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I should of realized that these comments isn't a thing to worry about?

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Oh my, the experts in here.....
"MS is realizing, after 4 consoles and no real profit to show"
Trust me, MS is making hand over fist when it's comes to profits. Xbox Live alone generates billions every year

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I never said it was hate. I asked a question that has yet to be answered

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Not trolling but can I ask you a serious question? You have curse words in your comment so you must be passionate about your statement. Are you a MS supporter and you are upset with the way things have been going with Xbox OR do you despise Microsoft and always have? Just trying to figure out what's in the mind of MS haters. They seem to dominate Xbox only articles nowadays as if they search out the articles just to write hateful comments and downvote everything positive.

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How will people be eating crow? Um, if cloud technology works....

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MS was showing of a playable demo of this game like it was ready to be released. After the backlash about how the graphics were weak, MS suddenly delayed it. Coincidence?

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I think a lot of people on this site will be eating crow come this E3.

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In my opinion, CD was delayed because of the backlash of it's graphics. MS made the wise decision to hold it back, improve the graphics and gameplay, release the X and wait until this holiday to release it. I would bet that there will be a Crackdown bundled with X this holiday season for $399.

The cloud tech had nothing to do with it's delay. I also believe MS is holding back the cloud technology type games until there are more games using it.

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So they delayed it for what reason then? Just wondering

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Yet again, another Xbox article dominated by Sony fanboys.....

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In relative terms, he is.

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@gamingunited -
"When Microsoft made the X their hope was that it was going to change things for them, that people were going to rush out and they were going to have a new start and be selling like Sony and Nintendo"
This statement should have started with "In my opinion,"
Spencer clearly said that the X was an upgrade for hardcore gamers. It was not a game changer for MS.

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Last I remember, BC didn't matter. Everyone should already have all their old systems in their attic to plug into whenever they want to play old games. Me? Almost all of my games are digital so it's a seamless experience going from one system to the next without ever changing controllers or discs.
"Ok, but they could shut down the servers at any moment!" I'll be dead when that happens, so I don't give a F*%&! Digital all the way. BC, including games from...

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Here they come

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Stop making sense. Remember, it's N4G

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I already know the disagrees will be heavy on this comment but here it goes:

MS will rely on the "Cloud" technology to help power the next Xbox. It won't be required but to get things like 4k / 60 FPS, better physics, AI, etc, and to keep the cost down on hardware, I can see this happening. I think MS shelved the cloud computing technology (which they were ready to show) for this gen and are waiting for next gen to really push it. I think Next gen will be a wh...

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I know, it sucks when you have an option to buy something. I mean, I hate it when you're not forced to open your wallet

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When games start looking like this, then I'll be impressed. Instead of a pre-baked video, why don't they show us a real time demo with someone walking and looking around in this forest? It's because these videos need to be rendered, just like pixar animation movies.

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