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Do take Godzilla’s name in vain by comparing him to that piece of crap.

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I think Knack 2 got closer than their game did lol

I googled the game to see the developers portfolio and noticed Microsoft gave the gave a 9/10. Of course they did lmao

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Can’t wait to play this.

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You clearly are someone who will hate on CoD no matter what they do, so I don’t see why you’re trying to set standards for it. If you like BF, cool, but CoD WW2 is a great game. I haven’t really played CoD MP since MW2, but I’ve been playing WW2 a crap ton, and have probably spent more time on the multiplayer there than I have all previous CoD’s combined. It’s great, and BF doesn’t set any sort of standard that CoD is required to meet.

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BC3 had better be real. Day 1 Buy if it is.

As for a WW2 BF, I’ll keep my hype in check, because I was actually pretty excited for BF1, and that game turned out to be garbage.

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Sounds good. More Xbox users to test it so us PS4 users won’t have to deal with 4 FPS when it comes to PS4.

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I get the impression that this is just a slightly more powerful OUYA. Not a good thing lol

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Well deserved. Not the best game I’ve played this year, but definitely the best FPS to release this year. Still playing the crap out of the multiplayer; haven’t played any other CoD this much ever

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I can understand the concern when the changes are fairly drastic, but with the way Cory has spoken about, I’m pretty sure we can trust him and his team to make that strays away from the norm, but still be great. Yeah, there’s certain details like the much closer camera, and the fact that you can’t see all around you at the same, that can take some time to get used to, but I’m confident that SSM wouldn’t be putting out this game if they weren’t confident themselves.

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I think it’s a safe assumption that there are more weapons we’re not seeing. Why would they reveal everything before the game even releases?

Also, you don’t know if the combat is bad if you have no idea how it works. They’ve clearly put a lot of thought and effort into it, so why not give them a chance? He didn’t say QTE’s are still in; he’s saying the cinematic moments that involved them are still there, but instead of having a random button prompt flash up, you’ll press ...

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It’s one thing to have a personal opinion, but it’s pathetic to pretend everyone else is an idiot for having a different one. I don’t like God of War because it’s exclusive; I like it because it’s a great series and the story is awesome. Have another disagree, you’re clearly looking for them.

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What do you care? You’re probably going to just watch a play through on YouTube, then come back here pretending you played it, and claim it’s a subpar game.

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There’ll be a PS4 version, and likely a PS5 version as well, but that doesn’t matter. Fact is that Xbox are trying to gloat about how important resolution, performance, and textures are, when they were accepting the worst of all those for 4 years. This game looks and runs like crap on both Xbone consoles.

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After all the soup hashtags from Xbox fans, I think it’s time for a new one #PorridgeBoxOneX

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“Do any of those Sony games have release dates?”

So what’s that?

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That is a surprisingly pro-consumer feature for a fame published by EA. Then again, So was the lack of a season pass in BF2...

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Them extra pixels + ~20 FPS.

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Your comments all up and down this article are either simple sentences that explain nothing, or you trying and failing to pretend PS4 is somehow worse off. So, since it’s not getting harder to defend Xbox, why don’t you tell us why? Why is the console easy to defend?

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How long have you been waiting on Crackdown, Sea of Thieves, Ashen, and SoD2 again? How long were you waiting on Cuphead? How long did you wait on Scalebound before that officially died?

We know PS4 is getting at least 5 major titles in the first half of 2018, and there’s a few more that can be added to list for the rest of the year. All games that are likely to be both critical and commercial successes, unlike the Xbox lineup. Don’t try to use an old argument that clearly...

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