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Actually, I think if you visit this link on mobile, it does take you to the wrong story. Odd.

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This game is described as "Shaping and building your own world" - Yes, Minecraft. Backer bonuses even include your own blocks and characters.
They plan to release a comicbook, soundtrack, playing cards - Clearly they are just doing this for monetary gain.

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The thing that gets me about Used Games are the online access codes. I mean, how are you supposed to play, for example, Battlefield 3 Online? To Be Honest, there's not a great chance that the person before you bought Battlefield solely to play the campaign; and if you buy the game with a used code, what are you supposed to do? Also, if you have more than one account, you are not able to play it on both accounts! I had this problem with me and my Brother splitting the Price Tag of BF3 50/5...

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Same goes for me. I used to be completely immersed in The Legend of Dragoon's Graphics and feel, but now when I revisit the game, it just seems ugly and slow.

It's hella fun, though.

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That's some deep stuff, man.

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