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Has there ever been a time where "the next generation of graphics" would not blow us away? #1.19
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just shows how ridiculous people are:

waiting for some product like a (jesus)phone or a game and getting so excited about that they are finally getting so upset when they realize it's just another gadget or game.

grow up! #1.6
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of course it's rushed!

remember: they say it compares to the release of a new console and we all know who put out rushed hardware this generation already. #2.2
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wake me up when this BS discussion is finally over

but nice to see a Xbox fanboy once in a while. there are not many left... #2.8
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it's gonna happen and i'm gonna be there to finally play it. it's the only game i'm missing on my ps3 #1.1.8
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doesn't change the fact that no serious hardcore gamer will play this waving his hands in the air to see random reactions on screen #1.13
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why is that guy holding a mouse in his hand and not a rat? do your homework guys! #4
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My guess is that BluRay might actually be the last physical format that matters. This means it would have an extremely long live cycle and coexist while Digital Downloads really take over in 10-15 years.

So yes, Sony might have created the most important format ever ;D #52
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Also biased opinions are real opinions hahaha #8
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Microsoft pursuing an early release .... it all depends on price...

This reminds me of the 360 launch! Remember what you got M$ fanboys?

A faulty product! #1.1.10
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Probably Natal sells better if there is cheap hardware, but nobody will buy games. Hardcore players using move might buy games. #1.3
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A stupid game by stupid people for stupid people. #1.16
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It may be true that Halo was important in terms of impact on the gaming industry.

But overall I think it is sad that these games are so successful. There are so many games out there that are actually funny, aesthetically pleasing and challenge your imagination and intellect.

Nevertheless people only seem to buy shooters where the setting is only focussed on delivering a stage for special effects and blowing things up (COD:MW2). War has been degraded to a background... #1.11
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I enjoyed ME on my PC, so I would be happy to play the second iteration on my PS3 :) One of the few games I envy the XBOX360 for! #2.5
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also keep in mind the PS3 is doing well in Europe where the profit of software sales is much higher! new games cost about 60 euros = 90 $ !!! #6.8
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what do multiplats have to do with the exclusives in the first place?

you don't make any sense!

and if you really care that much about the minor (graphical) differences of some multiplatform games, i advise you to buy the PC versions. they look far better than both console versions... #3.5
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"Plus our exclusives rock."

hahaha.... best laugh i had in a long time! thx #3.3
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This technology is nothing new. Last year I saw several groups at a bioengineering conference that were recharging batteries of implants through this technology. It made sense, since you don't have to operate the patient.

For home cinema it's not really a good idea, since you loose too much power doing this. It only makes sense if you can't use a cable for whatever reason. #2.5
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I love it how all conservative americans go nuts over him. They do not understand capitalism and social responsibility can go hand in hand. :) #2.24
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Even though I have a PS3, I have to agree with 36T at some point. We should be millions ahead. And we loose bigtime when you compare the PS2 marketshare with the PS3 marketshare. Before next gen, both consoles will be about even and the company who comes first will lead again.

However, I still feel the mistakes Sony made harms the company itself while Microsofts mistakes mostly harm the consumer (rushed console). This is why I still think the PS3 is the better console for me pers... #8.12
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