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Shame. This is a surprisingly good game too. Sucks that Nintendo-only owners will have to miss out.

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Titanfall 2 has sold better than people think. Not amazing, but a decent amount nonetheless. Plus, the game itself is excellent.

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Just ordered one. Been looking for a great Kat figure, that's affordable, for a while now. Sucks that it won't come until August, though...

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Funny how their narrative completely flip flops every other week, based off what Xbox is doing. Xbox fanboys aren't gamers; they just worship a brand name. It's like a cult of fat 12 year olds, led by social reject middle aged men.

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Xbox One has exclusives? Where and what?

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That's not bad at all, all things considered.

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Nintendo needs to go third party, for their own sake and the sake of their franchises. Games have never been their issue; it's the lackluster hardware. If they could put their biggest franchises on PS4 and Xbone, they'd make billions.

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I doubt it. If there's going to be another Halo title this year besides HW2, it's probably Halo 3 anniversary. This is the 10 year anniversary, after all, and they already done so with Halo CE and 2. Plus, Halo 6 should get more than 2 years of development time. Needs more time if MS and 343 don't want it to be a critical and sales letdown like 5.

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Unless you're one of the poor souls who, like myself, wasted money on a Wii U, then the obvious answer is Switch.

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PS4. How is this even a question?

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The launch list sounds excellent, but I'm still not sold on the device itself.

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Scores like this are just plain silly. Yeah, everyone's entitled to their opinions and I'm not gonna call for this reviewer to be burned at the stake, but damn... When the general consensus is that the game is good, but your score goes so far outside the average, then it's either a case of you doing something wrong, or you probably should have never played this particular game is the first place. Theres a pretty fine line between having a legitimate opinion and having an agenda. T...

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They really don't. When all is said and done, and the 8th generation of consoles comes to a close with all these games released, it will still be seen as a great gen. People these days are spoiled, and don't understand what goes into AAA development these days. The irony is these people bitch about delays, but will also complain when a game releases full of bugs, incomplete content, and DLC. It's not like it was over 10 years ago, when a game could have a year long development cyc...

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It could easily be holidays 2017 though. UC4 released in May, a time when the franchise never released an installment. Plus, we don't know what Sony's big holiday exclusive is yet. I guess it could also be either Spider-Man or Day's Gone, but we'll see.

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BF1 and Gears 4 Tomorrow trailers were just that: Trailers. Both were a minute long, neither featured any gameplay, and they were both ads that were attached to basically every video. The God of War reveal is a 10 minute long gameplay video that was not used as an ad and got it's views purely from people searching up the video, watching it, and sharing it with others.

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It is crazy how may views the God of War video has received, and it's pure views no less; i.e. Sony didn't have to put it as an ad to get people to watch, unlike M$ with their Xbone S and Halo Wars 2 videos.

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Uncharted 4 is the best game of 2016, period. Great ending to an awesome saga, and an incredible multiplayer that keeps growing and receiving support.

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It was that bundle alone. Saying is not would imply that Xbone took up well over 50% of the hardware sales, and we already know that's not the case.

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I still honestly don't like the analogue placement of Xbox controllers. I play so much better when my hands are in line with each other. Maybe it's just a matter of being used to it, but I've actually been debating getting an adapter so I can use my DS4 on my Xbone and just toss the Xbone controller. That being said, I see no point in this controller. I guess it'll please the "Xbox controller is better!" crowd, but DS4 will always be superior imo.

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I really hope these modes that they're Beta testing eventually become official. That Classic Mode was amazing, and it would be awesome for King of the Hill to make an official comeback too. Contrary to the naysayers, UC4 has an amazing multiplayer experience. I'm glad to see Naughty Dog giving it such awesome support on top of their other project(s).

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