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Games companies are forced to do this to make money. They either provide dlc or they lock the game so only new copies work. Gamestop is ruining game companies and we are paying the price with DLC. #7
I bought the game, and i bought it for one reason. I wanted to play the game on my terms. To me it seems that most games like this are out for a month or two and then they have a certain way it should be played. It is possible this won't happen but regardless i wanted to play a game for fun without try hards yelling at me for doing it wrong. Games now-adays don't keep my attention long enough for me to buy skins, but i understand game companies are losing money because of used game se... #11
Where is No Mans Sky and Evolve? those are my top 2. #4
Don't let them find out about demon souls. O wait the title isn't racist so it won't matter. #36
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The reason you cant associate any of them is because they aren't meant to be associated. each one is an individual final fantasy meaning it should be the only game of its kind and there should be no sequel. There are a few linking factors though like Chocobos and Cid. #1.1.2
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I do believe the first ps1 was grey and didn't have analog sticks :). #6
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I remember in Demon souls i was afraid to go to the asylum place because the enemies would stun me then kill me instantly. But they are both hard (Especially after they nerfed the butterfly shield and the armor spell in dark souls.) #55
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Maybe if they imported the ps2 versions to ps3 it would be better. I would love to play X and XII but don't want to use ps2. and for that price they need to include a lot more. #8
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