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"Marine Corps! Ooorah!"


God, I forgot how beautiful UC3 was. Say what you will about UC2 being the better game overall, but UC3 was just flat out gorgeous. I think it honestly perfected what the PS3 was capable of. It just looks so damn good, even by PS4 standards. #13
Mostly because of all the Xbox fans shitting on this collection, while praising Gears UE. Of course, they'll just call media bias (even though they quoted Metacritic like it was the gospel last gen), but I digress. #7.1.1
Looks like another critical success on PS4. No surprise here. My favorite games on PS3. Uncharted was my first ever platinum trophy. It will bring back a lot of memories, playing through it again.

It will be interesting if the meta stays above Gears: UE #7
Maybe, if Sony markets the device enough. #18
Given how choked up this holiday is, I'm willing to bet the PS4 version of RoTR will sell more. #25
You get 3 of the best single player experiences ever created on a single disc. If you're considering getting a PS4, and have never played UC, this is an amazing deal. #14
I'm really digging being able to set up game sessions. Gonna be great for games like Destiny and UC4. #4
My personal favorite TDS of all time is Dead Nation by House Marque. I loved that game so much, and clocked so many hours into it. Can't wait for Alienation. #1
Honestly, ND should just keep focusing on moving forward, after UC4, by making TLoU 2 and a potential new IP. Another Jak game would be cool, but it'd be better if some other developer did it, like how Sanzaru did the latest Sly Cooper while SP worked on inFamous. #12
Maybe just the Uncharted 2 MP. If not, there is the UC4 Beta, and UC4 is coming out not too long after this. It'll be better if people looking forward to UC MP just wait until UC4 comes out so that there will be more people playing the MP there. #4.3
I've played and platinumed every single Uncharted title, and I'm still extremely hyped for this. #2.1
It's crazy how well this game still holds up, even to current gen titles. It's jus beautiful to play and to watch. #5
@KionicWarlord222 When you say "just", you are implying that is the only thing that we received this year. It's not really a subscription service if most of it comes in the form of free updates. The point is that the core DriveClub games was complete, and by no means a bad game; it just had it's share of online issues. Evolution, despite all the media backlash, has taken the time to give the game some heavy support and turned it into a much better product. #3.3
Clearly, you haven't played this game if you think private lobbies are all they've done the past year. You have no reason to comment, and your opinion is null and void. #3.1
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This is most definitely one of the most heavily supported games ever released. All this new content, and not even a year since release. #2.1
Awesome news, but why the hell did she have do describe a specific moment in the game, especially one that sounds very crucial to the story? Does she understand the concept of spoilers and how these interviews go public? #7
I honestly don't see where Xbox is "king" in terms of exclusives. Some good ones, yes, but Xbox is just like Nintendo in the sense that they have a select few brand name exclusives that sell the console, while all others take a back seat. PS is the only console brand that has a large list of exclusives that many people play. #4.1
Xbone is tracking better than PS3, just by a very small margin, for now. It's very likely to change considering PS3's eventual spike in sales after it's first few years. I definitely don't see Xbone coming to PS3 in LT sales, that's for sure. #6.1
Most have, but you still have those desperate stragglers in random comment sections that believe the XBone is really close to PS4, and will eventually pass. Kindof like doomsday theorist. #7.1
For the last time, no. Catching up in the US is still on the cards, but worldwide, there's not a chance. Whether or not it catches up in the US depends on how well Halo is able to fair against all of the PS4 bundles coming this holiday and a potential PS4 price drop in the US. If the PS4 gets that official price drop, it's extremely unlikely the XBone will catch up even there, at least not for a long while. It's pretty much just going to be tug of war in the US, while the Xbone ge... #15
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