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If there's going to have cheats at least they should be REAL cheat codes like in San Andreas where they made part of the gameplay, having gamers repeat the codes every time they needed... not that BS like in IV where you only had to type the code ONCE and the phone would save it forever. #1.1
Yeah, yeah, I've read that shit about a month ago out of a GameInformer's preview and I didn't dig it at all... and still now it seems too awesome to be true... #1.3
or the worse graphics and laggy version? heheh #10.3
Yeah, it could be put like that. It was so limited compared to previous ones. #2.1.1
Damn how u suck! I AM proudly wearing that awesome Los Santos cap. 'Wouldn't dare wearing in public' ? dafuq is wrong with ya? cuz u r prejudicious/lack of style doesn't mean every other gta/r* fan also is. #2.4
Tell that to Rockstar maybe they put it in the game.. #1.6
Cool article. #3
But, I don't get it. why is it that he's got the game already? #3
Is this a joke? Multiplayer screenshots, fuck me! :@ #13
but, i dont get it.. this ascension beta that's coming to psn next week is it fro free? will i be able to get it? i dont have PS-Plus #1.1.1
yet again, this is no news. -.- I'm tired of this... #2
hmm.. #4.4
I don't think it's about the Beta. They said it is an announcement-say it- ''announcement.. and the Beta was already announced long ago... What leaves me pretty excited, maybe a sequel?... maybe they're making God of War IV... they said: 'We're coming up with something Big' and then delayed the announce haha.. maybe God of War Ascension is in someway only a cover to what their big titan really is... #1.3
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