Marine Corps! Ooorah!
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I don't honestly care. I was iffy about IW, but that E3 gameplay was actually pretty badass. Im buying both., and getting CoD: MWR with them.

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Hmm... I know it would be naive to expect TP-like visuals for the NX version, but holy crap would that sell me on both an NX and this game.

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The game came out very under par, and Inafune had the nerve to tell people "it's better than nothing". Granted, honesty that your product is crappy is better than hiding it, but not after you've already taken and spent the money that people gave you for said product.

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How is something a marketing disaster when it hasn't even been marketed yet?

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Its stupid to blame Kickstarter, but I do still feel really bad for the people that backed this game, particularly the ones that shoveled out a good chunk of change for it. Based on reviews, the game apparently is average at best, which is whatever, but for Inafune to take people's money like that and basically just spit in their face when the game turns out to not be what he promised fans; that's nothing short of a con man.

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If Chris Pratt had his hair dyed darker, he could definitely do it. Its one of those roles that's just made for him, seeing as usually portrays that kind of character in the movies he's been in as of late.

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Though he's not wrong, and the game is only $30 brand new, thats still such a shitty thing to say. That's the same thing as selling someone a literal clump of crap, and telling them "its better than nothing!"

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As excited as I am for my XBone S preorder, this is true. MS announced Scorpio way too early. If they continue to put heavy emphasis on Xbone, just to suddenly reveal that Scorpio is in fact a next ten console, it's gonna piss a lot of people off. Granted, the original Xbox only had a 4 year lifespan as well, but people were nowhere near as invested into that system as they are with Xbone. Its going to alienate anyone who spent several hundred dollars on the Xbones, on top of all the game...

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The better question, when has Sony even lost to MS this gen? They've won in sales, they've won in quantity of games, they've won in quality of games, and they're the ones that seem to have a prolonged plan for exclusive games, i.e. not just keep releasing rushed sequels to dying franchises, and occasionally showing off something somewhat new and interesting thats only going to prove to be a niche title in the long run. As far as Neo is concerned, everything is rumors and hears...

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I honestly think that despite it taking several years, Sony and MS have finally mastered the art of having a solid press conference. Both companies have faced their screw ups head on, and have since learned, and have had nothing but good conferences in recent years. Nintendo, on the other hand... They just seem way too caught up in themselves to learn a damn thing, and it shows sadly. Sure E3 2016 went good for them, but they showed one, count it, ONE Wii-U game, that technically isn't ev...

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Most likely. The machines probably only see humans as a threat, plus it would seem they are very much like animals themselves.

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This game just looks plain phenomenal. I can see Guerrilla is putting their heart and soul into it's development, hence why I don't at all mind the delay.

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Level 5's graphics are great because they're partnered up with Studio Ghibli, and that's the type of game they make. Zelda is at its best, in my opinion, when they go the route of games like OoT, MM, and TP. Darker, grittier Zelda games are awesome, and to see one come out with a BloodBorne/ Skyrim-esqe look would be amazing.

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Of course this got game of the show. It's all Nintendo talked about, and they talked about it A LOT. I still have no personal interest in it; I think Horizon looks far more enjoyable, but thats just me. Maybe one day, Nintendo will get out of this crumby anime graphics rut, and make a real Zelda title again.

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I wouldn't too quick to throw a statement like this out there yet. It really depends on how successful Scorpio is. For all we know, this could be the thing that drives MS to the fate of Sega consoles. I feel this is a last ditch effort for them to bring their brand back up to speed after its abysmal sales over the last year or so. If loyal Xbox gamers start to feel like they're getting screwed for adopting the Xbone too early, then this could end really badly for MS

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Shit... I literally just bought Judgement with my Xbone S preorder... Well, at least it was a hard copy and only cost me $8 :/

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Just preordered mine today. Kindof excited honestly for my first Xbone.

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I can't lie, Sea of Thieves caught my attention, but that was about it. Nothing else really screamed GO BUY A XBONE NOW! I still preordered a XBone S, seeing as I don't own a XBone yet, but I really don't see myself looking forward to much more than Gears 4 this year. Sadly, the demo for that was kind of crappy...

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Depends... If hearing about hardware that potentially alienates over 20 million people who already purchased a console is your thing, then Xbox won. If you're about seeing new games, Sony won. Sony was literally games, games, and more games. Only a small handful of petty crap like Skylanders and Lego Star Wars.

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Basically both the console manufacturer and the publisher; Manufacturer gets the hardware sales from more consumers buying their console, while the publisher sells more copies. Although, PS4 seems to be the console of choice for every multiplat, regardless of who has the marketing deals, so I guess Sony just kind of wins by default.

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