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"Marine Corps! Ooorah!"


Oh god... I can see it already... Nintendo fanboys using this statement as an excuse to proclaim the Wii-U as the most powerful system... #1
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I love how all the Xbots are up in arms when ND is actually being honest. More or less likely, they didn't have enough time to fully optimize to PS4 because, wouldn't you know it, the was originally built on an entirely different architecture. Regardless, the problems are few and far between, and there's nothing even close to game breaking. Hell, the only real problem I've been having is the matchmaking process for Supply Raid was taking forever at times, and that got fixed to... #18
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What's more crazy is that not only are they capable of doing it, they're actually considering it. If they do, I might actually buy it. Sounds like it might be some easy trophies. ;) #17
Uncharted would definitely be my own top 5. #1
For those who still think this was just a half assed port, this is a legitimate improvement between versions. The character models in remastered are far more detailed and sharp looking. They looked good on PS3, but here they truly are almost indistinguishable from the cutscenes, especially when you look them in the eyes. #8
If the XBone got beat by PS4 by over 72K units for the month of June in just the US, despite the new SKU, there's not a chance in hell. The only title that could possibly push units for it this holiday is Halo: MCC. But PS4 still has TLoU: R to match that AND the exclusive Destiny bundle which is going to push millions. This is all of course not the mention the fact that PS4 is still doing better in just the US (let alone the world), despite it's big exclusive drought. #28
It's alright, but it's far from even being one of the best, let alone the best. It was mechanically solid, and what was there worked like a dream, but the guns, with the exception of the Sniper/ fully auto laser gun, were all pretty generic and the same things we've seen before. Plus, the story and setting got pretty damn ridiculous at times, but I guess that's just Wolfenstein in general. I feel like Killzone 2/3 for far better FPS titles than Wolfenstein. #9
I forgot the first couple years of PS3/ 360 didn't feel like 6th gen... Oh wait. It was exactly that. Just like now, most games were still ports, and the exclusives looked like garbage. It was until the release of Gears of War, over a year in, that we finally began to see what 7th gen was capable. Games aren't going to look that great now because the hardware is still new. Games like infamous: SS and Killzone: SF look phenomenal, but games can only begin to look better than that. If y... #8
Problem is that the WiiU is only doing well right because it's the console' speak year. After SSB comes out and the hype settles for that, there will be no major Nintendo first party titles until Zelda in late 2015. Sure there will be games like Bayo 2, Devils Third, Splatoon and Xenoblade, but let's be real; none of those games will really appeal to the majority of Nintendo's fan base and will definitely not give any major sales jumps for the hardware. Nothing close to MK8 or... #5
How the hell is the PS4 dying, if it hasn't even really been born there yet? The big JRPG releases are still yet to come, but they do, the console's sales will pick up. It'll be just like it was for the PS3. I wonder how people are this stupid. #17
At the end of the day, pretty much any re-release is a cash grab. Little money goes into them because the game is already developed. However, in this case, TLoU isn't a cash grab because 1) ND actually did the remaster themselves and put a pretty good amount of effort into it, and 2) it's being sold at a lower price than the original WITH all the DLC. As far as I'm concerned, this game is gold. On top of all this, the game was fan-f*ckin-tastic and I can't wait to play through... #80
LMAO! "Everyone" huh? I guess 9+ million people just bought the PS4 by accident. XD #46
Those PS4 sales though. NO GAMEZ! (according to some) and still dominating the home console market lol #3
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Fact is though that the USA was thought to be mainly loyal to Xbox. We already know the PS4 is going to destroy the XBone everywhere else. Even if PS4 and XBone were neck and neck would already show a victory for PS4, but the fact that PS4 is outselling, and by a pretty good margin too even after the new XBone SKU, shows domination. To top all that off, PS4 is just getting started. The phase it's in now is actually it's slow phase, as is with every Sony console. Once it has that PS2/... #1.1.1
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I don't even bother with these ads anymore. When even the Wii-U is starting to outsell the XBone, you know that these "oh, well, we have the best gamez!" ads don't mean crap. MS messed up, and now they're trying to get back on top by reversing everything. Sadly for them, consumers can be very brutal and unforgiving, especially when they blatantly try to play them for stupid and make a crap product. Keep telling yourselves this message is true if it helps you sleep at nig... #34
Will you assholes just cut the crap. We know the Xbox One still has a chance to be successful, because it hasn't shown any signs of failing yet. Will it beat the PS4? Hell no. Will it at least be as, or more, successful as the original Xbox? Definitely. A console doesn't need to be the best seller of it's generation to be a success. Look at the PS3. The only people that think that are those who are so damn obsessed with console sales that it actually hurts their self esteem. At th... #5
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LOL When are people going to stop making excuses for the Wiik-U? All 3 of these games came out within a couple years of their respective consoles, give or take a few months for each. There's only one reason why this game is selling worse than it's predecessors and that's because it released on a crap console that very few people actually care to buy, even for a handful of decent games. Face it. Wiik-U isn't even doing half as good as the NGC in relative lifetime hardware sales... #1.1.2
Usually, but sometimes DLC is actually developed post release. TLoU Left Behind is a good example. #3.1.1
I don't even care. I just want to play the damn game already! #2
$10 says when the Xbots saw it, they got excited and were about to celebrate in the streets, but when it was proven fake... They suddenly went back to "well we don't want that crappy game anyway". LOL #14
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