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^no women exist in Home, it is all Neogaf guys dressed as girls.

also I deleted home a while ago, 3 wasted gigs of space.

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This IP is xbox, all those games were better on Xbox

they got their new game( conviction ) and the one before

was trash on PS3

Ubi are weird

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This is weird, Not even Microsoft/Nintendo do this crap

I mean if anybody should do it is MS/Nintendo

who actually sell way more consoles then Sony.

Sony- I am selling less, let me go sue some geeks
and cause my company to be hated even more

MS/Nintendo- Look at sony doing all that stuff, we
been hacked for years now and we still sell better.

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Have you noticed, that he has become a PS3 hater

after being called a fanatic of sONY

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expect like 20 people

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This game still looks SLUGGISH, they need to hold

the graphics back a bit and make it 60fps.

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Of course to Sony the game is 10000/100000

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It is sad that I can play KZ2 in 1080P( yes forced I know)

but I tried the same for KZ3 BETA and it just goes to


I hope the real game supports it though...

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Don't do it SONY

stop milking Kratos

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Lets hope it doesn't feel like updated game again

it has been the same old game past 3 years now

is tine for this series to go higher

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CRYSIS ON PS3 blows anything away

I heard MS is paying Crysis to make sure the PS3

version doesn't get seen.

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Is 25 for assist/ 50 for kills

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and these guys finally jumped the shark

expect major backlash from the Egyptian community

for making fun of their struggle.

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Who keeps asking of these repetitive as hell games?

come on

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Single player LOL

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Didn't Read LoL

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Killzone enemies are Nazis like soldiers, those are

the most memorable enemies of the entire world.

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I think is sad games like KZ don't sell like COD games

what kind of voodo gamers are on man?, how did that even


If this game sells less the PS3'S VERSION of COD games

then it's clear gaming is a mess.

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MLB THE SHOW 11 is the only game for true MLB fans

2K give up the License and let EA get back in

the game.

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