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"Marine Corps! Ooorah!"


A PS4 release really would be great. I'd definitely buy it. #12
I want to see GT7/ GTS, Horizon reveal, and Sucker Punch's new game reveal. Even if Sony doesn't have any strong exclusives to launch in late 2015, they can still show us some awesome projects for the future. Honestly, if they land the BO3 marketing rights, with an exclusive bundle, on top of the Battlefront bundle, and announce the next GT with a release date, they will be unstoppable. #4
Depends on if Sony lands a marketing deal with Activision for CoD. If they can get an exclusive PS4 bundle for BO3, on top of the Battlefront and Batman bundles, the system will be unstoppable in the US, this holiday. We already know PS4 will outsell XBone worldwide. ;) #45
I have a feeling whether it's coming to PS4 is a lot less MS's choice, and more SE's. SE probably told them, this is the deal. Take it or leave it. Considering that the vast majority of TR 2013's sales were on Playstation platforms, SE would be crazy to let it stay a console exclusive. Either way, RotTR has nothing on Uncharted 4 lol :P #10
Looks good. Never platinumed it on PS3, but I might give it one more shot here. Hopefully, if they're not doing an Ascension remaster, they at least tac on the Ascension multiplayer or offer it as a standalone on PS4 simply titled "God of War Online". #31
I feel like they can do a lot more than 110 million within the next 3 years. Hell, combined, they should be well passed 50 million by early spring next year. Both are are tracking above their predecessors while PS4 is still tracking above both the PS3 and 360 combined. #11
At what point in time was it confirmed that UC4 wasn't going to do 60 FPS? Are you basing this statement off of pre-alpha gameplay? #2.3
If Xbone gets another price drip, M$ will literally be selling a loss. People forget, profit is far more important than just number output. After all, what's the point in selling a shit ton, if you're gaining nothing. Then all you're doing is losing more, the more you sell. That's PS4 has yet to receive one. The PS4 is selling great while Sony basks in the profit. Once the demand starts to drop, then we'll see a price cut there. #9
But still no solid sales numbers? Mmmk. #7
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DK64 was an amazing game. Very few N64 games were without flaw, so that's an unfair argument. I hope Nintendo is considering a remake #4
When will people figure it the hell out that the game is intended to look like Hesei Era (90's) Godzilla films? Godzilla films, up until 2014, have never been these crazy special effects power houses. Buildings in the film actually broke down in large chunks and cheesy looking explosions, but that's part of what fans love. It's practical special effects and made the movies fun to watch.

Screw the haters. G fan since I was just a little guy, and I can't wait t... #5
9.5 million... That is freakin abysmal... Not even the strongest core Nintendo titles on Wii-U are holding a candle to their predecessors... #20
Looks cool, and I do love twin stick shooters, but I agree with people talking about how saturated they seem now. We've already have Alienation on the way, so I think Sony could use something else for now. #6
Simple. Last gen consoles still exist, and they're really cheap now. If there's a game you want to play from last gen, then get a last gen console.

From a technical perspective, PS4 does actually have a legitimate excuse, and that's obvious huge difference in Harware from PS3. A backwards compatible PS4 would probably be $150-$200 more expensive. #25
Wasn't this discovered a really long time ago?.. #4
It's pretty clear that PS4 is at least going to become the second best selling PS console of all time. Still up in the air whether it can hit PS2 numbers, but it'll definitely pass PS1 and PS3. Depends on how long this gen is, and how long PS4 will last into next gen. #15.1
Man, wheres the 2015 Ford Mustang GT350R? Ain't nobody got time for some garbage ass Camaro, or Dodge Charger (poor man's Mustang). #7
This game really isn't that impressive... For the longest time, PC fans kept hyping this up as the second coming of christ, and I really just don't see it. The physics are bouncy and crap looking, the cars look like they're hovering on a perfectly smooth surface without any sort of friction, the environments look empty and flat, and the game doesn't seem very fun. It might be 60 FPS, but DriveClub blows this out of the water. #3
Can you imagine how difficult boss battle would be from this perspective, though? lol #6
I love twin stick shooters. Any chance of a PS4 release? #12
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