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Xbox One X

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Just stare at the Xbox One video for a minute, then look over at the X video. There's definitely a difference.

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I wrote this earlier this year and I still think it's going to happen -

"Scorpio is just the first in a trend of new console cycles. Each new console will play all previous consoles titles (from Xbox 360 on) as well as exclusives for the new console. This way, a new console can be released about every 5 years with the previous console before it supported for about 2 years. So, in 20 years, I can still play every Xbox title ever made (except OG Xbox titles (I was p...

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Nah, it all started with a department store catalog

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"muhammad fatality blows himself"

Ha, I had to read that twice. I think you meant, "blows himself up"

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Definitely need Mech Assault
How about Perfect Dark?

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@subtenko - Ultra HD Blu-ray

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My whole argument is based on people saying that the X is only good for playing old games. "Why would you buy an X just to play old, graphically updated, games?"
Well, I want to buy an X to play to play the backlog of games I have not played yet. Plus, these games will be cheaper.

"So you can't afford games... but your buying a xbox32x for 500. Smartest guy in the class."
Ok, smarty pants...
First off, there should be a com...

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I should have stated that i don't have the time or money to play all the games I want to play. Unlike most of the bratty fanboy kids in here, I'm married with 2 kids and work long hours. I'm not going to spend money on 5 games when I don't have time to play them. There are a ton of games that interest me but $60 a game, and not having time to play them, makes them unaffordable to me. I usually wait until they drop in price.
By the way, why are there so many haters in...

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All these arguments yet I'm still buying an X. Pretty amazing right?

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Ok but I'm sure they're still going to look better on the X than a standard Xbox One. And load faster. My point was that fanboys keep downplaying the X because MS has no exclusives but it really doesn't need exclusives to get people to buy it. Would it help? Sure but it has other things going for it.

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What's awesome for me is there are titles that I still need to play. I can't afford to buy all the games I want to play all at one time. So the X will allow me to play these games for the first time in 4k.

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@XiNatsuDragnel - "but at the same time the lineup they've is quite sparse." The X doesn't just play exclusives. In also plays multi-plat games, too. And they look better than any other console. This is a major selling point. Especially for online gamers. COD, BF, GTA, sports, racing

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New Fable @ E3 2018. I'm calling it now

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I'm jealous. I wish I could afford both the time and money to have both.

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Tell that to the pre-orderers

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