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And the game still looks awful overall.

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Because Valve realized that they make billions off of Steam.

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It's possible, but I think the potential PS5 Pro will launch alongside standard PS5.

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Because PS3 and 360 still sold around the same amount, lifetime. This comparison to to show how well the PS4 is doing against both combined.

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Doomed is such a harsh word. I still don't foresee many third party titles taking off on Switch due to pricing and the obvious performance gap, but the exclusives will certainly help maintain relatively good sales over the years.

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I'm confused? Why would you want to infuse to a lower power level in the first place?

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Basically confirms that MS is only publishing the Xbone version, meaning Bluehole still owns 100% of the game. Not that this is new info or anything, but there's still those claiming it won't come to PS4, despite Bluehole, themselves, saying it will.

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I sure hope so. Even after I told myself I wouldn't even buy the game, I ended up buying the Digital Deluxe Edition...

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Well they announced a LE GT bundle for regular PS4; haven't seen one for Pro yet.

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The point is it's a double standard criticism. I'd agree with your point if Mario and Link, themselves, at least changed somewhat over time, but they don't. Honestly, by your logic, the criticism should apply even less to Knack, since he's a brand new character by comparison and neither him nor his world have had the time to develop. If after 3 decades Link is still the same character, he shouldn't get a free pass.

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The comments about his character personality are utter BS. Why do PS characters get held to the same stand of development as Nathan Drake, but then you look at Nintendo characters like Link and Mario, and their games are constantly given perfect scores, despite literally having no personality at all. Shit, at least Knack actually talks.

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That should never be a debate; it should be a given that they're good at them. Video games are supposedly a part of their livelihoods; it makes no sense for them to be bad at them.

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I never judge people based off their skills at something so mundane as a video game, but I have to make an exception here; that was pathetic. Not only was it just sheer lack of video game skill, it was almost a sheer lack of common sense and basic problem solving. Like, it didn't work the first 5 times, why would you keep using that same exact method another 20? It's not like there was so much on screen that he couldn't just look around and think for a few seconds.

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I'm confused at what I said to get only disagrees here. I never once said I agreed with the score first one got; I played till I got the platinum trophy, and personally felt the game deserved a lot better. My point is from the perspective of at least the review media seems to like this one a lot more.

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If it sells well, you know Microsoft will. I have no doubt in my mind that, if X is enough of a success, this is the beginning of the end for OG Xbone/ S users; MS is going to shove X down their throats hardcore to get them to upgrade.

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They're doing the Destiny one, which is going to push some serious numbers. Not sure why they're not doing one for GT. They really need to push the Pro harder, not because I think it should completely replace PS4, but because Sony needs to show they take the thing seriously.

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Depends. If Sony announces a LE CoD and BF2 Pro bundle, then not a chance in hell will X sell more.

Even if it does, it doesn't matter since the PS4 is going to sell far far more units overall.

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You get disagrees, but you're absolutely right. I imagine there would've been some slight differences if it were made by Nintendo, but it would still be getting way more praise regardless.

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Got a 71 on metacritic. Sounds subpar, but considering the first has a 54, I'd say that's a great step in the right direction, especially if Sony plans on turning this into a franchise.

Regardless, Day 1 buy for me, as I enjoyed the first one enough to warrant it as a decent game.

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