I corrected them.


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I loved the 2003 edition (if I remember correctly). It had one of the best character creation engines ever programmed and there were tons and tons of clubs and apparel to unlock. As well as some really funny winning/losing reactions.

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Here's a tip: Portal 2 split screen coop.

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I think talking too much about it will jinx their plans. Peoples expectations will be so high that even the slightest flaw will hurt it.

Let the bomb tick a little before you drop it. :)

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Also, they might arrive in January, February, March, April, May etc. Someone should write separate articles that speculate about each month they might or might not arrive. Or better yet, write top 10 lists as to why and why not they will/won't arrive in each month of 2014. That way you have 24 articles just waiting to be written...

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"To all of you that are posting stories, rumours, videos, press releases please just stop."

F*ck freedom of speech! :)

How about instead of they stop writing and posting what they feel like you just ignore the articles and click on the ones that interest you.

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Simple. HHG uses staff/friends to approve it. Videogameszone.de does it too. Always the same approvers.

I've pm'ed the mods about it but they don't seem to care about the quality of the submissions if it's from someone who usually gets lots of heat.

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And never question their actions and authority.

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Maybe he liked the pictures or something.

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I think Sony can defend themselves. 5+ for the effort though. You must really love them.

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If you want a better shooter you can get Vanquish for £15 on zavvi.com. I saw Resident Evil 5 for cheap on amazon as well.

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lol @ disagrees. It's one of the best games this gen imo. Love the Twin Peaks feeling and the incredibly scary enemies. Also has the best use of lighting seen on consoles.

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XBL has never been down for a month. It was down in some regions for a week back in 2007 though.

I know many of you are stressed out about this but making things up only makes you look silly. Let's hope PSN gets back online soon and leave it at that.

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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Tons to do in that game.

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You take Sonys word for granted? No one knows if it was an 'external intrusion' or not. Blaming Anon for it is the best thing Sony can do, even if they had no part in it.

No one knows. In any case Sony should have had provided backup servers by now.

@matgrowcott - Well, some gamers don't think it's A OK for Sony to remove features when they feel like saving money. And (I know this one's going to come up) just because you might not use Oth...

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From Go to No Go in less than two years. It seems like the Xperia Play will be replacing it though.

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I wish they would just release Panzer Dragoon Orta as a classic. And Jet Set Radio Future. Good times.

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I'm trying to find any reason at all as to why anyone would be interested in this game.

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Instead of playing the blame game with Anon, why haven't Sony put up some back up servers for PSN while fixing security?

If all it takes is a DDOS attack to take it down for this long then PSN has some big holes in its security.

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Some of the best co-op this gen. Portal 2 is awesome as well.

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Nice work, EA!

Also, I'd like if someone released DLC where most of the money goes to helping Japan. It would be a good way to give more exposure to the situation.

Speaking of which, I just saw that Sega is doing something similar. http://n4g.com/news/749791/...

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