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"Marine Corps! Ooorah!"


It would sell all of 20 copies.

I'm excited as hell. Got kind of tired of the formula after Green Day RB, but I can get back into it with this. #17.1
I took my PS4 with me to Oki and back in a small backpack with my Laptop and several games. It fit perfectly. #1
This is an excellent chance for Sony to just obliterate the competition, more so than they've already been doing. They've been great about marketing lately, so I really hope they push this too. I'm sure they will. #19
Already passed the 20 million mark? Daaaaayuuuum! Best console out there, deserves it fully!

Where is M$ at with their numbers? They've been really quiet lately ever since they announced their "almost 10 million shipped", back in November. They've been a bit too hush hush. I'm starting to believe they haven't even sold through those 10 million yet, considering it was only at 7 million right before they announced that. I don't even think it's... #35
Yeah... I can't begin to tell how *SPOILER ALERT!!!* much I was about to flip my shit when I thought they killed Sully off near the end of UC3. Like I was legitimately angry, and then felt so much relief when he came back.

I really like Elena. In fact, I like all of them tbh. ND does such a great job with their character development, it's hard not to like them. Plus, Elena *SPOILER ALERT!!!* is Nate's wife after all. It'd be shitty for her to buy the farm. #2.2
Please let the rumors about Sweet Tooth, Predator, and Spawn be true. If they're in, then this would be the first MK game I've ever purchased. #11
Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's no such thing as a 900p TV in the US. So, if you play XBone in the US, you're essentially getting a 720p version. Now, I know 900p ain't that much worse, but having played in 720p recently after being so used to 1080p, there IS a HUGE difference. #14
In terms of pure exclusives... Kinect Fruit Ninja 2 vs. BloodBorne. lol... Are people actually trying to have this debate? Jesus Christ... #26
Well, Naughty Dog isn't a competitor here, period. Naughty Dog and Uncharted are way above Crystal and Tomb Raider's league. the fact that Uncharted 3 sold almost a million more copies on one platform than Tomb Raider did on 5, and has a higher metascore, says it all. I think they'll be competing with that PoS game, Unearthed (lol), than they will Uncharted 4. #13
Helldivers has been on my list of games to buy for a while. Glad to know it'll have a platinum. #3
Yeah I can't deny that this is actually a must have feature. It's one of the things that made PSV so awesome, and really should be on PS4 as well. #4.2
No thanks. Already own one, and still haven't bought a game for it in over 2 years. I can play MK and Smash on Wii, so there's nothing there I care about. :/ #16
Regardless of what you can say about length, the story was actually pretty f*cking awesome. I'm already dying for the sequel, because I really really REALLY want to know what comes next. There was very little that was boring about it.

Funny how people like this refuse to make the same criticism of Mario when it's literally the same layout EVERY. FREAKIN. GAME. Bowser does something evil, captures the princess, and Mario must now leap more mushrooms and turtles to sa... #21
Depends on how you want to look at it. Though short, the game was technically and graphically flawless. The gunplay was perfect (despite it being one of the original complaints when the gameplay was first unveiled), and the storyline, universe, and characters were excellently done. I was sucked into the story almost immediately, and the way the game sets it up for the future is just plain awesome. Are there some gripes, besides the length? Sure. But it was far from a bad game. Definitely a so... #22
The Order was an unfortunate when it came to reviews. Still playing through it now and enjoying it, but it was obvious most reviewers would tear it down, seeing as it's not Mario, Gears or Halo.

BloodBorne, on the other hand, is untouchable. Reviewers gave Demon's/ Dark Souls quite a bit of praise, and this is literally going to be the ultimate successor. Any reviewer tearing it down will be doing so because they either never played a souls game or they just don'... #17
I'm less hyped, and more interested in how it will look graphically. Though it never matched Uncharted 3's graphical fidelity, Gears 3 was still the game to push some limits on 360. So, will they be able to achieve 1080p and make it look almost as good as Uncharted 4? #35
It would be, but it's an inevitability at this point. Believe me, I loved my Vita as much as the next guy, but dedicated handhelds are dead. The Vita had some phenomenal software in it's first year, but it never went anywhere. PS4 is the future for PS right now. Vita is dead. #5.1
@BakPAin It's definitely not being published by M$, otherwise there would be no doubt of it's permanent exclusivity. M$ simply has a timed exclusivity deal, like they have with most things. Given how little confidence Phil Spencer had when asked how long it would remain exclusive, I'd say we'll be seeing a PS4 version by summer 2016 at the latest.

In the meantime, PS4 gamers will enjoy Uncharted 4, which sales and metascore have proven that Uncharted is far s... #1.1.10
I came into the game a bit late, sadly... I was an N64 kid growing up, and tried to move onto to GC, but when I got to play games like Ratchet & Clank, I was a PS gamer from then on out. I still played other consoles, but Playstation is, and always will, my primary place to game. #3
People already forget that Naughty Dog did their own speed run of Uncharted 3, before it's release, and confirmed they beat it in less than 3 hours. The game had a runtime of 10 - 12 hours for the average player, so I'm just gonna ignore this. The problem with speed runs is that it's literally people just putting the at it's easiest settings and running through it. Not enjoying, not exploring. If you're gonna pretend that that is somehow relevant to a game's playtime,,... #45
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