2011 will be better than 2010


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#11 is the story of my life when I'm sniping.

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I honestly loved my original Xbox (even that clunky controller) and I've always liked my 360. I have stood up for MS year after year of kinect games and apps. This week has been my final straw. Im not buying the next gen Xbox i will only have one console in my home this gen and it will be a PS4. Sorry you took the Sega route.

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When they took the elevator was i the only one who thought back to the die hard quote "HO-HO-HO I've got a machine gun"?

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I'm going to need some overtime.

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The only reason i bought Halo:ce in the first place is a buddy let me borrow his Xbox and that game. Same with portal, reddead, killzone and BF2. I'm still buying those games today because i borrowed them from friends first. If you think about it MS also sold a xbox because i got to play someone else's game for a weekend.

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so Battlefield then?

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And a dog. A freakin High Definition DOG! ;)

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@ fatal1ty

Both games look awesome and i will buy both but here are other screen shots. BF4 looks better to me. KZS fall still looks freaking amazing.



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Then again.... "used game fee" will be the same as retail price of the game. That is going to be a killer. I buy most games on release day but i do buy used sometimes. This alone would stop me from buying Xbox One all together.

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"MS will be competing with the Wii U in terms of power."

Can you please explain how you came up with that conclusion? and don't just say GDDR5 vs DDR3 please. unless you actually know the difference in the two and how they work.

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I am waiting to see final products. PS4 is again a powerhouse for hardware and core gaming all around. The xbox one is an all around entertainment system. We will see more at E3 this year but to me its just apples and oranges. Some people will just want a gaming console period and others will want something they can use as the center of their entertainment centers at home. For me i like both for opposite reasons. I will just have to decide later this year.

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I can't wait to see it! I wish they would just surprise us and not tell us when it would happen. I feel like a 10 year old the day before a trip to disneyland.

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Id love a new IP and maybe a come back later down the road on PS4. I dont want GoW to become a mario, halo, CoD. It deserves so much more. Like the Half Life series.

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See that is cool. I was just excited to see the steambox and maybe some other goodies.

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ha! If Sony jumped ship E3 would be over.

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the excitement for E3 2013 is dying day by day for me.

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I love buffet's! $10 all i can eat :)

no but seriously i agree with you both. it is a really great low quality and sometimes slow buffering tool. I think this will be a great tool for gamers later on.

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*gears, halo, forza, alan wake, fable, crackdown and lost odyssey.

I wasn't a fan of Halo 4. It was good just not what I was expecting. Just throwing down other exclusives that you had missed

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You're right Xbox owners hate games and buy a console just to see a big red circle on the front. /s
Maybe you should clean up your language and have a decent conversation about this later. The fact is some people like GOW, War hawk, Heavy Rain etc. While others prefer halo, gears of war and Forza. deal with it.

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Did it ever occurred to you that some people just like games? Not just 1st party but even 3rd party games. Maybe some people dont care about how many special games release only for their one console. Maybe some people prefer playing games for fun and not to set an allegiance to any specific console just for number of 1st party games which half no one could give two shits for.

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