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Big Boss was the enemy. But he learned the errors of his ways, just like Vader. It's your classic rising/falling/redemption story.

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Gravemind was great. Would have loved to have battled him.

And what did you like about Daedalus?

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Announcement of announcements. So lame.

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If you plan to troll, learn proper freaking English. Fool.

And Gow/GoW2 had minimal loading. Idiot.

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Hey, not MY fault they shafted Gravemind and made the last battle of the series a stupid little drone.

Halo has amazing lore and mythology... plot? Not so much.

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I'm interested in the tech for PC use/interfaces, not for gaming frankly.

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ODST had a plot?

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Stealth edits, cute.

You really DON'T have the balls, as you previously claimed.

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You condone being an ass? Wow. Weak man.

Don't ever whine about fanboys ever again.

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You know Bayonetta, that game that is so amazing no Xbox owners even bought it, but it kills GoW. Duh!

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I find Halo unimpressive. Lemme go blog it up and submit as news. BRB.

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Our hobby survives the recession, for now. Huzzah. Congrats to MS, Nintendo, and Sony. Impressive numbers for everyone considering the bleak US climate. I hope everyone had a happy 2008.

To 2009, and more gaming bliss!

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This is unfortunate. I'm a huge FF fan, but the way Square has been treating FF fans is a joke. I want to be very clear, I'm totally fine with it going multiplatform. More gamers can enjoy this title that way, which is great. What I cannot abide by is how Square has treated next gen, and consumers/fans so far. What's with all the closed theatre crap? SHOW US THE GAME! And why, why are they holding back the US PS3 release until the 360 edition is ready? Why should I have to wait upwards of 6 e...

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Wait... what was that? I was too busy playing KZ2 and Uncharted 2 to hear about the "lack of compelling exclusives."

Another day, another bit of FUD. I don't care what system it's aimed at, this is just getting silly.

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Weird thing to complain about, especially if you want to REVIEW the game consumers get.

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It's funny. Pre-release, I was so upset about Celda. I wanted a realistic looking Zelda more than anything. Looking back, I find its art style to be the most striking, and Twilight Princess to be the most derivative and uninteresting visually(though not bad).

One thing I do find funny is Gamesradar telling fanboys to get over titles going multiplatform (as they should) when they are one of the sites notorious for fostering the fanboy wars in the first place. Hypocrisy much?

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I can see that followed by "Is Sony not innovative enough?"

How ya doin Pirate?

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