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Yes, and consumers who don't want to connect - or can't - have the option of ignoring the games that use the cloud on PS4.
With Xbox One, there is NO option, you HAVE to be online at least once every 24 hours. See the difference yet?
Personally, I hope no game ever has cloud functions as standard, because the second your internet connection drops, your game is screwed. Funny how this so-called "future" that MS seem to be rushing towards has so many more poi... #1.14.1
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Used games can still bring in money - DLC sales. A cheap used purchase of a game in a particular series can lead to new sales of a future sequel if the game is well liked.
The problem with a lot of game companies is they simply don't want to compete in the proper way. They don't want to have to create a game that people don't want to trade in, they just want to bash a product out as quickly as possible and make as much money as possible - because they feel they're en... #1.3.3
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People are still pulling this idiocy? The "series" was already dead, nobody was interested enough in it to put their money where their mouth is and make another...other than Nintendo. An explosion of what? Dumbassery? #8
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Badkolo, you're spot on regarding the arrogance of Sony with the PS3 launch. But so far, and for the last couple of years with the approach they've taken - Plus subscription offering such great value and discounts etc - that Sony seem to have learned from their mistakes.
I'm cynical, and I'll keep waiting for the shoe to drop, but so far they're making all the right noises. MS on the other hand seem determined to shoot themselves in the foot with how they're... #4.2.4
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Kinect is awful for really is. Try to control anything other than a dance game, and the Kinect is just a miserable experience. The Gunstringer is probably the best Kinect game out there, and that has more to do with the art style and quirky sense of humour than anything actually good regarding the gameplay.
The One will have good games, that can't be denied, but they've hamstrung the potential of the machine by insisting on that useless lump of plastic, Kinect, as... #3.3.3
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Only 2 people can access the library at any one time....not sure how it works in regards to playing the same title. I doubt Activision would be OK with 2 people being able to play CoD online off only one copy of the game on two different consoles though. #1.5.1
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Teflon Don, when you're playing those games off your system, you'd better hope the internet connection never craps out, or you're booted off your game after an hour.
No such problem on the PS4...just put in a disc and play, doesn't even need to be connected to the net at all.
I'd rather carry a couple of discs around than put up with Microsoft hovering over my shoulder ready to pull the plug if my hourly check in fails. #1.3.4
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The cloud stuff is possibly neat and all - though remember Sim City and it's need for server side calculations that didn't actually exist? - but what happens if your connection glitches out while you're playing a game with cloud functions? It stops working.

The only reason for MS' online check in is's that simple, it's about control. The shared game library is the single positive that comes out of it all, and even that's restrictive as o... #1.4
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UK tabloid The Sun held a similar poll, and the results were just as in favour of Sony. Polls on a few other gaming sites are saying the same sort of thing. #25
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Thing is, there's absolutely no need for single player gaming to ever have to rely on an online check in. They could have removed this issue by requiring a disc to be in the drive for you to play the installed game. Simple, neat, effective, and doesn't screw over a bunch of potential customers by locking the games that they paid for if their connection goes down.

Of course you need to be online to play multiplayer, just as you need to have a signal to make a call.... #6.1.7
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There really are no benefits, it's only in place to solve a problem that MS created in the first place - the online check in to make sure you're not sharing a single copy of a game with everyone you know.
My PS3 is connected to the internet via ethernet, but it's not constantly online. If I want to go online for multiplayer or whatever, that becomes available to me once I choose the option in game. My console will automatically download patches for me at a set time every... #1.4.2
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I'm sure it'll still be a half-decent game, but why in the hell do they insist on this bone-headed strategy? Every game doesn't have to look and feel similar to sell, not every game has to include features from the Call of Duty checklist...that doesn't guarantee you'll sell big numbers. I don't mind a series growing and changing, but it should be an organic shift born from solid creative ideas, not a bunch of suits in a room looking at metacritic and changing things... #30
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Uh, what? You know if they backtrack on this that it will be very humiliating for their corporate image, right?
Also, it wasn't just "fanboys" (ahh, the throwing around of that word when somebody has an opinion you don't like) criticising MS for their original reveal, a lot of Xbox fans were unimpressed as well.
If you think all the criticism is just coming from trolls and fanboys, well you've got your head deeper in the sand than Microsoft do. #1.3.3
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Glorious. £80 cheaper and yet has the more powerful hardware? Oh Microsoft, was Kinect really worth it? No wonder MS cancelled their round table discussion after their announcements...they knew what was coming. #138
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I certainly wasn't, not after their focus for the next gen was made abundantly clear with the bundling of Kinect and the idiotically useless TV features.
The casual stripping of consumer rights and atrociously over the top DRM just dropped the cherry on the sundae for me. Console piracy was a thing, but it was a very minor thing...not like PC where it was all done via software crack, you had to physically mod the 360 by opening it and soldering a mod chip. What percentage of 360... #1.2.3
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Oooops, so much for the defenders talking about how big and cuddly Microsoft were going to drop their game prices down to Steam what?
Going to try and tell us that you're really looking forward to all those Kinect games? Pffft. #6
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It's not yours to do with as you please after you're finished with it - depending on whether or not a publisher feels like letting you trade it in at an MS sponsored retailer. Want to sell your game on ebay to recoup some of the cost if you don't particularly like it? "Nope, sorry, screw you we're forcing you to keep that sucker unless you take our pitiably low trade in price that we get to set because we have a right to do that now, for some reason" - Random Game... #1.1.5
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I do wonder what's wrong with people that quite so many have pre-ordered this glorified cable box...blind faith is a terrible thing. I hope they realise their mistake when their console locks them out of their games for one of any number of idiotic reasons that can and will come up. #17
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He's just plain crazy, unless Microsoft just decide out of the goodness of their heart to drop the fees they are paid for a game appearing on their console....and I simply don't see MS throwing away that much money.
The only thing Xbox One has going for it is the slight chance that a publisher will "allow" you to trade in a game at an authorised retailer. Private sales have been all but killed, unless the person you're selling to has been on your friends list fo... #7
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Microsoft are focused on being an entertainment box at this point, they have pretty much abandoned the core gamer with these consumer unfriendly announcements. They are targeting the dudebros who have more money than sense, those that will be wowed by silly little gimmicks like being able to make a skype call while playing a game....even though they could already do that with the smart phone or tablet they already own if they really wanted to.
They haven't thought about things li... #9
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