2011 will be better than 2010


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Id say its more like a maybe....? But i hope so. The additions they are making and at the rate Sony is implementing all of these changes you could easily take it as a yes. WHEN is a whole nother question.

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please stop yelling at me ;)

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THANK YOU!!! It is like most people started playing games in the last 3 years and think they have knowledge on where games start and who is copying who. But in all reality they have no clue. When i first saw AW i thought SH. All things aside i am sure SH will have a few features that AW brought to the gaming community but they borrowed so many from games like SH and RE. Either way i love the genre and how it has come to be. I can't lie i jump all the time playing SH, AW and RE. They scare...

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Really!? they couldn't have shown some new features or gameplay to help us wait it out? That's just weak sauce!!

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it started out kind of MEH. But the last part was pretty cool. The lighting was really awesome.

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One word.......FUN! Cant wait to play NFS again WOOT

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Portal was awesome. I remember when i first started playing. My first impression was..... Ummm WTF is this no story, just a stupid fps puzzle game? But that all changed pretty fast to OMG THIS IS CRAZY!! I really enjoyed portal. One of the most memorable games i have ever played.

It's not my favorite game ever but you know, to each his own.

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I have the moto droid. I rooted it back in January and i am running the new 2.2 froyo with flash player apk. How can you say flash is not ready for handsets if i have been running it sense this last weekend?

You also fail to tell that the Tomtom app is like $50. and android has it for free....what was that again?.... ya free.

I have heard so much about the malware but have seen no proof of it. at least not in the App market.

android can updat...

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I've had my moto droid for about 6 or 7 months. I just put the 2.2 froyo on it this weekend. (yes its rooted and runs at over a gig overclocked) and added the flash capability. I still feel apple is falling short against the android software and the user ability's.

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my thoughts exactly

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looks really good!!!

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really megapowa?.......facepalm!

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the saddest is knowing this troll waited all day and thought really hard about that comment... Dude KZ2 looked great we know. but we also know the game was over in 8 hours....including the MP, cause it was BLAH! don't wet your pants and get all excited here its just called facts. maybe the next time you come around you'll get some in line before commenting. Thanks for trying though

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you must get that a lot huh? ....pretty small

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i cant wait to use the DMR! and the board layouts look great. only one week away

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I love how you come to this article as a halo hater and you talk sh!t to the people that like the game then you insult them and there platform. Because see, it makes you feel good about yourself. You are so hardcore online and behind your computer screen. No one cares what you think. So you should STFU and sit the F* down son. And please do us all a favor and proof read that garbage you post. I pray that English is your second language.

Oh ya....Say something (hahaha)

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looks like your back to sleep and dreamland Two bubs. If people agreed with what you said maybe you would have more than two. And lets be real here, your almost down to one. Good night and wishful halo dreams for you.

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You wish you could get your hands on halo. Its OK, i understand. If all i owned was a PlayStation i would want halo too. But i don't think i would go to the internet and hide in my closet such as yourself

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brothers till the end.....the end.

Hmm very interesting. I cant wait to finish the trilogy. I hope there is some gameplay at e3!

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