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Already have done Pachter. Thing is, gamers will only put money down for stuff when there's games they want to play on the thing.
The WiiU has some top class games already....but not the big guns that people really want. New 3D Mario is coming, then we have Smash Bros., then Mario Kart, then a New Zelda. There should also be a new Metroid and F-Zero, but Nintendo are a bit slow on the uptake.
Add in Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong and then something like Wii Fit U, then you... #13
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Why would you ever want to interrupt a game or show to take a Skype call? Why would you ever be watching a show and playing a game at the same time as well? You can't concentrate fully on either.

I can see voice commands being useful when you have a lot of digital games and scrolling through them is a chore, or even issuing squad commands in a game. Anything else? A button is more immediate. #8.1.1
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Actually, there were reports from numerous sites that stated a 100% success rate with the PS4 voice system, while also stating a 25% failure rate with Kinect when used by a Microsoft rep - sometimes he had to say the same command at least 4 times.

And what's better? You don't even need the camera to use voice control with the PS4...the bundled headset is enough. #4.2
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Like when Microsoft "copied" the Eyetoy for Kinect? Welcome to the games industry....where ideas are copied, patents run out and the people that actually work at the big 3 companies aren't actually mortal enemies.
They will take the occasional pot-shot to market to fanboy types....but at the end of the day, they all shake their heads at the venom and bile spewed by their customers and go back to quietly doing business with each other behind the scenes.
Look at t... #1.3.2
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The feet are on the right side because that's where the majority of the weight of the console is. It will NOT be a problem if the console is not prodded very specifically on it's left side. I actually struggle to fathom why anyone would actually do that in the first place?
If it really bothers you, an adhesive rubber pad will sort out the "problem".

Gamers will complain about something like this, but Battlefield 4 continues to suffer game breaking... #30
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I always see people talking about asymmetrical sticks being more comfortable....and I've never quite gotten why? It wasn't said around the time of the original Xbox, it's only something that really came into being with the advent of the 360 controller.
I think people have been fooled into praising asymmetrical sticks for the comfort of the 360 pad, when it was actually just the ergonomics of the pad being really, really good.
I've seen people try to argue th... #20
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Why would you want that? That's just dumb...stop wishing for crap that will inconvenience other gamers. Preference is fine, let's just not be stupid about it.

For me, right now, the Xbox One just isn't worth it. Has some interesting looking games, but MS' attitude towards first party exclusives last gen was telling - they near abandoned them. They had their big guns - Halo, Gears and Forza - but not much else. Sony had (and still have) a lot of studios wo... #1.3.8
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Why do you care so much about how much they made? I see this sort of nonsense all the time from people...."It made money, so your complaints are irrelevent".
Nope, sorry, not how it works. Appeal to authority on the basis of financial success is more than a little sad. You shouldn't care about that, ypou should care about the fact that the developers have released a shoddy, unoptimised game. And while they were doing that, they were taking the easy way out and reski... #1.3.4
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There are videos posted online which show the frame rate drops. Even the PC suffers from them, the game is a poorly optimised mess.
When you're ready to come down off the fanboy perch, the adults will be waiting to discuss things with you. #2.2.1
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All other reviewers were at the same event...even the ones that were harsh on the game. Before jumping to conclusions, at least consider that the person reviewing this is simply an idiot, and doesn't represent all reviewers. #1.1.1
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Your chance was at the initial reveal. Your chance was at E3. Your chance was in the weeks following both events where you guys STILL couldn't get your stories straight.

MS keep on saying stuff like this, but the thing is, it's their fault entirely. Their fault for thinking the market was ready for those policies, their fault for not having a clue how to communicate things's all their fault. And now, once again, they're trying to pass the bla... #31
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And if the same game is available at a higher resolution, with better quality textures and more stable framerate, are you telling me you'd choose the lower quality version? Really?

Games are born of the technical capabilities of the hardware they're played's that simple. With your argument, Sega should be releasing Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Xbox One at full price. It's a great game after all, why wouldn't you pay $60 for it on Xbox One? #111.1
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And if the console spec is too low, or too restrictive, developers will be unable to push those gameplay experiences as far as they'd like to go in terms of immersion, in terms of improved AI, in terms of texture quality and overall fidelity.
If you truly think that gameplay is completely divorced from the technical side of things...well, I don't quite know what to say, other than you just don't know how game development works. #112.1
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"And if the game looks blurry, don't worry, it's just that your viewing position is unbalanced. Sit further back for the full Xbox experience."

Seriously though, I'm tired of this idiotic rhetoric. High resolution and great gameplay are not mutually exclusive...never have been, never will be. Ask any of the devs of the 720p Xbox One titles if they'd have preferred 1080p and better graphical effects, and all of them would say yes.

... #114
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It certainly IS breaking news for those die hard Xbox fans who are currently in a great deal of denial. #15.2
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Things will get a little better for MS in the short term...but not by much. Their 32mb of eSRAM just isn't really enough to push through high quality assets fast enough. 1080p frame buffers are larger than 32mb, so workarounds need to be found, and that's where performance issues creep in leading to drops in resolution to compensate.
For all Microsoft's talk of a balanced machine, and trying to imply that the PS4 is unbalanced due to bottlenecks, it's clear that the... #12.1
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1080p actually does exist on current gen....Wipeout HD on PS3 is 1080p. It's one of the few exceptions though.

And I absolutely agree, 1080p should have been the standard that MS and Sony were pushing for. Sony seem better positioned to manage it next gen, as evidenced by only Battlefield 4 being lower. #9.1.2
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The PS4 offers plenty of 1080p games. In fact, the only one that isn't 1080p so far is Battlefield 4. It's the Xbox One that seems to be struggling in that regard.
A few less demanding games have managed it, but other than that, 900p seems to be the upper limit for the likes of Ryse, and it's all sizzle and no steak.
The excuses made by MS I can understand....they are trying to promote a console after all. But the games media that are also making excuses and t... #8.1
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720p being upscaled to 1080p introduces aliasing issues. You can see it in many Xbox One gameplay videos and footage. #1.2.5
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No, GTA 5 was actual sales figures. Ghosts didn't beat it at all, especially in terms of reviews, which have generally been mediocre for Ghosts. Lots of 7's, which from some sites, might as well be 5's. #1.1.4
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