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The guy may not be telling the full story....there seems little reason to arrest him and deny access on the athlete Visa (calling them athletes is beyond stupid in my eyes, but that's another discussion), unless he had a criminal conviction that would restrict entry.
It could be they just felt like being a******s to this guy for no reason, but I highly doubt that. #7
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There is corruption and greed in regular sports, so it's not a surprise to see this kind of thing appear in e-sports either. I'm not a fan of the concept - watching overly serious people play games competitively is about the worse thing I could imagine watching outside of real life tragedy or a snuff film - but it sucks to see people get screwed over. #4
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Define hard. Is it the good kind of hard, made challenging thanks to tough but fair level design and enemy AI? Or is it the crappy kind of hard that essentially becomes a glorified memory test after you get killed by traps you had no way of seeing coming?

The second kind of hard is beyond lazy, and a blight on the indie scene...and the quicker it stops being a thing the better. #2
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If Valve truly want Steam to take on consoles, then there's one more step they need to take in order to do so - allow the trading in of titles for store credit or direct trading with other users when people are done with them. #16
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@Mat666, stop with the elitist "not a true fan" nonsense. I much, MUCH prefer the old school Resident Evil games, but Resident Evil 4 is a great game. No, it's not old school Resident Evil, but it's a nice mash up of that old school charm and a new direction in the gameplay. That style of game, with a slightly more oppressive atmosphere and more old school Resident Evil puzzle aspects, and it'd be the perfect update of the old formula. 5 and 6 took it way too far in... #1.1.3
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Depending on where it was purchased and if they still have the receipt, they should ALWAYS take the console back for a replacement rather than go through MS. There's still a lot of them on shop shelves, so it'd be easy to get a replacement from most retailers. Buying online complicates things, but not by much. Still go through the retailer for a replacement rather than go through bought a new system, and you're entitled to a new replacement rather than a refurb. #29
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Because they find the series to be fun? It's not really a puzzling conundrum, the game is accessible and provides a lot of easy gratification in it's levelling system. They have a formula that works for their audience, and they stick to it with only minor tweaks. #13
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Not while Big Rigs Over the Road Racing exists. Or Ride to Hell: Retribution. Or cheap crap licensed games like Battleship or Green Lantern. #3.1
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Some Sony fans were the same when Final Fantasy 13 was announced as a multi-plat title, GTA 4 as well. Unreasonably idiotic behaviour is a gamer problem, not just a specific format fan problem. #1.2
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It's a bummer there's no B.C. but the change in architecture had to be made, it simply had to. The PS3 was too complicated to get the most out of, and that led to multi-platform games that were inferior to the Xbox 360 versions.
The current hardware choice was made in order to make things easy for developers to get the most out of the hardware, by making it as familiar as it can be while also being able to keep costs down for themselves after over reaching with the PS3 and lo... #9
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Emulators. By the time comes when all PS3 consoles have stopped working, PC's will easily be powerful enough to emulate the PS3 hardware.

Or, more likely, we will all have great internet bandwidth and games are available on a Netflix-like streaming service to be played whenever you like so long as you have a subscription. #4.1.1
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I would love to have another viable console that I could buy. But so long as Kinect is in there, as well as a focus on nonsense TV features that I care nothing for and don't even work in my region, then the Xbox One will never be a viable console. It is simply too expensive for what is left once I disregard the crap I don't need. And exclusives wise, it offers nothing as of yet which blows me away.
Halo, Gears and Forza are good games, I know this, they just don't do... #1.1.38
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Ditch Kinect. Beef up the specs. Build a mic and basic camera into the controller for voice controls and skype usage, and rely on Smartglass for browsing the UI and using the TV functions if they must be kept. Ideally I'd ditch that notion as well, but it's the one thing that separates the One from the PS4, so could be worth keeping. If they wanted a gimmicky way to sign into the console, then a thumb print scanner on the controller would have worked nicely in that regard.
... #5
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It's been out a's a little early to be calling a series irrelevant or claiming it's the worst anything ever. It's clear you have a dislike of the series...I'm just not sure why you seem to have the hostility towards it that you do. #20.1
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Honestly....this kind of thing just makes the PC gaming scene seem SO damn insecure and needy. They've got to constantly lord it over consoles - "Yeah, what you've got is OK, but on PC everything is better". It's a common theme, people talk about a console game, or compare one console with another, but there's got to be a PC gamer sticking their oar in and talking about how thousands of dollars of upgrades have a $400 next-gen console beaten in terms of graphics an... #18
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I love Nintendo but man, Reggie, what a dumb thing to say when your company had to publicly apologise for the lack of WiiU games being produced.
There are now some fine games available on the WiiU, but it's been out for a year now, and the number of truly damn good games is still disturbingly small. Plenty of hamstrung 3rd party titles and old games re-released like Deus Ex though.

In saying all that, my copy of Super Mario 3D World is making it's way to me s... #26
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What info could you possibly need SO badly that you'd have to stop your game to get it? And really, couldn't you just whip out your phone and look stuff up if need be?

Plus, PS4 has multi-tasking as well. You could switch between a game and the browser with a double tap of the home button - a browser which currently performs much faster than the Xbox browser BTW. It doesn't "snap" to the corner of the screen, but it's still easy to do. #11.1
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Not yet they haven't. It may well be patched eventually, but how long is anyone's guess. MS didn't think about that sort of issue though, way too US-centric. Bit of a mistake though considering the UK was a huge market for them last gen. Seems strange to overlook something like that. #8.1
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Ahh, the old "You're too poor" gambit. If only it made any sense whatsoever to pay more money for a significantly less powerful console....why pay more, for less performance?

It's like paying Ferarri money to drive home in a Mini Cooper. I have no doubt you're the type that spends hundreds of dollars on content packs for free to play games - more money than brains. #1.3.1
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The only function of Kinect useful for UI navigation is voice - and that shouldn't need Kinect to accomplish. Using gestures to navigate menus is a real pain in the behind.

And frankly, the Xbox UI wouldn't need voice control at all if it wasn't so cluttered with so much wasted space and tiles you don't necessarily want on your front page. #3.2.1
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