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Short isn't a problem....the price for that shortness is. The PS4 version of the game is £30 in the UK...that's unacceptable. A Konami rep pointed to games like Journey and Dear Esther being short experiences, but they were also a LOT cheaper.
People also keep mentioning these side activities, but I guarantee that they will be fetch quests and escort missions in order to pad the time you spend with the game. In fact, people have mentioned missions like collecting casse...

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They most likely get review copies for free, so forget that the paying customer is getting shoddy value because they've lost sight of that by not having to pay for the game.

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And people won't. That doesn't mean that people shouldn't say they don't think it's good companies need to be told when they're under-delivering on value. Silence would just ensure more and more companies break off parts of a game to sell at unreasonable prices.

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Not everyone likes to play the same missions over and over again in order to get "value", it gets repetitive and irritating. No problem with them selling a short game, but £30 is too much.
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was only £12 at it's most expensive, and was available quite a bit cheaper during sales...and it was 3-4 hours. That's about right. I think people are letting them get away with murder just because it's a Metal Gear game. If EA pulled ...

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The old Source engine - modded or not - and they can only get to 720p? Source runs at 1080p on a potato for goodness sake!
Some decent graphical effects there, but enough to force the resolution drop?
I'm sure it'll play great, it looks fun, but that kind of technical limitation really shouldn't exist on a machine costing $500 when 1080p has been the standard for years now.

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So long as a dev doesn't choose parity and instead develops to the strengths of each system, this will continue to be the case throughout the life of the consoles.
Yes, devs will squeeze more and more out of the Xbox One as they go along, but the same applies to the PS4. And logically, there's simply more power there for the devs to tap into with the PS4...more little advantages in the hardware that Microsoft either didn't bother with due to their focus on an all in one p...

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£299 without Kinect would be a perfect price point for the One. I'd buy one at £299 for the exclusives, but I absolutely loathe the idea of paying for that stupid damn camera. It's useless for games, and that's all I give a crap about. I have ZERO desire to watch TV while having to have a console going at the same time - a waste of energy for no benefit, as all the extraneous fluff that it adds has no interest for me.

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Enjoyed Phantasmagoria, and even it's slightly more rubbish sequel. The set up of the first game should make for a decent little horror flick if it's pulled off well. Build the atmosphere right, put in a few nods to the game, decent actors...I'll definitely give it a watch.
Would be great if it did well enough to see the sequel get an adaptation too.

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The sequel is on GoG, and while not as good as the original, is at least cheesy horror fun in a different way. It goes on sale fairly regularly, I'd definitely recommend picking it up.

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Thanks for this timely review of a 5 month old flop of a game...very useful.

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What part of "alpha" don't they understand? Smacks of a writer being contrarian for the sake of it.

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It really doesn't, especially for a developer who has ever worked on a PC version of a game. There's extra power in these consoles when compared to the last gen, but they still can't really approach a top spec PC.
Less constraint in a more familiar architecture makes things easier for devs, not harder....especially if they've done PC work before.

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Absolute nonsense. Devs have been working on 1080p and complex engines for years at this point...they were simply scaled back until they fit within the spec of the 360 and PS3. The power of the Ps4 and, to a lesser extent, Xbox One simply removes a lot of those old barriers and restrictions. Updated engines are worked on all the time, and they are then licensed out for devs to use the pre-built assets...and Sony and MS also develop new tools and drivers to assist the devs in getting more o...

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They needed to have more games that appealed to Japanese gamers was smart to delay the launch, especially as MS has little hope of ever making a big splash over there. Nintendo owns the handheld space in Japan, but the Wii U has floundered there just like everywhere else, so the PS4 is perfectly placed to be number 1.

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People are mostly sceptical due to the quality of internet coverage. Some providers still have data caps and slow speeds that wouldn't really do well with this service. Better connections and plans are slowly trickling out, but a lot of people tend to get left behind due to cable/fibre services not being available in an area because the company is too cheap to lay the pipes. Hopefully it improves.

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Initially it's available through Sony products, but I see little problem with them expanding to other devices. The subscription money would still be going to them, so it'd still be a revenue stream despite not being on Sony hardware.
In fact, since they lose money on consoles sold for a good while after launch, making it up in software, then this could actually be a VERY wise move. Not much different to iTunes being available on non-Apple products. Either way, Apple make mo...

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The first step towards Netflix for games. Hopefully, with Sony backing, it does better than Onlive did. The entire Sony console catalogue on a subscription basis sounds excellent to me - PS2 library alone would justify the cost, never mind PS1, PS3 and PS4. How about PSP and Vita as well?

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The guy may not be telling the full story....there seems little reason to arrest him and deny access on the athlete Visa (calling them athletes is beyond stupid in my eyes, but that's another discussion), unless he had a criminal conviction that would restrict entry.
It could be they just felt like being a******s to this guy for no reason, but I highly doubt that.

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There is corruption and greed in regular sports, so it's not a surprise to see this kind of thing appear in e-sports either. I'm not a fan of the concept - watching overly serious people play games competitively is about the worse thing I could imagine watching outside of real life tragedy or a snuff film - but it sucks to see people get screwed over.

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Define hard. Is it the good kind of hard, made challenging thanks to tough but fair level design and enemy AI? Or is it the crappy kind of hard that essentially becomes a glorified memory test after you get killed by traps you had no way of seeing coming?

The second kind of hard is beyond lazy, and a blight on the indie scene...and the quicker it stops being a thing the better.

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