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100% of murderers have breathed air at some point of their lives...ban air, it's the only solution!!!

An absurd example, of course, but not all that far away from the arguments used by gaming's detractors, despite the obvious logic that the vast majority of video game players are not violent psychopaths, thus crushing their daft argument. Some people just can't process what humans are capable of without looking for a scapegoat to pin it all on. Those people want...

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Everything you ever experience affects your mind...that's kind of how things work. Watching any movie or TV show will cause your brain to react a certain way, as will doing a crossword puzzle, playing darts, or playing games. That's not unique to games, again, that's something that videogame's detractors either don't realise, or just don't want to admit.

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If it depends on the person, then the problem isn't the's the person consuming that media, but being mentally unable to cope with things in some way.
That's the issue that people who look to blame games or music for things like Columbine don't seem to grasp, or don't want to grasp. They want easy answers - This caused this - but it's rarely as easy as that.

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This is nothing to do with feminists, this is an issue gaming has faced for years and years now.

There is also no such thing as a "gamer identity", just putting that out there.

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That wouldn't tell you anything other than that those people played games at some point in their lives. Correlation is not causation.

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I'd kind of like them to take a little more time and do this for the whole game...this sounds like there may be some budget issues stopping a total conversion from happening.
Even better, I'd have liked to have seen the pre-rendered backgrounds redrawn with HD resolutions in mind. Think of the sharpness and detail that'd produce.

Would like to second calls for a physical release in the West as well. I'm still buying it either way, but would prefer ph...

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Ugh, this sucks. Yukes have got a lot to answer for. Building this so-called "new foundation" on the shaky ground of their glitch-ridden series was always a bad idea. The stamina system looks good, but that's about it. The commentary still sucks, the sound design is still terrible, and it's still as glitchy as it ever was. Now we have new issues with the online modes, and a ton of cut content...this game is a mess.
2K should have taken a year off and started fro...

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Stop clicking on "stories" like this just to could tell what type of story it would be before you clicked, yet you did anyway. The whining is almost as bad as the article itself.

That said, PC gamers, we get it...chill out. Your hardware dongs are bigger than the console hardware don't have to keep re-stating it in order to justify the cost of your 32gigs of ram and SLI 980's. It's OK, we know it's superior...some of us hav...

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Yes, finally someone has said something really kinda dumb about a product without actually experiencing it...where would we be without such valuable insight? A half-baked console mod isn't exactly the same as a mode being crafted by a team of experienced coders.

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It's an optional mode, and from what Rockstar have said, it's very customisable. You can set it so first person only kicks in when you're driving, or example. Or you can just manually switch back and forth when you need to...or just ignore it entirely.
If they do lose their minds and switch to first person only for GTA 6, then people can vote with their wallets and let them know that they like that, or don't. But with the 360 and PS3 versions selling over 30 million...

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Exactly...options are a great thing. Why someone would complain about a completely optional mode is bizarre to me. Then again, it's the internet. Why wait to actually try the new mode before writing it off...something's changed, quick, complain!

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Show me the evidence for any of the things that you just posted. Show me the reviews of her game from people that she slept with, or any articles made that even mention her game, coming from those people.
Show me the posts from her journalist pals that are threatening the careers of others...and also prove that she is, in fact, friends with them.
Show me anything solid at all, not half-baked conspiracy theories and conclusions that have been jumped to. Facts, show them.

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There have been problems in game reviewing since the early days. Where were the Gamergate guys then? Where have they been when games like Skyrim on PS3 and Battlefield 4 launched broken, but reviews failed to mention the problems they had? Oh right....that had nothing to do with being able to bash unpopular females in the industry, my bad.

The entire review process is not broken, merely individuals within it. Not all reviewers are corrupt, not all reviews are worthless....

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Anyone with consciousness would say's obvious, a 100% certainty. In fact, it's so obvious that even people in comas could predict it.

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Really? The game available on a combined user base of 160 million units is going to beat the numbers of a game available on a combined user base of less than 20 million??
Thank you for that wonderful info Mr Pachter, truly that is why you're paid the big bucks as an "analyst".

Jeez...the guy is just guessing most of the time, except in cases like this where what he's saying is so profoundly obvious to anyone with a functioning brain cell spare. Wha...

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They shouldn't bash should. That Halo Collection is great value for people that may have missed out on the earlier games, and just a neat collection for people who want to play improved versions of those games on their current hardware. It's also great to get box sets of games, it's the one thing that console gaming is bad at....preserving their old titles. Movies from the dawn of cinema can be bought and played on today's equipment, yet countless games a...

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Define "good move".

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Posting this kind of article on here seems kind of pointless, we know what it's designed to do. It's click bait, and no doubt leads to a lot of comments under the article as people yammer on back and forth about which console is better etc.

A better article would be one which leaves out the console war nonsense altogether, and simply makes a case for the exclusives that the Xbox One is showing off this year and talking about their positives in isolation. PS4 vs Xbox...

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Mediocre title that misses the point of it's inspiration entirely by focusing on action. Nice ideas, (the trust system) but fairly poorly implemented, and a stock "The government wants the creature to weaponize it" story that makes the game come off like a bad episode of the X Files crossed with Resident Evil (secret base under the ice).
Oh, and the ending is nonsensical, with a character showing up who really, really shouldn't be there.

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People don't care when the game was released on another console, they only care that it gets released on the one they own so they have a chance to play it. The policy is idiotic.

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