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It's never too late...but they haven't dropped the price enough as far as I'm concerned. At the same price as the PS4, it still struggles to be good value due to it's inferior spec. Ditching Kinect and making it fully optional was a great start. Now drop the price to £299 and reflect the true value of the console in the face of it's technically superior competition. Then you'll see them sell, and then you'll start clawing back your disenchanted audience th... #23
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It's hard NOT to be cynical when games companies keep on giving people great reasons to BE cynical. Shoddy DRM that stops legit customers from playing their purchased games, on-disc DLC which represents the worst of the industry in trying to fleece people into paying for content that's already on the disc, the blatant misrepresentation of games via "vertical slices of gameplay" and bullshot screenshots used to promote the game being taken from super-sampled PC versions to m... #2
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Where was he with GTA 5, or Halo 4, or Call of Duty whatever number we're on now, Or Resident Evil 6, or Watch Dogs or any other big budget AAA title that has been released over the last 10 years?
Yes, the amount spent on Destiny seems huge, but that includes all marketing costs (which most other companies never reveal) and developing an ambitious IP. Big budget games aren't cheap, and haven't been for years. Why does the author only want Destiny to fail? Why not the ot... #107
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I don't get why people get so angry about timed exclusive DLC...what, you can't wait to pay more for content that should really have been in the game from the start anyway? Why?
Stop falling over yourselves in a quest to be ripped off the quickest. Most DLC is utter rubbish anyway. If you feel so strongly, just don't get the's the only message that publishers and developers understand. Communicate this to them calmly, tell them why you're not buying t... #81
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Why? Because they want to sell it for $60, that's why. If a publisher thinks they can get away with it, they'll gladly charge full price for a glorified expansion pack. Gamers as a whole need to get that these companies are in it for the money, they are not our friends and they aren't doing it for the art or to make the best game that they can make...not any more. They want to do the bare minimum to justify selling at full price while still being able to section off content th... #18
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...and Watch Dogs is like Assassin's Creed fu**ed the movie Hackers, what's your point?
Ubisoft are the masters of recycling. #70
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If it's anything like the last two games, what to expect is a strictly mediocre open world game that falls behind the competition in every regard. The first Crackdown is only remembered for the Halo 3 beta that came with it, and the second one is remembered for lazily re-using the same city with a bit of cosmetic damage. #6
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Execs at Sony have reiterated that it is still being worked on...the official word is that it is not dead. #128.1
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Were you not alive for their PS3 E3 reveal? THAT was their worst E3 ever due to the sheer arrogance they displayed when discussing the price of the console, and the cringe-worthy moments when discussing their games ("Giant enemy crab").
This was not the worst anything, they had a good, solid show with some nice surprises in Grim Fandango and LBP 3.
You need to calm down, work on the spelling and punctuation, and stop the idiotic's embarrassing. #129.1
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Ugh, both had their strengths and weaknesses and whoever you thought "won" is determined by so many subjective factors, it's near pointless to talk about.
I swear, if a Sony exec and an MS exec were using a public urinal at the same time, there'd be an idiotic game journo with a ruler and a stopwatch measuring length and duration to try and determine who "won".
Give it a rest with this idiocy, it fuels the fanboys who embarrass us all by association. #130
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The developer stated that the villain of Far Cry 4 isn't a white, you know, the article kind of falls apart pretty damn quick.
Depicting racism or racist, shi**y attitudes is not the same as lauding them...people need to get that through their thick skulls. #10
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Yes, they very much ARE too expensive. They're practically pushing people towards downloading complete Rom sets by charging so much.
Should be £1 per NES game, £1.50 per SNES and £2.00 per N64 at maximum. #5
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Be ready for very basic gameplay...think a slightly more complicated Dragon's Lair, or a slightly more fast paced Interactive DVD Game. It's fun though, the cheesy vibe carries it through. #13.1
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The game shouldn't have even gotten a PG rating...there is nothing to it at all. Even the soap operas at the time the game was released featured skimpier and more revealing clothes than anything in Night Trap. As for the "violence", honestly, there's worse violence in any random Tom and Jerry cartoon. The only blood seen in the game is when a guy is being drained in a closet, and it's just red liquid running through a tube....'50s monster movies were more graphic.... #9.1.1
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YES!!! Seriously, this game is pure nostalgia for me, despite it's overall cheesiness. Just that looping cricket noise alone when you switch to the driveway it. Can't wait for the re-release...instant must buy from me, no matter the price. Release Double Switch and Ground Zero Texas as well please. #15
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Kinect is terrible for anything but the most basic of party games...that's just a fact. People keep talking about it's potential, but it's been 3 and a half years since the original version was released, and developers are still yet to give us any convincing evidence of the thing's suitability for gaming.
Voice commands are useful, but they don't need an inaccurate motion camera to be utilised. There is no game that is made better with Kinect, with the possible e... #14
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MS commissioned them for an exclusive...that's pretty much why, same as any 3rd party dev who makes an exclusive for a single platform. #6
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I blame the fact that MS keep bringing up the power differential and all the things they're going to do to try and make up for's all marketing BS in an effort to halt the perception that the PS4 is the more powerful hardware.
Sensible people everywhere have accepted this as fact by now, it's MS trying to pursue this by constantly mentioning it. If you want to "blame" anyone, blame MS and their PR team. They should concentrate on services, features and... #25.1
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It IS a problem if your framebuffer is larger than becomes a significant bottleneck which DOES slow things down and leads to complications.
ESRAM is not a win, nor is it preferred by developers, it is a patch, a band aid to reduce the impact of the slow-ass DDR3 memory that Microsoft used for the One.
It will lead to more and more compromises having to be made as the generation goes on. It really needed to be double the size, but there was simply no room left on the... #26
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Microsoft claim this sort of crap a lot, and as yet have shown ZERO evidence of any actual benefit it gives to games. The Titanfall AI grunts were supposed to be powered by the cloud, but that's not much of a demonstration because the AI on those things is dumb as a post...they are total fodder.
I have no doubt that the cloud can aid with certain functions, but not 3 times the power of an Xbox One, that's pie in the sky. #58
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