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I imagine the people that already bought loot boxes with real money are banging their heads against the wall as we speak. LMAO.......

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IMO, he never found it funny in the first place. Why would he? He was simply being sarcastic and/or mocking the overly sensitive SJWs and PC crowd that love to cry at the drop of a hat. Anyway, why this is considered newsworthy is beyond me.

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I had no interest in playing Bayonetta-type games and I thought Nier was in the same bracket as mindless linear hack-and-slash shit. But after playing it, I found it surprisingly fun and interesting. Maybe I'll go and try Bayonetta now.

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Ugh. EA over-glossing every surface yet again. No thanks.

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Oh good. My cat will be overjoyed.

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Let me guess. His name is 'Token', right?

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So it seems they're going to keep pushing this agenda onto our games till the end of the world, eh? Oh goody.

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"Over 60% of games seems to be set in the USA"
You mean over 60% of the games you play, right? And no, its not always some 20-30 white male with square jaws. If you want, there are many other games out there that don't have that.

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To be fair, video games are also the reason some men have jobs in the first place. So......yeah. It is what it is.

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Rewards for skill and strategy? So more killstreak-levels then? YAWN......

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So everyone's basically moving back to the World Wars again. Oh goody. Its not like we've already had those games more than a decade ago.

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So its basically MotoGP 2016/Valentino Rossi:The Game with updated skins and liveries? Are these people even trying anymore?

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AC3 and FC4? Hmm.... not the most decorated list of work. But lets see how he does when not under Ubisoft's shackles.

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I got fed up with zombies after Left 4 Dead 1. Fighting zombies in a game or watching them on TV felt like those annoying grinding quests that you are forced to do to level up on World of Warcraft that all feel exactly the same. I never thought there could be anything I'm more bored of than vampires after the whole Twilight shitfest, but along came zombies.

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If that's the case, then get ready for Anita Sarkeesian and her fellow crones to jump at another chance to earn a few more "exclusive interview" money about how women in games look too hot and not butch enough or some bullsh!t like that. Oh joy. /s

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I can understand Flight Simulators, Train Simulators and even Truck Simulators to an extent. But PC building simulator? LOL. What's next? Sleeping simulator?

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Damn. Going for a fixed sum rather than percentage share? Ouch.
Selling even the movie/TV rights? Poor guy. Talk about not having faith in your own work.

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Doubt it. He didn't like the way they "progressed" from the end of his books. So he probably won't be too eager to accept them as canon to his world.

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@Alexious - Read them. I read all 7 and they're generally good reads. The first couple of books definitely are great. The series dragged a bit during the 4th, 5th and 6th books, IMO. But overall its a very good series.

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That's what we were telling people since MW2. However, no one listened or wanted to listen. So its no surprise that this is getting worse and worse. Even back then, anybody with a working brain could see this type of shit being pulled by Activision down the line.

I can still remember these morons' words - "Oh you're just hating because its a huge franchise and they are a big company."

Any "fanbase" this stupid deserves to b...

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