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No, GTA 5 was actual sales figures. Ghosts didn't beat it at all, especially in terms of reviews, which have generally been mediocre for Ghosts. Lots of 7's, which from some sites, might as well be 5's. #1.1.4
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All versions of this game suffer from problems, it's poorly optimised no matter the system. There's no talent left in Infinity Ward, they're all off doing Titanfall. I'd suggest that CoD fans wait for that game on 360, PC and One.
As for PS4 owners like myself, we'll just have to make do with Killzone Shadowfall, which looks LEAGUES ahead of CoD already. Destiny also is one to look forward to. #1.29
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It's bad that a game like Ghosts has framerate drops on a PC like TB has - dual Titans. If that machine is dropping frames - even with one of them turned off to eliminate micro-stutter - then it's no wonder the PS4 and Xbox One version are also dropping them. What it boils down to is, Infinity Ward has no real talent left, and has released a massively un-optimised mess of a game. #9
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Yes? #3.2.1
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It's probably the worst reviewed Call of Duty yet....with even softball sites like Gametrailers giving it a 7. Are people sick of the Call of Duty formula....or are they just sick of an uninteresting version of it? A common complaint seems to be that it's too samey, too cliché ridden. Say what you will about Treyarch, but they seem to have done a better job in mixing things up and keeping them interesting. #15
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Hey guys, no need for next-gen, turns out the Xbox 360 and PS3 were doing 1080p already this gen....if you set them to upscale to that resolution that is. All those games that were actually sub-HD, sometimes as low as 576p? Nope, they were actually 1080p...because some people desperately want to try to change the definition of what constitutes 1080p output.

The mental gymnastics on display is astounding from some people....attempting to downplay such a large technical advan... #12
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NBA 2K14 is a cross gen's hardly the most taxing of games, certainly not Battlefield 4 level.

Forza. Nice looking game, but distinctly last gen graphical effects - no dynamic lighting, rather dull looking tracks. Want to see a next gen racing game at 1080p, go check out the newest Drive Club videos.

Halo 5. Sure, they said it would be 1080p. But Crytek also said that Ryse would be 1080p, turned out they couldn't actually reach that targ... #7.1
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Just for your info...might want to look things up regarding dedicated servers on might be surprised. Not just the One version that has dedicated servers. #5.2
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You don't know that it's better only assume based on last gen, where Xbox Live was marginally better than PSN. Sony has detailed a number of improvements for PSN this go around, so you may want to hold off on jumping the gun regarding which online service is better. The one advantage that MS have with CoD is earlier access to the DLC map packs than other platforms. That's a fine advantage, but for many, it doesn't actually matter too much. #4.1.2
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One game, that features pre-baked rather than dynamic lighting, and a lot of other last gen tricks. Good looking game, but not exactly next gen.
Drive Club blows it out the water in graphical terms....though that game doesn't currently feature 60fps gameplay. Then again, cut out a few graphical effects, and it easily could. #3.1.4
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How do you know Sony's CPU is slower? They've yet to reveal the full details of said chip....they're doing so soon. For all you know, they could have upped the clock on it just like MS did.
As for frame drops, the Battlefield 4 comparison that Digital Foundry did shows that the PS4 version had a more consistantly stable framerate than the Xbox One version - despite pushing 56% higher resolution, ambient occlusion (which was missing from the Xbox Version, but will be ad... #45.2
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You know Ryse is running at 30fps right? You know that many, many games this generation will run at 30fps in order to provide enhanced graphical effects wherever possible, right? You realise that Killzone features 60 fps for the multiplayer, right?
You realise that countless games in the current gen ran at 30fps (often dropping below it actually, like GTA 5) and few people gave a crap, right?
60fps is lovely, don't get me wrong, but facts are that the PS4 has a FAR great... #44.1.1
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And with a layer of vaseline over the lens as well....don't forget the blurryness. #41.1
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What innovation is there in Kinect 2.0? It's a more advanced version of already existing tech that was never any good for any games other than dancing games and party games....and it was only good for those because you're drunk when you're playing them. Also, the Eytoy came before Kinect on PS2 no less. Motion control in games...sound familiar?

Want to talk innovation? Let's look at games like Flower, Journey, Tokyo Jungle, Rain, Puppeteer etc. Games that... #37.3
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Dishonest claptrap from MS. Upscaled is in no way comparable to native resolution. If that was the case, we'd just be upscaling VHS tapes rather than developing first DVD, and then Blu Ray.
Why, then, have they targeted 1080p for a game like Forza? Or even gone as high as 900p for Ryse? Why not just drop the resolution even more to allow even more resources for fancy graphical effects, and then upscale?
Because it doesn't look good, that's why...and MS know it... #33
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You are deluded BallsEye. Yes, the Xbox One version has Ambient Occlusion to be added, but it is in no way an Alpha build that was shown. Fact is, the One is harder to develop for, and Dice were no doubt pressed for time. We are very close to release, no way was the PS4 version final, and the One version Alpha.
The resolution has been confirmed, deal with it.
Oh, incidentally, you think a resource heavy feature like ambient occlusion can be added without affecting performan... #1.10.4
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@Persian, well, to be fair to the Dutch, they are a little bit more relaxed when it comes to "herbal supplements", if you know what I mean. Probably too baked to realise what they were posting. #1.9.2
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The "Resolution War", as you put it, is not about a single game. It's about the most expensive console struggling to run a game as crappy looking as Call of Duty at anything close to the level a console $100 cheaper can.
It's about a next gen console not hitting 1080p in 2013 - and lets face it, the PS4 isn't exactly a mega-powerhouse either, but at least it's doing more than the Xbox One.
It's to do with the ability of the hardware to last 5-8 y... #1.1.10
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Don't say "bomb" and "president" around Kinect....they'll send the guys round to put a hurting on ya ;) #51
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Neither of the new consoles are out yet....there's no fact about the quality of their online service yet. In fact, considering the rumours of the instability of the One's OS and how it interacts with Xbox Live....I think you're in for a surprise at launch.
Oh, and LOL if you think all the PC version will have over the One version is resolution. Higher quality textures, better framerates, fancier graphical effects.
Remember, the Xbox One can only run Ghosts at 720... #110.1
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