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And the men are hyper-masculine posers or bloodthirsty, gun loving criminals. Pretty much everyone in the GTA Universe is a terrible person with the volume turned up to 11....very little positive from either sex.
If you're looking towards GTA to provide balanced social commentary, well, you've pretty much come to the wrong game. The satire has always been broad, the people have always been caricatures - and negative ones at that - you really need to be desperate to be holdin... #3
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We know that, pretty much everyone knows that. That has nothing to do with what's seen in that video though...that is lag above and beyond miliseconds, and that indicates a problem with the screen (most likely) or a faulty controller (less likely, but still possible). Normal input lag on a controller is imperceptible. #52.1
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No, the lag is there. But it's most likely due to the TV. I say most likely, because it's impossible to be sure from a quick video. But, LG screens are notorious for their crummy performance in terms of lag, even in game mode. I've played 360 and PS3 for the better part of a decade, and both their controllers responded perfectly fine. I find it impossible to believe they'd suddenly screw this up now, not after constant reports from other shows of near perfect feel and han... #10.3.1
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Nonsense. The difference between wired and wireless is so negligible as to be practically non-existent....and certainly well below the lag introduced by the display. #1.6.1
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On some LG TV's, even their game modes have really poor response times. I owned an LG set that had awful lag on games until I labelled the HDMI input as a PC input. My first thought when I saw that lag was "LG TV", and if you look closely at the end, it is.

360 controllers were fine in 2005, it's ridiculous to think that they'd suddenly somehow screw this up so badly in 2013. Yes, MS have been pretty incompetent so far - and I've mocked them for i... #44.1
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That's an LG TV, and some of those TV's have quite atrocious lag with games...even in game mode.
A way to fix it is to label the input as a PC input, and it removes whatever extra processing is going on behind the scenes. Search for it, it's a common problem with some LG screens. And I say this as someone almost violently opposed to Kinect and it's inclusion with the Xbox it's not fanboy excuses at work here. I have no doubt a PS4 would be lagging just... #51
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1.5 weeks? What do you expect them to do, create extra servers with magic and unicorn farts? In 1.5 weeks, they'd be lucky if any extra servers they'd ordered had even turned up, much less been hooked up and tested. This kind of thing will ALWAYS happen, because servers are expensive, and a game NEVER requires the sheer number of servers it would need in order to work without a hitch on it's first few weeks of high demand....the amount of users logging on simultaneously will ev... #1.1
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Screw you IDA, those mountain lions are absolute jerks, I have a right to defend myself. And those deer? Well, they were coming right for me! Coyotes too. And that shark? Well, he shouldn't have been swimming there.

In all seriousness though, how do they not realise the harm they do to their cause with this kind of nonsense? It makes them look ridiculous and has people writing them off as nutjobs. #4
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It wasn't as high profile as GTA....and that's all those animal rights twerps give a damn about, raising their profile. #3.1
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Android and iOS games may be popular, but home consoles and even the handheld offerings of the 3DS and Vita absolutely crush them in terms of the quality of games available.
The best game on Android and iOS is GTA doubt. Angry Birds is great fun in short bursts, so is stuff like Cut the Rope, but they simply cannot compare to most home and handheld console experiences.
Some of the most popular gaming experiences on tablets and phones are the bloody emulators for old co... #32
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Hmmm, best? I've seen a few reviews of this, and it looks a mediocre Resident Evil clone with terrible, characterless voice-acting. They got the original cast, but Duchovny and Anderson sound so very, very bored and not into it at all.

The graphics and animations look terrible - especially for a PS2 game - I think there's a lot of better horror games in this style out there. Cold Fear, Obscure 1 & 2, Extermination, Onimusha, and, obviously, Silent Hill 2 &... #3
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I disagree with you a little about multi-plat games. Last gen we had a difference with the Xbox versions coming out on top most of the time thanks to it's easier architecture and more capable GPU. There was usually a noticeable difference in PS3 versions - not drastic, but noticeable.
This gen, the PS4 is the more powerful of the two, with the more capable GPU. But also, the Xbox One is the slightly more complicated architecture to get the best out of. Not as bad as the PS3 wa... #41.1
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PC gamers have been saying "PS4 and Xbox One are underpowered, they can't compare to PC". Thing is, those people no doubt have graphics cards which cost more than the PS4 does in it's entirity.
A PC of comperable performance level to the PS4 will cost more than $400, guaranteed. PS4 will not be able to compete with a top spec PC - i5 or i7 processor, 8-12 gigs of RAM, custom cooling, Titan GPU etc - but pound for pound, you get more bang for your buck with a PS4.... #49
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It looks weird, and the idea of it seems a little strange as well. I'm not sure how it'll work at all, and it may be an expensive proposition to be able to try the thing out, only to find it's not that great.

I think a better solution is simply a wireless mouse and keyboard, or better yet, one of those Splitfish controllers you can get that has a mouse and nunchuck set up with programmable buttons on both. Combine that with a PS4 or Xbox One joypad for games tha... #3
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Against....I'd have hoped Rockstar were better than that TBH. They've been (rightfully) lauded for their approach to DLC and making it such great value it's enough to be standalone, so seeing them resort to this is disappointing to say the least.
That said, it's optional stuff, and if some people have more money than sense....that's up to them. I dislike the practice of full price games having micro-transactions though. #6
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That's just idiotic. MS made that call on Kinect, it had little to do with what fans want. I've seen lots of people online who are buying Xbox One DESPITE Kinect being included. They want the console because it's a new Xbox, not because of the crappy camera that's bundled in with it.
Most people see what a pain in the ass that thing will be to use in the way MS want people to use it - for navigating TV channels and menus. #5.2
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Kinect is pretty terrible, and will never, ever be an adequate replacement for physical controls. Everything it's used for can be done quicker with a joypad or other hell with navigating menus with this thing. Voice commands are a nifty gimmick, but those could have been done with a microphone built in.
Casual party games are fun with it, that's about it. #6
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The concept being described isn't least not from any rational perspective.
Pretty soon we're going to have to make sure that in all stories there's a perfectly even spread of male and female victims of a virus/terrorist attack/nuclear holocaust....if even a SINGLE female or male more are killed than the other side, it's misogyny/misandry with ZERO room for debate or rational thought. This is the attitude that the overly PC brigade seem to want to fost... #8
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I'm going to play GTA 5 today and kick seven cows in the butt....just because of this whining bunch of cretins.
Then I'm going to play Pokemon and make them fight. Then even though I think the games look stupid as hell, I'm going to buy a Cabela hunting game and shoot a lot of endangered species in the face....purely out of spite.
Petty? Sure, but satisfying. #17
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That's too hard, and doesn't generate the amount of publicity that going after a successful game can bring. Most of these animal groups are less concerned about the animals, and more about their own profile.
They seem to think that this proves their commitment to animals, when in actual fact, this ridiculousness makes them look so stupid to the average person. #3.2
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