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Pretend its the year 2007 and think of Fallout 4 as COD4 and The Witcher 3 as the original Crysis, but with a more interesting storyline. #20
No idea. But be sure to check out the first free DLC - Beer Gut Pack. #1.1
2015 game looks better than 2008 game.

OMG! What a BIG surprise! #11
Best? Definitely 2. However I've never had a more enjoyable first couple of hours than the First Game, since it was the new "thing" at the time.

And even though Black Flag felt pretty solid, I was beginning to get tired of AC games by the time it released and it kind of affected my experience of the game. #3
People just see the graphics in the original Crysis and think that's all there is to it. It was so much more than that. You want to see "all flash and no substance"? Check out Crysis 2 and 3. Thanks, EA, for turning a potentially great exclusive series into a buggy, boring mess of a multiplat. #6 Compare the very first screens. Look at the PS4 trees closely. They already start to lose their sharpness from the 3rd tree ahead. And the water too, in fact, while being less obvious than the tress. If you just take a quick glance at them the differences are minimal, I agree. Its once you go into the details that they start to become obvious. #16.1
Translation -

"Yeah once we've exhausted console interest in the game completely, we'll put a fancy new label to it, add some shitty unnecessary content to it and bring it to your PC to raise interest again so that the blind cattle who bought it on consoles will buy the same game for their PCs for the same price. E-Z money." #6
Why? So the slow rated CBs can easily catch up with the speedster forwards all over again? 'Cause that's realistic too? I mean if there's no discernable difference even between an 80 rated sprinter and a 90 rated one then what the hell is the point? Long lobbed/through balls are part of the real life game. Speed is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity. If you don't know how to deal with it, play some other game. #1.1
Paid subscription AND cash shop? That itself is enough to warrant a thumbs down, nevermind the dated visuals and lackluster gameplay. #12
I can't believe I used to think FPS was the best genre. Now I can't stand them anymore, and I wouldn't touch them with a ten-foot pole. I'm just so f**king tired of generic arcade shooters. #3
Yes. Made by the critically acclaimed Uwe Boll. The next Speilberg. NOT. #3.1
Have used both AMD and Nvidia. AMD "looks" good on paper, due to lower-pricing, etc. Reliability and performance-wise, I personally prefer Nvidia. I've had it with AMD and their poor support drivers. #25
I hope they put another chiller level like they did in the last game's "The Cradle" mission. That was bone-chillingly creepy. I love it. #3
PC innovation suffered more from your s**ty ports and half-a**ed games in general. #4
I just hope the reason it took so long after the development announcement is that they wanted to make sure it's in tip-top shape for release. But I'm not holding my breath. #2
Really? I thought the concept of this game was just fanfic. Ghost was way overrated. But apparently he was so "awesome" in MW2 that they almost made a COD game focusing solely on the character before MW3? I thought they left it at that. Damn kids. Put a skull mask on a useless character and he's suddenly the best thing since sliced bread *rolleyes*.

Oh please, you could've put someone wearing a pokemon mask in his place and he'd still be a useless side c... #4
Oh I'm sorry. I thought the title said - "The Most Jaw-Dropping Game Graphics", not "The Most Artistically Ingenious Visuals". Need glasses fast.... #3.2.4
Most jaw-dropping game graphics? 2007? Crysis - "Honorable mention" only? Looks like somebody played Crysis on an outdated rig. #3
Combine the FIFA series and the FIFA Manager series into one giant package. Make the player-career mode much more in-depth than the current version. PRESTO! Bugs galore.... #4
They need to prioritize target-men more in the next game. Speed still kills too much in this. And next time do something to combat the dominance of 5'2" created players online. Totally unrealistic, annoying and takes away from the experience. How many top real-world players are 5'2'? It's total bull. #4
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