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Hmm better odds than a lottery right? :)

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Yup that's the first thing I thought as well. This might be the game that convinces me to get a Wii U. Still, need a lot more than a random battle though.

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If true that would be crazy good.

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yes please, this is getting better and better with every new showing. In a couple years they might actually have a product that will truly be awe inspiring.

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and a fifth after a couple years because you feel the urge to revisit it.

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You are a good example of a rabid fanboy. Nowhere in the video did he say he was disappointed or expected anything otherwise when it came to online features while playing offline. He was just covering all bases and yet you take it like an attack.

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What about demos, I heard something about some demos (Dead Rising 3 was the one I heard), not working offline. I can't verify since I don't have an X1 (yet) can anyone help me out here?

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Well technically every Nintendo system and their games up to the Wii (excluding the 3ds and Wii U) are playable on the PC with emulation.

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Don't like Bayonetta and Smash at all so thats two less for me, and considering how Nintendo have disappointed me with the last few Zelda games (except the new 3ds one which is amazing) I'm not holding out hope, especially since all we ever saw was that non playable "demo" that one time.

Mario Kart is fine but X has my interest (even though we barely know anything about it).

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I'm with you there, only problem I have with the monthly sub model is how they limit the number of times you can do certain things like quest or dungeons per day. If I'm paying monthly I want full access to everything an unlimited number of times not limit me to a few a day.

That is my problem with the sub model but the quality is usually much better and the content built more balanced than a F2P game.

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so amazon emails are the bar now for cancelling games LMAO, how does this shit even get approved.

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As usual people jump to conclusions, make accusations and spout rhetoric before getting all the facts.

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I actually disagree with every single point here. I can see why people want a Wii U but there is not enough for me.

Firstly I am absolutely tired of Mario games, I see Mario world 3d and it looks absolutely amazing and yet I have no drive to play it, they do nothing for me anymore after 20 years playing them. Same with Zelda games (except the 3ds one which I am desperate for), pokemon, smash, donkey Kong, bayonetta, metroid etc. I am either an tied of them or was never intere...

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"Following a brief tutorial which teaches you such insultingly obvious basics such as how to move and shoot,"

at about this point its clear that the reviewer is dead set on hating the game, so many games show you this, I've lost count of the Amazing games that start with "use left stick to move" or "look up..look down" etc.

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It's a YS game, the formula is well established, I agree it's a like it/hate it kind of style.

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Yes because framerate limiting like this is not something to be condoned. It's just lazy porting not "as the devs intended".

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worst part was that I put the wrong year on my birth day when I made my PSN account way back in 2008...had to guess 3 times before getting it right, wish I could change it now but I don't think thats possible.

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the one in the vid is probably defective, hooked up and played 4 different PS4s and none even came remotely close to that horrible level noise.

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actually even the PS4 was technically false advertising, the stores have stock but its being kept for black friday and christmas crowd. But Sony actually said they were holding back stock so people can get around the Holidays, so they didn't try to hide it.

Not saying MS is lying (I'm sure the X1 is sold out in most stores around the world by now), but its just something companies do to drive demand and sales.

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I think and hope it was more for people still looking for systems. Tell them to check around and they might still find some rather than pay a ridiculous price on Ebay for a unit.

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