I corrected them.


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Why don't they have backup servers?

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Shouldn't Sony have backup servers for something like that?

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I am.

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They were pretty classy when they gave everyone a free game after Xbox Live went down 4 years ago.

I wonder if Sony will do something similar?

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"3) Catchup with some single player gaming. Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space 2 are recent games that can all be enjoyed without the internet. Cost £0"

Don't you need to buy the games in order to them?

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I'm with you. I didn't have any issues going from music CD's to Mp3's and I won't have any problem storing my games digitally either.

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It's starting to get embarrassing.

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Looking at how much of their market share they've lost this gen I can't help but agree.

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I'm getting Vanquish first but maybe later.

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Sounds good. Give the greedy thieves what they deserve.

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I had a go at the co-op with a friend last night. Imo it was even better than the single player.

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Another exclusive XBLA gem. Gonna download it right now.

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From now on everyone will blame Sonys problems on Anonymous.

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Comparing a multiplat first person shooter to an exclusive third person shooter? Both with completely different settings, art style, play style and features.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 > World of Warcraft > Pacman apples oranges stupidity etc.

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A friend wouldn't remove features like backwards compability and OtherOS from your console.

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You seem to forget that the world doesn't center around Sony.

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Imo L.A Noir comes closest this gen thanks to its face animations.

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Or just find a more efficient model for development.

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MK is back form the Netherealm to kick some ass!

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Quantum of Solace was short but sweet. Really enjoyed it.

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