucks so bad, its not even debatable.

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"It's idiots trying to censor everyone and thing they don't like that are the problem."
Isn't that the whole point of 'social justice' though? A vocal and influential group within a community gets to dictate what is appropriate for all the others. Isn't that where censorship comes from and why many are rejecting it nowadays?

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I'm going to assume you'd probably love it if the government raised the minimum wage by a cool 200%? Make those greedy, filthy rich bastards pay the people what they owed them, right?

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Oh look. Identity politics in the gaming industry. Bet that never happened before......

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Its just the lesbians that are "indestructible". Because, y'know, lesbians dying in a video game is a catastrophe to humanity. Y'know, as opposed to the hundreds of characters of possibly straight or unmentioned sexual orientation that you get to kill in almost every game, because that is totally OKAY. In fact, if it is encouraged by our friendly neighborhood rug-muchers from the lovely community over at Tumblr.

All hail Fem-Hitler.
Long live Femi...

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When you say "confront racism", do you mean trying to make gamers feel guilty and sorry for a certain race based on the color of their skin or do you mean "racism" as in actual discrimination towards ANY of the races? I'm asking because the former doesn't solve any problems for anybody, just more headlines for the left-controlled media.

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These so-called "Best of ...." lists are always dependent on personal preference. So I can understand why someone would put Chrono Trigger at #1. I love the game as well, even though it does not come close to my top 10 best RPG games ever played. Everyone's list will differ in some ways.

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Is it that time of the month for feminazis and manginas again? *facepalm*

Not surprising given the fact that these people are more concerned about there being a strip club in GTA5 instead of the fact that you can basically go around killing everyone you see.

"Who cares that men are killed in thousands every game? A woman is shown in skimpy clothing. TRIGGERED!"

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TBF, their musical exploits of the past has zero relevance to their rather misinformed opinion on video games. They could be the best musicians in history or they could be one of these embarrassing wannabe bands you see everyday on youtube, and it would make zero difference on the subject matter.

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People love putting blame on everything or everyone else except themselves. Video games are easy targets for this. Parents have been using them to cover up for their failures.quite often. Feminists have been using them to create "controversies" out of nothing to promote their agenda. And I believe a significant portion of the gamers use it to hide from reality when they feel vulnerable or want to live in denial.

Games are just like any other lifeless entity. They ...

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Here's to hoping we get another great game when it comes out.

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A lot of the "less-popular" PC games are sold in India for somewhere between $10 to $20. The most popular and big-name ones are sold for $30+.

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Exactly. In fact, I'd say a girl usually gets better treatment in online games and such compared to the average guy.

There was an opinion piece posted on this site about 5 years ago or so that perfectly outlined how guys actually get more verbal abuse and harassment in online gaming compared to girls.

Of course, as usual, it gets shoved aside and ignored because it failed to comply with the usual "feminist" standards as it apparently didn't ...

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Most people want the maximum amount of reward possible for the least amount of effort. This young lady saw a short-cut to having a large viewer base, and she took it. Now she's decided to go a different route. Why is this supposedly a big deal to some?

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Pretend its the year 2007 and think of Fallout 4 as COD4 and The Witcher 3 as the original Crysis, but with a more interesting storyline.

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No idea. But be sure to check out the first free DLC - Beer Gut Pack.

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2015 game looks better than 2008 game.

OMG! What a BIG surprise!

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Best? Definitely 2. However I've never had a more enjoyable first couple of hours than the First Game, since it was the new "thing" at the time.

And even though Black Flag felt pretty solid, I was beginning to get tired of AC games by the time it released and it kind of affected my experience of the game.

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People just see the graphics in the original Crysis and think that's all there is to it. It was so much more than that. You want to see "all flash and no substance"? Check out Crysis 2 and 3. Thanks, EA, for turning a potentially great exclusive series into a buggy, boring mess of a multiplat.

793d ago 3 agree0 disagreeView comment Compare the very first screens. Look at the PS4 trees closely. They already start to lose their sharpness from the 3rd tree ahead. And the water too, in fact, while being less obvious than the tress. If you just take a quick glance at them the differences are minimal, I agree. Its once you go into the details that they start to become obvious.

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