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can't wait!

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I really enjoyed to play it, like I've never did before, since in this generation i've always choosen FIFA

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this is awesome!

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can we match accounts between PS3 and PC and continue the progress? already finished the game a couple times on pc

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I really would like to see Ruin (Warrior's Lair new name i think)...

What the hell happened to it?

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PS3 I guess

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Xbox doesn't have enough franchises to make one hahaha

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15-19 august

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there were rumors yesterday that they wouldn't be

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Still... I Agree with him... I don't think Wii U is pratical... It just doesn't seems right. I'm still to confused about Wii U. I need to play it first to see exacly how that works.

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DS is much different... Wii U has much bigger screens and much bigger distance.

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me loves fanboys

if you think this is hard to play... good luck with street fighter


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30 € for PS3?

Street Fighter 4
Mortal Kombat

oh forget it, the cost less then 30 :X

btw... "graphics are "limited" yes but that was expected, they wanted the game to load fast and not being too big for every fan out there" this doesn't even make sense... If they decided to give limited graphics by option, they need to by reviwed by that exacly limited graphics.

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beginning of 2013

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to be honest, I agree... I really enjoyed DMC 4 :X

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I agree with you... I made the review of the game, will publish it tomorrow for Portugal-Gaming, and the game is really really good!

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you surely are noobs

what a stupid review! lol

but congratz, you just got what you wanted, page views

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yeah... google translate really sucks :S

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unfortunately they said bigger, not better :(

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