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"Marine Corps! Ooorah!"


There are so many attempts at comparing other to this, graphically, and there are just none. This just looks insane. #15
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Funny... They didn't gripe on MP and delay the review with MCC. They did it with DriveClub though. No shock there. #6.3.1
Comparing the Gamescom Tomb Raider demo to the UC4 extended demo, there's just not a comparison. The facial details, the animation, the dynamic cover, the way NPCs react, the fact that Nate AND his weapon get covered in mud in REALTIME, etc., is all just so amazing in UC4. Tomb Raider is looking good, but ND is just on another level when it comes to graphics. #61
Seriously. Why is IGN suddenly playing this stupid ass "Let's try and downplay PS exclusives!" card. I know it's not just me. Literally, every PS exclusive this year has received a score from them that is below the meta. With BloodBorne, they even went as far as to delay putting their review up on Metacritic just so they could wait for the right moment to bring the score down. What gives? #6
Apparently. It's going Ford's most expensive model in history.

On a side, why the hell am I getting disagrees? Is it really so bad to dream of having such an awesome car? #8.2.1
Shit, you drive a car like that, who needs hookers? You'd be getting all the women, and not trashy ones lol #8.1.1
Holy shit, that is a sexy ass car... If I could even dream of having $250K to throw around, this is what I'd buy. #8
Got it :D #8
Hell, where's their article crying about Rise of the Tomb Raider? lol #13.1
@StrayaKNT I would literally bet money that more people on Xbone play Destiny than Titanfall. #5.3.2
The list is fairly weak, because it lists a few that clearly aren't releasing until 2017 at the earliest, but there is already still a pretty solid lineup of confirmed games like UC4, R&C, Horizon, etc. #13.1
Uncharted 4, Horizon, Ratchet & Clank, and GT7 all have my attention for next year. #15
You're kidding, right? It's probably the most played game on XBone, besides maybe CoD. It's definitely up there with CoD and GTA5 on PS4, as well. Needless to say, a crap ton of people still buy and play it on a regular basis. The game that literally came and went the way of the Dodo was Titanfall. That was supposedly gonna be the second coming, but was completely forgotten in a couple months, hence why EA isn't even rushing to get a sequel out. #5.3
Why is it that there's so much more butthurt over Sony doing exclusive content deals with third party devs, than there ever was with MS and 360 last gen? This mentality, combined with Phil Spencer criticizing Sony for it, has literally become the definition of the pot calling the kettle black. Don't get mad because MS did it first, and proved it to be a smart business move. I, for one, am a Destiny player on PS4, so I don't even care lol #10
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@ShaunCameron It still did a crap ton better than the sequel. It sold over 3 million copies on PS3 and 360 combined, and hasn't even broken 1 million on Wii-U. Sega was just being greedy, while Nintendo realized they needed something that could appeal to more mature audiences. They bet on the right horse from a critical perspective, but it's very unlikely they've made back even a fraction of what they put into it. Needless to say, there probably won't be a Bayo 3 unless NX tur... #6.1.3
This game was made for the wrong console, in my honest opinion. There was so much promise there, but I guess it was held back by hardware that can't produce anything that looks better than what we saw in 2007, unless it's a cartoon. I feel like Itagaki realized early on that very few of Nintendo's user base would even give the game a glance, so he just stopped giving a crap. Probably focused on working on something else. #6
Some say it's easier. Some say it's a lot harder. I've never personally played Dark Souls, but I did play Demon's Souls, and I can safely say BloodBorne was much much harder in terms of it's bosses. The faster gameplay makes it feel more like a hack n slash, but the enemies are a lot faster too, forcing you to make quick timely decisions, as well as being smart with your stamina and blood vials. BloodBorne is more simple, but is more difficult. #11.4
Horizon should definitely be on people's radar. I just hope GG gives us another demo that shows the machine AI free roam and can be randomly encountered, and that events like the massive T-Rex robot fight can happen randomly and aren't just scripted. That would be mind blowing. #4
@_-EDMIX-_ Hell, I remember when Gametrailers used to do PS3 and 360 comparisons with multi plats early on, but then stopped because they were caught tampering with PS3's RGB and Color Filter settings to make the PS3 version seem foggy and less colorful. #9.2.3
I've got 5,067 trophies and 75 platinums. He's got me beat big time, but I'm only 1 guy, and I only really play games I like. #9
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