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I didn't realize Spider-Man, Days Gone, Knack, Death Stranding, Gran Turismo, Horizon, and Ratchet & Clank were following the "Naughty Dog" route.

Or is every third person action game the "ND route"? Because that's about as dumb as the Xbots who claim every TPS copies Gears...

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Still on the fence about this one. Haven't played a Mario title in years.

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I remember when people had high hopes for the OUYA.

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PS4 is still very heavily undertracked on VGC.

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Obviously, given the sales dichotomy, not everyone is a multi-console owner. I think it's obvious that there are a lot of people out who only own one of the three, especially PS4. So, yes, there can a clear and concise winner amongst them. In this case, the clear winner has been Sony.

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Edge has been a nortoriously stupid site since it's conception. That's nothing new. Last gen, even when Sony clearly were doing everything they could to make the PS3 the greatest console of last gen, Edge was always hovering around like the flies on shit they were, gobbling the Xbox feces while constantly yelling "Boo Sony!"

It just sucks that they, just like nutass sites like Polygon, do have users that take their opinions seriously.

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I'd rather wait 2 E3's for something like God of War and Spider-Man, than 4 E3's for Cuphead and Crackdown 3.

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There was a leak of a collectors edition that has a statue of Kratos and Atreus.

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PS4 is going supernova. It's up 63% YoY. The numbers PS4 is going to be pushing this holiday season are going to be insane.

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Eh, seems more of an opinion-based point than anything. I agree that PS4's first year wasn't the greatest, but there were some good titles like Resogun and inFamous. My main issue with Switch is it's current complete lack of features. Sure the games, albeit mostly ports, are good, but the device has literally nothing else. I've already gotten bored of MK8, and I'm getting Splatoon 2 today, but I haven't used the thing in over 2 weeks.

Also, I'm ...

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Probably for the best. Maybe it'll be remembered with some fondness like the Dreamcast is, but there's nothing about to stand out like Dreamcast did, so I kindof doubt it.

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Yeah, I think you've forgotten about Uncharted 4, Horizon, and Ratchet & Clank. Plenty of games have already surpassed Toy Story graphics by miles.

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This is why I really don't understand Nintendo. I get it, they want to be unique, but this is absolutely stupid.

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Never played the first one, but I've got this preordered. Looking forward to giving it a go on Friday.

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The good news for me, as a Switch owner, is I never expected their service to be any good in the first place, hence why I'm not even gonna bother with it. Nintendo is still very juvenile when it comes to online gaming; their future paid network isn't even on par with PS3's online.

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At the end of the day, Forza is more of an arcade racer. GT is the only true driving sim on consoles.

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Or they know that Forza is still in a sub class compared to GT, thus it isn't even relevant to compare, and these comparisons are for GT fans to see the improvements. Honestly, Forza 7 just made heavy use of weather effects during E3 to look pretty. Even still, 4K Forza doesn't have crap on DriveClub.

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If I played Mario 64 in 4K/ 60 FPS, it would still be Mario 64. Resolution does nothing for actual graphical fidelity, besides help pick up the details a little better. If a game looks crap, then 4K would just mean its looks like sharp crap.

I'm not saying Forza looks like crap, but the 4K argument is incredibly stupid, especially considering 1) you've yet to play it in 4K, and 2) Forza is a franchise notorious for downgrading. That PC footage from E3 doesn't ha...

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I still cannot see how anybody, especially true fans of the series, could defend Gears 4. That was literally "Ambien: The Game" for me because it was putting me to sleep by the second chapter. So mindlessly boring. It took me over a week to finish it's ~9 hour campaign because I couldn't play for more than an hour or two a day before I felt the serious need for a nap. Multiplayer = same old shotgun fest BS, and Horde was the same Horde we've been playing since Gears 2.

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