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Are you playing the same game that I'm playing?.

Oh and getting a red card in pro clubs should NOT end the game.

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No he's right.

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Best looking, maybe. But the game has lost a huge amount of people's attention after the mess that it was when it first came out.

Future games will now be looked at before people buy into them of this franchise. Also people like me won't even bother with future battlefield games because of battlefield 4.

Save bugs are NOT ok in 2014.

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Why pre-order a game when you've not seen GAMEPLAY!?.

Some people are just dumb with their money.

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ANd this is why people like you get sucked in by hype and end up miserable when the game is crap.

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Well you must like watching a game rather than playing them?. MGS4 i was really into, untill i played it.

THE WORST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED. All i was doing was watching a dvd movie. The cutscenes were FAR TOO long with very little gameplay.

HATED IT. This game and all the other MGS games apart from the first do not "Set the bar". I almost choked with laughter when i read that.

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Nobody cares, you released a bugged and incomplete game. I've lost ALL confidence in the Battlefield brand.

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Oh that's all good. I just won't buy it :)

Pssst! We can celebrate it like we used to even if it's priced at the proper price.

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Looking forward to this ;p

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Based on what?, why are people such sheep.
HAVE you seen the game for yourself?, no, so stop making it out to be better than anything before it.

UNTILL we see it up and running and we've played it, we can't make comments like that.

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Single player save bug, deletes your saves. Plus many many more bugs, sell it! TRUST ME.

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I'd appreciate them not releasing a broken game.

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Mobile version?!, if it's anything like the bugged MESS that is on all the other consoles. Then i wouldn't bother.

And by mess, i mean getting a red card ends the entire game in pro clubs. Pathetic.

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All those who disagree seem to just be Sony fanboys. Can't we just love games rather than console makers?.

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Honestly. I HATED IT.

Nothing remotely impressed me about the game. I've played tons of mmo games and ESO just didn't excite me one bit. Dull gameplay.

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I'm on 100 + mb connection with Virgin Media. Where is the problem exactly?.

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They're killing them by releasing the same game over and over with a slight polish. Oh and not to mention bugs that never get fixed.

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People still play this game?. After my third go of single player, only for it to be deleted. I sold the game, along with my brother.

The ONLY way these companies will learn is that we don't buy their shit anymore.

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