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The graphics are nothing special though bunt....hardly "next gen". It's not ugly or anything, but Ryse is a more impressive looking game (though lacking slightly in the gameplay department by all accounts). #6.1.3
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Respawn wanted to take on CoD and Destiny....EA cut them off at the knees with that exclusivity deal. You can bet they won't make the same mistake with the sequel unless MS throw ungodly amounts of money at them...but even that may not be as important as market share.

The sequel needs more content and more actual single player campaign in order to build the world more effectively. Perhaps even a separate co-op campaign too, or they risk being left beh... #4.2
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I think it's more than "not bad" considering the hardware differences. 512mb of RAM + EDRam vs 8gig + ESram, faster CPU than the One but less advanced overall and with less cores, and a much weaker GPU. Bluepoint Games deserve to be commended on the job they did. #2.2
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One way to look at all these deals....great for the potential consumer.
Another more cynical way...damn, lots of places are having to cut a lot off these systems in order to actually shift them.

MS, you need to drastically reduce the price. Best way to do that? Give people what they want, a Kinect free version of the console for £250 with Titanfall. Cut that price, cut the peripheral that many people resent having to pay for, and watch that user base grow.
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ESRAM is not a win, it's a compromise, and not a very effective one due to its limited size. Considering what they ended up charging for the system on release, it really should have had DDR5 RAM like the PS4.
Whether it was penny-pinching or just a lack of foresight, MS ballsed up the internals of their machine in order to fund Kinect, which is ultimately near useless for gaming beyond some voice commands and the novelty of logging in via scanning your face. #56
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Yes...that's the point. Honing it and whittling it down to achieve the fastest time possible, how else do you expect it to work? #3.1
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I wish people would stop with this kind of stuff. Even if not intended to be so, it very much comes off as shilling artificial hype....the industry has enough of that coming from the publishers without the "journalists" doing it as well.
I'll be excited on my own thanks....I don't need other people trying to cheer-lead from the sidelines telling me to get hyped. Call it an opinion piece all you like, the ultimate effect is pushing the advertising of those games on... #2
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Good....Kinect is a waste of a developer, no matter who that developer is. Rare is not what it once was, but seeing them create another Banjo title in the traditional style would be great to see. #19
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You are extremely defensive. If you want to ask why PS4 is being brought into this, may want to check the text above which mentions "crushing it's competition - namely the PS4".
A game with screen tearing and a low resolution of 792p combined with frameskips, and significant lag issues while online does nothing to show off the Xbox One or Azure in any way. Azure is supposed to be handling NPC AI and allowing extra processing to go towards other elements of the game, ye... #1.2.1
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And then Konami decided the series suddenly needed to appeal to Western audiences more...despite the fact they appealed perfectly well to the West before they started messing with the formula and trying to make the series combat oriented.
Such a pity that so many Japanese devs have lost their way in an effort to "appeal to the West", when their quirkiness and charm was what made their games appeal to us in the first place. #3.1.1
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The movie industry has the mainstream appeal to withstand those kinds of attacks for featuring that kind of material...I don't think the games industry does. That's not fair - of course it isn't - but I think it's entirely understandable. Pundits will stand up for artistic integrity of movies, not so much games.

Besides, with the "quality" of writing in many games nowadays, I really don't think there's anyone qualified enough to cover those... #4
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Cliffy is a clown who hates used games, hence this dumba$$ assertion. Screw trying to create a game that people won't want to trade in, screw creating compelling and new experiences and extra, substantial content afterwards that will keep gamers, much better to act like a spoiled little twerp and try to railroad the industry down a path that doesn't benefit consumers. A path where people are stuck with rubbish games and can get nothing back for them, a path where re... #14
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If this is the lengths that someone has to go to in order to find good news for the Wii U, then you know Nintendo screwed up royal. And I say that as a Wii U owner who sits frustrated while Nintendo continue to drag their feet and not even try to do the things necessary (price drop, actually market the damn console and games, sort out their accounts system and make things more convenient for end users) to turn things around.
Iwata - as loveable as the guy is - should go, they need so... #13
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Titanfall looks decent fun, but multiplayer isn't really my thing. I prefer solid single player titles, with multiplayer being a nice little bonus if I want to dip into it.
I'd have liked Titanfall to be on PS4 for others, but we'll just have to wait for the sequel - assuming EA doesn't also broker an exclusivity deal for that one too. #3.5.4
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Who said anything about PC? PC can handle above and beyond what the PS4 could manage, but let's not pretend the Xbox One doesn't have to compromise in many areas.

And while Sony are not without their faults, they learned from their idiotic mistakes with the PSP and PS3...they dropped the arrogant attitude and focused on offering the customer better value. MS saw this, and decided to create a really consumer unfriendly console that would hold your gameplay hostage if... #3.4.4
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Oh, it's possible. But more horsepower and a better GPU would make it look a hell of a lot better...more complex damage models, more particle effects at a higher resolution etc.
Let's not pretend that the extra power available would make no difference. #3.1.3
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@Septic The inner walls could have a steel framework that doesn't destruct when the concrete is shot away. Would allow some cool particle effects, discourage camping, and still keep the walls intact for wall running. Could have added a little extra strategy as well due to the temporary nature of the cover. Bit convoluted, but when you have giant mechs running around, realism obviously isn't a top priority. #1.2.2
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I would like one for the exclusives as well - already a PS4 owner - but only when the price significantly drops. Kinect is a dead weight, and I refuse to pay extra for it. #57.1
449d ago by dennett316 | View comment simply doesn't match up technically. It's like saying a DSi can "catch up" to a 3DS, it just can't. Devs will be able to squeeze more out of it, like they do any system, but that also applies to the PS4. The PS4 simply has more to play with. It's not even like last gen where one system was easier to develop for than the other due to the architecture involved - both are roughly the same set up, and both are easier to develop for than the PS3 was.... #58
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Like everything the industry does, the idea of Free to Play games is a good one, it's just the companies that decide to screw people over that ruin things for everyone else. DLC is a great idea in theory, but publishers decided to take the p*ss and milk it for all it was worth, to the point that content is purposefully removed from games in order to sell it to us on day 1.
There are good free to play games that take the right approach - offer a damn good core experience that does... #7
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