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It was labeled as “First on PS4”. What else do you think that means?

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@Segata Sony never owned it.

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1994 called; they want their logic back. Sony doesn’t have one because they don’t base the PlayStation around a single face that they beat like a dead horse. PlayStation is about variety and being able to the largest library of games and genres of any console; not rehash to same 3 IIP’s every year, and then do basically nothing until they can sell you another Netflix box.

The awesome thing about PlayStation is that the mascot is whoever the gamer wants them to be.

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Keep in mind, there was a Crash title that was technically exclusive to 360 last gen. Granted, it was that crappy “Crash of the Titans” game, but it goes to show that Crash hasn’t been a Sony exclusive since Crash Bash on PS1.

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Dude, who tf cares? So non-PS4 owners get to play this? Big whoop. I personally got my fill of it 2 weeks after it launched. It’s fun, but it’s not a dire needed exclusive. Let them enjoy it, and be happy for the amazing lineup Sony has in store.

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As fun as it was to enjoy Crash 3: Warped again, I didn’t find this collection to be as great as I had hoped. The games are still fun, and the remade graphics are beautiful, but they haven’t aged to well overall. Hope the Xbox and Switch users have fun with it, and hopefully certain people trying to mud sling about this not being a permanent PS4 exclusive. This news gets a meh and shoulder shrug from me.

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Agreed. I don’t mind too much, because I never used my Wii U, so it’s at least a second opportunity, but the double standard hypocrisy is blatantly obvious. Clearly I’m getting so many disagrees because I dare not mindlessly praise Nintendo.

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Well your comment goes both ways; the same Nintendo fans who are hyping up Wii U ports and old indie ports are the same ones who criticized PS4 for having too many of those earlier on. Also, Pro is a poor example considering it was never designed to have exclusives over base PS4. You should be throwing New 3DS under the bus as well if that’s your logic.

Personally, I think this whole Switch vs PS4 thing is completely silly. Neither are remotely apart of the same demographi...

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I’m excited for Smash, but all the other announcements seem kind of meh.

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Make a 3D Donkey Kong game, Nintendo. This crap is lame.

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What’s most interesting is they’re clearly using the BotW design for Link. I really hope that means it’s a new game, or at least it’s going to get a lot of new content besides the Link design and Inklings. Either way, looking forward to it.

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Wonder who has the marketing deal? I’m guessing Sony still.

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Exclusives don’t matter, and single player games are irrelevant. /s

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True, but they really change the course of battle much, especially when the team that got them was just that bad.

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Chloe, Nadeem, Aloy, Kara, and Ellie. Who’s the bear? lol

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I’m getting the Stone Mason edition, so that means cool serpent design for me. Im cool with it lol

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Then how do know no one else is? lol

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I own both systems, you weirdo.

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Because they’re still stuck in 2004. Switch has had some great games, but a device as insignificant as the Vita destroyed it in built in features.

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