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Who cares? No really...who cares if some people are being negative about a game? There is always a chance for those negative opinions to be changed as more info is released and demos become available. If people see something in released footage or see something mentioned in interviews with the devs that they don't like as fans of a series, then it's perfectly valid to express those negative feelings.
I'm glad that more people are willing to question what they see releas... #13
You should, because it will inevitably spread to a game that you actually like, and an option that you used to use.
They are charging for what should be a basic option, charging for simple convenience. That wouldn't even be so bad if they weren't already charging full price for the game. Freemium games charging for stuff like this is one thing, though still annoying in how excessively they do it, but this is another level of greed.
If they want extra money, why not c... #6.2
Why do you think that this is something that should be charged for, instead of just something you could toggle in the options menu?
The example I'll use is the WWE games. There, you need to perform moves, taunt and have some variety in your offence in order to build up for a finishing move. In that game, you can go into the options menu and toggle just how fast or slow you want that guage to fill up. Find things too hard, you can set it to fill up fast and get to the powerful f... #9.1
For those who keep saying it's "no big deal" and the old chestnut "don't like it, don't buy it"...that doesn't make the fact they're charging for an option ok. It's still an issue of greed on behalf of a dev that is already charging full retail price for a game.

The devs and publishers always say "It's about options for the player", I ask why that option needs to be charged for? If they know that people want that opt... #12
I question people that pay, but I also question the developer for making it a paid option in the first place. They are not free from responsibility, they're the ones who decided to charge when it could very easily just be a toggled option.
It didn't exist in a vacuum, people didn't just suddenly say "Gee, I really wish I could pay money to make fatalities easier", the developer made it that way. It's scummy, making people pay for a simple convenience that c... #11.1.1
Any idiot can record themselves playing a game. To get to the position that you can make money off that, you need to build an audience, and that's the hard part.
An unlike-able jerk isn't going to draw in lots of viewers unless he offers something else. A quiet, introverted type isn't going to draw in lots of people either. It's the old cult of personality thing, you need to offer something that people want to see. Gameplay alone just isn't enough, if it was, t... #47.2
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I like Joe a lot, but I don't know what he expected when it comes to Nintendo. Their position is clear, and has been for months, you either do it on their terms, or you can't make money off their assets. I think it's a dumb way to approach things, but it's what they want. They don't want it done any other way, so it's absolutely pointless to get this upset when they inevitably do what they told you they would do.

By all means create a video and stat... #48
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People too stupid to check out the features of an expensive piece of electronics to see what it can and can't do deserve to have their money wasted.
I'd rather have options than the awful alternative of dumbing everything down because there are people out there too lazy or stupid to check an options menu for 2 minutes. #4.1.1
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Not sure why you'd think that. This includes PC sales, which MS doesn't benefit from...and on PC, the game and it's sequel have been offered at 75% discounts and higher several times over the years. It's bound to have sold a lot based on that alone. #9.1
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Great....hopefully this is enough for them to start work on a sequel once they've finished with Quantum Break. Hopefully they make it for PC too, just like the last game (don't even mind an exclusivity period). Don't fancy buying another console just for a single game....though an Alan Wake sequel might well tempt me. #11
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No. In the time it took you to type that comment, you could have Googled the answer yourself and found Alan Wake American Nightmare. #5.1
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Different people have different perspectives? Who knew?
Fans will comment positively, non-fans will p*ss and moan and use any excuse they can come up with to slate a Remaster...including the non-argument about it somehow costing us new games. #1.2.1
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The console versions are still sub-30fps. Less busted than at launch doesn't actually equal "fine". This is how standards get lowered and we, as consumers, get trained to accept less and less quality for our money. #1.2.1
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The modern day stuff is never discussed with these games. Nobody considers it their favourite parts of the games, nobody rants and raves about how awesome Desmond was, nobody looks forward to those segments. As broken as Unity was, people loved the historical setting. They loved Ezio from Assassin's Creed 2 and the trappings of the time period, not the modern BS. They put up with that stuff to get to the meat of the game.

Just tell the story of the Assassins of the pa... #16
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If Sony are so terrible, why did you buy a PS4? Come now...get a grip. #7.1.2
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The whole tone of this..."Xbox One: Still a champion", it's profoundly embarrassing. Just play what you want to play, stop defining yourself by the electronics you purchase, it's freaking bizarre.
Console wars, battle lines...even the language used is reminiscent of little kids playing soldier. I remember being a part of this sort of garbage when it was Commodore 64 vs Spectrum....difference was, I was a kid. Time to grow up, people. Like what you like, play what... #8
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It's exclusive to a single how does the term "console exclusive" not fit here? It sounds convenient because it's a perfect description of the situation. It's a feather in the cap to make a console appear more attractive than a competitor.

PC IS a platform, but not a closed one, and not a direct one with either console. #4.1
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It was a console exclusive, until the 360 version released, then it was a Microsoft console exclusive. It's got nothing to do with fanboyism, and everything to do with common sense.
The new Tomb Raider will be a console exclusive to MS for a while, and the new Streetfighter 5 will be console exclusive to PS4, possibly forever if Sony weren't exaggerating at their conference.
It's really not a hard concept. I'm surprised so many get so confused. #5.3
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"Exclusives don't happen that often any more". Huh? Nintendo first party exclusives and Sony First Party exclusives come out at a fairly regular pace actually. MS are a little behind that curve, but they have their first party exclusives as well.

I'm not a fan of multi-platform franchises suddenly becoming exclusive, but MS or Sony commissioning a new game from a 3rd party developer (like Sunset Overdrive) is fine.

And yes, "console... #6
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It's not the start at all, it's one of many...3rd party exclusives were the cornerstone of Microsoft's Xbox One line up, and continued with Tomb Raider. They existed in small numbers last gen as well. It's a trend I'd very much like to see die off, and money poured into genuine first party exclusives instead.

Commissioning a game by a certain developer is one thing, paying to keep it off other systems is just irritating in the extreme. #22
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