Marine Corps! Ooorah!
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I definitely want to check this one out. Wasn't a fan of the 2013 title, mostly because the MP was complete garbage, and certain parts of the SP felt a bit meh. I feel like since theres no MP here, that means the SP should be a lot better since it had 100% devotion.

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I'm actually very interested. It looks like good little fun, or at least more so than that Smash Bros Wii-U travesty. If it's no more than $20, I'm game.

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And it's only going to skyrocket from there, given Sony's release schedule of a crap ton of Japanese-centric titles. I daresay, the console might have a chance at surpassing PS3 there.

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I gotcha lol. Thats why I said MS is using BC as a completely BS marketing ploy to make it seem like some revolutionary new thing that they're the first ones to ever do, and the idiotic fanboys, like the writer of this article, are eating it up.

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Hmmm... Making a bundle for a game thats already been out for almost a year? Seems kind of desperate.

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There have been plenty of great games this gen, and many more to come. If old games are your cup of tea, then fine, but claim most games suck because you don't personally like them.

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Jealous? Nope. I played RDR on my PS3 over 6 years ago. Good game, but not something I'm rushing to go back and play. BC version is cool, but far from a reason to buy an Xbone, when you can literally get a 360/ PS3 and a copy of the game for less than $100 (plus all the other 360 games that still aren't on BC), if you so desperately feel the need to play 6 years after it's original release.

But hey... I suppose a 6 year old game is better than enjoying new games...

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Uuuumm... No. New releases are new releases. Claiming a 6 year old game is new, is no different than claiming a console that has real BC can count the last gen catalogue as exclusives. BC isn't some new thing. M$ are just the only ones who turned into one of the biggest BS marketing ploys in gaming history.

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@everyone defending your comment, Hold_It probably didn't play UC4, or even ever laid his hands on a single Uncharted. If RotTR is anything like the last one, then it's average at best. The game had shoddy multiplayer, piss poor graphics, and very stale feeling gameplay. It took me over a year after buying it on PS4 to finally go back and finish it. UC4 wasn't the best Uncharted, but it was still pretty damn good, and the multiplayer is awesome.

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If they release this at full $60 price, I'm not supporting it, even if it comes with all add-ons released up to that point. I'll opt for $40 tops, but if they're gonna delay the game by a year for us, then I'm just gonna wait and get it used.

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If they bring back Dino Crisis, it needs to go back to PS exclusive. The first two on PS1 were amazing, while the third one on Xbox was complete and utter garbage. Hate to be the one to say it, but pretty much every franchise that moved over to Xbox instantly went to crap.

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PS Now is potentially the Netflix of gaming. No chance in hell Sony will ever scrap the concept. They're gonna let it grow until they can expand it to other platforms.

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Why do people forget that Sony is a lot more than just Playstation? i.e. Phones, Televisions, hollywood films, TV shows, cameras, etc? They're a far bigger company than people think, and the majority of their divisions are profitable. Really, it's only their TV's and (now sold) computer divisions that weren't profitable. Their camera division is still one of the biggest camera brands in the world.

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Maybe if they had created a console with some real 8th gen hardware, that didn't have trouble running even 7th gen multi plats, maybe things could've been different.

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Don't really see all that much of a difference. TLoU 2 is all but confirmed at this point. I'll bet that ND's product will look far better.

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Look up in any historical reference of World War 1, and tell me exactly how many women served in combat within any country's military... Seriously, there were barely even any blacks serving in that war. People need to give this politically correct crap a rest; its really just pathetic and stupid at this point.

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It literally looks like they re-skinned BF4. They took World War 1, and Michael Bay-ified the living hell out of it. I'm sure the SP will still be good enough, but that MP just looked so ridiculous. Fun, but not the reinvention of the FPS wheel I was hoping for. Still buying, but thats my opinion thus far. I still could very easily be wrong.

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The hate is really pathetic. People are literally basing their opinions off the original trailer. It's a total bandwagon effect. Im buying both games, but I unfortunately lost a bit of interest in BF1 after they only showed MP gameplay that looked a bit meh.

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