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Agreed. Good number, encouraging for the industry, but also telling that a 13 country launch just about matched the PS4's US numbers. Sony still has it's strongest territory to come next week, and then Japan in the New Year.

Console gaming is FAR from dead...they just need to keep up the momentum. #1.1.9
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The posts were removed. That's more than can be said of the statement by the French Marketing Director for Xbox stating that the Xbox One is 4 times as powerful as a PS4 when connected to the internet. Blatant misrepresentation, blatant lies about the capability of the console.

THAT is classless, not an over-eager PR guy, because it deliberately spreads misinformation to consumers.

Sony have indeed congratulated MS for their launch since these posts....... #49
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It's the same as with the PS4 - there WILL be faulty units in any mass produced item. So long as their customer service deals with it quickly, it's nothing but a temporary hassle. #93
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Even if you do replace it - will you be able to load the OS onto it? And even if you can do that, will MS ban you for altering the hardware? Plus, you lose your warranty.

In short, just wait for a few weeks and external hard drives will be available for games. #41
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That's still not playing them on the Xbox One though. By that logic, my TV currently plays PS3 and Wii U games because I have them connected to it's HDMI ports.

As others said, there may be an issue with input lag being added. It'd be playable, but not ideal. Much better to just keep your 360 and plug it straight into the TV. #3.3
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Kneejerk fanboy reaction? Really? They're not comparing the two, or saying one is better than the other, so why the need to immediately say this? Reveals a lot about how defensive you are, just be happy about the console you've chosen.

Besides....if the PS3 can emulate PS1 and PS2, then the PS4 will be able to as's just a matter of them working on that after the launch is over with. The only issue is PS3 games, and Gaikai streaming may (stress, may) b... #2.2
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You'd be suprised...people have been complaining about the PS4 "taking so long" to boot, and it did it in 30 seconds. It seems people nowadays are constantly in a rush. It wouldn't bother me, but there are people who will look at this info and sigh. #2.3
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Of course you can, you can have any outlandish configuration you want so long as you pay for it all. But you cannot match PS4 performance at it's $399 price point, you simply cannot do it, it's impossible.
The base hardware was mid-range PC parts, but it's heavily customised and has features that aren't available to PC users yet (soon, but not quite yet).
A single Titan costs more than the PS4 - significantly more - but you can't play a damn thing on just... #11.1.2
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Hey man....that fish AI alone makes the next gen upgrade worth it.
Seriously though, if you really want a slightly better version of the same game you already have, then by all means pay the £10 and upgrade and get some use out of your new console. Just don't expect a huge revolution until the series actually makes the full transition to the next gen and, perhaps, receives an overhaul. #5
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There's no big conspiracy behind faulty consoles....they're just an inevitability when electronics are mass produced. Sucks to wait for so long and get a faulty unit, and I'm sure you get angry and want to blame somebody, but it's just that s**t happens.
No sabotage, no conspiracy, no pervasive threat to every console out's just faulty units that will be replaced with as little fuss as possible. I would say let's not blow things out of proportion... #5
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Steam machines are just PC' they have access to, literally, the largest line up of exclusives on ANY other platform. Why would Valve ever make a game exclusive to their OS? That cuts off a lot of potential buyers for no real reason. The OS doesn't actually make them any's going to be completely free, so what's the point of making a game exclusively for it? All you do is piss people off. Even if you say it's to sell the Steam Box...even then it reall... #7
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Remember when unbelievably ridiculous hyperbole wasn't the norm in opinion pieces? Does Killzone suck? Resogun? Battlefield 4? Assassins Creed 4? Let's not be stupid about this....give me any of those games over Perfect Dark Zero or Motorstorm. Mario 64 and Halo were the exceptions rather than the rule.
Damn, my Megadrive came with Altered Beast for goodness about crappy launches. #13
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Yay....a title telling people how they should be spending THEIR OWN money. That's not a click-bait tactic at all.

Yes, of course early adoption is a risk. But frankly, any launch that has games like Assassin's Creed 4 and Battlefield 4 as a part of it is not exactly a weak one. Yes, they're on other consoles and on PC, but that matters little when you want the latest hardware.

Without early adopters, consoles fail. As for the stuff about annou... #30
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There were 200+ reviews on Amazon, with about 40-50 unverified owners. It's also possible that some of the "verified purchasers" ordered and then cancelled quickly in order to show up as a purchaser.
A lot of the reviews aren't just normal angry complaints, the fanboy nonsense is easily detectable. It's not most reports like Yo Mama says, but there is an element of fanboyism in some of the negative reviews.
Hell, one of them gave it one star because his... #9.1.2
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Utterly absurd, and you clearly haven't a clue what you're talking about regarding the failure rates of electrical appliances. Your one bubble is more than deserved. #10.2
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The industry "standard" for this sort of mass product launch is a 3% failure rate.
So far, the PS4 is well within that limit. That doesn't change the fact that it sucks for those affected, and I'd hope that everyone affected is at least dealt with properly by customer services. The fuss being kicked up on some sites, and by many of the reviewers on Amazon who are not verified purchasers, is more than a little sad. Scaremongering is pretty pathetic. I expect the s... #12
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It's too friendly in feels weird. Kinect sucks. There, that should get somebody going. ;) #18
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He's an analyst....he's paid to open his mouth. The fact that he's roughly 50/50 (that's being generous) and that the average shmo could get the same frequency of prediction through guesswork is neither here nor there it seems. #11.1
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Already have done Pachter. Thing is, gamers will only put money down for stuff when there's games they want to play on the thing.
The WiiU has some top class games already....but not the big guns that people really want. New 3D Mario is coming, then we have Smash Bros., then Mario Kart, then a New Zelda. There should also be a new Metroid and F-Zero, but Nintendo are a bit slow on the uptake.
Add in Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong and then something like Wii Fit U, then you... #13
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Why would you ever want to interrupt a game or show to take a Skype call? Why would you ever be watching a show and playing a game at the same time as well? You can't concentrate fully on either.

I can see voice commands being useful when you have a lot of digital games and scrolling through them is a chore, or even issuing squad commands in a game. Anything else? A button is more immediate. #8.1.1
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