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@Persian, well, to be fair to the Dutch, they are a little bit more relaxed when it comes to "herbal supplements", if you know what I mean. Probably too baked to realise what they were posting. #1.9.2
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The "Resolution War", as you put it, is not about a single game. It's about the most expensive console struggling to run a game as crappy looking as Call of Duty at anything close to the level a console $100 cheaper can.
It's about a next gen console not hitting 1080p in 2013 - and lets face it, the PS4 isn't exactly a mega-powerhouse either, but at least it's doing more than the Xbox One.
It's to do with the ability of the hardware to last 5-8 y... #1.1.10
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Don't say "bomb" and "president" around Kinect....they'll send the guys round to put a hurting on ya ;) #51
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Neither of the new consoles are out yet....there's no fact about the quality of their online service yet. In fact, considering the rumours of the instability of the One's OS and how it interacts with Xbox Live....I think you're in for a surprise at launch.
Oh, and LOL if you think all the PC version will have over the One version is resolution. Higher quality textures, better framerates, fancier graphical effects.
Remember, the Xbox One can only run Ghosts at 720... #110.1
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That's just....dumb. What if you have Linux? What if you got the OS free with a PC build? The quicker Steam OS is a thing the better. The arrogance from some in the games industry as a defence mechanism is getting tiring.
Get the game on PC, don't have to pay £429 on weak hardware and a shitty camera that will do literally nothing for me - crap for games, and crap for UI navigation as a controller is faster.
In a year, when the Kinect free version of the One... #111
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@thereapersson, those features can be added back in via software updates. Indeed, Yoshida from Sony has already stated he's heard peoples concerns about that stuff being missing, and has passed it onto the firmware guys. Also, the internal hard drive of the PS4 can be changed, unlike the Xbox external support isn't as essential (though it would still be very nice).

Meanwhile, the rumour is that Xbox One also doesn't allow MP3 playback. It is very much... #1.1.8
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So you're the very definition of a contrarian? That's not really a good thing, you know that right?
Things to consider for a new console are cost, specification and the games available for it. If you prefer MS exclusives like Halo, Gears and Forza, it'd be daft to get a PS4 just because it's technologically better.
But, if exclusives don't matter, and like most people 90% of the games you buy are multi-platform, you have to consider getting the console th... #1.1.7
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An ambient occlusion will affect the performance of the title even's framerate is already less stable than the PS4 version despite running at 720p. Still a great game, don't get me wrong, but the difference in performance is there for all to see. No magic power of the cloud to make up the difference, no hidden second GPU, just relatively underpowered technology in order to facilitate the inclusion of the crappy Kinect 2.0 camera that does more to benefit advertisers than i... #38
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Nintendo fans know what they like, that's all. It sucks that the WiiU isn't doing great, but that doesn't make it a bad console, and it certainly doesn't mean there aren't great games coming for it.
The 3DS was supposed to be dying last year, and now look at it. All it takes is that one or two games to catch the imagination and the WiiU could take off. I do, however, think it needs a price drop around the release of the PS4 and Xbox One....just to make it that b... #17.1
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Nintendo aren't really interested in competing in terms of technology....they've stated as such numerous times. I'm not sure I'd really want them to either, we don't need 3 consoles doing the same sort of things.
Then again, they are unpredictable, so who knows? #11.1
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All those gamers who keep moaning about the same old tired games on the Xbox and Playstation, that keep moaning about worthless DLC and micro-transactions, that keep whining about wishing for something new to come along, that bemoan the lack of depth of most AAA titles.....I hope you people have bought a WiiU, because if not, you've exposed yourselves as clowns who haven't a clue about what they actually want.
When games like Wonderful 101 flop yet buggy, uninspired cash-in se... #15
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There is no evidence at all to support the theory that Sony had all sorts of restrictive DRM lined up....that was merely wishful thinking by certain Xbox fans who were perplexed at the rumours regarding Microsoft's DRM policy in the run up to their reveal.
Companies register patents they don't use all the time, that in itself is no proof of anything. Both Sony and MS registered numerous patents for biometric systems for their next gen controllers that ultimately ended up not... #7
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It's foolish to immediately dismiss all leaks, especially the likes of CBOAT on NeoGaf, due to the vetting process and how they deal with those who cannot in some way back up the claims they make.
A lot of people simply don't understand how the world works when they complain about sources and leaks....they whine and complain about the source being protected, without considering the consequences that many sources would face from their employer, and to their future employment in... #28
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The Cloud is magical....the Cloud knows ALL!!!! Most importantly, the Cloud is perfectly capable of being utilised by both consoles, being as it's simply a bunch of servers that any publisher can rent space on. #39.1
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Yeah....there will be 30fps games on Xbox as well buddy. Much of this gen saw plenty of games running at 30fps, with many more dropping under that when the system was pushed.
Sometimes, if you want fancy graphics, frame rate must be sacrificed. Or resolution, it depends exactly what the devs want to do.
Doesn't change the fact that thanks to it's architecture, the most compromises will come on the Xbox One. Forza runs 1080p 60fps, but features plenty of last gen gra... #37.1
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Ryse looks good. For my money though, Killzone looks better.
As for MS having the best software tools, that's actually a bit of an issue at the moment, with many developers stating that the toolset isn't as mature as they'd like and that the PS4 is a lot further along in this regard. They will improve, but even if they do, the compromises will still have to be made due to the weaker hardware in the One. Games will look good, of course....just not quite as good as on the... #34.1.2
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Exactly....nothing has been said. You have to wonder why they're being so evasive about this when they're taking a bit of a hammering because of it? Surely it'd be better to stop the rumour quickly, declare the resolution as native 1080p and do what they can to discredit those providing such info?
When devs say things like that in June, it should always be taken with a slight pinch of salt, because that's what they're TARGETTING with a game, rather than what will... #31.2
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The Xbox One is capable of 1080p gaming - we know that due to Forza, and a few multi-plat titles like NBA 2K and UFC - but the worrying thing with this is that it seems to be really, really hard for developers to get that resolution up when there's some fancy effects at work. Ryse is 900p (not too bad TBH) due to it's fancier graphics, Killer Instinct is 720p due to its eye candy and need to run at 60fps.
It's clear that there's a lot of compromises that need to be ma... #34
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You're entitled to an opinion....and we're entitled to tell you that that opinion is nonsensical. You seem like the type who talks about current gen games looking like PS2 games, despite them doing things not technically possible on PS2 hardware. In short, you're caught up in hyperbole to an absurd degree...and you make yourself look ridiculous. #7.3
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Grab some of the indie games if you want to try something different. If you're getting Playstation Plus, you get 2 games free on launch day - Resogun and Contrast, and both are quite different to the usual AAA game types.
It would've been nice to get Driveclub and Watch Dogs, but I'd much prefer a game be finished properly rather than rushed to launch with a bunch of problems. The extra time spent should make the wait worth it. #5.2
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