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The Cloud is magical....the Cloud knows ALL!!!! Most importantly, the Cloud is perfectly capable of being utilised by both consoles, being as it's simply a bunch of servers that any publisher can rent space on.

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Yeah....there will be 30fps games on Xbox as well buddy. Much of this gen saw plenty of games running at 30fps, with many more dropping under that when the system was pushed.
Sometimes, if you want fancy graphics, frame rate must be sacrificed. Or resolution, it depends exactly what the devs want to do.
Doesn't change the fact that thanks to it's architecture, the most compromises will come on the Xbox One. Forza runs 1080p 60fps, but features plenty of last gen gra...

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Ryse looks good. For my money though, Killzone looks better.
As for MS having the best software tools, that's actually a bit of an issue at the moment, with many developers stating that the toolset isn't as mature as they'd like and that the PS4 is a lot further along in this regard. They will improve, but even if they do, the compromises will still have to be made due to the weaker hardware in the One. Games will look good, of course....just not quite as good as on the...

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Exactly....nothing has been said. You have to wonder why they're being so evasive about this when they're taking a bit of a hammering because of it? Surely it'd be better to stop the rumour quickly, declare the resolution as native 1080p and do what they can to discredit those providing such info?
When devs say things like that in June, it should always be taken with a slight pinch of salt, because that's what they're TARGETTING with a game, rather than what will...

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The Xbox One is capable of 1080p gaming - we know that due to Forza, and a few multi-plat titles like NBA 2K and UFC - but the worrying thing with this is that it seems to be really, really hard for developers to get that resolution up when there's some fancy effects at work. Ryse is 900p (not too bad TBH) due to it's fancier graphics, Killer Instinct is 720p due to its eye candy and need to run at 60fps.
It's clear that there's a lot of compromises that need to be ma...

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You're entitled to an opinion....and we're entitled to tell you that that opinion is nonsensical. You seem like the type who talks about current gen games looking like PS2 games, despite them doing things not technically possible on PS2 hardware. In short, you're caught up in hyperbole to an absurd degree...and you make yourself look ridiculous.

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Grab some of the indie games if you want to try something different. If you're getting Playstation Plus, you get 2 games free on launch day - Resogun and Contrast, and both are quite different to the usual AAA game types.
It would've been nice to get Driveclub and Watch Dogs, but I'd much prefer a game be finished properly rather than rushed to launch with a bunch of problems. The extra time spent should make the wait worth it.

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A next gen version of Black would be great.

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Upscalers aren't some miracle producing chip of the Gods, upscaled images vs native resolution is ALWAYS a loss for the upscaled image.
The game would have looked better being demoed on a top of the line 1080p screen - would have looked sharper. All they're doing is trying to push that the One can do 4K, and I'm sure it possibly can for video....maybe. But for games? Forget that notion - at least, forget that notion without a dev dropping every setting down to low and c...

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Those twitter responses were embarrassing to behold...make me ashamed to be a gamer.
For all those whining if it's real or not - it most likely is, the console is in a non-ventilated perspex case in Spain, it's gonna get a little hot. Countless electronic products - including iPad, 360 slim, PS3, PC's etc - have a shutdown feature when high temperatures are detected in order to protect the hardware. Demo pods are notorious for hardware failures due to their lack of venti...

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Of course she can.....just not too fast or set to music, otherwise some tone deaf people will ignore the context of the words around it and just assume it's the 'n' word.
Seriously, most of the problems regarding race nowadays come from people being overly PC for fear of offending everyone and start over-reacting to every little thing they think might possibly be perceived as racist/sexist/homophobic etc. They create tension, they spread bitterness and bile, and they make...

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It isn't really integral though, is it? It's every function in the UI can be performed by a joypad, voice recognition could easily be handled by a headset mic. It's camera function is great for Skype and......umm, that thing where it recognises you and signs you in automatically and adjusts your setting. That's a nifty feature...but worth all that extra cash?
Gaming wise, the thing is just abysmal for anything other than simple party games or dance titles....maybe a...

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No, the game was reviewed without an online component, those scores should stand. The issues with Online shouldn't be ignored though, and so long as people keep on top of that, that would be enough.

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No-one's saying anything is illegal...why even bring that up?

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Still trying to make it a competition huh? "But MS makes MORE money off Sony, so they're still better LOLZ!!" Sad.

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Well done Gapecanpie, you watch movies in inferior quality with inferior sound...I consider that more backward than owning physical media.
You call it the old way, I call it the better way. If my internet happens to drop, my movie doesn't crap out when I'm watching the Blu Ray...the quality also doesn't suffer if someone else in the house decides to use up some bandwidth.
Finally, ever hear of online shopping? It's been around for years now.

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Yes badz, a global OS that Sony still have to pay MS to licence for their machines....for it to be pre-installed, Sony have to licence it. Also, the Microsoft Surface thing isn't ironic in any way.

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Agreed 100%. Microsoft, for example, are working with Sony so Skype can be available on the PS4....and MS are happy to do it, because they own the damn thing and stand to increase their profile.

All the tech companies work with each other in all areas of their business.

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And the men are hyper-masculine posers or bloodthirsty, gun loving criminals. Pretty much everyone in the GTA Universe is a terrible person with the volume turned up to 11....very little positive from either sex.
If you're looking towards GTA to provide balanced social commentary, well, you've pretty much come to the wrong game. The satire has always been broad, the people have always been caricatures - and negative ones at that - you really need to be desperate to be holdin...

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We know that, pretty much everyone knows that. That has nothing to do with what's seen in that video though...that is lag above and beyond miliseconds, and that indicates a problem with the screen (most likely) or a faulty controller (less likely, but still possible). Normal input lag on a controller is imperceptible.

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