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But eh, Namco forgot to complete their statement. The full ting goes like this: 'Tekken 6 on the 360 won't be inferior...because we'll nerf the PS3 version if we have to so both are identical'.


Tekken = Playstation. Scamco, at least be honest and say 'we wanted to be able to sell more copies of the game, so we made a 360 version too'...don't come up with the BS excuse that 'oh we are making a 360 version because we can't ignore Tekken fans that ow...

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I mean, its not even true HD. Thats kinda sad isn't it?

And whats with this obssesion from Microsoft related people with Sony and PS3 games (namely exclusives). Its like they don't think about anything else.

As for HHG: you're a tool, you always been.

As for 360 loyalists, ask yourselves this: which is the only game that constantly pushes the bar on the 360? Gears. Thats the only one. Up till November 2008, when Gears 2 launched, Gears 1 was still the b...

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That's just cold. xD

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They have mutated since then and can no longer be considered humans. Not according to Visari anyways. :)

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Is that this game is being made by the devs responsible for Silent Hill: Homecoming. :O

I guess they just had a very low budget and/or not much time to make this game...its the only explanation for the PS2-like graphics it has IMO.

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And then its Sony's fault if said announcement doesn't live up to the hype other media outlets build up?


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"User Bio
Almost everything on Xbox Evolved ( where you can get Xbox 360 Coverage You Can Trust! Check it out."

You don't even try to hide it, do you?

Freaking sad xboy.

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Apparently its not about the games anymore, its about how much they sell. You know whats 360's fanboys favourite day of the month? The day NPD numbers are released. Cause thats the only way those bitter baboons can get some joy, because they know they don't have the better games.

And you know why they hate Sony and PS3 so much? Because the PS1 and PS2 completly humilliated their favourite consoles back in the day, so this is their way to get some 'revenge'.

Its sad r...

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Killzone 2 is no 360 game, there's no lag. Your FUD is pathetic. GTFO!

@ idontcare: why don't you GTFO too? MGS4 has online? DOn't you mean MGO? STFU man, don't talk abut what you don't know, you don't even have a PS3. Go play Gears 2 (if you can, seeing as its so broken online) or a 2007 game (Halo 3). dimwit

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Ok. Makes an awful lot of sense.

Some sites are really desperate for hits...sigh

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Did you say that before the money bags go to the HQ? Guess so...just stay true to your word or STFU.

Thanks. :)

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I must admit, I wasn't very interested in this game, but lately Sony has been showing off some amazing gameplay videos/trailers.

I think this will be the perfect 'Summer game'. Can't wait! :)

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I'm not even going to bother listing all the amazing PS3 exclusives that are already out.

What a freaking retarded statement.

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Now, supposedly, KZ 2 was hyped to innovate in every area, when the reality is that everyone wanted to know if it lived up to the 2005 target render. Nothing else. I mean, until E3 2008, we didn't even know how the Multiplayer was going to be like. KZ 2 was never hyped as an innovative game, at most it was hyped as the game that would refine teh shooter genre, and it did just that. (at least in graphics, sound and gameplay).

Its like every PS3 exclusive has to reinvent (sp?) the...

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Not very honest gamers at all. its getting sad how these unknown sites give out 'low' ratings to high profile ratings just to cause a bit of controversy on N4G and get some hits. at least take some pride in your work dimwits.

I would like to see what would happen to honestgamers & co. if N4G ceased to exist...

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Don't even bother replying to FirstKnight. That guys is the prime example of what a retard is.

No point feeding his trolling really...

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haha...funny thing is, he makes a living off submmiting FUD articles about the PS3, so if N4G's admins actually said 'enough' and started get rid of all the BS 'opinion articles' that fuel the fanboy wars, Bloodmask would be out of business right away.

although if you think about it, all Bloodmask does is sit in front of his computer all day 'fishing' for this type of articles, just so he can win the measly monthly 'prize'. pretty sad eh?

anyways, about this article...

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Wtf is wrong with you? You let a 6 year old play one of the most goriest games around but its ok because you won't let him play GTA? LOL And so what if Gears is sci-fi? You can bet your kid will be seeing exploding heads and people getting chainsawed in half in his dreams.

But hey, I guess thats the american way of thinking: glorified violence is just fine, but sex? no way, the Lord would condone it!

haha you people are ridiculous. you think you have values but you a...

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Oh, my little boy/girl just do they call those things HELLghasts in a billboard, its like the DEVIL itself!!!! He/she will be scarred for life because of this... :('

Get over your goddamnselves.

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