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PC gamers have been saying "PS4 and Xbox One are underpowered, they can't compare to PC". Thing is, those people no doubt have graphics cards which cost more than the PS4 does in it's entirity.
A PC of comperable performance level to the PS4 will cost more than $400, guaranteed. PS4 will not be able to compete with a top spec PC - i5 or i7 processor, 8-12 gigs of RAM, custom cooling, Titan GPU etc - but pound for pound, you get more bang for your buck with a PS4.... #49
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It looks weird, and the idea of it seems a little strange as well. I'm not sure how it'll work at all, and it may be an expensive proposition to be able to try the thing out, only to find it's not that great.

I think a better solution is simply a wireless mouse and keyboard, or better yet, one of those Splitfish controllers you can get that has a mouse and nunchuck set up with programmable buttons on both. Combine that with a PS4 or Xbox One joypad for games tha... #3
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Against....I'd have hoped Rockstar were better than that TBH. They've been (rightfully) lauded for their approach to DLC and making it such great value it's enough to be standalone, so seeing them resort to this is disappointing to say the least.
That said, it's optional stuff, and if some people have more money than sense....that's up to them. I dislike the practice of full price games having micro-transactions though. #6
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That's just idiotic. MS made that call on Kinect, it had little to do with what fans want. I've seen lots of people online who are buying Xbox One DESPITE Kinect being included. They want the console because it's a new Xbox, not because of the crappy camera that's bundled in with it.
Most people see what a pain in the ass that thing will be to use in the way MS want people to use it - for navigating TV channels and menus. #5.2
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Kinect is pretty terrible, and will never, ever be an adequate replacement for physical controls. Everything it's used for can be done quicker with a joypad or other hell with navigating menus with this thing. Voice commands are a nifty gimmick, but those could have been done with a microphone built in.
Casual party games are fun with it, that's about it. #6
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The concept being described isn't least not from any rational perspective.
Pretty soon we're going to have to make sure that in all stories there's a perfectly even spread of male and female victims of a virus/terrorist attack/nuclear holocaust....if even a SINGLE female or male more are killed than the other side, it's misogyny/misandry with ZERO room for debate or rational thought. This is the attitude that the overly PC brigade seem to want to fost... #8
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I'm going to play GTA 5 today and kick seven cows in the butt....just because of this whining bunch of cretins.
Then I'm going to play Pokemon and make them fight. Then even though I think the games look stupid as hell, I'm going to buy a Cabela hunting game and shoot a lot of endangered species in the face....purely out of spite.
Petty? Sure, but satisfying. #17
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That's too hard, and doesn't generate the amount of publicity that going after a successful game can bring. Most of these animal groups are less concerned about the animals, and more about their own profile.
They seem to think that this proves their commitment to animals, when in actual fact, this ridiculousness makes them look so stupid to the average person. #3.2
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This has been known for months. #33
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They both have similar structures, but the PS4 has a more capable GPU and an easier to develop for pool of fast RAM, as compared to the Xbox One and it's slower RAM plus ESRAM (ESRAM is very fast, but it's a very small amount and is an extra step that devs have to take into account, making it more complicated to develop games for than the PS4's more simple solution).
MS have tried to spin the numbers numerous different ways, including appearing on NeoGaf threads and spouti... #26
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Kinect is terrible as a means to controlling games in any sort of precise fashion. Controller interfaces will almost always be better.
Motion controls can be a fun distraction, but that's it. If MS truly believes in Kinect, then they will make the next Halo dependant on the technology to function....and I don't mean a token gesture or two to open a door or something. I mean truly integrate all it can do into the Halo experience.
They won't do that though...that&... #8
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@levian, games are doesn't matter the budget level, who developed it, what platform it appears on...all that matters is if it's a good game or not.

Of course indie games should count, why wouldn't they? You trying to tell me that Hotline Miami isn't a game because it has a lower budget than Aliens: Colonial Marines? I can tell you whichj one of those two I'd classify as a game and which I'd classify as an's a hint, th... #1.22
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@US8F, movies getting blamed is a little more rare nowadays, but it still does happen on occasion....and it was rampant in the 1990's-2000's.

Games are an easier target for lazy media outlets because there are fewer mainstream personalities willing to publicly defend games. This is slowly changing now - Conan O'Brien doing a segment on gaming etc, they are slowly becoming more accepted.

Until that happens, there will always be clowns with an agen... #1.1.11
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They kind of do, in a way, but it shouldn't have gotten to that point in the first place. They must have focus tested to gauge gamer reaction, surely? And if so, how can they not have known that some issues would have arisen from their restrictive approach?
Their insistence on Kinect being bundled is the last big step they really need to take, because there are many that simply do not want that technology...and it's not just due to paranoia. It adds so little to core games,... #31
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Tiniest things? Like being unbelievably wrong in suggesting that Sony would effectively steal the rights to indie companies IP merely by featuring said IP on their console?

You don't think that's more than a tiny thing? The guy and his lawyers were too dumb to understand a contract that a TON of other indie devs understood just fine. #7.1
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@corvusmd, what on Earth are you talking about? Why are you still talking about something you don't understand, and using that inaccuracy as a basis to stir up a console war conversation?
How can you say that Sony are not indie friendly considering their free rental of dev kits to small indie game makers in an effort to help them get projects off the ground? How can you claim they're not indie friendly when they were allowing self publishing on their network at a time when M... #4.1.4
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Agreed. PS4 may have emulatable PS1 and PS2 like the PS3 currently has...One may even have emulatable Xbox Original games (though they basically stopped doing that with 360).
Cloud streaming is pretty much the only solution for both to play this gen's games. #1.5.1
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BC on PS4 and One will be best served via cloud streaming. The act of of plugging a console into the One's HDMI IN port does not make the One backwards compatible...unless you and others are willing to suggest that the One is BC with PS3, PS4, Wii U and well as Ouya and any other box you can plug in via HDMI.
Hell, you might as well say the One is compatible with Steam, since you can pass through a PC signal via HDMI.

Both consoles changed their architec... #1.2.4
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Terrible argument. Pay to play online sucks...I never play online. Yet I already have a Plus subscription due to the cheap games it offers (they're not free....but they're MASSIVELY good value), as well as PSN discounts that can see you paying for the Plus subscription in savings just by buying games you want.
You cannot excuse Microsoft putting things like Netflix and Free to Play games behind a Gold paywall by pointing to Sony introducing a charge for online play. MS were... #1.3.4
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If you're watching a game or TV show, why would you need to know about game invites coming in? Are you going to switch away from the game you're invested in to play a multi-player game? What happens when you just want to watch a movie, but have constant game related messages popping up and interrupting what you're watching? People freak out in a theatre when they hear a text message tone, I'd imagine it's worse seeing pop ups overlaying what you're watching. So you... #4.2.2
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