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In the Information Age, people don't think for themselves. They wonder around like a heard of sheep. #1.1.1
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@YellowTempes - Are sure about that? Skyrim was very similar to Oblivion in all the categories I mentioned (imo). Yes, Skyrim was overall a better game but not much better than Oblivion. Same engine...same everything #1.1.3
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And better combat
And better AI
And better Physics
And better NPC interaction
And.... #1.1
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His son #6.1
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And Microsoft has twice the amount of money than Sony #1.1.2
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I don't disagree with nothing he said. #2.2.2
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All devs should "explore" these options. Should all games use these options? No. #1
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@Testfire -

"I don't think 3rd parties will be making games outside of Dance Central and the like."

"Imo, Kinect is dead."

Which one is it? Dead or marketed to casual gamers? Because I did say that games will be made when more casual gamers buy the system. Also, when I said Spencer put the Kinect on hold, I didn't mean he's given up on it. I would bet that there are Kinect games in production that have been pu... #1.1.2
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There'll be Kinect games. Spencer put a hold on anything Kinect because of the backlash from core gamers. And the only ones buying the new systems right now are core gamers. Once there is a bigger install base, we'll see more Kinect games. I'm looking forward to them because I have young kids and we had a blast with Kinect 1.0. Whether people agree with me or not on here, there is a market for the Kinect. #1.1
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Ha, looks like someone else agrees with me. I wrote this in another article about 2 weeks ago -

"I've said it before and I'll say it again. The PS4 is selling like hotcakes because of pure hype. There is nothing that separates the two systems put raw power. If raw power is what people are looking for then why don't they go the PC route? It's been almost a year since the systems were released and I've yet to see why the PS4 is so musc better than the X... #1.1.11
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I use my Kinect a lot as well. Voice and Skype mostly.

I believe Kinect, as a gaming device, has been put on the shelf for the time being. The original Kinect sold well when the Xbox 360 was in more casual gamers homes. Most early adopters are hardcore gamers and don't want Kinect games. Kinect isn't dead. Why would MS abandon something that was very succesful last gen? Once more systems are in the hands of the casual crowd, all it will take is one successful game t... #4.1
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Actually, it's the money your mom paid me #1.2.2
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So it's a problem that I spend my money the way I want to? #1
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RDR2 needs more realism. While the setting and story of RDR was good, the the actual gameplay was wasn't. Combat was weird (like GTA games) where it took you to start a mission and then like 500 enemies would "come to life". Hunting was too easy and not realistic. Chasing down a deer on and shooting on horseback would never happen in real life. Also, shooting flying birds with a rifle is ridiculous. Rockstar also needs to add more secret areas, like caves, with treasures that co... #2
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For $30 a year? Count me in. #3
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Losing to a competitor and losing financially are two very different things. Once there are some must have exclusives for Xbox One, the Xbox brand will be fine. #1.1.5
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@Outside_ofthe_Box - It's easy to be on the side of PS4 right now. It's clearly winning. The only thing I'm trying to point out is that people who have switched from Xbox to PS really aren't seeing the benefits like I believe they had hoped for. #1.3.17
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@Outside_ofthe_Box - I think what it comes down to for me is the fact that the PS4 has outsold Xbox Oneb by 3X and there really isn't any reason other than hype as to why that is. I'm basing it on the fact that the Xbox 360 sold just as much as the PS3 last gen. So basically, a lot of people have jumped ship. And why is that? Is the PS4 really that much better that someone would abandon the Xbox brand?

@Why o why - What's funny is I agree with you but calling nam... #1.3.11
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@Outside_ofthe_Box - Apparently if you bought the PS4 because of a future game, then you're not the sheep I'm referring to. Of course there are many people who bought the PS4 knowing that was the system for them from the beginning. With your logic, all of the PS4 sales were in the bag before the Xbox One reveal. I feel a of of people heard the bad press about the Xbox One and flocked over to the PS4 without really knowing that the PS4 really isn't that much better. I have a few fr... #1.3.8
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@Outside_ofthe_Box - I would definitely argue that the PS4 is selling because of it's games or features if there was any proof of it. I haven't read any articles that say the the PS4 is selling like hotcakes because of a certain game or feature. A lot of people are buying the PS4 because it is popular and people like to be a part of it. Ever hear of trhe expression "Jumping on the bandwagon"? #1.3.3
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