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There's a reason why they're worth $80 billion

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But there are no games for the X. None. If you buy the X, it will just sit there and with no games to play. Ever. - N4G

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Disney Adventures actually was not a bad game. Using the controller to explore the park though in the update is a blessing. The old game had you raise your hand in front of you to guide your character. Talk about 5 minute play sessions.

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I should have put "will look better". Here's your list:

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So apparently if I buy the X, there are absolutely no games to play on it? There are no games whatsoever taking advantage of the hardware? Really, you people are pathetic.

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You mean exclusives. There are plenty of games to play on X. Which by the way look better than any other console

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It hasn't even launched yet but "It's a shame it's going to waste". Whatever. People (meaning N4SonyG people) keep acting like there is nothing to play on the X. I disagree. I see this:

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MS needs to have displays up in places like Best Buy to showcase the power of the system. Show the games that take advantage of the X's power plus show the games that sell well no matter what system they're on. Like Madden, Far Cry, or Battlefield 1. That way, people that have been playing these games (or the past versions of these games) will see what the big deal is about the X. Also, make a bundle with a 4KTV and a game thrown in.

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E3 2018 will hopefully be a showcase for the X.

Just in case anyone thinks there is no reason to buy an X just look at this list

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@TKCMuzzer - I'm with you. I'm really never in Sony articles so I don't see the Xbox fanboys spouting off stupid shite. I like coming to N4G because of all the articles from different sites. Then I'll read the comments to get further insight on the articles. It just bugs the crap out of me when an article states something positive and someone says "Cool, can't wait" and it's downvoted heavily just because it's an Xbox article.

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"Hardcore Xbox people like yourself are not buying an Xbox One X for the games, its to say, "look, my version is better than yours"."

I'm definitely going to buy the X for the games. Take a look.

Just because they are not exclusives doesn't mean shite to me. I game on Xbox because that's where I ...

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@Wooly - I wouldn't even try to defend MS or the Xbox brand around here.Even if what you're saying makes sense, you'll still be criticized and down voted. It's amazing to me how many Sony fanboys care about what MS is doing with the Xbox brand. Sony is clearly winning the console race and is is doing a lot of things right but apparently that's not good enough

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"Software" not "Softwares"

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What I find funny is how fed up people are with Microsoft. I mean every damn article about MS is filled with comments about how Microsoft lies, deceives, underpromises, has no exclusives, etc. Really people need to get a life. I don't play on any Nintendo consoles, so guess what? when things aren't going good for Nintendo, I don't give ashit. I'm not in Nintendo articles complaining about a company I don't support. If someone in here is a legitimate Xbox supporter and has ...

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Every time I open an Xbox article, I expect to see the Sony troll Chris Rock as the first comment. Hey, lookie there, just as I expected

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Never mention Cloud technology on N4G. It's blasphemy around here

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Probably to reskin

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I picture Chris Rock sitting in front of his computer furiously hitting refresh on N4G until a new Xbox One X article appears so he can be the first to comment. Pathetic

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I planned on replacing my OG One setup with the X and a 4k TV. Then put the OG One in my bedroom with it's 1080p TV.

So, will I be able to play my digital games on the X and then continue the same game on the OG One in my bedroom at a later time?

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