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Scion I was Kinect Chatting with your mom an hour ago and everything was working just fine. It did freeze for a second when she was taking off her panties though.

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Exactly I was on until two this morning and again at nine. No problems at all on this side.

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When I see People commenting that they haven't had any problems yet have twenty disagree's. Thats shows me that sony fans are just trolling for the opportunity to naysay XBL's superiority to PSN.

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I was Just playing Mortal Kombat with a friend in Vietnam... The Sony fanboys are out in full troll force today.

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That would be awesome

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To be exact true Jews had Swarthy skin tone kind of like the People of the Middle east.

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Then who ever drew it up to begin with got it from the Anime "Jin Roh"

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I dont know if I will even have time for Borderlands 2. Im still playing the Dawnguard DLC

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Spring of 2014 huh. no way, more like the holidays of 2013.

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This is a Male Model Shoot shoot for Gamers. At least the Camo wasn't Air Brushedd on

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People that disagree'd are complete idiots!

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I also think if it were true MS wouldn't want it's competition getting ahold of they're plans

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This Idea is amazing for a console company actually and now I can see why MS has been so big on TV and APPS and not Games. But after everything is set up MS will be able to use its resources for exclusives. This will be in every bedroom and living just like Directv,Dishnetwork, DVD players or Blueray players. WiiU will be a joke in comparison. I dont care if your a fanboy or not this is just great buisness sense.

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Phil harris you have lost touch with your user base. I think its Sad that he used dance central and fable in the biggest line up of games this year. LAME! Im so tired of these same games coming out. I didnt buy Gears 3, just tired of it, never played Forza other than the Demo. Fables been lame since the first one, Halo has potential since bungie is gone and 343 can make it more hardcore.

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I know exactly what you mean but you can levl up your weapons so much faster than rush. Was you playing tdm closequarters? If so I understand tdm is just like COD

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Loving these new weapons and close quarters maps

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Maybe everything but the CORE! Which by definition mean central hub. Seriously lacking! Halo hash out dont count we something with some newness

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At least the story that is

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Morrowind was actually the best but thats my prerogative. But I can say that because im not a Newb and I've played all three. Anything pre Morrowind I'm not to savy with.

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