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Mech Assault and Rally Sport Challenge

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And will soon play almost all games in the Xbox family AND make them look better in the process.

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@chrisx - "the Ps4 is King of this gen and scorpio isn't changing that"

Depends on how you define "King"

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Your downvotes are hilarious.

"Hey, it's Septic" - automatic downvote. You need to make a statement like "Sony is the best!" just to see what happens

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Why does the cloud have to only be used for destruction? How about AI, particle effects, weather, draw distance, more enemies on screen, more interactive objects.....

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@Septic - Because N4G

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@guyman - I can't believe people still think it NOT real. We'll soon find out won't we?

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"and things that no one outside of MS/XBOX knows" - this alone makes it exciting. Besides new games and showing off what Scorpio is capable of, MS has to (and probably will) drop some kind of megaton announcement. What it is is anybody's guess. But MS really needs to leave a lasting impression. My guesses are:

1.Crazy price for Scorpio
2.New exclusive partnership with 3rd party developer
3. Cloud gaming blows everyone away
4. Live is...

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D-Day was already done in COD 2. Here you go

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What I find sad is the amount of Sony fanboys in Xbox articles. I don't own a PS4. So guess what? I'm never in PS4 articles. It's not because I hate Sony or PS4, It's because I don't have a vested interest in it.

I would love for anyone in here who doesn't own an Xbox system to please explain why you're in this or any Xbox article.

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Man, Xbox trolling is at an all time high around here. Can't wait till E3 and the Scorpio reveal. It'll be fun to see all the trolls crawl back under their bridges.

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I was expecting Chris Rock to say "Xbox Zero Exclusives"

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Chris Rock, you realize you're beating your chest over a damn video game system. I mean really, it's time to get a life. It's like you have a vendetta against anything Xbox. Did something happen in the past that you want us all to know about? Was it the RROD or was it perhaps the Kinect and it didn't live up to your standards? Did the Xbox One reveal get to you that bad? Now, Scorpio is haunting you in your dreams?

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Dude, Chrisx Rock, it's getting old and tired that every time I open a Scorpio article, you're usually the first one commenting. And it's usually about how the Scorpio has no games.

Of course it has no games! It's not even out yet.

If PS4 has so many games to play, why are you not busy playing them?

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What I keep laughing about is how many articles are being written about how Scorpio is going to fail, what Scorpio needs to do, how Sony will still dominate over Scorpio.

Scorpio this, Scorpio that

If it's so obvious that Sony will still dominate and that Scorpio needs more exclusives, then why are we seeing so many articles stating the obvious?

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Of course, Chris Rock first in a Scorpio article. Obsessed with Scorpio much?

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Because Xbox article + N4G = downvote

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Hey look, it's Chris Rock, first in a Scorpio article again.....

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