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I take it you weren't blessed enough to have bought a ps4 instead of an Xbone....
'But PS4 doesn't have to hit 1080/60fps, as long as it's numerically higher than X1, right?'.

Well if you're comparing the two consoles, the higher one is yeah 😆
You don't seem to have a clue about why Blu Ray was an adopted format since you didn't offer an explanation other than 'it wasn't PlaySt... #1.3.14
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Yeah unfortunately there aren't many couch co op titles this gen. Tekken was amazing in the PS1 era but has declined heavily unlike MK and SF. Hopefully Namco concentrate on Soul calibur which was good until 5 #1.1
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That's true to an extent, but Destiny was actually built around redo-ing the same things on a weekly basis. That's turning the whole thing into a chore - some people living their lives around 'reset tuesday', so that they can keep ahead of everyone else. A game shouldn't reward people purely on how little else people have to do. Not that I was complaining with Destiny for the first 50 hours or so, but hitting the end of that 'story' was perhaps the least satisfying... #1.1.1
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'Congrats! Only 170 more to go!'

How do you know how many panels there are? I know he said there are nearly 700 puzzles but panels aren't the only puzzles in this game... #1.1.2
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I know some people still play Destiny but I think if you got it when it came out, you've done everything there was to do so long ago that there's no way you can still be playing.

The Division is new and looks more intriguing. To think that it's needing to 'pull Destiny players away' to be successful is a fallacy. If people can play Destiny for 15 months and not be bored stiff repeating themselves, then those people don't need to move on, they need to s... #1
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I feel ya! The witness has taken many hours of beating me around the brain, what an excellent game. I'm sure I'm near the end! #2.1
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Here's a good comeback:

You're a child with appalling grammar. #1.2.3
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Read the grammar in your statement and then ask yourself if you should address people as 'kid'.

On point - I did find it very empty. You'd walk down loads of streets and see nothing but the odd NPC and the same 5 guys in a hoodie. Or maybe a dog. But very little to interact with. I liked it overall, but it seemed quite empty. #1.2.1
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I know everyone is hype about this game but there's an awful lot of running in awfully empty environments. #1
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Weather? Opinion nullified. #3.1
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Looks like it does on my PS4? #1.2
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@ yinyang

If you're saying you're saying that it's just the console version that's been downgraded then please show me console footage where it looked better. You're comparing the initial PC footage to a ps4 then screaming downgrade... #1.3
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Isn't this a one-to-one recreation though? What games have you been playing that are like that? #1.1
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I'd be surprised if they ever make a decent game again. Max Payne 2 is quite old now! #1.1.1
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Yeah it's true. Warning pirates that they're stealing might affect the next game they're going to steal is a waste of breathe. That said, I bought this for £30 and it's excellent. #6.1
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First agreeable comment from you Foxy - congrats! #4.2.1
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Yeah Crytek would love him to visit so they can see meet someone with an imagination and flair.

See Crysis 2-3 were the most bland, emotionless, charmless games I've ever played. The graphics were pretty nice, but when there is no reason to play, why bother? #4.1
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So you know, but you've never heard it? So how do you know? Hate to break it to you pal, but your English is shocking! #2.1.2
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@ Aenea

Before you shake your head too vigorously...the only person who appears to need an English dictionary would be you. Take it from someone who's English. #2.2
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As you haven't played it, I'm not sure how you can attest to how this game should be made.

Given how long Square make to churn out Final Fantasy games, having these made in episodes means that we realistically get to play this game before 2020. In my eyes, that's a good thing - we've waited a long time already! #1.2
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