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Tata toothy

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Sorry to say but Tiger is still the face of golf. Just look at ratings when he plays in a tourney. He has more of a crowd following him around the course, still, than anyone else playing. Removing his likeness will definitely hurt this franchise.

Disagree if you want but the truth is the truth.

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Demo the Cloud thing working on an Xbox One.

Show Halolens and/or Rift working with an Xbox One game

Announce a game or two that we have never heard anything about

Price cut

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Halolens with Minecraft 2

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Think of every major invention the human race has come up with. Now imagine if you could present the ideas of these inventions to people before they were invented. What would they think?

MS HAS to have something to show at E3 that works otherwise it will be another big failure like the launch of the Xbox One. MS can't afford that and does anyone think Phil would let that happen again. My money's on MS having something cool to show.

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Stay in school, kids.

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I'm thinking it could be used for huge, persistent worlds that change on the fly whether you're playing the game or not. Imagine GTAV where there is a huge earthquake and some of the skyscrapers collapse. If you were playing when it happens, you'll see it realtime but if you were not playing, then the event already happened and you would see the destruction's aftermath.

I also see dynamic realtime events happening during matches of online games like Battlefie...

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Yes it is. I want to see WWII with the new systems. I don't know why they can't do both future and past

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Because 4k is so relevant....

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I'm with you on leaving out the name. Plus, don't you have to be a proven player before your name gets on a game? Sorry, but McIlroy is far from where Tiger was when his name was first put on the PGA Tour game.

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Of course he's blown away. He's developing a game for it.

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This game started at the top of the hill and even before we know a lot about it, it's already rolling to the bottom.

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EMP sounds sweet.

How about a major earthquake?

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You're right. They should do a modern day game with modern weapons and modern soldiers right? Maybe call it COD: Modern Warfare.

Or maybe redo WW2 with, yes, prettier graphics, better ai, bigger worlds, co-op. There are still many battles and stories to tell in the WW2 era.

I'd buy it. Anyone else agree?

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WW2 please. I can't stop imagining COD in a war torn europe with the new systems.

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I can see it in BF. You have to wait 1 minute to spawn OR you could just pay X amount of money to spawn instantly.

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