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Everything makes sense now.
We shall drink Sonboys tears after Ms reveals next Xbox. #8.1
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What is it with those lens flares,it's annoying.
Common devs, gamers are humans with real eyes not small cameras in head.
You can't see lens flares in real live with naked eye. #7
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Just bring great games and everyone will know about even without e3.
E3 is so 90's,we don't need it anymore in the modern age of internetz.
Sony made it's own conference for ps4 reveal,Ms is gonna make one too, you see,no real need for old fashioned e3.
If you make your own event,you can set any date you want,place you want,no time restrictions,sell rights for live broadcast,ect,total control about anything,and that's real worth for your money. #7
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Oh it's from Ms,so it sucks. /s #7
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Has it a share button,I want to share LOL

OT it's definitely more interesting and less gimmicky then share button and touch pad.
Anything that's not Sony is labeled shit here on n4g.
Man n4g will be full with tears if Sony fails with ps4. #2.3
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Don't care a about trophies,I play on multipleaccounts,I wish they gave me the option to disable trophies,and let me copy save files from one acc to another.
Because of something I don't care (trophies) I lost a feature I really care about.
Not being able to copy or exchange save files from friends or accounts is the stupidest thing they came up with. #27
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If you watch it on YouTube,the whole game,it will be the same experience as playing the game, maybe even better without annoying QTE.
My advice,save your money for REAL games.
This game want to be like a movie so treat it like one,and watch it with some popcorn.
Don't buy this game, rent it like a DVD movie. #8.4
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The main problem is that gaming has become to big,to mainstream.
“This is all in an effort to create a product. Not a game – a product" #1
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It's a great mech game,used to be a Sony exclusive,but now it plays and runs better on Xbox.
Karma is a bitch. #6.1
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This guy is a genius #2.1
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Sony did it wrong AGAIN.
They went first and showed the specs and features, so MS can stay silent till e3 and crush them with ease.
Never forget Ms entered the console business with the first xbox only to throw Sony out of the console business.
To some extend they succeeded with xbox360,Sony suffered BIG losses this generation because of Ms.

For Sony, there are only two possible outcomes with ps4.
Either it will be a huge success or it will... #1.7
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Don't think so, the least selling games are Sonys first party exclusives. Except for GT.
Almost every medicore multplat game sells more (I know, bigger customer base)
But great exclusive games selling great on other platforms, jut look atvsome of xbox360,Nintedno,PC exclusives, only Sony exclusives are failing, and that's because most of them suck, and more so with each new iteration. #9.1
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Because its a game everything is allowed, don't think so, I disagree. #9.1
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First HD collection (incomplete) in November, now another incomplete one, pointless.
Shame on you Kojima for milking your fans. #4
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Nice try Sony. Lol #3
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So many gamers and myself included fell in love with the WiiU
tech demo art style.
It's just a perfect balance between a realistic and cartoon style.

I'm eager to see what art style they will make for next Metroid or Star Fox game.
Can't wait for e3. #5.1
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Everyone wanting that N goes software is only admitting that N has the best games in the industry!
You know you want to play those fun/exellent games, because you are bored with medicore/only about grapchics games you got with the other console. #29
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You got it wrong, and at least there's no gay scenes in Start Trek. #2.1
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N has the software to turn hardware around, unlike Sony and Vita. #3.1.4
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I think N has rights for Twin Snakes.

Anyway, a collection without the first game remastered is no collection at all, it's incomplete.
Reason I didn't buy the first MGS HD collection, I own the original releases and it's a complete collection ;-) #12.2
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