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It's an android console that also streams PC games if you have a 600 series graphics card...that's it. That's all it's ever been portrayed as, right from the start....what exactly were people expecting when they bought the thing?

Same with Ouya....plenty of people bought the thing and then started complaining about what it offered. Did they not research the damn thing before buying it? #8
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People keep saying "more powerful than a PC" as if the PC is a static platform. Which PC are people talking about when they say this? It seems like such a pointless thing to say when youi have people out there cramming multiple Titans, 32gigs of RAM, watercooling and CPU's that cost nearly as much as the entire PS4 console.
Consoles can't compete with that...but they CAN offer a lot of performance for your money due to their customisations and everything being gear... #1.6.1
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I think the click-bait articles are reaching a new low at this point. Trying to stir up Us vs Them crap with a game show flooring plan?
You can tell that's what they're trying to do with the language used...."dominates". Games sites are just as much to blame for the current climate of fanboy nonsense as the actual fanboys are. #3
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Who was wrong? Marcus Beer was wrong. The initial barrage of insults came from him, and they were spouted from a position I simply can't agree with....the games media are not entitled to quotes on anything and everything from specific developers whenever the writers want them. Devs aren't at the beck and call of writers who want quotes they can spin into something that will generate some nice hits for them.

Fish reacted badly, but he wasn't the one throwing a h... #4
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Too early for big name games like CoD Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and Assassin's Creed 4 to bolster the launch line ups of the consoles. I don't think September is realistic....especially with GTA 5 coming out, that would deflect a LOT of attention from a console launch in that month. #27.1
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No dates have been revealed yet, the PS4 date is a place-holder...not sure about the One date.
Thing is, the PS4 has already gone through FCC checks, which the One has failed to do as of yet. Their production has now started in earnest....I find it unlikely that the Xbox One will launch before PS4 when it is behind in terms of production. Unless they're doing a very limited initial run in order to try and beat PS4 onto shelves of course, but that would be far from ideal. #29
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They also were responsible for a good chunk of Duke Nukem Forever.....a game that will most likely be remembered as the punchline of this generation of consoles.
Their attitude in the aftermath of that games release left a lot to be desired, and then they blatantly lied to every potential customer of Aliens: Colonial Marines by creating misleading slices of supposed gameplay footage, claimed to be massive fans of the franchise and then set about farming the game out to the lowest bidd... #11.1.1
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How shocking....that game is surely the poster child for artistic integrity and worth, right?

Pffft, the game is a shambles. But the worst part is the writing, it's simply level. The guy who did Sonichu? He looks down on the writing of Colonial Marines.
Tabloid "journalists"? They look down on that crap.

Hicks' body was medically examined in Alien 3 and prepared for burning. They had access to his medical r... #15
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Here comes another person who throws all criticism under the same category of "bashing", implying that there's no valid criticisms being made. #4.1
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Eventually reversing unpopular decisions does not negate the very valid criticisms that people have had of MS and their handling of things like this.
It's great for devs that they've finally done this, but it still comes with more restrictions than there really needs to be, and it seems to be being done this way in order to boost a failing Windows 8 scene. #3.1
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They've consistently shown to be out of touch with what developers and consumers actually want since their reveal. While it's good that they've now made this call, again, it's taken a bunch of negative coverage for them to do it.

I think it'll eventually be the same for Kinect. They're going to stick to their guns for a little while, but will eventually realise that people don't really care about Kinect as much as MS and their advertising partner... #1.1.1
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And only a tiny minority of PC gamers will care. Everyone else will have heavier wallets and be enjoying their games at 1080p. #5.2.1
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@givemeshelter, and a lot more expensive. Build a PC that can offer anything close to the same capability of a PS4 for the same price....I dare you to try.
You jam two Titans in a PC with a top end i7 CPU and 16 gigs of Ram, then of course it'll show you amazing results....but it's not even close to a fair comparison.
Further to that, the law of diminishing returns comes into effect at a certain point. People often spend hundreds to achieve a 5-10fps improvement in a... #5.1.2
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Both consoles have the same CPU, but the PS4 has a beefier GPU to the tune of 50%. On a spec level, the PS4 is the more capable flat out is more powerful. That's the price of Kinect and the focus on Live TV pass through.
Xbox One games won't be ugly by any means, but the PS4 has a definite advantage in terms of grunt. It all comes down to games and features.
For me, Sony has shown a greater commitment to indie devs, exclusive first party titles and a f... #2.2
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@andibandit, Kinect is terrible for games man, it just is. Even a more accurate and advanced version will still come nowhere close to replacing a joypad for traditional games. The sweeping movements needed for Kinect are not condusive to intuitive gameplay.

Besides, even though Kinect is with 100% of consoles, that doesn't mean that developers will take full advantage of it's fact, many will see it as a hindrence due to it's overall deficiencie... #2.4.8
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Yes....15 minutes is a bigger number than 5, it doesn't get much more basic than that. Dedicated LP'ers should probably stick to dedicated devices to capture footage, but for more casual users, 15 minutes allows a little more flexibility. #2.3.11
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It continuously records the last 15 minutes as you keeps going. Whenever you decide to stop and look back, the 15 minutes prior to when you stopped is can then look at the footage and edit it a little before uploading. #1.8.1
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I think the bigger obstacle to this Free to Play game is that it's not actually Free to Play on 360 - you have to have a Gold subscription to be able to play it. Yet another service stuck behind the paywall of Xbox Live when it shouldn't be (Netflix).
Wonder if that'll change on Xbox One? Sony have already said that the Free to Play games on PS4 will work fine online even if you don't pay for Playstation Plus...same with Netflix (just like with the PS3). Microsoft n... #3
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Even then, a lot of the systems have been covered on lots of internet review shows like AVGN and lots of others, and those audiences skew pretty young. #6.1
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Threats can cause panic, it's not as easy as just posting "jk" after a threat...somebody could make a legitimate threat and simply put "jk" at the end to throw people is the person on the receiving end of the threat supposed to know?

Also, not everyone knows every abbreviation out there...people may not even know what "jk" stands for, they may mistake it for the person's initials.

The best way to avoid trouble... #1.1.4
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