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No, they are not, in themselves, bad. But this being the games industry, how many are choosing to use them, the prices involved, and the games they're being used in, most certainly are.

A full priced retail game should have no micro-transactions....period. DLC add-ons are one thing, but charging people for what are effectively cheat codes is as greedy and grasping as it gets.
Even worse when you see a developer alter the progression of a game from it's previ... #24
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They should not be for anyone who had to pay $60/£40-50 on a game....a full priced retail game should be a complete experience. If your game is so boring that you're trying to get people to pay you to skip huge chunks of it, then you're doing something wrong somewhere along the line.

And we see devs changing the way games play in order to tempt people to part with more cash, and those changes are NEVER for the better, ruining the core experience.

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Bull....the install base for current gen consoles is still huge, and next gen versions both sold very well on their respective systems considering the lower install base.
Fact is, less people want your game because it's stale as month old bread....and it's not made by Treyarch, who are far better at disguising that fact than Infinity Ward now are. #10
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It's clearly not can still get Day One editions at some locations as they frequently have popped up on shopping deal websites.

I do get the logic in saying it is gives the impression that it's a hot item in high demand. It may put off a few from looking for one, but in many more it will hype them up a little and make them anticipate getting their hands on one in the future. #8
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Just wait until external USB 3 drives are supported. You can get any size you want (not restricted to 2.5"), USB 3 is almost as fast as an internal SATA II, and you won't void your warranty.
Also, with a single system update, they could detect a non-standard internal drive and ban you from Live or something. Not worth the time and effort. #22
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I can think of nothing more pathetic than this one star review nonsense on a console you don't's a sign of deep issues in whoever does it. The Xbox One isn't for me for a variety of reasons, and I will give my opinions on the system's shortcomings on forums and the like. But to actually clutter up the customer reviews section - which is supposed to be about detailing the product experience to help other users - is a step too far.

The US PS4 launch... #17
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Because the user base of the 360 would be far higher, and wouldn't stall the series' momentum with relatively poorer sales on a new platform. #7
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Greed...plain and simple greed. Created to capitalise on those with more money than sense that WILL pay this idiotic amount for an in-game item. The type of people who are buying an Xbox One purely because it's more expensive, and thus, must be better. Not to mention the obsessive compulsive types who just have to have the best items right away. In a sense, they're taking advantage of these people and their skewed perspectives.
Merchandising and ads isn't enough for th... #4
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Thing is, it's no slouch in the media department either. The only real advantage MS has on that front is the ability to feed in a cable/satellite box signal and overlay it's own UI over it. Not exactly thrilling.

Plus, on PS4, something like Netflix is not behind a paywall....unlike on Xbox One, where only Gold members will be able to use the service to access their subscription.

Lastly, the PS4's internet browser tested as a lot faster than the... #4.1
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The eSRAM is too small in this age of deferred rendering. A 1080p frame buffer is too large to push through the fast eSRAM, so devs have to put a lot more work in to try and make it work, and that leads to compromises. #1.5
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The best feature of either camera is the voice commands....and those can be performed with the bundled headset mic on the PS4.
Playroom looks a fun little thing, but that's not enough to sell the camera to me yet. But streaming could sell it to some people, skype video calls as well, so it might be essential to a lot of people just for that.
Games wise? Not a lot to excite. Though the next game from the studio behind Little Big Planet apparently uses the camera and Move... #8
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Made up what garbage? I don't follow the guy, so you need to tell me what he did that was so dumb. #4.2
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The PC port of this game is awful....just awful. Never mind the resolution, the controls suck with mouse and keyboard and really need a controller option. The game bugs out a lot, the driving is awful, often moving left or right with no input from the player while the speed gauge fluctuates wildly. The sound randomly cuts out. Jim Sterling had a bug where the game would no longer let him move his mouse to the left, so he had to spin all the way round to the right to get the direction he w... #4
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Kinect will NEVER be a good replacement for a's just not precise enough. It's not precise enough for navigating menus either, so it's only decent function is the microphone, which you don't actually need a camera for.
Well, that's totally worth releasing an underpowered console at a higher cost than it's significantly more powerful rival....good job MS. /s. #7
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It's only a war for the fanboys. Everybody else has their preferences, but aren't tw@ts about it.
The most pathetic thing I heard about so far was somebody giving the PS4 console a fake review on Amazon and saying in the text that they were "...doing their part" to help the Xbox. Worst part? I don't even think it was a kid. #4
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Of course it will get better looking console is stagnant from launch, things will improve. Problem is, the same holds true for the PS4...that initial hardware disparity will ALWAYS be there, and the One will ALWAYS be hamstrung to an extent by it's memory solution. Workarounds and other tricks will help, but compromises will have to be made a LOT faster than on Sony's hardware. That cannot be avoided. #10
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Agreed. Good number, encouraging for the industry, but also telling that a 13 country launch just about matched the PS4's US numbers. Sony still has it's strongest territory to come next week, and then Japan in the New Year.

Console gaming is FAR from dead...they just need to keep up the momentum. #1.1.9
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The posts were removed. That's more than can be said of the statement by the French Marketing Director for Xbox stating that the Xbox One is 4 times as powerful as a PS4 when connected to the internet. Blatant misrepresentation, blatant lies about the capability of the console.

THAT is classless, not an over-eager PR guy, because it deliberately spreads misinformation to consumers.

Sony have indeed congratulated MS for their launch since these posts....... #49
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It's the same as with the PS4 - there WILL be faulty units in any mass produced item. So long as their customer service deals with it quickly, it's nothing but a temporary hassle. #93
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Even if you do replace it - will you be able to load the OS onto it? And even if you can do that, will MS ban you for altering the hardware? Plus, you lose your warranty.

In short, just wait for a few weeks and external hard drives will be available for games. #41
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