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The thirst is real in the comments above...come on guys, have a little dignity.

1332d ago 1 agree0 disagreeView comment OK little extra, but nothing spectacular. Original costumes all the way.
A better bonus would've been a remix mode where you could play as other Resident Evil characters like Leon, Barry or Claire. Would've only needed a few changes in text and dialogue and a character replacement here or there.
Either way, I'm still getting this on day one. Screw the new control scheme though, there's no good animation transitions when you change direction, so the ...

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Do you like survival horror games like the old style Resident Evil games? If so, and if you don't mind the ugly PS1 era graphics, and some puzzle solving, then it's a fine game, especially for the price it's being offered at.
The combat is clunky and the controls take a little getting used to, but give it 10 minutes and you should be fine. It's still an effective horror title, despite the graphics, and has a good and engrossing story. Great atmosphere too.

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The fact that a developer even had to say that is a sign of just how broken the games industry actually is. No other industry gets away with such obvious contempt for the paying customer, yet people are perfectly happy to continue plonking down their $60, sight unseen, practically begging the publishers and devs to take advantage of them by stripping out content and selling it back to them as Day 1 DLC.
Battlefield 4 was a test to see just how sloppy they could get and still have peo...

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Pretty sure this was said about the 360 and PS3 too....maybe not by Pachter, but all these so-called "analysts" operate under pure guesswork anyway. Talking up their occasional successes while brushing off their many, many missed calls.

Xbox One is underperforming right now (though still ahead of the 360 at the same point in it's life), and the PS4 is thoroughly outperforming the PS3...despite neither console really having hit full stride yet.


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Probably not, but they're not really making the effort to do so either. You get the feeling they released there purely out of obligation, just to say that they did for perception's sake. If you're a big name hardware maker, then you release in Japan.
There's no sign of the effort they made with the 360, no bunch of Japan-centric games made specifically to cater for the region...they're just kind of plodding along.

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Nintendo don't make kids games...they make "family" games. That's an important distinction. Anyone who is secure enough within themselves to not care about seeming "Immature" for playing colourful games would be absolutely fine playing the Wii U.
All the teenagers that are desperate to seem mature and gravitate towards brainless, repetitive gore-fests while blathering about how "adult" they are can feel free to miss out on some great games. Eve...

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Kinect is great for a dancing game, where the accuracy only has to be so good. For anything else, it becomes an exercise in frustration and is NEVER even close to good enough to replace a controller.
For games, Kinect is nearly useless. It's great at collecting data that would be useful to advertisers though....funny that. Almost like that was why it was originally going to be forced to be turned on at all times or something...selling that data would've meant big money for ...

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People have been killed for less, sadly. I knew a guy who was stabbed to death over £5.

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I liked 3 for what it was, but what it was was a dumbed down version of Fable 2. What I got was a partially finished game that I think was rushed out the else do you explain that awful King mode? Skipped forward so quickly it was barely even worth bothering with...and they had the cheek to claim that it was half the game. Nonsense.

Still has the same Fable charm, but the story is over too quickly, it's a much easier game than even Fable 2, and it's dumbe...

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You can't kill kids in GTA games, never mind rape them. Besides, there's a false equivalence at work in your argument. Defeating enemies - killing them - is a staple of video games. There are some bizarre games where the point is to rape women...but GTA is not, and never has been, one of those games. It's deeply satirical, and sexual assault of that kind is not something that would ever feature in the game, morally first, but also because it'd serve no traditional game fun...

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Because everyone has different standards. What's "so much fun" for you might not be enough for other people. You're not wrong for liking it, but don't try to imply that others are somehow strange or ungrateful for not sharing that sentiment.

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Unrealistic expectations that were generated by the publishers, their marketing department, and sites like IGN in the gaming press who now, seemingly, act like another branch of that hype machine instead of actually providing critique and consumer advice like they're supposed to.

Yes, some gamers get carried away and get swept up in the hype, but let's not forget just who got the hype train going and exactly why they did it.

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Just because YOU didn't experience problems, doesn't mean they don't exist. Quit being so defensive.

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What a doormat attitude that is. Why shouldn't someone complain when a product isn't up to snuff? Are you nuts? You don't have to blindly accept any old thing that's thrown your way, and you'd do Bungie a disservice if you did. They need constructive feedback, they'd welcome it, it's how they'll be able to improve things and make their games better.

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You shouldn't be thanking them for what should be a bare minimum requirement. It says a lot that standards are so low for these kinds of launches that someone would actively thank a developer for doing what they're supposed to be doing anyway.
I don't thank manufacturers when my products work...they're supposed to work. If they don't, that's a problem that needs to be rectified and complaints need to be made.
Only gamers feel the need to excuse stuff ...

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"Look at his iconic grey shirt, and his iconic middle finger. And lest we forget his iconic beard. ICONIC!! Everything we make is iconic!!! Pre-order the Iconic Icon DLC today!!! We're not desperate!" - Ubisoft Press Release.

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Pretty good article...and I do like that the writer was self-aware enough to realise that this sort of trip for journos is a pretty big problem. And it is.

EA won't pressure people into being nice about their game, but they will make sure to treat the writers well, take them on an expensive trip and fill their heads with positive and fun memories. How can that positivity NOT affect the coverage of the game that least on a subconscious level?

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A big fat cheque was probably the primary motivator.

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What a pointless article...
"This game still looks great today....provided you change and upgrade pretty much everything about it". Yeah, not quite the same as something from the 16 bit era still looking appealing today, is it?
Vanilla Doom 3 was a technical showcase at the time of release, but it dated rather quickly due to an ugly art style.

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