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I'm going to safely call BS because if you actually did, you wouldn't be thinking these devs should push these titles back and release them on hardware that probably won't be out for another 3 years.

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Sounds like someone is salty and wants the PS4 to stop dominating. I know such things hurt your fanboy ego, but it'll be okay, I promise.

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Good to hear. Means Sony is taking both the studio and IP serious like they did with Guerilla and Horizon. Who knows? Sony might have yet another hit on their hands.

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I don't care what the actual article says because even if this particular statement is a joke, it's still some out of this world statement. Too many people this day are forgetting what diversity means; somehow we're being led to believe it means no whites/ males. I saw an article not too long ago talking about the new Black Panther film, and how it was "hella diverse" because if it's more than 90% black cast. People like to use that word and clearly not know what it ...

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Nah. I'm very happy with my PS4 Pro. I don't need to spend $600 on a Netflix box with no games.

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And this is why Kickstarter, while a great idea on paper, is not a good future for games funding. Too many shady ass developers, and the vast majority of projects there never even see the light of day.

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Cosplay is typically more about the outfit itself and how it's pulled off. Age and appearance is a bonus. I'd say they nailed it.

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If the next CoD is WW2, then BF2 doesn't stand a chance in hell.

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@mike Sony played their cards incredibly this holiday. They've got the marketing deals for CoD, Destiny 2, BF2, and RDR2. They'll have had a killer first 9 months of the year with exclusive games, and then leave it to third party to drive PS4 sales through the holidays. Sony is going to shatter sales records again, while Scorpio is basically DOA.

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@81BX Good point

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This game was sold to me the second it was announced. No demo needed.

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Well, to be fair, Nintendo fans back in the DKC days used to wack it to Candy Kong...

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I'm looking at it from it's competition and game's offering, and it isn't looking good when every other day there's another major third party publisher/ developer saying they have no interest in the product. It also doesn't help that only one game on the device has gotten possitive coverage, while every other news piece lately has been about the devices bricking, overheating, and even warping. The fact that consoles that released over 3 years ago are significantly more...

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Because it was the strongest launch of any PlayStation device ever, which is saying something when PS2 still remains the best selling gaming device in history.

@EDMIX People forget that the Sega Dreamcast was also a massive seller at launch, and had some of the greatest exclusives in history, but fell flat almost overnight when Sega thought they could rely on said exclusives, and have little to no third party support. Same mistakes Nintendo is making.

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Zelda hype did wonders. It's silly to celebrate this as a success when we still have no idea how it's going to look in the long run.

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I have the 49 inch Sony Bravia XBR 8000D

Excellent 4K HDR display, and very comfortably priced.

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PS4 sold out for a couple after launch as well, but Sony's not and manufactured enough units to meet its high demand. Using "well if they shipped more..." isn't an excuse; it's a admission of incompetence.

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So you guys really think Switch's lack of games like Destiny 2, Battlefront 2, RDR 2, and (maybe) CoD WW2, aren't going to have a serious negative effect on it's sales?

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Uncharted 4 was linear, but had open level design, and ND has stated that Lost Legacy will be even more open. I'd say it's a good sign they're gonna take the same approach with TLoU2. It's obviously very unlikely that TLoU2 will be seamless open world like Horizon, but I can see it having that feel at least, all while the game looks phenomenal like every other ND title.

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I would love to see Naughty Dog try their hand at an open world game again, just to shut the haters up once again.

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